In Days of Olde Ch. 11


It was a very happy and relaxed quartet that moved back into the camp in the wee hours of the morning. All four had loved and been loved for many hours of bliss, until they were becoming too sleepy to move. With soft kisses, they all parted ways, with Flower and Dove moving to their dwelling and Raven and Hawk heading in the opposite direction. The girls fell into their beds and were immediately asleep. As soon as their breathing became the even sound of slumber, Storm’s dark eyes opened, and she rose quietly, moving to stand over Flower’s bed. Remembering what the girl’s body had looked like unclothed and thinking again of what Panther would do with the girl made a surge of desire flow through her. Taking a chance, she leaned over and nibbled lightly at one nipple and then the other, just to see them harden. Flower moaned softly, but did not stir. Storm smiled wickedly as she made her way back to her own bed, for her victim was already showing signs of great responsiveness, without even being aware of it.

The next morning after breakfast, everyone gathered together for a special meeting before going to their tasks for the day. The Chief rose and held up his hands for silence, then when all eyes were upon him, he spoke.

“I have very happy news this day. I have been asked and given permission for a new family unit to form within our tribe.” He gestured, and the four lovers rose and stood beside him. “I am certain no one is surprised by this decision, and I received it with great joy. Is there anyone amongst you all that feels these four should not join together?”

He waited for several moments, then nodded. Looking first at Raven, he said, “This new family will be your responsibility ultimately, young Warrior. You shall be head of your dwelling and the others will obey you when you speak. You are to lead them with wisdom, kindness and love in all things.”

Next, his eyes turned to Hawk. “You will assist Raven’s Call in his duties as the leader of your family. If he is ever lost to us, the family will become your responsibility. Follow him closely and listen to his words. You will work with him to protect your women and children at all times, as well as the tribe.”

His next words were to Dove. “Singing Dove, you have been a good and kind friend to the young woman brought to us such a short time ago. You are to continue to be a loving and good friend as well as mate to her and to these two young men. Work with them and your family shall be blessed.”

Finally, the Chief eyes moved to their adopted daughter. “Little Flower, you have truly been a credit to this tribe. It is difficult to realize that is has only been a short time since you became a member of our family. You are very loved, and I say the same words to you as to your sister. Be a loving friend and mate to her and to the men in your household.” He gestured again and izmit escort bayan the four sat back down, then he looked back at each person seated there.

“We shall have a joining ceremony to formally unite this new family at the time of the next New Moon. Between now and that time, prepare yourselves, and be ready.”

Many people came up to the four after the Chief had finished and congratulated them, all saying what a good choice they thought it was. There were smiles all around, except for in the bushes, where Storm, Lynx and Water lurked. Storm was furious, for this was happening much more quickly than she might have anticipated. The other Tribe had not even left for home yet, and Storm had assumed she would have until the Spring to get rid of her adversary. Now things would have to be escalated. Fortunately, since Lynx and Water had been spending most of their time with her, they would not be missed by their own Tribe for a journey of a night or so. “The New Moon comes in 14 nights. We shall wait half that time, then I shall drug her and you shall remove her.” A thought came to Storm and her eyes gleamed suddenly. “And myself! I will go as well, and then ‘escape’ after some time, and make my way back, to bring the terrible news that Little Flower is dead. Raped and murdered and left in the forest.” Smiling wickedly, she hurried out to offer her false congratulations as well.

Raven was suspicious about Storm’s best wishes, but she seemed sincere and gave both the girls a hug. “I will help you gather what is needed for your ceremony,” she offered and Dove and Flower both eagerly accepted.

As the girls moved off together, Dove and Storm began explaining the customs of a joining ceremony. There would be gifts given by all the tribe and new dwelling place erected as well. They would all make new clothing to wear, and there would be a feast with all manner of good things the night of the ceremony. It sounded very similar to weddings that took place in Flower’s old life. She was excited and could scarcely wait for the two weeks to pass, when she would, for all intents and purposes, be married. It might not be ‘conventional’ and some of her past friends would not have understood or accepted it, but she had come to realize that loving someone was never wrong, no matter who it might be. The girls chatted as they moved along, gathering plants that were in season and any berries that might still be left.

Two nights later, Storm managed to give Flower the drugged potion again, and spirited her away to be plundered a second time. The girl felt very strange as she led along through the dark trees, by an unknown hand. She seemed to recall feeling this way once before, but it would not come to her when or where. She did not resist or protest, but moved along the almost unseen path to a cave covered by vines. This was a different location izmit eve gelen escort than the first time, for even though there would again be only snippets of memory of the night, it was not wise to use the same place twice with the same victim. Into the darkness she was led, down a slope to the heart of the stone shelter. Firelight flickered and Flower’s eyes tried to adjust.

