Daddy and Abby Ch. 02


I reach under her skirt and touch heaven, she is soaking wet. I rub my fingers back and forth on her wet panties feeling the heat from her excited cunt. The wetness coating my fingers as I rub them on her nearly transparent white panties. I can feel her pussy lips part in her panties and her head flies back as I gently stroke her wet cunt.

“Oh daddy, that feels good, what are you doing to me?”

“Rubbing my fingers on your wet pussy honey. You are soaked. I mean really turned on.”

“Is that good daddy?” she says softly, a quiver in her voice.

“Yes, baby that is good. Now, I want you to pull your panties to one side for me.”

Moving my hand out of the way, she slides her hand to the leg of her soft silky white panties, pulling them to one side. I get my first glimpse of her virgin wet pussy. Her pussy lips are smooth and wet. I bring my middle finger to my mouth and wet it. Reaching up I slide it in between her wet slit, parting the pussy lips. Her pussy is so warm and soft, she sighs heavily as I touch her and begin to move my finger back and forth on her wanting snatch.

“Oh daddy.” She says as she closes her eyes and leans her head back.

“Yes baby, you like that don’t you?”

“Oh yes daddy, it makes my body tingly.”

“You like that feeling, don’t you honey?”

“Yes, I don’t want it to stop daddy.”

“Would you like to feel something even better than my finger honey?”

“There is something better? she says. The disbelief in her voice.

“Yes baby, there is.” I tease.

Keeping my finger on her quivering cunt, I roll off the bed and quickly position myself behind her, continuing to gently and slowly rub her wet pussy. I can feel her tiny virgin hole underneath my finger, I can hardly wait to break in her tiny pussy with my cock. Slowly, slowly don’t go to fast, I think. I reach down and unzip her skirt. I remove my hand hesitantly from her slick pussy the skirt falls in a heap at her feet. I move in closer, my stiff shaft pressed hard against the crack of her beautiful, tight, ass cheeks.

I began to rub my cock up and down her white panties. My shaft buried between those tight cheeks. I could hardly keep from cumming on those silky white panties.

“What are you doing daddy?” Beylikdüzü escort

“Just rubbing my cock on your beautiful ass baby.” I whisper in her ear.

As I reach around the front and pull aside the elastic leg band and touch her wet pussy. I say.

“Honey you are so turned on, here feel it yourself.”

“I feel funny about this daddy.”

“Honey.” I whisper. “There is nothing wrong with touching yourself. Have you never masturbated or touched yourself?”

“Well.” She begins coyly.

“I have touched myself a few times but I was never wet like this daddy.”

“Do you trust me baby?”

“Yes daddy.”

“I have made you feel good so far, haven’t I?”

“Yes daddy.”

“Then please trust me on this. I promise it will feel good Abby.”

I can feel Abby’s body relax against mine. I gently take her hand and bring it to the front of her beautiful white briefs. Taking her middle finger, I begin to rub it between her own legs.

“Wow daddy, I am really wet.” She exclaims. “And that’s just from sucking your peni, uh I mean cock?”

“Yes, baby.” I say slyly.

As she continues to rub her finger back and forth on her soaked snatch, her head falls back on to my shoulder, a heavy sigh escaping her lips. I direct her finger to her growing bud. Using her finger to applying a little pressure on her sensitive morsel. I begin a circular motion on her clit, her hand in mine.

“Oh my god daddy, I have never felt anything like that.” She pants.

“Maybe soon, you can show me how you play with yourself. I would like to watch you do that baby.”

“Ok daddy soon.” She promises.

“First honey, I want to help you like you helped me.”

“What are you going to do daddy?”

“I’m going to use my tongue and mouth and lick your pussy baby. That will feel way better than my finger does.”

“Daddy I never had anyone do that and it will feel better than your finger? What do I have to do?”

“Nothing Abby I’ll do everything. I’m going to finish undressing you now and lay you on the bed. Is that O.K.?”

“Sure, daddy I want you to.”

