I Caught The Two


I caught the two now I own them.

Growing up in a family where religion came always first had made my young life into adolescence a very difficult period of my life. Like every daughter who has grown up in a close nit family I do love my parents. But the forever instructions of what you can’t do to be a good girl had me going without a bra till I was about sixteen. No make up forever told what was sinful, while the only proof of there was a God. Was the sun as that was the accepted Deity the first synod put up at that time. So the Sun told Jesus to give his life for the rest of us oh yeah pull the other one. Never allowed to go out without an parent to a party when there boys were present. Etc. etc.

While our handsome single Anglican priest sat often on our dinner table or visited the family in the evening as we were the closest thing to company away from his rectory. As soon I could finish my schooling I did and moved away to a provincial city far enough that my only communication with my parents was the phone. Not that I did not love my parents especially dad, not just as a parent but also as the man who I dreamed of taking my virginity, fat chance I thought. Those dreams had become much more frequent after I had walked in on him in our bathroom. He was not supposed to be home at the time so without announcing myself I walked in, and there he was naked and as far as I could tell hung like a horse. Compared to the only other penis I seen before by accident of my elder brother when he was playing with the thing.

Me Agnes having my own rooms of half a house which had been divided in such a way that my side could be let and was completely self contained. Where I could have friends visiting me without any sermons of what not to do. My friend from work was Carol who had been married for a few years but to my surprise liked girls as much as she did her husband. Carol invited me for dinner and get to know you for the week end after my second week at work. After that invitation everything this girl ever had imagined came to a very satisfying conclusion. Having only received my second pay packet in my life and not to come empty handed I purchased a six pack of Foster’s lager. Its what dad and Geoff our reverend used to drink in the evenings.

After knocking on the door of their home Carol’s husband Mario let me in kissed me on the mouth and I had the feeling that his tongue had brushed over my lips only I was not sure, I became sure what happened when Carol kissed me her tongue well and truly pressed past my lips and found mine, never even having thought about kissing like that I joined in and it was not until Mario said that is enough now that we separated and sat down having a beer each.

Carol was what you might describe as petite. Slim, but not skinny and being less than five feet tall she gave the impression that she was only aged about fourteen or fifteen. I knew that she was in fact thirty-one as I had attended her office birthday celebrations the previous week. Where we had coffee in the canteen at work, when a cake was delivered wishing her happy birthday. I had followed her up the few steps, which led to a side door, she had walked through a shaft of sunlight that shone through her light summer dress she was wearing revealing the perfect shape of her seemingly young body. I followed her through the door, which she held open for me and as I walked into the large room where she took me to the table where most of the staff were having a brake.

Getting back to that evening they closed and locked the door behind me. Carol ushered me into the lounge and offered to take my jacket. I slipped this off and she made a remark beyoğlu escort about how much she liked my dress. It was just a white cotton summer dress with inch wide shoulder straps and a small blue bow at the front. It wasn’t a very short affair, with the hemline just above my knees. Hers was a much skimpier article. A very pale printed flowered pattern on a thin cotton material. The shoulder straps were very narrow and the hemline was about five or six inches higher than mine. There was a sofa along one wall with a small dining table and chairs beside it, tucked up a corner. In the centre were two recliner chairs facing each other with a small coffee table to one side and another small table beside one of the chairs on which stood an electric fan. This was giving everyone a very welcome light breeze on a very warm evening.

It must have been after the second glass that I became a little intoxicated feeling happily and truly liberated. Having another glass during dinner kept me just happy and jolly. After the meal was over we sat down on their sofa, me in the middle it took less than 5 minutes that their hands were explorative moving over me, I was intoxicated enough so it felt just right. Or eager enough take your pick, I felt so grown up objecting never entered my mind. When Mario French kissed me while Carol’s hands moved over my breast pinching my nipples it felt like I had gone to heaven and hoped it would never stop. Only when Carol’s hand moved under my skirt and Mario’s hand had found its way to my tummy slipping under my blouse and bra I became as wet as if I had peed in my pants. Far back in my brain a little warning began to take shape but I felt to good, and no parents preaching and my pussy and breasts were wanting more.

Feeling the moisture in my crutch which must have been the signal to Carol to undress as she took her top of before removing mine together with my bra. Which allowed Mario to start suckling on one of my nipples both of them getting so hard they hurt. Not to be outdone I took one of Carol’s nipples in my mouth while she had found my clitoris and began with steadily brushing her fingertips over the hardening nub. While at least two fingers of her other hand were fucking my pussy. It was than that I had my first full blown orgasm, after which I could not stop apologising for the squirting that had come from me, soaking the sofa under me with cum.

They both laughed and took turns lapping up as much of my cum as they could manage. It was then that I noticed that I was nude while only Carol was bare to her waistline, instead of feeling embarrassed it made me feel needed and under their onslaught I did cum again. Only this time Mario dropped his daks and lubricated his penis with my cum. After which he pushed against my pincer muscle until he had entered my arse. There was some pain only the steady rhythm of his rock hard penis moving in and nearly out at times shoving so quickly so he would not to slip out completely that I yelped. While Carol was busily licking my thighs slipping over my vagina lips only every now and than frustrating me, while my hips were bucking by pelves without me trying, into her face as much as I could. It was as if I was a very experienced woman while only half an hour ago I was still a virgin.

