Old Lady J


I was walking down the beach. It seemed quite secluded and I wondered if I wandered onto a private beach, but I continued to walk. I was about to turn around when out of the corner of my eye I see a woman standing on a balcony barely clad in a tiny swim suit. It was purple, or so I thought. This woman was thin and long legged, but that’s about all I could see from this distance. I kept walking, but I couldn’t get that image out of my mind. When I got to the end of this segment of beach, I saw a sign that said, “Private beach: Please keep out.” Oh well, I thought.

I guess this was a good time to say that I had won a 7 day vacation on this very private, very secluded island resort. There were very few houses; they seemed more like summer houses or bungalows. I figured there were a few rich people that had houses here which would explain the private beach.

I went back to the hotel after stretching my legs from the long flight. I sat out on the patio of the hotel because I like to watch people however, I just could not get that woman out of my mind. She wasn’t like anyone that I had ever found attractive and yet….. I just can’t explain it.

When a waiter came by, I asked about the beach and he said, “Yeah I know where it is, that whole section is owned by Old Lady J and I’m surprised that she didn’t call the cops on you for walking across her beach.” All I could think was, she was NOT an old lady, or maybe that was not her. I decided to retire to my room for the night, and just relax after the long trip, but I just could not get her off of my mind. I thought about her until I went to sleep.

The next morning I woke up and felt much better. I went down after cleaning up and sat on the patio again. I was going to take in some sun before it got too hot. I was sitting there with a glass of iced tea, watching people, and daydreaming all the while. I looked down the street and there was this frumpy old woman walking somewhat towards me. I wasn’t really paying attention until I realized that she was headed right at me.

She stopped and said, “If I catch you on my beach again without permission I will call the cops on you, but if you really want to ask, and I give you permission, I wouldn’t care if you walked or not.”

All I could think was that this is not the woman that I saw last night, but something about her seemed strangely familiar to me. I blew it off, but thought that I should have asked her if I could walk tonight to relieve some of the stress that I was carrying.

I just goofed off all day, swimming and laying out in the sun. I was getting a little red so I went back to my room to relax. I picked up the tourist guide for the island and flipped through it. Nothing really caught my attention and now I really wanted to go walk more than ever. I thought to myself, what would it hurt to go ask her to walk, so I got ready and headed that way.

About where I figured the beach started, also started a stone wall on the front side. There towered this amazing house that you only see in magazines. I walked through the gate and was quickly greeted by several boxers which I figured were to intimidate anyone from entering the property.

This however was not the case with me. I worked my way to the door, between playing with the boxers, I almost forgot why I was there until the long legged woman stepped out in a long white robe and asked what I thought I was doing.

“A woman approached me today and said that if I wanted to walk on her beach again I needed to ask so I came to ask.”

She looked at me inquisitively and asked. “How did you get in the gate?” Knowing what she meant but being a smart ass, I said, “I opened it and walked through,” and then I said, “Plus, I grew up around boxers so I am not afraid of them. You have some beautiful dogs. So is the lady home so I can ask permission?”

“I thought you just did ask me.”

I took a very quick double take. Was this gorgeous woman really the one that I talked to this morning? I think that she saw the question in my eyes and replied; “Yes that was me this morning. Do you want to stand out in the yard all night or are you going to do something.”

I turned to walk out the gate and she said, “Well you’ve made it this bursa escort far why not cut through the house to go to the beach.”

I turned and said, “Well if you don’t mind, but otherwise I will walk around.” She gave me a look and I walked towards her, following her into this amazing house,

We walked into a very simple and yet elegant house. There was something about this house that just sent shivers down my spine. She asked if I would you like a tour. “If you would like to show me that would be wonderful.” We walked around this big house, room after room and finally I asked, “Why did you look like an old woman today and why do locals call you Old Lady J?”

She chuckled and started to tell me. “I hate when people judge you, because of looks or how much money you have. It has kind of made me bitter over the last few years. People just assumed I was a bitch with more money than I knew what to do with so I set on my money instead of investing it in the resort like I had planned, There is very little to do because of it, so that is why people are bitter. I decided just to have a little more fun with all of this, which is why I wear the old woman get up. To top it off, people will come here, ring the buzzer at the gate which rouses the dogs and when I step out if I am still the old woman, they ask if the beautiful young woman from the balcony is here. You are the first one to ever come in the gate without buzzing. So I decided to step out and greet you as myself. I take it you are not intimidated by my wealth.”

