Crystal and Nicole Ch. 05


“Car up, port 2! Donny, get on that!”

Since I was the closest bellhop, I jogged over to the incoming car in the second lane of the “entry port”, as we liked to call it. Seeing a luxury Mercedes convertible pull up was nothing new at the Fontainebleau, in fact it wouldn’t even be considered a nice car here. However, the two stunning brunettes that the car contained certainly were new, to me at least. My light jog faltered imperceptibly when I realized that they were twins. One had oversized sunglasses, the other curly hair, but there was no doubting the fact that they were identical.

I glanced around to check if anyone else was watching. I sure as hell wasn’t going to share this client with anyone! Rob, the only valet on duty, was in the garage, and Tony, as usual, was behind the kiosk tallying up the day’s customers. Tony managed the valet team at the hotel, and there were usually only one of them on duty, except during the peak season when we would have up to 5. So often I would help out, if check-ins were light and there were not guests to help up to their rooms. Managing all the cars that we parked, and coordinating them with the hotel guest log, was not something I envied of Tony.

So I knew with everyone suitably occupied, I could have these two to myself. That, of course, just meant that no one would help me with their luggage, but it still felt like a victory. Usually the valet opened the driver’s side and I, or the bellhop on duty, would attend to the passenger. However, in this case, I took the driver’s side. I was almost breathless when I got my first up close view of the beauty contained within. Her face was even prettier when I got close, and I could now tell that she had a near perfect body. The seat was low in the car as she looked up at me, turning the car off. Her curly hair was tousled from the wind, and her tan cheeks had a light rosy color. With a start, I realized that her very low cut top was virtually see through, and she wore nothing underneath. I could clearly make out her breasts, though the nipples were covered.

“Welcome to the Fontainebleau,” I said to her tits. “Are you staying with us?”

Remembering myself, I pulled my gaze back up to her face to find her smiling at me. I guess wearing something like that, one would have to assume that’s where a person’s gaze will naturally be drawn. She didn’t seem to mind.

“Yes, we’ll be staying with you.” Her voice had honey sweetness to it. Was she flirting? I had to have imagined her emphasizing the “you” in that statement.

“That is fabulous,” I said, never meaning anything more. “Can I help you with your bags?”

“That would be lovely.”

I tore myself away as she began to extract herself from the low riding car, painfully long legs first. I scurried around to the other side in time to open the door for her sister. She was identical in every way except that her hair was slightly wavy, rather than curvy. She was readjusting her dress as I approached and opened the door. Glaring down through her oversized sunglasses, she struggled to get the strapless garment in just the right position. The struggle caused her equally bountiful cleavage to jiggle most pleasingingly. I had to remind myself to welcome her, rather than just stare.

Once they were both out, and had stretched most tantalizingly, I reluctantly instructed them to proceed into the lobby to the registration desk on the right, if they pleased. After I watched them head off, a bit longer than necessary, I threw their luggage as quickly as possible onto a trolley and hurried in after them, tossing the key to Tony on the way, who had missed the whole thing with his nose buried in the kiosk.

I had a light sheen of sweat on my brow by the time I broke through the lobby doors. Partly from the humid Florida sun, and partly from exerting myself with the heavy bags the two sisters had brought along. I slowed down and tried to approach the front desk nonchalantly. The one who had been driving, and was wearing the virtually see through cover up, was leaning on her elbows talking to Sal, one of the receptionist. I always thought of Sal as a little sleezy, and he was definitely enjoying talking to this young beauty, his face flushed with excitement. Erin, the other receptionist on duty, was looking on from her station with obvious distain, though I noticed she couldn’t keep her eyes off the twins either.

“Looks like we were able to upgrade you, Ms. Maretto,” Sal was saying as I pushed the heavy trolley infront of me. “We have a junior suite ready for you two, I hope it will be to your liking.”

“Oh, I’m certain it will be, thank you so much,” said Ms. Maretto, as she penned her name on the registration form.

“Wonderful, I can show you up to your room,” Sal drawled.

“No need, Sal,” I cut in. “I have their luggage ready here, I can show them up.”

“Thanks so much, Donald,” Sal’s voice grated out.

