Dad and Son Dialogues Ch. 01

Anal Dildo

Alex Walker stood naked viewing himself in a mirror at his local gym. It was early on a Monday morning, a time before the pre-work gym guys arrived, so he felt comfortable standing in front of a full length mirror appraising himself. He was pleased with what his reflection revealed.

He hardly showed his 42 years. Even friends of his 18 year old son often thought that he was Bobby’s older brother. People often confused Bobby’s grandfather as his father and Alex the eldest son.

His stomach was solid, his muscles were cut, and his face barely showed his time on this earth. He did help the process along with a rigorously maintained a workout schedule, and, he admits, a touch-up of “Hide-the-Grey” solution on his temples.

His heavy balls hung low in their sack between his legs, prominently displayed along with his large inviting penis, the tip of which was beginning to sneak out from below his foreskin as he observed himself. Turning from the mirror, Alex decided it was time to spend a little time in the sauna.

Entering, he found the room waiting, warm and empty. He placed his towel onto one of the wooden plank benches and sat down. Spreading his legs, and then giving his cock a pull downward, he began looking at his genitals. First he examined his trimmed balls carefully for any strange lumps, the way his doctor had shown him.

Satisfied that there were none, he next pulled back the foreskin over his cock head and examined the bulbous purple head. Grasping his cock he rolled the shaft around with his fingers. Checking the underside, then around the sides and top of his shaft, his rod began stiffening from the attention. He quickly glanced at the glass doorway in anticipation that someone might come in the sauna. Alex enjoyed the thrill of exposing his cock to other men.

As there seemed to be no early arrivers in the gym for him to flash, he continued to enjoy the sensations of lightly stroking himself. Shifting on the towel, so that he was no longer facing full-view of the doorway, he continued pleasuring himself. As erotic feelings arose from his titillations, his cock grew to its full length and girth.

In the background he heard a flushing urinal, then a shower running. People were starting to come in. He kept up with his stimulations and edged himself to the point of organism, then backed away. His heart began pounding with the possibility of being caught in the sauna with a hard on. It had happened before and often resulted in a little man-play. When it didn’t, he still enjoyed the reaction of another man seeing him erect.

The Beylikdüzü escort door to the sauna suddenly opened and a heavier shadowy figure wrapped in a towel entered and then sat opposite from Alex. He was an older man, perhaps mid-50s, and stocky but well distributed. He was also wearing a wedding ring.

With a half-hearted attempt at turning away, Alex held his hand in front of his swollen prick and said, “Oops, sorry to be caught like this,” and mumbled something about being excited after his work out.

“No problem,” the man replied and then opened his towel. “I often get that way myself in here.” He reached down to his cock and began tugging on it in full view of Alex.

“Well, I guess sometimes we men need to take care of situations on our own. Right?” Alex asked as his eyes lowered to watch the man’s prick growing harder. It was average in length he thought, but nice and thick.

With his excitement increasing, Alex began rubbing his balls and then his cock, watching the visitor mirror his actions.

“Feels good doesn’t it?” he asked, reaching down between his legs to his ass crack. Lifting one leg, placing it on the plank beside him while running a finger between the cheeks of his ass, he watched the older man’s eyes grow wide with interest.

“Oh yeah,” the man replied, his eyes remaining between Alex’s legs. “You’re looking pretty impressive down there; I’ll bet you get no complaints.”

Alex laughed with a shrug. “It seems to do the job,” he said, and then made a gesture inquiring if the man would like to sit beside him. The notion of getting fucked in the sauna at his gym intrigued him.

“Not this morning,” the man replied. “I’ve got an early appointment so don’t have long. However, what I’d like to do is sit and watch while you get yourself off. Is that okay?”

“No problem man, actually I like being watched.” With that he took his hard shaft in his palm and began slowly stroking. “Do you like this big prick buddy?”

“Oh yeah,” was his reply. “I’d like to suck you off but just don’t have the time.”

Alex spread his legs wider, taking his rod by the base and waving it back and forth at the man. “I’m really close to cuming man; I’ll bet that mouth of yours could get me off pretty quick.

With a hesitant glance at the doorway, the visitor slid from his perch on the opposite bench and stepped toward Alex. “Well, you might have a point there. I’d hate passing this opportunity; you’re a helluva good looking man.” Taking Alex’s hard cock in his hand, he bent forward placing it in his mouth and began sucking.

