In His Truck


I’m in my thirties and the first time I ever sucked a cock was a couple of years ago. I’d secretly fantasized about it a lot, though I’d never spoken to anyone else about it. I’d let a couple of guys suck me off and checked out a few online ads and a lot of porn. I finally got my nerve up when I saw an ad I liked on craigslist.

George and I e-mailed back and forth for a while. He sent me some e-mails of his cock, one covered in his cum. this went on for a couple of weeks. He was as inexperienced as I was so we were both understandably nervous.

One night George mentioned his wife was out of town for the night and that he wasn’t doing anything. I figured this was my opening so I asked him if he wanted to drive my way and finally do what we had been talking about, which was have me give him a blow job?

I wasn’t alone, so we couldn’t meet here. But he knew the area where I lived so I walked down the street from my house and he picked me up in his pickup truck on the corner. He was nice, in his forties and had a beard.

We drove around a little until we found a good spot. The first couple we saw weren’t good, but we found a closed business less than a mile from my place with a very discreet parking lot.

George pulled in and asked, “Does this looked good to you?”

I was almost too nervous to answer at this point but it looked like as good of a spot as we were likely to find so I said, “Yeah.”

He asked, “Are you ready?” and I just nodded my head. I was half terrified but very excited too. I remember being so nervous that my mouth was so dry that I was afraid I couldn’t function.

George was wearing a light blue t-shirt, dark blue nylon running shorts and tennis shoes. Even thought I should have known what was coming I was still shocked when George started to disrobe. It both surprised and excited me.

First he stripped kicked off his tennis shoes and then he pulled his t-shirt up and over his head.

I watched his strip tease act intently. I’d never seen a naked man up close before.

Then George grabbed the waist band of his running shorts, lifted his bottom off the seat and slid them down his legs. Before my awe struck eyes, he sat there completely nude.

By the dim light of the moon I could see a curly trail that got thicker around the navel and spread out into a thick black bush. George’s soft cock, short and thick with a big head and lots of foreskin hung down out of his thick curly bush.

Even though he wasn’t hard, George told me not to worry because he would grow in my mouth. Then raising topkapı escort his tilt steering wheel to the top position, he smiled and pointed down.

Almost too excited to breath, I reached over, nervously took hold of his cock between my thumb and forefinger. It was the first time that I’d ever touched another man’s cock. Even soft it felt firm and warm.

Turning sideways I knelt on the passenger seat and lowered my face towards his lap. With hand on the back of my head George gently urging me on, I opened my mouth and slipped the reddish/purple head of his shaft between my lips.

Clamping my lips around his shaft I paused and savored the feel and the salty taste of his cock. My lips wrapped around the shaft I started sucking. When I heard George moan I moved my mouth up and down a little.

I couldn’t believe it my mouth was full of another man’s cock.

His cock was soft when I took it in my mouth and just using the pressure of my lips slowly sucked it in and out. George was right, he got hard really fast. Once I’d sucked him hard the head ballooned up and I got what for me seemed like quite a shock. The head was incredibly soft and velvety, like nothing I’d ever felt before despite having felt my own so many times. It was surprising, but a good surprise.

I started alternately licking and kissing the head, swirling my tongue around, searching out the sensitive spots while I jacked him off. I slowly moved my mouth up and down, sucking him deeper and deeper, trying to see how far I could take him in my mouth. When I’d finally slide him in as deep as I could my nose and mouth and lips were pressed tight into his thick clump of coarse pubic hair. My senses were filled with the heady aroma of soap mixed with a slight hint of sweat which only added to the excitement.

“Mm-hmm,” I moaned as George arched his back up to meet my mouth. Gasping again, I plunged back down, bobbing rapidly and moaning eagerly all the while, sucking his cock with renewed vigor.

I have to tell you there was nothing about sucking his cock that I didn’t love. The iron hardness of the shaft in my hand contrasting with the soft spongy head, starting to pump back a little and search out the back of my mouth as he got excited, the taste of the pre-cum that was really starting to leak into my mouth, even the scene, in the dark, in his pickup truck, just the two of us.

I was in heaven and just when I thought it couldn’t get any better George threw me an unbelievable curve. He’d been nothing but friendly and polite in all of our online conversations and fatih escort after we met…but out of nowhere, without so much as a by your leave he suddenly grabbed my hair and started fucking my mouth really hard.