With Sal staring daggers at me, I followed behind the girls, struggling istanbul escort with the trolley to the elevator. I’m not quite sure what I expected, following them up to their room, but they were amicable enough. I learned that the one with curly hair (and whose tits I had trouble not staring at in the elevator) was named Nicole and her twin sister was Crystal. They had just graduated from high school and this trip was their present from their parents. Between Nicole’s see through top and Crystal’s quivering cleavage, it was hard to stay focused as I guided them down the hallway on the 12th floor to their suite. After a brief tour of the room (a Junior Suite is basically just a normal room, with an enlarged bathroom and a sitting area added), I politely inquired about their plans for the day.

“We were going to hit the beach ASAP,” Crystal informed me. I said a brief prayer that Nicole would leave her bikini top off when sunbathing. Obviously I wouldn’t be out there, but still. “Then we were hoping to find a good club to go dancing and stuff. Do you know of any?”

“Well, you could hit Purdy Lounge or Arkadia. They are both nearby and 18 and older clubs,” I said, realizing they were under 21 if they just graduated from high school. “But I know the bouncer at Story, you shouldn’t have any trouble getting in there if you want.”

“Great, thanks so much!”

“Ya, thanks for all the help, Donald right?” I was pleased Crystal had picked up on my name, though I quickly corrected her to Donny. “Oh shoot. Sorry, we’re supposed to tip you now! Nicky, do you have any cash on you? I’m sorry, we’re not used to doing this…”

“Crystal, its fine,” I repeated her name to help me remember it. “It’s been a pleasure assisting you. You can call the bell desk and ask for me if you need anything else.”

And with that, I left, hearing their cries of thanks and giggles behind me. Back down in the lobby, a flurry of activity greeted me. This was one of our busiest seasons, and we had loads of guests checking in. I was in and out of the lobby doors and up and down the elevator. I must have missed the twins heading out to the beach, but definitely saw them return. I was disappointed, though not surprised, to see the shiny material of Nicole’s bikini top under her cover up, but she didn’t look any less stunning. Both girls had seemingly gone swimming to cool off just before coming back to the hotel and their skin gleamed with water droplets. Their long brown hair hung heavily down their backs. Both girls wore wedge sandals that accentuated their slim legs.

Crystal had neglected to put her cover up dress back on, and was holding it in her hand. She cut quite the image, strutting across the lobby in her yellow strapless bikini. It was still quite warm outside, but the AC was blasting in the lobby and her nipples were standing at stark attention against the wet fabric of her top. They were chatting together as they walked past, and my heart fluttered just slightly when I got a look at their backs. Crystal’s bikini bottoms were what I believe is Brazil cut. Somewhat in between a full back and a thong, I was presented with a great view of her firm ass. I stared with abandon as they sashayed to the elevators and out of sight. I followed them up the elevator and down the hall on 12th floor in my mind. I could see them enter their suite, stripping their wet bikinis off with obvious relief. They would take some time glancing around the suite, which they didn’t really explore before, in their haste to get down to the beach. Crystal opens the minibar and peers in while Nicole climbs on the bed. Calling her sister over, she starts jumping up and down, naked, on the bed. Laughing, Crystal tells her to get down and chucks a pillow at her. Nicole stoops down to grab the fallen pillow and her sister climbs up on the other side of the King sized bed. She picks up another pillow, and the both start throwing them at…

“Donny!” Erin’s harsh voice snapped me out of my day dream. “Can you help Mr. and Mrs. Olson up to their room?” She indicated the elderly couple who had just checked in.

I helped the Olsons up to their room, bringing myself back to reality. A reality that was sadly missing the Maretto twins who I couldn’t get out of my head. Luckily, they weren’t absent for long. I helped three more sets of guests up to their room by the time it was 7:00 pm. Check-ins generally slowed down in the late evening, while the lobby filled with people heading out to dinner or other nighttime activities. When Crystal and Nicole exited the lobby elevator, I could sense them before I saw them. That sense came from the wave of head turning that seemed to sweep through the lobby.

