My Teacher, My Love Ch. 05

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Part 5 – Acceptance

With Amy’s culinary skills, together we managed to make quite a meal for my parents. It was just finished when mom returned home from work, followed shortly by dad. I barred them both from the kitchen; both could smell the delights that were coming from it. They were advised to relax and get changed out of there work clothes and to get comfortable. Meanwhile Amy was putting the final touches to dinner. I joined her after dealing with my parents and started to tidy the mess we had managed to make. After everything was ready, I went to find them both to invite them to finally join us at the dinning table. Both admitted to being very hungry. So excitedly they ran towards the kitchen to see what was on offer for dinner. They entered as Amy was ladling the soup which would be the starting appetiser and they both sat down, raring to enjoy the delights we had prepared.

“This looks wonderful Amy and Sophie.” said mom.

“I agree, it looks like you have outdone yourselves. What is on offer?” asked dad looking at me.

“Amy is the chef, so I will let her explain what she has made for all of us.” Amy just gave me as smile as she took her seat next to mine.

“Well thanks to Sophie’s invaluable help, we start the meal with a lovingly prepared soup. Homemade and brimming with many vegetables and a small amount of chicken. No name for it, we just made it up, soup is pretty simple to make. For the main meal I have prepared, chicken breasts, marinated with a recipe I picked up out of an Italian cookbook, along with some roast potatoes and vegetables. And finally the dessert, Sophie made a fruit pie, looks delightful with custard. Enjoy.”

And with that we all sat to enjoy dinner. Me and Amy had worked up quite an appetite during the day and were very hungry, even grabbing a few bread rolls each to enjoy with the soup. Amy politely asked about my parent’s day. Mom and dad explained about what they did for the day. Mom is an accountant, while dad is a lawyer, both pretty successful in there chosen professions. Amy seemed really interested in what they told her about there day and there jobs. But then Amy always took interest in other people’s lives and stories. She seemed to live through them as an escape to her lonely life, her previously lonely life I should say; now she had me, as well as my parents. We were just about to start dessert, when questions about our day were asked. Now Amy and I had discussed what we should tell them, but honesty is always the best policy so we decided if they wanted to know we would tell them.

“So you two, what have you been up to today.” asked Mom. Amy looked at me and I just nodded that she should answer.

“Well Mrs Green, I appreciate you allowing me into your home as well as Sophie’s life. Today has been interesting, but with this being new to us as well as yourselves, together we felt that we should ask you, just how much information we should give or how much you actually want to hear. We just want to be honest with you.”

“Sounds very ominous. For a start Amy you can call me Stella and I am sure Mr Green would prefer Mark?” Amy nodded her agreement. “Today has been an interesting day for me. For once I could not devote all my time and energy into my work. I suppose after yesterday, there is a lot more to think about, especially after a night’s sleep, to truly sort out ones thoughts and feeling. I still feel very odd about all this, confused about what is truly the right thing to do. Leaving you here alone with Sophie was a very hard choice for me to make, but I feel it would be easier to make things simple for everyone to just accept things quickly, move on with life and assume things will work out for the best. It shows a great deal of trust to have left you here today with Sophie, the number of times I wanted to ring the house to check on you guys. But I felt that if I did that, then that showed no trust to either of you or at least make Amy seem like a babysitter. It is going to be hard to adjust to all of this properly, so in answer to your question, as this is a learning process, I would like you to divulge as much detail as you can to us, how specific you are I will leave to your judgement.” Amy nodded then looked at me. We agreed that it would be best if they wanted details I would give them.

“I suppose there is much to think about here. Not only about today but what is to happen in the future. When you guys left, the first thing I did was kiss Amy, it was pretty passionate and led to some making out in the hallway for several minutes. We both got pretty hot, but we discovered that for all my understanding of what and who I am, socially I lack knowledge of reading people or understanding what people mean when they express themselves during times where a person may lose themselves in the heat of the moment. So we decided topkapı escort that we should sit and discuss how to help me, well us to learn how to be romantic together. In the end Amy had the idea that we read some romantic lesbian stories that can be read on the internet, to see how people talk and act together. It was quite an interesting day, very much a beginnings, about learning about each others body and mind. During this learning period, we have felt each others breast and I have seen what Amy looks like naked. After that we started dinner.” I stopped talking then, it seemed to go alright until I mentioned seeing Amy naked, then there expressions darkened slightly, it was still pretty hard to read. After a few short moments my mom asked me a question.

“Whose idea was it to see Amy naked?”

“Mine.” I replied.


“Because I wanted to see what she looked like naked.”

“Can you explain why you wanted to see her in that way, there must have been something going on in your head.” I explained about looking at pictures of naked women, I wanting to compare them to Amy.

“So you were curious on how you would react to seeing a naked female?” asked mom.

“Yes, kind of. At first it was an impaired decision, heat of the moment type of thing. But afterwards I was embarrassed, Amy encouraged me to ask her anything, that a great relationship is built on, not only honesty, but also being able to ask anything without fear or recrimination. So I asked and she showed me.”