I was completely stunned. If George had asked ahead of time I would have told him there was no way I was ready for something like that the first time out…but here in the moment it didn’t just feel natural, it felt great. My heart started racing, I got even more excited and I started to…”Ummmmm”… moan a little… “Ohhhhhhhhhhh”… like I’d seen girls do in porn to encourage him. It was amazing.

He kept at it for a little while and then leaned back to relax.

I knew this was my cue to finish him. It felt both weird and incredibly exciting to be on my knees on the seat of George’s truck with his cock in my mouth. I kept licking and sucking and bobbing my mouth around his cockhead and the sensitive area all around the rim, getting totally turned on by giving such pleasure to another man. George grabbed my head again with both hands and started pushing his shaft deeper in my mouth as he said, “Deep throat me. Take all my cock down your throat.”

I was so turned on, I was ready to do anything he asked, so I grabbed his firm butt and pushed his big cock all the way in. It hurt a little when his cockhead hit the back of my throat, but it felt so sexy and exciting to have my mouth and throat stuffed full of his hard cock and have his hands guide my bobbing head as he thrust his cock again and again into my mouth.

To hear him moaning and groaning, “What a good little cocksucker you are. Take it deep…take all my dick in your hot mouth.”

I took my first finger and thumb and made a ring right around the base of his cock, squeezed with firm pressure and started jacking him into my mouth.

Even though he stuttered out, “I’m cumming,” I didn’t actually realize it when he let loose. Before I knew it he let off two or three good spurts that hit me right in my tongue. I was so surprised I didn’t swallow. I spit it out beside the truck instead.

That was the only disappointment though…the rest of the experience was fantastic.

The second time was in Stuart’s car in a dark parking lot behind a deserted warehouse. Kneeling on the floor in the back seat, I wrapped my hand around the base of Stu’s cock, leaning forward I took Stu’s thick cock in my hand and started kissing, licking and sucking on his purple head. Like George grew hard in no time. It felt wonderful to be in control of another person sexual pleasure. eyüp escort I thought to myself, this must be how it feels to be a woman when she takes control of a man’s cock.

I closed my lips over his mushroom head and I swirled my tongue around the head of his cock and slid his shaft over my tongue.

“Ooooh,” Stu moaned, “yeah, suck it man, suck my cock.”

I sucked…moving my head up and down sliding his cock between my tight lips. My cheeks flexing as the spongy hard knob rubbed the roof of my mouth. I held tight pressure on Stu’s cock, feeling the veins on the top, side and bottom of his shaft, the big vein along the underside.

Excited Stu started flexing his hips, moving his hard cock in and out of my mouth. His curly hairs tickled my lips and nose and his nut sack bounced against my chin. Still sucking, I took his balls in one hand and massaged them gently.

“Ooooh, uuuugh, Ooooh, yeah, gonna cum,” Stu moaned.

“Muumuu,” I mouthed back my mouth full of his moving cock.

“You gonna swallow it?” he grunted.

“Muumuu, unh,” I answered nodding my head up and down in assent.

As requested, Stu almost screamed, “Ooohhhh my godd, I’m cumming! I’m cumming in your mouth! Ooohhhh, Ooohhhh, Ooohhhh nooo!” as his cock flexed, the head flared bigger, and his shaft stiffened, and the vein on the bottom pulsed. I was ready this time when a blast of cum splashed against the back of my throat. I was gulping it down when another wad squirted into my mouth. I backed off just a little so I could feel his salty, creamy cum roiling onto my tongue.

Stu was humping and grunting as I took all his cum and swallowed it, as fast as I could.

“Unnnnhhh,” grunted Stu happily.

I don’t know if I got lucky the first time or if this experience shaped me, but this is still the hottest fantasy for me…have a guy pick me up in his car late at night, drive to a quiet spot and make me suck him off.

I’ve only done it a couple of times, but I’m here to tell you… you’ve never had a sexual experience like the one when you let another man shoot a load in your mouth and you feel each burst of cum hitting the back of your throat. Nothing has ever turned me on as much as sucking a cock to completion. Your mind will go euphoric as it receives the tactile signals that another man is cumming in your mouth. It’s a mind bending experience counting the number of shots as you swallow each and every drop of his cum…you will then understand why women give men blowjobs.

I want to again, so when the opportunity arises I will. I’m also hoping to try it with guys of different races, but honestly I don’t care what the guy looks like, age, race, body type, anything, I just like giving a blowjob and the rest is not really important to me.

The end…

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