It was when Mario started to orgasm and my third orgasm rolled on, that my phone rang Carol said between licking my clitoris and finger fucking my cunt leave it if its urgent they leave a message. So it became my turn to bring Carol to orgasm, only she told me to wait while she gave Mario head after his penis had gone soft. To my surprise she never even cleaned it after he had been in sarıyer escort my arse and happily suckled him back to his former glory. After which he stuck it back in my arse to go for a second time this time I was on my knees with my face in Carol’s vagina which tasted sweet and was so moist, that I forgot all about the phone call until the three of us collapsed after orgasming all together this time. After another drink and some after play I picked up my phone with a message from my mother. The message read when you get this your father is in town with the priest since there is an regional church meeting, he is in room 7 of the local motel and he wants to see you. Getting quickly dressed wiping my crutch with my panties, not wearing any to get their as fast as I could. While Mario and Carol were good enough to drive me there, forgetting how late it had gotten.

When we got to the motel the light in no 7 was still going while there was at least 6 inches of curtain open I glanced into the room from outside before knocking. There was the priest stark naked as we had been only a half hour ago, on his hands and knees while my dad was pumping his ten inch cock in his arse.. I nearly burst out laughing thank god they did not hear us. So I took out my phone and snapped some pictures of the two, after dad had come they laid down on the bed and started all over again this time sucking one and others cocks. After I had the photo’s on my phone we removed ourselves quietly, and as soon as we got back to Carol’s home we printed them all. After which we undressed and for the first time in my life I slept nude with a married couple in the same bed.

First thing the next morning before going to work I went to dad’s room again, this time he was still asleep and I knocked on the door til he opened up. Not saying a word until I handed him the prints, he went ashen “well dad this is your lucky day I said you and the priest be better here tonight after work otherwise you know where these are going”! Dad tried to bluster me and began with “Young Lady”. Only I stopped him in his tracks “Just be here or else” I said and went to have breakfast before going to work.

Thank God for my friends they were full of recommendations, only I had a plan of my own explained where I was after and invited them to come with me that night and to bring a decent camera. That day the time at work seemed to take twice as long as normal. Still I took my time went home showered and dressed as sexy as possible borrowing some of Carol’s clothes and of we went. To confront the two, and have some real fun on their expense

It was close to 6 pm when we arrived at their motel room that is if they only had one. Remembering it was my dad I had become a little bashful not Carol though she walked straight in the room and grabbed dad’s penis through his pants, “some equipment you have,” she said and “the parson is not badly endowed either.” You must be like your daughter she likes a dick as much as she likes my pussy. Oh you have some life in that equipment must swing both ways as we all do. Only this time close the curtains before you take your daks of and you parson you too take of that clobber we know what you look like and you seem to like the back entrance. Agnes want her father to brake her cherry, while you fuck her ass and we record it all for our own protection sorry your protection. Since with the internet we could send your love life to all your parishioners. After we inform Agnes’s mother we don’t think either one of you would like that.

Besides that knowing how quick dad’s cock jumped to attention she said “you two might even enjoy to deflower his daughter.” Hop to maslak escort it you two take your gear off, the two men started to argue so Carol pressed Agnes parents phone number waited and answered hi this is your daughters friend here is she. Agnes somewhat nervous began hi mom I got your message late last night so when I called dad this morning he promised to stay another day so we could and have some time together. “Yes mom I will take very good care of him, you want to talk to dad?” While he took the phone Carol helped him out of his pants and started to play with his dick while he was talking to his wife. When all this was going on Mario was snapping enough pictures to keep a record of the night.

Now you two undress Agnes and do it so she feels good about it like that is the only thing you would like to do in this world. And do it in stile so your daughter gets wet and really excited from your foreplay. After which Agnes pulls her fathers face to hers and starts tongue kissing him, saying. “That day in the bathroom when I saw that beautiful dick of yours I knew that was the cock that I wanted to make your girl into a woman dad.”

While the naked priest has started to remove Agnes dress, and by the time she came up for air from the passionate kiss between her and her dad, Her bra and panties had been skilfully removed too. “You know what you are doing Parson do many ladies in your congregation help you out,.

The priest large wily was still in a deflated mode so Carol advised him to start tongue fucking Agnes ass so it would be lubricated when he put his dick in, what did the trick. “Think of it as a young man and pump that tongue of your in and out, like the horny priest you truly are.” Carol continued. Sliding her hand over his hairy balls. “If you wasn’t to impress anyone padre you better clean this fuzz of. Mario will help you he loves shaving men clean before he has them squealing for more after he enters your fuck hole.”

At this point dad has become rock hard Agnes slides her arms down round her fathers waist having wiggled her fathers penis head in between her vagina lips, and without warning she moves her hips forward while she pulls her arms to bring her dad forward two. In one movement her dad’s engorged dick is breaking her hymen and shoots all the way home. Her fathers eyes open in fear when Agnes cries out. The moment Carol heard the cry, she hit the priest on his ass and told him your turn to make her wish come true. After which the priest stood up and entered Agnes oh so tight little ass.

Dad stuttered but you can get pregnant, Agnes looking up with clouded eyes of passion. Answered “that would be so great dad.” The fear made her father cum even faster only he never lost his erection since between Agnes and the priest hormones mde him swell even bigger if that was possible. Since Agnes arms were no longer needed round his waist they moved back around his neck while she tongue fucked her fathers mouth, like she had fucked Carol’s pussy the previous night.

When the two men orgasmed nearly simultaneously I did too passing out between the two of them. They must have put me on the bed without me noticing it. For when I came out of it . Carol was sitting on dad’s face while he was instructed where to put his tongue while the parson was on his knees while Mario had the ride of his life.

I had one of my wishes the but I did not become pregnant that day, but a man with a dick as good as my father has was coached into repeating our carnal exercises until I did. But that family adventure has to come at another time. Isn’t it great to remember the good times over years past. Thank God my boy is as well hung as his father was, and he does not mind helping me out every now and then. Isn’t it great to be in control. Men they are better of to be told than to tell us don’t you think so girls, it has always worked for me.

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