As Beylikdüzü escort the man sucked, Alex felt the vacuum pull on his hard dick. He whispered, “I can tell you know what you’ve doing man.” Then he added, “Take my hard prick and give it a ride, pal.”

The man said nothing, but sounds of slurping rose between Alex’s thighs. He felt intense tingles as the man’s tongue flickered around the glans, and then lapped the shaft as his mouth plunged downward, taking in as much of Alex’s pole as he could. Adding to the feelings of pleasure, Alex watched the top of the man’s balding head go up and down. He liked watching someone going down on him, especially older men.

Scooting forward with his butt, Alex started sliding back and forth on his towel using the man’s mouth as a tunnel and his slick saliva as a lubricant for the passageway. “I’m not far away, pal,” he said watching the man’s head bobbed up and down faster.

From between his legs he heard a groan of excitement just as he felt his balls contract. Immediately there was the intensity of hot fluid squeezing through the tubes running down his shaft and discharging violently through the slit in in the head of his cock.

“Here it is, buddy, take it now,” Alex said.

His climax continued spewing into the man’s mouth. Alex heard the man choke from the pulse of semen. Alex continued to shoot even after the man removed his cock from his mouth.

“Whew,” exhaled Alex. As the man rose from his knees, he noticed that his cum covered the right side of the man’s mouth and cheek, up to the cheek bone.

“That was the biggest load I’ve ever taken,” the stunned man mumbled.

Wiping away the tell-tail fluid with the back of his hand, he started toward the door while clutching a towel around him. He said nothing more when he left the sauna.

Alex gave out a sigh. He looked to see cum on the plank beneath his feet, apparently an over-flow from the man’s mouth. “Let’s leave it there for someone else to think about.” He left to dress to leave.

Alex pulled his car out of the gravel parking lot in front of the gym. The sun had risen from when he first arrived and now work day traffic had begun. He drove toward the industrial park where he owned a printing business. His stomach was growling with hunger by the time he pulled into Lola’s Café where he met his father every morning.

His father was there sipping a coffee when he entered. Watching his son sit across from him the older man said, “So how was the work out?”

“Fine Dad, nothing unusual about it, just Escort Beylikdüzü a normal work out,” he lied.

“Well, just asking,” his father replied. The older man showed well for his 63 years. His body was stocky but firm. Like his son, he maintained a workout schedule that kept his muscular condition. “A friend of mine told me that that gym of yours could get pretty, shall we say,” pausing, his shook his hand back and forth to illustrate the point, “playful,” was the word I think he used.

“And who was this?” Alex replied with a slight frown on his face. In the smaller city where they lived, he was always alert to gossip that might reflect back on him. He preferred that keep his extra-curricular activities quiet.

Oh, just somebody I know, he’s President of the bank where we do business and has loads of money.” Then he added, “He’s a good man to know, I’m surprised you haven’t met him.”

The waitress appeared with coffee for Alex and a refill for his dad. “Do you gentlemen want the usual today?”

“All the same, Barb,” the older man replied. Looking at his son he inquired, “Is that good for you?”

“Oh, sure,” Alex said to the girl, “I’ll have my same.”

The older man began thumbing through his cell phone. “Trey called yesterday and I didn’t have time to get back with him. Do you know what he wanted?”

‘Trey’ was Robert Alexander Walker the third, Alex’s son and Robert’s grandson. The older man was the only one in the family who called him “Trey.” To every else, including his father, he was Bobby.

“No, it may be been about something at school. He’s pretty busy from now till his graduation. That’s pretty much all he can talk about.”

Their food arrived and both men became engrossed in their breakfasts with only a few mundane comments passing between them. After finishing and paying the bill, they stood talking in the lot beside their vehicles.

Their conversation was pretty usual when his father asked, “I’m curious,” said the older man. “Has Trey indicated any interest in, ah,” he cleared his throat, “the family,” and paused again before saying “activity?”

Alex looked askance at his father for even suggesting a secret that was between the two of them only. “Dad,” Alex paused before continuing, “I’m surprised that you have even asked. You know the rules, I don’t even think of such things with Bobby.”

His father looked at his son incredulously then added with a shrug, “Whatever, but it can build a nice bond between a boy and his father. Look at us.”

Alex gave his father a grimace before the men hugged then went their own way.

Alone in his truck Alex let his mind wander to what his father had suggested. He knew how it had happened between him and his own dad when he was also 18. “But,” he reminisced, “I had wanted it. Who know what Bobby wants?”

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