Heather Ch. 05


All the characters in this story are over 18. It is set in England, so the words used are English not American. And this story continues after Heather Chapter 4…


The next week I rang the bell as usual, still not quite believing that just 7 days ago I’d had sex for the first time ever, and with Heather of all people. She was nearly as old as my mother, a friend of the family, and was fairly short and dumpy too. But her personality was so friendly, and her soft jumpers so arousing, so how could I even think of saying no?

“Come on in, pet!” she smiled, opening the door. “Everyone’s out again, so we will just have to amuse ourselves, won’t we?” She was wearing a plain black v-necked cardigan, with a grey knitted skirt and slippers. I could see that she had no bra on, as the black wool clung to her low, full breasts and her nipples raised the wool in distinctive little mountains when the light caught her. Her cleavage showed too, with her breasts quivering as she walked.

“Don’t stare, it’s rude!” she said shutting the door and showing me into the lounge. I blushed – I didn’t realise that my staring at her body had been so obvious.

“Well you cheeky boy, fancy looking at me like that!” she said, idly stroking her left hand over her jumper, letting it dwell over her breast as she felt the soft wool. “I’m afraid we can’t do what we did last week – it’s the wrong time of the month for me. But I’ve been thinking of what you might like, and I’ve got some ideas for today’s lesson. Are you ready?”

I nodded – whatever it was my cock longed to cum with her again.

“Well, up you go to the back bedroom, and strip off to your underpants. I’ll be up in just a mo – I’ve got to lock the back door to make sure we’re safe!”

The room looked the same as ever, just the bed, wardrobe, chair and mirror. I stripped off quickly, looking forward to my treat. My cock was looking forward too – or at least pressing forward. Then I heard her coming upstairs, before she came in and stood in front of me.

“Well Andrew, you look pleased to see me!” she smiled, “To start with, I thought I should make it fair to you. So as şişli escort I can see your pants, you should be able to see mine too – so please come and undo my skirt for me!”

She lifted her arms and held them out, beckoning me towards her. I touched the soft grey wool of her skirt, and felt an involuntary twitching in my pants. I had to lift the hem of her cardigan to see what type of fastening it was, and felt so aroused, fumbling around her wool-enrobed body.

“Are you having fun, pet?” she asked, seeing me getting no-where. “It’s elastic round the waist – you can just pull it down!”

So I pulled the waistband out, and eased it down over her hips, revealing her plain white cotton panties that were stretched tightly over her bottom. I kneeled down, and slid the skirt to the floor then looked up. There right in front of me, the tight white cotton of her panties slipped between her legs, folding excitingly into the darkness.

“It’s no good looking there, pet, I’ve told you it’s out of bounds this week. But you can have a look here if you like!” And she slid her hands over her cardigan, cupping her breasts in her hands, thrusting them forward and stroking them at the same time.

She moved over and stood in front of the mirror, straightening her cardigan and panties to make sure everything looked fine.

“Come over and help me please, I just can’t seem to get this button undone.” she said, smiling and not trying to undo anything. “You just kneel down in front of the mirror, facing me, and undo my cardy for me, there’s a good boy.”

I did as she asked, aware of my cock pressing hard forward in my pants as I moved in front of her.

“Start with the bottom button, and I want to see you kiss it before you undo it.” she said, seeming to enjoy ordering me about, and watching me in the mirror at the same time.

I kissed the button, and felt the soft black wool against my face and lips as she gently pushed her belly towards me. Then I undid it, before moving onto the next. There were six buttons in all, and for each one I repeated the ritual until there was only the last one keeping the wool over her breasts. çapa escort I was crouching now, ready to kiss the button as she had asked, when she held my head and moved it away.

“No, not just yet pet, I want you to really long to see me, so you can wait a bit longer. And anyway, I can’t see you properly. I need to see your manhood again, so just stand up in front of me, facing the mirror.”

I stood up, looking at my body and the bulge in my underpants. She came around beside me, then reaching across with one hand she grabbed the waistband at both sides before gently slipping my pants off. As she pulled then down my cock was caught.

“Help it out, Andrew, you don’t want it to get hurt, do you?”

So I reached down to my cock, grabbing it firmly to pull it out in front of her. She lowered my pants to the floor and I stepped out of them, standing there naked in front of her, still holding my cock in my left hand.

“So, do you want to do it yourself now?” she asked, looking at my hand on my cock. “I thought that’s what you did at night when you’re in bed on your own with my cardy!”

I felt myself flushing, partly from what she said and partly from what I could see in the mirror. Me, stark naked, holding my cock, while Heather watched with black cardigan nearly undone and clinging tight white panties reaching up to her waist.

“I thought that today we could pretend that you were in bed asleep, then I will just lie quietly beside you.” she smiled, “I thought that you might like it! But first I must just undo this last button of my cardy.”

Her hands moved to the button, and slowly, deliberately, unbuttoned it, opening the wool away from her breasts, until the two edges hung down outside her breasts. She looked wonderful, as only a mature woman can, with her large breasts and darker nipples pressing confidently outwards yet sagging due to their size.

“You do like looking at them, don’t you!” she interrupted me. “Well maybe instead of the sleeping game, we could try something else. I’ll lie back on the bed, and you can straddle me, like I did you last week.”

So with that she lay back on the fındıkzade escort bed, making sure her cardigan just covered her breasts.

“I’d better keep myself decent, hadn’t I?” she asked, smiling. “Now you come and kneel over me.”

I did as she said, putting my knees at the sides her panties. Her body was so close as we touched, and I felt so naked.

“Hands behind your head, please pet.” she asked, then she reached forward and touched my cock with her right hand, cradling my balls with her left. It felt ecstatic as her fingers explored my skin, and I nearly came on the spot.

“Look me in the eye, now! said Heather, and as our eyes met she began to pump me up and down, squeezing hard as she reached the base, then more gently up the shaft.

“How does that feel, big boy?” she asked, staring at me. “Would you like to cum all over me?”

I knew that I would cum very quickly like this – the excitement was just too much.

“Just watch what I’m doing to you!” she smiled, so I looked down to take in the view.

Her black cardigan had now ridden free from her right breast, revealing the soft pink of her sagging breast and her hard dark nipple. The wool still covered her other breast, rising and falling as her breath increased. Her sleeves were tight around her wrists as her hands pumped my reddening cock, forcing the cum up inside.

As her pumping got faster so I knew I couldn’t hold it back. I longed for her to stop – to make the moment last longer – but she just kept on relentlessly pumping up and down my cock.

Soon I could take no more and with a loud cry I spurted out. She shrieked as my cum shot up her body, most landing on her naked right breast but one squirt reached her face, splashing her cheek, and still more came over her cardigan as her hands went wild. It felt so good as she kept on pumping with pleasure as if she wanted me to cover her completely, but eventually I was done.

I looked down exhausted to her body, now covered with white splashes and dribbles where my cum had squirted over her.

“Ooh, Andrew,” she began, “You’ve wet me all over, and my cardy too, and my face! What am I going to have to do with you next, you naughty thing!”

“I think you should take this cardy home this week, and I can check it for stains again next week. And I hope it’s got lots!”

(c) 2010 Maudecardy

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