Hotel Manager


All characters are over 18 years of age.

This story is in English but contains some hindi/urdu words.

No condoms in any of my stories. Only bare back sex.

Vandana was 35, tall and had long black hair. Her eyes were brown and mesmerizing. Her boobs were a 38C. Her vital stats were 38-34-42. She wore kajal and mascara on her eyes. Her lipsticks were on the darker side but always matched her attire. Her skin was on the darker side. Her heavy ass appealed to a number of men.

When men and women looked at Vandana she was a beauty to behold. She wore a saree to work and her blouse and bra were normally deep so her cleavage was very visible. Her boobs were big, she normally wore a balconnette bra and men used to cream in their pants looking at her.

She was the Senior Manager at Hotel Astoria, a five star hotel and did her job well. Apart from managerial responsibilities she also had interaction with customers from time to time in order to explore new business opportunities. She was very good at negotiating.

One evening she was sitting with Shashank (28) , the Managing Director of Eggless Chicken and explaining the banquetting facilities. Shashank was impressed with her business acumen. At the same time he was attracted to Vandana. Her attire, her bangles, her earrings were all matching. Shashank looked at her and got a immediate hardon. He simply wanted to start kissing her there and then.

While sitting there Shashank started to dream that he was removing her clothes and Vandana was saying “tumhara lund bahut acha hai. mujhe lund do, mere breast se doodh piyo, meri saree utaro, meri chooth chato.”

The dream continued with Vandana saying “mujhe bistar pe dalo, meri saree utaro, Bahenchod mujhe lund de, KABHI MAA KO NAHI CHODA, BAHEN KO NAHI CHODA, CHODH, ZOR SE CHODH, NUFTA DE, MERE PET ME APNA BACHA DAL, MERA DOODH PI.”

Shashank was brought back to reality by Vandana saying “Sir what are you thinking.”

Shashank then requested Vandana to accompany him to his room. Vandana accompanied him and they had a cup of coffee. Shashank changed to his lungi. His legs were full of hair, his thighs were hard and brown. His hard cock could be made out and Vandana was excited.

Vandana looked at Shashanks muscular body and thought if only my husband was so well endowed I would have all the sex in the world. How I wish Shasank would fuck me hard. But then she thought of her family topkapı escort and dispersed all such ideas from her head.

Vandana started thinking “Shashank take me in your arms. Mujhe chumi do. Shashank tumhari chati kitni achi hai. Mujhe bahon me lo.”

It was clear to Vandana that Shashank was excited by her. Vandana was very aware of the effect she was having. Vandana was a mother and was a very sexually aroused person. She was also lactating. She was also attracted to Shashank.

Vandana was sitting in a chair. She removed her chappals and let down her shoulder length thick black hair. Her cleavage was deep and the boobs were tantalizing. Her waist was visible and since her saree was tied low. Her chooth was exciting without being visible to Shashank. Her tongue was rolling over her lips. Her brown skin was very smooth and beautiful. Vandana used to use a lot of lotions etc. to keep her skin smooth. Her hair was regularly oiled and her hair was thick, smooth and enticing. All this was having its effect on Shashank.

Shashank started discussing his proposed conference and in between mentioned to Vandana why dont you join me on the bed and you will be more comfortable, “tum bistar pe aa jao to hum ache se baat kar sakte hain.”

She sat on the bed for a few minutes, teased his lund by putting her hand on his lungi and then made an excuse and left for the night.

Shashank was in turmoil and kept turning the whole night. He had wanted Vandana pinned down below him to take his seed inside her chooth. He did not like condoms and had wanted to put his semen inside her and also for her take his cock in her mouth. He was not concerned if Vandana would get pregnant. Anyway she could have his baby because she was already a mother.

The whole night Shashank was dreaming. His dream was that he sucked Vandanas milky boobs, drank her milk and she begged him for his cock. He was fucking her hard and putting his seed in her chooth and he was saying “Randi mera laurda le, mera nufta le, TERI CHOOTH KYA MAST HAI.”

Shashank had fucked lots of women and knew how to enjoy their chooth. He wanted Vandana and another man or woman at the same time. He loved group sex and fellatio, creampies and milky boobs as well as deep big chooths.

The next morning Shashank could bear it no longer and approached Mr Ram the owner of the hotel. Ram was a known womanizer who loved swinging and multiple partners. fatih escort Ram was bluntly informed that if he wanted the International Conference for 2000 people in his hotel then Vandana would have to sleep with Shashank.

