How to Stop Smoking Ch. 07


Everyone was getting a little tired. We decided to have a snack and a drink or two before going to bed.

We migrated to the living room. Ann, Mona and Lois went to the kitchen to put together a snack tray. Meanwhile, John and I did the honors with drinks.

Jody sat on the couch with a glassy stare in her eyes. It was obvious that she hadn’t expected all this.

I have to admit, it has been some evening. We’ve tried just about everything in the book. There are a couple of tricks left, but we’ll probably get to them later.

When the other girls came in with the snacks and sat them on the coffee table, everyone gathered around.

Ann sat next to me and held my cock. Her hands were a little cold, but they warmed up fast.

Mona sat down next to John. I believe she was in love with his cock. I’ll have to admit, it was huge.

Lois sat next to Jody and finally managed to get her to eat and drink something. I wondered idly if Jody was doing drugs. Mona said that she was straight. Just fucked out.

We finished eating and John and I helped clean up. As I was putting away the cheese and beef roll, I spotted the strawberry jam and got an idea.

There was a bottle that hadn’t been opened in the cupboard. It was warm to boot. Showing it to Ann, I said that I’d like a little dessert. When she asked what I was going to do with the Strawberry Jam, I just smiled. She caught on.

Everyone was told that they were welcome to share the waterbed with Ann and I. It was a unique waterbed.

It was almost wave-less, heated and it was twice the size of a normal king sized bed.

When I built it, I used two king sized frames and put them together flat on the floor.

Then, I loaded it with two king sized bladders and filled them. The effect is that the bedroom is almost wall-to-wall bed. There was plenty of room to roam on that bed. Plenty of room for six people.

I sat the strawberry jam on the headboard. We turned out the lights and proceeded to find each other in the dark. After everyone said goodnight to each other, we cuddled up and went to sleep.

I don’t know how long we slept, but the sun was up by the time we woke. Taking the strawberry jam off the headboard, I opened it.

Ann was still sleeping, lying on her back. I held the jar above her stomach and dipped a couple of fingers in the jam. Then, I rubbed it on her pussy. She started to stir. I reached in and got some more and rubbed it on her nipples. They began to get erect almost immediately.

Taking about a tablespoon of jam, I rubbed it in her pussy. I stuffed plenty of it inside her. Then I took some more and rubbed it on my cock. My cock had begun to get stiff in anticipation.

By this time, Lois and Mona were awake. When they saw what I was doing, they smiled. I started to put the strawberry jam back on the headboard when Mona reached for it.

I handed it to her and went on with what I was doing. I leaned over Ann and gently sucked the strawberry jam off one of her nipples. That little sucker got hard as a rock immediately.

I didn’t want to leave the other one out, so I gave it a little sucking too. It started to rise. The more I sucked them, the harder they got.

It was then that I noticed Ann’s clit. It was starting to swell, sticking out of her pussy lips.

Shifting around, I positioned my cock above her mouth. As I reached over to place my lips on her pussy, my cock dangled against her lips.

When she felt it, her lips opened and she sucked it in. By then I knew that she was no longer asleep. No one sucks cock like that in their sleep.

I was doing a good job of cleaning all the strawberry jam off her pussy lips, but her clit kept getting in the way. So I started sucking nişantaşı escort it too. The more I sucked, the larger and harder it got.

Meanwhile, Mona was smearing strawberry jam on Lois, covering her tits and pussy. After she had liberally coated them, she rubbed some on herself. First she rubbed some on her tits, then her cunt. She put the jar down and the two of them moved into the classic 69 position.

Mona rubbed her strawberry coated tits against Lois’s lower stomach as she licked her clit. Lois pulled Mona even lower and buried her tongue in Mona’s cunt. What a turn-on that was.

I had never seen two women make such beautiful love. Both of them were very good and it wasn’t long before their bodies were bucking up and down.

Ann and I were so turned on that we decided to fuck. Moving into position and I placed my cockhead against her clit.

As I rubbed my fat cock against her pussy lips, she begged me to fuck her. I slipped my cock into the entrance and just leaned down real hard.

The feeling of the strawberry jam that was deep inside her was one of warmth and spice.I began stroking in and out and before long she was coming. I continued to fuck her for about five minutes and she had spasm after spasm. I had a couple of “false cums,” but wasn’t ready to cum yet.