I kind of chuckled and said, “I won this trip from a contest. I admired you and the place from the beach last night, and thought if you got it, flaunt it. After I talked to you this morning I thought, I should have asked you if I could walk tonight, but I am glad now that I didn’t because I would have missed this opportunity to talk to you and find out a little bit about you and look at your amazing house.”

There were signs on several of the doors that intrigued me but I decided not to push my luck and inquire. I mostly just listened to her talk while I admired the view, plus my mind kept wandering to the view of last night. Finally, we came to the kitchen and two patio doors. She inquired if I wanted to see the back yard, and I nodded.

We walked out and there was this beautiful landscape, waterfall, stone pool and hot tub. I couldn’t help but to be in awe. Then I saw another sight that simply took my breath away. Old Lady J took her robe off and there stood this long legged goddess, in the skimpiest string bikini that you could imagine. I could tell that she did this on purpose to the trespassers on the beach that gawk at her from the beach.

“What is your name because Old Lady J certainly did not apply at this moment?” “You can call me J, it’s not like you will be around all that long anyways.”

I got the feeling that she was a lonely woman that life had crapped on her because of her money.

I really didn’t want to leave now. I was intrigued, especially in the presence of this amazing beauty and that is exactly what I told her. She kind of turned her head towards me, as if to see if I was serious. I couldn’t have been more serious, besides I had a few thoughts running through my head that I had not felt it quite some time. I finally realized that I was truly attracted to this woman, although I did not think that the feeling was mutual. I would just enjoy her company as long as she allowed me too.

We sat on the patio chatting although it was hard for me to keep my eyes where they belonged. She asked me general questions about myself and I in turn about her. Her questions kept going deeper and deeper into the personal side of my life, but I felt like she was avoiding a question because she didn’t know how to ask what she wanted to ask. She had started to ask several times but every time just asked something very simple.

After awhile she stood up and asked me if I wanted to join her in the hot tub. I replied I would love to but I don’t have my suit. Her answer was, does it look like anyone can see anything at the hot tub, and I don’t mind if you don’t mind being nude. I stood up as if to leave and then pulled off my shirt. We walked down to the hot tub, and she bursa escort bayan slid in with her back to me, so I undressed and slid in quickly, as I wouldn’t want to see somebody that looked like me either.

We were quiet for quite a while, until I felt her hands on my legs, and she was sliding towards me. She said, “There is something that I want to ask you, but I don’t know how.”

“So just ask. There is really nothing that you could say that will surprise me.”

“Have you ever been with a woman?”

I very plainly said, “Yes I have, and I enjoyed it very much, she taught me a lot. Why do you ask?”

She said kind of hesitantly, “Because I haven’t been able to get you out of my mind since last night. You just radiate such an aura about you. Now today, you just walk in my yard like it is no big deal with 5 very intimidating dogs romping around you, and yet you are still polite but straight forward. I do not let anyone in my house, and I certainly don’t do tours, but I wanted to spend some time with you.”

I kind of chuckled and said, “All you had to do was ask, and even as Old Lady J, I would have done just as you asked. I enjoy meeting new people and you have been a real pleasure.”

She looked at me for a few moments with this deep lost look in her eyes as if trying to figure out if what I was saying was true. I meant every word so it was very easy to keep the look on my face that was obviously giving her a problem. She went to stand up and I figured that she was going to move away, now finding out what she wanted to know but keeping her eyes locked on mine, she reached up and pulled the string on her bikini top and then tossed it at me.

I laid it around my neck, never taking my eyes off of her, although letting my eyes wander and then locking them again with hers, developing a smile on my face that said I enjoyed what I was seeing. She then moved towards me and straddling my lap, not saying a word, she kissed me. I was slightly taken aback and yet it was like magic. I waited to see if she was going to pull away, and I started to let my hands wander over the top half of her body. I pulled away slightly to nibble on her neck, and drape kisses across her collar bones. I was lost in an intoxicating position with a beautiful woman that was absolutely and surprisingly amazing.

I was really starting to get hot, heat wise so I asked if we could move to the pool to cool off. I stood up holding her and then let her slip off my body into the water. She pulled at her bikini bottoms string and draped it around my neck with the other and then stepped out of the hot tub. I lingered a moment to enjoy the sight, then followed her over. I was still wearing my boy shorts as I don’t think anyone should have to see me naked.