The owner Mr Ram called Vandana to his cabin and discussed the situation. She was informed that to keep her job she would have to get fucked by Shashank and anyone else the job required.

Ram said to Vandana “humare kuch khass mehman hain, agar woh tumhe chodhna chahain to tum unko apni chooth do. Iske paise alag se maamg sakti ho.”

Vandana went home in tears that night because till then she had only slept with her husband Dev and no one else. She was a mother also with Devs child.

She told Dev about the situation and Dev advised her to leave the job. This put Vandana in a quandary because the house was running on her income. Her husband was unemployed since the lockdown. How would she provide sustenance for her family.

At the office she tried to ignore the problem. But Ram and Shashank were firm. Finally she thought I may as well enjoy the fucking since Shashank is so good looking and his lund is so big aur “uska laurda bhi sakt hai to mazaa aayega.”

At home she discussed again with her husband and asked him to get a job or else she would agree to get fucked at the job.

Her husband said “Main naukri ki koshish karta hoon lekin agar tum hotel ki randi banna chahti ho to theek hai lekin phir mere liye bhi tum randi banna. Mein apne doston se bhi tumhari chudhai karaonga. Mere kuch dost bhi tumhe chodna chahte hain.”

A month passed and Vandana made up her mind. She called Shashank for a meeting. She was wearing a long dress with slits on the side. The neckline was plunging and the dress was backless.

Shasank was mesmerized by her when she informed him that she would agree to sleep with him provided the hotel got the contract. Also Shashank would have to give her a large settlement so that she was financially secure.

She also spoke to Vijay. He was very happy and agreed to give her a big raise. He also said that he would also be on the action with Shashank. She also agreed that in future she would service other customers of the hotel when required.

Shashank then arranged a romantic dinner with Vandana and his wife Shreya. Shreya was dressed in a kurta with a palazzo and Vandana was in a skirt and blouse. For dinner they had seafood with eyüp escort oysters, noodles, dishes with schezuan sauce, fish preceded by soup. At the end of the meal they had a Baked Alaska.

They spoke of politics, sport, bollywood and a number of other topics. They discussed chooths, laurdas and what each of them liked in carnal pleasures.

When they got up from the table Vandana noted that Shreya was tall, and her ass was really small. Her lipstick was brown and the skin on her face was so soft. She had short hair which was beautifully cut. Her nails were long and had green nailpolish matching her dress. On her feet she was wearing beautiful golden slippers which really went with her attire. Her payal made a sensual sound and her bichooas looked so sexy.

Someone at the next table said in a low tone about Shreya which was overheard “I want to fuck that MILF.”

Seeing Shreya Vandana wanted to suck her chooth right there.

Shreya on the other hand was admiring Vandanas legs and her long hair and she wanted to suck her boobs.

All three Shashank, Vandana and Shreya went to the room and Shashank immediately picked up Vandana put her flat on the bed and before you could say Jack Robinson was putting his long hard lund in her chooth. He was ramming her so hard and she was saying “OOH AAH MMMM CHODO ZOR SE CHODO BAHENCHOD JALDI KARO MUJHE PREGNANT KARO” and he kept ramming her.

Shreya seeing the beautiful couple straight went on to Vandana’s boobs and started to suck them. She loved big boobs and enjoyed the milk from them. The milk was so tasty that she kept sucking them.

Shreya was saying “tum kya mast randi ho. Mere pati ka juice lo. Bacha paida karo. Meri chooth chato. Uska lund lo. OOOH MMMM AAAAH RANDI. BAHE CHOD ISKO CHODH ZOR SE CHODH..”

Vandana was in bliss with Shreya sucking her and she said “Shreya suck me, Doodh piyo, Jaldi Piyo, Acha lagta hai.” This went on for the next hour.

After that Vandana started to lick Shreyas chooth and simultaneously Shashank was eating his own cum from Vandana.

Vandana was in bliss and Shreya was saying “Vandana OOOH AAAH MMMM YOU LICK SO WELL. JALDI KARO. AUR KARO. TUMHARA DOODH BHI ITNA ACHA HAI…”



Shreya was saying “Vandana I love your hair. Your boobs are beautiful.”

And so they kept fucking the whole night. Vandana got the contract and fucked many more people. She became famous and Vijay promoted her to GM.

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