Mona and Lois were resting when I pulled out of Ann and Jody was just coming alive. She stretched and those huge tits made my mouth water. Instead, I grabbed the strawberry jam again. Ann’s pussy juice was covering my cock.

After mixing a liberal amount of jam with Ann’s pussy juice, I spread some between Jody’s tits. Then I put the jar down and straddled her chest, just below the tits. I put one hand on each tit and squeezed them together, forcing them around my cock.

As I tit-fucked her, the head of my cock slipped in and out of her hot mouth. The taste of the jam was driving her wild. Every time my cock slipped into her mouth, she licked like hell. She was trying to clean it off before I pulled it out.

This kept up long enough for me to reach another “false cum,” then I pulled my cock out of her mouth and mounted her.

Ann was the only one I had given my sperm to, so I thought I would share the load. I began to fuck her.

After Jody had cum twice, I had another one of those “false cums.” That made four and I had thought that I would only have three of the damned things before I came. Something was wrong with my planning.

I rolled off Jody and lay on my back. Mona saw that I hadn’t cum yet so she decided to get in a little bareback riding. Straddling me, she stuck my cock in her pussy. Her pussy was wet and warm. It felt like a velvet glove wrapped around my cock.

When she climbed aboard, she had put her feet flat on the bed. Now she started raising up and sitting down like she was doing squatting exercises. The effect was a milking action that I was sure would make me cum. After about 2 or 3 minutes of this, I had my 5th “false cum.”

I began to get worried that the treatments were going to make me so erratic as to make my sex life suffer.After Mona exhausted herself, she got off my cock.

John was wide awake and saw the predicament that I was in. He rolled over on his stomach, reached for my cock and placed it in his mouth.

If you’ve never had your cock sucked by a man, you ain’t lived yet. I don’t have any idea how long John sucked on my cock. I reached a point where I knew that the next one was not going to be a “false cum.”

I had already had 8 of them. This was 1 more than I had in Mai Ling’s office. I hoped that this was the last of them. Lois was the only one I hadn’t fucked. I had fucked them all trying to spend my load except her.

I asked her if she wanted kağıthane escort to fuck. John released my cock so she could climbed on board. Lois had a unique way of fucking when she was in charge.

She lay down on my stomach, flat out and reached between us. Grabbing my cock, she positioned the head of it between her pussy lips. Then, with a sliding motion, she’d inch toward my feet, imbedding my cock inside her. Then she’d slide up toward my head pulling it out to a point where my cockhead was just barely inside. Then she’d slide back toward my feet taking more cock in her pussy with each movement.

Finally, she had it all inside her and she stopped. We just lay there with neither of us moving. I could feel her pussy squeezing and letting go of my cock as she contracted her pussy muscles. I began to get hotter and hotter. I could feel my balls begin to swell. My ball sac got harder and harder. As I began to cum, she jumped off me and took my cock in her mouth. She lost a little at first, but she managed to swallow almost every drop. Then she proceeded to lick and suck me until I was drained.

Then, the rest of the gang gave us a standing ovation. I had never been cheered for fucking before.

About this time, Mona decided that she wanted some more cock. She had a firm grip on John all the time Lois and I were fucking. She had his cock hard as a rock. She asked John to get on top of her this time and take control.

I hadn’t watched John closely the night before. This time I wanted to see the action. Ann moved over and began to stoke my cock while we watched.

John put his cockhead in the entrance of Mona’s pussy and pushed. It went in about two inches.

Holding the base of his cock, he rotated his cock inside her cunt. The effect was fascinating to watch. Mona began to cum unglued. I now understood why she had been so possessive of John all night. Every chance she had, she was by his side playing with his massive cock.

Ann’s breath was getting ragged. Ann hadn’t let John fuck her. When I asked her about it, she said they were brother and sister. Everything made sense then. Ann didn’t want to share her body with anyone but me so she arranged to meet John at the bar. Choosing him as her “pick for the night” meant not having to share her body.

Soon, Mona began to orgasm. After John brought her off a couple more times, he moved over to Jody. Telling her to get on her hands and knees, that he was ready for a “dog fashion” fuck.

