Hippie Flashback


“That will go quickly.”

I looked away from the ornate vase, not knowing much about antiques, but figuring this was pretty old. The elderly woman came from behind the furniture, nodding at the vase. “People have been looking it over all morning. If you’re interested, don’t wait too long.”

I smiled. I had seen the sales pitch before, but was more of a window shopper than actual collector. “Any idea how old it is?” I asked.

She shook her head and and her long grey hair shimmered in the light. It ran over the shoulders of her peasant top, the kind Hippies wore in the sixties, and I realized that was exactly the look she was going for, although not old enough to actually be a Hippie carry-over.

Her long fingers wrapped around my hand as I held the vase, and she tilted the vase upside down. “From the markings, it would appear to be 19th Century. But it’s hard to get an exact date.”

She smelled of roses, and her costume jewelry fit right into her persona, along with the bronze arrow on a chain which pointed straight down between her tits, which were clearly visible within the plunging cleavage.

The Estate Sale was crowded, but she didn’t seem in any rush to end our chat, seeming to be flirting with me a bit, even though she was close to sixty and I was 38. The grey hair was in direct contrast to her long eyelashes, obviously fake and heavily covered in mascara. She even had a beaded headband and full-length skirt and sandals for affect.

People milled about and she pressed against me at one point, smiling politely. “Big crowd today! The wonderful topkapı escort weather makes all the difference,” she said as she looked up at me, her breasts pressed into my arm. “Forgive my closeness.”

I smiled. “As long as your husband doesn’t get the wrong idea!”

“Husband? Oh, no, not in many years, Dear! I believe in openly sharing my affection, not hiding behind old-fashioned concepts!”

I felt heady and strangely aroused. Was she actually flirting with me to sell a lousy vase? I didn’t know, but was enjoying her risque comments.

“Good way to live! I was too late for the Love Generation, but always felt a kindred spirit to the movement.”

She grasped my arm as we walked among the furniture, speaking in soft tones. She fluttered her lashes at me as she spoke, being all of 5’4, and me being 6 foot. “Oh, it was a wonderful time, no repercussions, no judgements. If you met someone who intrigued you, you simply gave them a slow wink,” (She paused, turned to me and winked very slowly) “Like this!”

She started walking again. “And if he was interested, he would whisper something appropriate…”

She paused again, looking at mewith a smile. I bent to her ear, and said, “Like this?”

She gave me a broad smile as she began moving again, this time with a purpose. In the kitchen was a staircase. She glanced around, her face red with anticipation, then ducked inside, taking my hand as she went.

“Shh!” she whispered as she led the way down, into a cluttered basement area, and led the way under the main house, to a door. She slid inside, fatih escort turning on the overhead light, and the room was comfortable, with two chairs and a bed.

“Isn’t this just so sweet?”

I nodded, thinking, am I really gonna ball this lady in the basement of her full house during a sale? All things pointed to the affirmative, as she came to me, smiling. I wrapped my arms around her, and she moved against me, wasting no time on formality, unbuttoning my shirt.

“We don’t have much time, Sweetie. I hope you understand.”

I just nodded as I felt her tits, hard and firm, not the originals for sure. She had stepped out of her sandals and was raising her skirt as I undid my jeans. Her blouse was open and her bra, too, allowing me access, as she slid her panties down and off, plopping on the bed.

She was eye-level to my cock when it sprang, all 6 inches hard for her. Those heavy eyes flashed wide with delight as she grabbed my shaft and began licking like an all-day sucker!

As soon as she had me wet, she bent back, spreading, showing me her glistening pussy, her hairs coated with her juices. “Give it, now, baby, now!”

I knelt on the end of the bed, positioning myself, but she had no patience, grabbing at me, pulling me into her. The excitement and danger of getting caught had us both so aroused. I began hammering into her with wild abandon.

She bit at her lip to keep from crying out as I moved above her, and she slid and shifted, working my cock into every corner. This woman had done major work here. This was no sixty year old body!

The eyüp escort bed was creaking but we didn’t have time or patience to relocate so we increased speed and power, both feeling the end coming soon.

I buried my head in her neck as I felt myself become flush and mumbled to her that I was coming! She cried out loud, “Oh, Fuckkkk!” and came with me.

We were busy kissing and gasping for air as she wriggled out from under me, and we were dressing and laughing as we stumbled all over each other.

As we moved from the door, I grabbed her and kissed her. She smiled, and I said, “I’m gonna buy that vase.”

She seemed confused. “Okay, honey,” she said as we made it to the steps.

“How much is it?”

She looked back at me. “I have no idea, Dear, I just thought it was interesting.”

We were in the kitchen again, other people around. I said, “Wait…isn’t this your house?”

She looked at me for a long second, then smiled again. “Oh, I get it. You thought…, no, I’m just browsing. I came across that room earlier and started thinking. Then you walked in!”

We were in the sunshine now, moving to the cars. “So… this is great! We can go to my place, pick up where we let off!”

She stopped by an old VW bus, and smiled, this time sadly. “I did lie about something. I am married. Sorry about that. you showed up just when I needed my button pushed, and you did an awesome job. But, you don’t need an old married Hippie to play with.” She raised up on her toes and kissed my cheek and I could smell the roses again. “Thanks, Sexy, you made an old hag very happy.”

She got in the van, fired it up and waved as she pulled away. I never saw her again, never even got her name. I went home and listened to some Hendrix, Cream and CCR, and got hard all over again.

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