Heels clicking on the marble floors, the girls had to know that every pair of eyes was staring at them as they strode through the lobby towards the automatic doors. Nicole seemed to draw attention a little more, likely due to the immense amount of cleavage that she was sporting. Her legs, being propped up şişli escort by the high stiletto heels she wore, disappeared into a very tight black mini skirt. Just a hint of midriff was visible above the skirt before a dark green corset took over. It was honestly hard to tell if it was actually meant to be worn by itself, but Nicole pulled it off regardless. The corset pushed her breasts up and together, creating the eye-catching cleavage, that seemed to sparkle and move constantly. The curls in her hair had been accentuated and bounced with each step. Her sister was no less stunning. Her long legs made to look even more slender by tight black, possibly leather, pants. Pulled tight over her ass, I could almost see the muscles working on each step. A black cowl neck shirt hung over her body; the extremely low cowl neck dipping down almost to her belly button. While not as immediately revealing as Nicole’s, if I looked hard enough (which I was, believe me!) I could see the shape of her unhindered boobs under the drapes of fabric, swinging gently as she walked. Her hair was pulled up in a simple ponytail, hanging down to her neck.

I couldn’t stop staring at them until I realized they had altered course and were headed straight to me. My heart fluttered nervously as I tried in vain to act as if I hadn’t just been staring blatantly at them.

“Hey Donny,” Crystal’s voice seemed to melt the air around me. “We were going to hit that club you suggested, the one where your friend works. What’s it called? Starlight?”

“Oh, you mean Story.” I quickly gained composure. “Ya, I think you’ll like it there. It’s nice and close, just about two blocks down the street. Turn left when you go out the door.”

“And you think we’ll get in?” Nicole sounded a little nervous.

“I think you’ll get in anywhere tonight,” I felt cheesy saying it, but it made them most blush.

“Thanks again for the help, Donny, see you later.”

“Wow, you’re gonna be jerking it to that little encounter for the next month, aren’t you,” Erin sneered.

“Oh, shutup,” I retorted lamely.

Truth was, I was on cloud nine. Not only had they come to talk to me, they had remembered what I said and my suggestion. And everyone in the hotel lobby had seen them come up to me. I likely would jerk it to them later, but Erin didn’t need to know that. She and I were both working a double shift that day, which would keep us there until 2am. It was a Saturday, but honestly, I didn’t have much else to do anyway. Plus, I needed the extra money. I still lived with my parents, and I was saving up for my own place. This was one night where I was particularly glad to be working late. I just hoped they would return before my shift ended.

The next few hours flew by. The lobby is typically busy from about 5-8pm as people head out for their nightly activities. Then, between 10:30 and 11:30 you get the dinner crew back, usually the older crowd. The people who continue on to the clubs and other parties will usually start to trickle (or crawl) in between 1 and 3am. But with very few people checking in, the night shift is usually easy for a bellhop. I was standing behind the bellhop desk, reading a magazine just a little after midnight, when I was surprised by Crystal and Nicole came through the double automatic doors. Nicole was holding her shoes and Crystal was supporting her. Once through the door, their path took them right past my desk.

“Is everything alright, Ms. Maretto?” I asked, addressing both of them at once.

“Oh ya,” Crystal said. “Nicky just doesn’t know how to pick out comfortable shoes.”

“Whatever, they were comfortable in the store!” Nicole was giggling, though neither seemed to be drunk.

“Well, can I help with anything,” I came out from around the desk, eager to help if it would mean getting my hands on her tight body.

“Oh, I’ve got her. This isn’t the first time I’ve had to carry her home.” Nicole playfully hit her sister. “But we are starving! Could you send up some mac & cheese and some fries?”

“Sure thing, I’ll bring them myself.”

Crystal half dragged half carried her sister across the lobby towards the elevator while I got on the phone right away with room service. Due to the angle and grip that Crystal had, I noticed that Nicole’s skirt was riding up a little, exposing even more of her legs than before. I tore my eyes away when room service picked up. I saw Erin glaring at me from across the lobby. I just shrugged my shoulders.

About 25 min later, the phone at my desk rang. It was room service, letting me know that the food was ready, as I had requested them to do. Given that it was slow this time of night, I could justify taking the food up there myself. Sure, it might be creepy or pathetic, but I didn’t care. It was worth it just to exchange a few more words with those two angels. I retrieved the tray of food from the kitchen, which was just off the lobby, and proceeded to the elevator.