Jody got into position and John entered her from behind. As he stroked in and out, you could see his big black cock glistening. In and out he stroked until he reached a fever pitch. I thought that he was going to cum but he didn’t. After Jody reached several orgasms, John pulled out of her.

Lois moved over and, taking his cock in her mouth, began to suck it. A minute or two later, she was ready to fuck and John’s cock hadn’t gone down on bit. Lois leaned back, with her feet under her ass that caused her pussy to stick high in the air.

John moved in and placed his cock inside the entrance to her pussy. A few strokes later, he had about half of his cock inside her.

Mona then moved over and leaned between them. She began to lick Lois’s clit and the top of John’s cock as he stroked in and out. She was also putting a class ‘A’ massage on his balls. Boy, what these girls won’t cum up with next.

After several minutes of this, John began to cum. As he stroked in and out, Lois’s pussy began to fill. John had much more cum than I did. It filled Lois until it began to overflow.

When it began to seep out of Lois’s cunt, Jody lay down so she could catch every drop, licking John’s balls in the process. This caused John to empty his balls of every osmanbey escort last drop of cum.

While we watched this, Ann had my cock deep in her throat. She was sucking it and fondling my balls, keeping me hard. She’d move my cock in and out of her mouth real slow and gentle then she would attack as if there were no tomorrow.

After a few minutes of this, I was ready to fuck again. Since Jody was all ready on her back, I moved over and got between her legs. I raised her butt up in the air and slid my knees beneath them. Then I took my cock and eased it into her steamy pussy.

When I had about half of my 12 inches buried in her pussy, I motioned for Ann to join us. She moved in right away. She started by kissing Jody on the mouth.

I don’t know how girls kiss each other, but Jody started wriggling her ass and bucking up and down. Ann was really making her hot.

Ann moved down to her tits and began to suck first one nipple and the other as she massaged each breast in turn.

Finally Ann worked her way down to the junction where my cock was entered Jody’s pussy. She proceeded to give us the same treatment that Mona had given Lois and John.

She sucked Jody’s clit, massaged my balls and tongued my cock as it slid in and out of Jody.

By the time Ann had reached this point, I had already had two “false cums” in rapid succession.

Jody had already had a series of orgasms starting with Ann’s first kiss. After a few minutes of the licking and massaging, I felt another coming on. The feeling subsided a little and I noticed that my balls were still tight.

If experience has anything to do with it, I knew that the next one would be the real one. I told Ann and she said that she wanted this one. She moved around and got in position for a “dog fashion” fuck. I placed my cock between her pussy lips and shoved. She was well lubricated. It went in all the way to the hilt. This girl had some sweet pussy!

I began fucking her with long deep strokes. Ann asked me to pull out before I came. When I asked why, she said that she wanted her morning cream.

With that, I started pounding her even harder until she began to clench and unclench her pussy lips. She was having an orgasm, but I wasn’t ready to cum yet. After another minute or two and Ann had reached another shattering orgasm, I pulled out of her and lay down on the bed.

Ann moved into position, took my cock into her mouth and proceeded to suck me. My balls tightened and I began to cum. She continued sucking until my balls were drained.

Jody and Mona had been putting on a sister act while this was going on. They had all but emptied the strawberry jam on and inside of each other and were cleaning up when Ann and I finished.

I leaned back with my head propped on my hand and watched. They had a hold on each others clit and were sucking away like mad women. I hoped they would finish soon. I could feel my cock stirring and, right now, it was sore. What I really wanted was breakfast. Real food type breakfast.

While I was watching, Ann had gone into the bathroom to do her thing. She came out about the time the girls finished and said that she was going to the kitchen to fix breakfast. Lois said she would help.

The rest of us decided to clean up. For the sake of what little modesty was left, we dressed for breakfast. That’s to say that John and I put on our shorts while the girls put on their panties.

The food was beginning to smell good by the time we arrived in the dining room. Ann was a good cook and a fast one too. Sausage and eggs with homemade biscuits and sliced melon on the side. I asked Ann if we were out of strawberry jam and she just laughed.

After we ate, John volunteered to take the girls and drop them off while Ann and I stayed at home and read the paper.

John was gone quite awhile and I began to get concerned that the girls had him cornered somewhere. Not that he couldn’t hold his own, but we were both worn out after last night.

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