“You don’t after answer this one, or even if you do, not very specifically, but what were your thoughts.” This seemed like a test, because at this moment, this was one of the most personal question anybody could ask me to be honest about. She gave me an escape clause, but again I had to tell the whole truth. In the end I gave her a one word answer, the answer I gave to Amy was for her only.


“Ok. Amy did you learn anything today?”

“In regards to what exactly?”

“Well you have told us you have no experience, but you have taught Sophie about how people conduct a relationship. So you must have some understanding about the subject. What did you learn today?”

“I suppose for me the scary part for me was when we kissed with our tongues. It was the first time for us, it made us realise that we can quite easily lose ourselves with each other. We both had to take a separate cold shower today, before we started to make dinner, to relieve the sexual tension stored within us. So what I have learned today, is that we both love each other and are learning about each other, but no matter how little experience we have or how much we said yesterday as to being not ready, I believe we both are ready and we will consummate our relationship very much sooner than we expected, not that we planned it.” I was stunned by this admission but thinking about it, I felt exactly the same, if I learned anything today; two things come to mind now. Firstly Amy is very beautiful, secondly, every time we were intermit, I subconsiously was ready to make love to her.

“I agree with Amy, mom. I may not be experienced and like to understand things. But at some point soon, we are going to be intimate and when I instigate it, we will no longer be virgins.”

“So you’re the dominate one?” my mom asked. I raised an eyebrow in question. “When Sally thought you were gay, I also did some research on the internet.” I nodded my understanding.

“I see, but in answer to your question, no, not really if I understand your use of the term. Amy is responsible enough to not push me into to anything and just let me be comfortable, letting me lead the sexual situations allows me to learn, what Amy has a more mature understanding about. No matter what, she is still the teacher and I am the student, I need to learn by myself, while she follows my lead, guiding me along the way.” Mom was quiet again so dad decided to ask a question.

“Amy, I have only known you for less than a day, and about some of your history, but I feel like I have known you all your life, do you know why?” Amy shook head. “Because you two are the same person! The only difference is the support you had. Where we have learned to give Sophie the freedom and trust, to allow her to be honest and true to herself. Your experience in life was the exact opposite. I have observed and listened to you Amy, especially your interactions with Sophie. Life can offer lots of challenges and for us this is especially true of how to deal with your relationship. Now I have come to a decision, I am going to fully except your relationship. I don’t feel the anger I felt in me yesterday.” Dad leaned forward, took both our hands in and joined them together. Looking happily in our eyes he explained. “You have been very true and honest with us, and I commend you fatih escort both for this, but it should stop now. Your relationship should remain personal to you both and not to anyone else, unless you choose to tell people. If you have any questions we will still be here to answer them if we can. But I think you should both relax and let things progress as they should. Be happy and don’t worry what other people think. I can only assume that not only were you both being careful about having sex, because you were not only being very cautious because of your age and position Amy, but also because of what we might think after promising us you would wait. I don’t want you to think about that any more. When you are ready it will happen, but I trust you both to be careful, especially as you must still keep it a secret outside these four walls. I am sure your mother will agree eventually. But let me tell you something about mine and your mothers past so you can understand.”

“What has this got to do with our past, because I certainly don’t think I can trust them as you can?” My mom interrupted.

“About how we met, fell in love. Just like Sophie and Amy.”

“That is not even the same thing, she is her teacher, how can that be the same, we were both kids when we met, it was more acceptable.” Argued mom.

“I have to agree with mom, dad, even though I thank you for your wonderful words, your acceptance means the world to me, but how can this be considered a normal relationship. I am sorry Amy, even though I know us being together, is right; there is doubt when it comes to everyone else. It is like I have to look over my shoulder when we are together to make sure nobody else knows. It makes me feel scared that I cannot have what my friends have, where they can kiss in public, act naturally without fear of recrimination.” I was crying now, I was so scared to admit that, but I had to make Amy and my parents understand that I was aware of the implications we had to accept in order for me and Amy to be together, forever.

“I know it is scary sweetheart.” began Amy, I smiled at the endearment, it sounded so nice coming from Amy. “But we both have to stick together; I won’t lose you to society’s pressures, of what is right and wrong. I love you so much Sophie. But I agree with Sophie, Mark, how you can accept this so easily, your relationship with Stella was normal and acceptable, where as ours is considered unnatural, rather than what it is, two people very much in love.” She could no longer hold her tears either, the pressure of everything was getting to us, but we had to be strong, to fight our fears. I let go of dad’s hand and pulled Amy into a tight embrace. Whispering words of love in her ear, I reminded her of my strength in us, and not to let the fear stop us from being who we had to be, for us, to be happy, forever. After a few moments we calmed down and composed ourselves and turned our attention back to my dad.

“Remember, no one can get you here, I won’t allow it, so please as long as you are careful outside, in here you can act normally until Sophie leaves school, then no one can stop you. Now back to what I was saying about meeting your mom. I realise that our relationship is normal in the terms society places on us. But they do not know you like your mom and I. I can see Amy’s love for you, Sophie, very clearly and there is nothing wrong about that. But back to my story, I need you to let me explain and hopefully then you can decide. Firstly, Stella and I were 16 when we met, when I look at you Amy, sometimes I see the little girl that was lost, but now has been found again thanks to Sophie.