She seemed kind of shocked but let it be as I dove into the pool. She came to meet me and wrapped her body around mine as we embraced in a passionate, hot, steamy kiss. I was totally focused on her, so I carried her over to the stairs and sat her down, making it easier to worship her amazing form and features. She was simply designed and made, right down to a small mouth with thin lips and yet she was so intoxicating that I could not get enough.

I lifted her out of the water enough to turn, sit down, and sit her on my lap. I then went to work on her boobs which although were not large like mine floating on the water, were almost perky with small nipples that just begged to be sucked and drawn out. I was lost in what I was doing and she was writhing in my arms. This went on for the longest time, but at this point I didn’t care if I ever got to her snatch or not. All I really wanted to do was cuddle with her; making her feel like the beautiful woman that she is not the one she has hidden away from the world.

I could tell that she was getting cold so I asked her if she wanted to get out and go back to the hot tub, or if she wanted me to leave as it was dark and I had no clue what time it was. She stood up on unstable legs and I was pretty sure that she had enjoyed that moment but it would not go on. It was just a fleeting moment.

She stepped out and grabbed a towel, and then she motioned for me. As I stepped out she handed me a towel. She told me, escort bursa “Follow me through the side door as it was no one’s business who I am with if they are too stupid to find out themselves who I really am.”

I inquisitively said, “And who are you?”

She pinned me up against the wall and kissed me deeply for several breath-taking moments. “I am a woman that has not been with a man in a very long time, and in the short time you have been here, I have felt more than I think I ever have and now I want you to complete this moment in time with a mind blowing orgasm before I blow up in sheer unadulterated desire.”

She took my hand and led me to the master bath with this monstrous glass shower that could be described as nothing short of amazing. We stepped in and she turned on the water to a warm yet firm shower that practically made me weak in the knees. I took a sponge and started to work her over.

When I was finished, I started to massage her back as the water poured over her. I couldn’t help it anymore so I started placing kisses on her neck and then worked my way down. The kisses were combined with a massage that was sheer bliss for both of us. Finally she grabbed my hands, implying that I stand up. She then pinned me up against the wall and proceeded to mimic exactly what I had done to her in her own way. She got to my boy shorts and tried to pull them down as she worked me over. I went to stop her hands but she gave me a look.

I said, “I never expect anyone to touch me, I am not worth it.”

She stood up and turned away from me not knowing how to respond I am sure. I stripped down against my better judgment as my shorts were sliding anyways. I went behind her, whispering in her ear. “It is not you, it is me. Please don’t let this ruin our evening.”

She turned to me and said, “That is just how I feel.” She then turned off the water, and grabbed two towels. We dried off in near silence so I kind of figured that the evening was over, but then she took my hand and led me to her master bedroom.

It is almost as beautiful as she is and I couldn’t wait to show her just how beautiful I think she is. I would deal with my own trials as they came up. We climbed onto her king sized bed, slipping underneath the covers and just curled up with each other. It was the most peaceful feeling, and so relaxing to settle us both down. We must have both felt calmer about the same time because she was rubbing my leg as I was letting my hand roam her belly.

Within mere moments we were once again intertwined in each other’s arms. We were fighting for who would get control first. I had to win this one to show her how I feel at this moment, make her feel at the top of the world and get myself jacked up so if anything were to happen, I could let it. I finally got her laid back with my hand between her legs and then moved into a more dominant position. I played for a bit and then got down to business.

I was alternating between hand and tongue to give her all that I had at this point, till she was more comfortable with me. She came numerous times and when I finally let her up she quickly got up but this was on purpose so that I could slid underneath her and really eat her pussy. This would give my tongue direct access into that nice slick hole.

I didn’t even think that this left me wide open and vulnerable to an attack on my pussy. I was of course very well lubed by this point from turning her on. I kind of jerked when I felt a finger tracing my pussy lips, but I figured turnaround was fair play so I put my focus back on her pussy. I was trying to ignore the fact that she was getting brazenly more bold working my pussy and now she had her mouth on clit and I eased the grip I had around her legs. When I did, she sprang away only to assume the position between my legs.

I wanted to roll away, but I didn’t want to hurt her so I got a hold of the bars on the head board and let her play. She obviously did what felt good to her and I gave her a few small hints when she was almost in the right spot but not quite. My first orgasm came and then they just flowed one after another after that. We went back and forth for hours until neither of us could take anymore. We had exhausted every position one of wanted to do, and were out of juice. We curled back up in each other’s arms. As we drifted off to sleep, she said thank you, and I just smiled. I had once again made someone feel good about themselves.

To Be Continued…

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