She could see a naked man and woman before her, his cock buried between her legs as he took her from behind, mating her as if they were animals. She felt a stirring in her own loins at the sight. Storm had stopped leading her, and was now sliding her clothing off, running her hands over the other girl’s body, teasing her nipples into peaks, cupping her breasts from behind, kissing her neck and sliding her fingers over Flower’s pussy lips. The girl gasped and moaned at her touches, her eyes never leaving the joined couple before her. Storm slipped out of her own garments and moved in front of Flower, leaning down and beginning to kiss her nipples, pulling the other girl’s hands forward to make her caress her own breasts. Immediately Flower’s fingers were rubbing and stroking Storm’s breasts eagerly, which made her mouth work even harder on the nipples beneath it. The moans grew louder, both from Lynx and Water, and from the innocent girl playing with Storm. Flower was pushed to her knees and Storm moved forward to straddle her mouth. “Lick me, Slave,” she commanded and felt the mouth and tongue moving on her. After several minutes, she caught Flower’s hand and pulled her toward the others.

“Our little Slut is ready for us, my dears,” Storm said, smiling hungrily. “Since she is no longer a virgin, you may do whatever you wish with her, but keep her tight. Panther will want to fill her over and over again, and hurt her as much as possible.”

Lynx pulled out of Water’s pussy, and said, “Bring her over here.” He pointed to where wooden stakes had been pounded into the packed dirt floor of the cavern. A person-sized blanket had been laid between the stakes. As he stood there, rubbing his hands all over Flower’s body, Storm and Water took soft cloth and wrapped it around each of her small wrists and ankles, protecting them from the braided rope that would be tied around each. Grinning, Lynx pulled her over to the spot and pushed her back. “Spread your arms above your head, Slave,” he commanded, and she did so. He secured her wrists above her head, tying each to a stake, then did the same thing with her ankles. Now she lay spread-eagled and open for their viewing pleasure. “Look at how wet she is, lovers. She wants to be fucked. Let us give her what she wants!”

Lynx moved to stand over her. “You Beauty….I would have loved to be the one to deflower you, but this is almost as delicious.” So saying, he straddled her, and rammed himself izmit otele gelen escort deep inside her, making her scream. The women laughed and each took a breast in her mouth, sucking and licking as Lynx pounded into Flower again and again. Although she had not been quite ready, between the drug she had been given and her own natural sexuality, the girl was soon gushing around him, and thrashing with the pleasure of it all. At the last moment, he pulled out of her, and his cum sprayed the ground, as none of them wanted her going to Panther carrying his child. He rose and moved to his cousin, beginning to diddle her clit, while his mate moved to Flower’s side and pulled out something from the shadows. It was a piece of wood, carved to resemble a phallus, and worked completely smooth. It was thick and long, almost too large to fit into anyone, but Water grinned as she showed it to Flower.

“I am going to fuck you with this, little Slave,” she purred nastily, “While you lick my pussy. If you are good, perhaps I’ll let you cum.” She straddled the girl’s mouth, writhing against her and shoved the wooden phallus into her sopping slit. Flower screamed into Water’s pussy at the feel of the foreign object, but she did as she was told at the same time. She was being conditioned to obey, and soon her will would be pliable enough that the drugs would no longer be needed. She would be so sexually responsive that she wouldn’t be able to help herself if someone wanted her. The wooden object pounded in and out mercilessly and the moans of Lynx and Storm mating assailed her ears and senses as well. A tongue touched her clit as she continued to be raped by the false cock, and she felt herself cumming again, even as Water’s cum flooded her mouth. Lynx came back to Flower and took her pussy again, while the other women played with her breasts, enjoying them as they kissed each other and her. They took turns pushing their nipples against her mouth, so that she could suckle them.

After Lynx had spent himself for the third time, Storm got a wicked glint in her eye. “Let’s turn the bitch over. I want to fuck her ass with that toy.” Laughing, the others complied, and soon Flower was on her hands and knees, still bound. She felt her ass cheeks being parted, and then the hard object was pushing into her from behind. She screamed again, even as Storm’s other hand moved around to play with her clit. The woman was as rough as she could be without permanently damaging her victim, and Lynx and Water enjoyed watching, pleasuring each other with their hands as they observed. She forced Flower to a climax again with her fingers, then they all shared the exhausted girl a final time, with Lynx plunging even more eagerly into her tight sweetness than the first time.

After they had rested a short time, they once again took Flower to a nearby stream and cleaned all traces of the night’s attentions from her form, then carried her back to her bed at home. As before, no one had entered the dwelling yet, so all that Dove spied when she came in was her two sleeping comrades. She smiled and dropped a kiss on Flower’s cheek before going to bed and slipping into dreamland herself.

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