I can see the 18 year old innocent young woman in you Amy. Sophie has given you a chance at getting back your missed years of hurt, neglect and rejection. Sophie, in you I see a 27 year old trying to learn the best she can about life, to understand the human emotion and to be prepared for any battle you face, once outside the safety of school, when life becomes a struggle. Maybe you matured too quickly, but right now at this moment, you need each other. You compliment the other perfectly, like fire and ice. Before I met your mom Sophie, my dad taught me to get what I want and to grab hold of it and keep it till I didn’t need or want it anymore. I was a bit of a ladies man even though I was a teenager at the time. Where as your mother’s upbringing, turned her into a very shy and reserved person. Then came the day we met. Love at first sight it was, amazing feeling at the time. I still love her dearly.”

Dad took mom’s hands into his. “We talked for hours that first night, we admitted we loved each other, crazy but true. I invited her to meet my dad, she agreed, slightly reluctant, but I helped her build a little courage to meet him. Then I invited her upstairs to my room, we were just making out, eyüp escort my dad had gone out for the night and it just happened. We made love that night, your mom’s first time. She said it was the greatest feeling she experienced, as did I, it was true love. After that we became one, we did everything together, knowing we would be together forever.

But together we overcame our problems experienced through our upbringing. Stella became more outgoing and opinionated. While I became more caring and sharing instead of just taking what I wanted. We each learnt to be like the other and it made each other into better, happier people. And Sophie and Amy, you two do the same together. Together you will learn to face your fears but also to help each other to overcome you weaknesses. In Sophie it is her inability to be sociable. She spends to much time understanding and learning, without any compromises to live a little. With Amy it is the need to be open and true to people. Where she has lost faith in most people, Sophie can help her build that trust and stand by her whenever she falls down. So together you are the perfect couple and I believe it is forever. We can’t know the future, we just need to live it the best we can. You have my acceptance because of that simple fact, you’re in love and need each other to live, and who am I to stop that.

Sophie, I am very happy you found Amy, I could not have found a more perfect, more beautiful person for you to spend your life with. And Amy I know you missed out on life, but don’t be afraid any more, you have Sophie now, rely on her, she loves you and believes in you. You also have us and if you ever need anything, if we can help, we will be here. If it helps, no matter how old you are, if you want to, feel free to call be dad, because you feel like a daughter to me.” By now the females at the table had tears running down the cheeks, with no sign of stopping. The replies were all said during the onslaught of tears but it was a simple enough meaning to everyone, which ended the conversation to its happy conclusion.

“I agree, and Amy you can call me mom, you are very welcome in this house and treat it as your own.” said mom, she got up along with Amy and they hugged each other tightly, I even heard Amy mumble a ‘Thank you, mom’. I made my way to my dad, sat on his lap and hugged him tightly, crying into his shoulder thanking him for his love, support, acceptance and for his very, very heartfelt words he had just spoken from his heart. It was about 7 by the time we had settled. It was agreed upon that things were normal now; everyone was to come and go as they please. Amy was given her own key and if she wanted to, mom and dad asked that if she was ready, she could move in. She would be allowed to stay with me in my room, but could have my sister’s old room as her own space. I invited her to stay with me tonight, it had been a very tiring and emotional day and I needed her to stay with me. She told me that she felt the same, but that I did not need an excuse to ask her to stay, she would be there if and when I was needed. I told her, for forever. We both changed and got ready separately in the bathroom. I gave her one of my nighties to wear. I was too tired to realise she wasn’t wearing any underwear. We kissed gently but nothing more. We spooned together, me on the inside, her arms wrapped around me warmly, my hands stroking hers.

“It has been a weird few days, good weird, but everything has seemed to move so fast.” I said.

“I would like to move in soon, if that is ok with you.” she said in to my ear, which she was now kissing and nibbling lightly.

“Like that, is it normal for us to be living together after only 2 days.” she was about to object, but I stopped her quickly “Which, by the way is what I want and I am very happy that you want to live with me. But I don’t think after all the personal testimonies I have read, did anyone ever fall in love and move in after 2 days.”

“I agree, it seems crazy, but after last night, I don’t want to be alone anymore. Not that I didn’t get any sleep or anything, but this morning as I said, I waited for your phone call, I was so worried you would never call, that I would never see you again. I want you close; I need you next to me like this. It will be compensation from the agony that, when we are at school, we will have to avoid contact, a brief ‘Hi’, just doesn’t work. So at least when we get home we can cuddle up and never let go, until we have to be at school again.”

“We’ll talk more tomorrow, I think I have a few things to discuss with you about our future, nothing to worry about for us, it is just that I have a few decisions to make and I need your input.”

“Ok, till tomorrow then, I am too tired to worry about it now. I love you Sophie, sleep well my love.”

“I love you too Amy, sweet dreams.” I lift her hand to my mouth and kissed the palm, the rested my chin on them, she gave my neck a few kisses. We eventually fell asleep together, falling into the most loving and blissful sleep either one of us had ever had.

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