“What are you doing?” Erin scowled mecidiyeköy escort at me. “Why don’t you let room service take that up? You know, they are WAY out of your league.”

“I’m just bored, it will take no time at all.”

“God, you’re pathetic! You know, if anything does happen with them, you’d be fired right away.”

“Thanks for the reminder. Nothing is going to happen, even if I wanted it to.”

I turned my back to her and continued on to the elevators, going up to the 12th floor. Or course, Erin was right, on both accounts. They were way out of my league, and fraternizing with a guest, particularly while on duty, was the quickest way to be handed your papers. Truth be told, even if I could drum up the courage to speak with them, I have very little to offer. I had just turned 21, and this was the most stable job I had managed to hold onto since high school. The dreams my parents had of me being a college man had dried up about 18 months after graduating, when I gradually stopped going to classes at the local community college they had enrolled me in, hoping I could transfer to a state school. I still lived with them, bouncing around jobs, not quite sure what I was doing with life.

High school hadn’t been that kind to me. I had never been an attractive guy, and while I had been above average height, the muscles had never come in. I had filled out since then though (well, compared to what I had been at least). I never had had what I could call a girlfriend and had only slept with two girls, once each. I hadn’t, at least, resorted to professionals, as a couple of my friends had done. So needless to say, my experience with the fairer sex was extremely lacking.

All this was running through my mind as I got of the elevator and marched down the hall carrying the room service tray. Room 1232 was at the far end of the hall, and as I walked down the long, carpeted hallway of doors, I admitted to myself that I wasn’t just bored. Truthfully, I wanted to see the twins again. Their beauty and, almost more than that, the way they treated me, had really struck a chord. Girls of their social status and extreme good looks usually ignored me, in best cases. Just being around them was enough to make me feel special, accepted into their world.

I approached the door to their junior suite and paused just slightly before knocking. It was hard to tell, but I was sure I could hear a light moaning coming from inside. I put my ear up to the door and could definitely make out the faint sounds of a woman moaning in pleasure. I wouldn’t be surprised that one of the Maretto twins would find a lucky guy to pleasure them, but they had clearly come in without a male in attendance; of course that didn’t exclude the fact that they had met someone in the elevators, or who had come up after them. Still, there wasn’t much privacy in that room. Were they having sex in front of each other? A million scenarios flooded through my head in those brief moments, each more perverted than the last. A door down the hall opened, snapping me out of my erotic daydreams. I jerked back from the door, almost dropped the trey, and rapped my knuckles against the door.

Crystal answered the door, looking as stunning as I had expected. The only difference was a slightly disheveled look. Her hair had gotten mussed slightly at the club, but was even more messed up now. And her very loose and revealing top was a little askew, revealing nearly all of her right breast, stopping just short of her nipple. I instinctively looked down at her tantalizing flesh (I would challenge anyone not too!) before correcting my gaze. She smiled nicely at me and gently adjusted her shirt, never breaking her gaze.

“Come in!” She greeted me, “We’re famished! Didn’t have much dinner, you see.”

She directed me to the table that was included with Junior Suites. Just past the table, Nicole was seated on the couch. As she greeted me, she squirmed a little bit, seemingly adjusting her skirt. As I unloaded the trey, I glanced around the room. The door to the bathroom was wide open, with no mysterious man hidden there. If there was no one else here, that means that one or both of them had been masturbating. It shocked me, but how else could one explain the sexual moaning that I had heart? Unless…no! Get your mind of out the gutter, you perv, I thought to myself furiously; that couldn’t be. I couldn’t let myself go down that route.

I distracted myself with perfecting the table setting, and handing the bill to Crystal. I went through the well-rehearsed routine about enjoying the meal, call if they need anything and when they are done, etc. I was heading to the door when Nicole spoke up.

“Why don’t you stay with us a little, Donald?”

Her honeyed voice froze me as the words seemed to hang in the air. I desperately searched for a good answer to that, but came up with nothing.

“Uh, well, I need to get back down there,” I tried my best not to stutter, and just remembered to add, “Ms. Maretto.”

“Oh comeon, there can’t be much for a bellhop to do at this hour,” she replied. “And call me Nicky.”

“Besides,” her sister chimed in. “Aren’t you supposed to do whatever we need? Well, we need you to stay.”

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