Again, my heart leapt in my chest, while I had never thought about sex with my daughter before, this was becoming a truly amazing Beylikdüzü escort experience. I prompted her to lift her arms and I quickly pulled off her top. Her bra, a low-cut affair showed off that she truly had become a woman. The flesh of her tits overflowed the top of the bra, they were big, 34C or D I guessed. I unhooked her bra with one hand and Abby let it fall to the ground. I slid my hands to her waist and slowly crept around to the front of her magnificent tight little body.

Sliding my hands upward I cupped two of the most perfect breasts I had ever felt. Her areolas were the size of a coffee cup nearly covering her perfect upturned tits. Her nipples, hard, were like large stiff eraser heads. I took her excited nipples in the first two fingers of each hand and gently pinched them. Abby moaned and covered my hands with hers. I continued to knead her magnificent orbs while I pinched her nipples a little harder.

A deep moan filled the room and Abby began to push her ass hard against my stiff cock. I released her spectacular large melons and worked my hands down her flat hard stomach and over to her waist. Abby sighed heavily and leaned her head back against my chest, a soft moan escaping her lips.

“Daddy.” she sighed.

I ran my right hand to the front of Abby’s panties, she spreads her legs even more to give me access to her dripping pussy. I reached between her legs and ran a long finger between her pussy lips causing her to nearly collapse in my arms.

“Daddy, please take off my panties I want you to touch me again, with nothing on.”

“O.K. baby.” I whisper in her ear.

I slid both hands to the waistband of her panties, slipped my thumbs under the elastic and slowly lower her panties. They fall to the floor, Abby quickly steps out of them. She presses her now bare tight little ass against my throbbing cock. I nearly cum when I feel the softness and curves of her skin against mine. My cock finding it’s place in the crack between those two round firm butt cheeks. I slide my hand to the front of her mound and slipping my hand down, I touch her pussy again. Running my finger from back to front feeling the wetness between her legs.

“God Ab, you are really wet.” I whisper.

“I know daddy, Escort Beylikdüzü I can’t help it, you are making my body all tingly and warm. I can’t believe how wet you are making me, is that normal?”

“Oh yes Abby very normal. I going see if I can get you even wetter.”

Feeling her slick pussy lips, I confess in her ear.

“Honey, I want to lick your pussy baby. I want to make you feel good. I want to taste you. Why don’t you go and lay on the bed?”

“O.K. daddy.”

Abby smiles back at me as she glides onto the bed showing me her amazing ass and her glistening, wet pussy. She rolls onto her back and asks.

” What do you want me to do daddy?”

“Just lay back baby, try to concentrate on how your body feels. Focus on how good it feels and daddy will do the rest.”

She scoots her body down and lays her head on my pillow. She is spread out in front of me in all her glory. Her perfect breasts falling slightly to the side, her nipples erect from her desire. Her flat, hard, sexy stomach showing definition from the sports she plays at school. Her legs firm and supple. Her pussy neatly trimmed with a small patch of dark red hair at the top just above her clit. I rub my hands up her muscular leg and she opens her legs for me wanting me to touch her wet snatch. I gently rub my fingers up and down her soaked pussy.

“Yes, daddy I like that very much.” She moans.

Reaching the top, I find her hard bud. I wet my fingers with her juices and deliberately rub her clit, she buries her head backwards into the pillow and raises her hips to meet my fingers moaning loudly. She has let her body take over she wants release, I can see it on her face. I stop what I’m doing and she looks at me and pouts. I crawl onto the bed next to her and we begin to kiss for the first time. Never did I think that passionately kissing my daughter would be such a turn on.

Abby meets my enthusiasm and tongue with her own, my arm wrapped around her thin waist her beautiful full breasts pressed against my chest. We kiss like this for a long time, exploring each other’s mouths with our tongues and each other’s bodies with our hands. I cup one of her perfect breasts in my hand, they are large and firm. I move my head from her lips down to the erect nipple of one of those beautiful tits and take it into my mouth. My daughter grabs my hair and pushes my mouth deeper on to her breast. I take as much as I can into my mouth getting her nipple wet with my saliva. She openly moans.

“Jeez daddy, that feels so good.”

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