It’s A Man’s World Ch. 02


Before starting part 2 I reproduce here are the last few lines of part 1 to refresh your memory:

Sarit was still lost in her thoughts and quite oblivious to all that transpired.

‘Sarit,’ I said.

No response.

‘SARIT!’ I said loudly.

‘Eh! What did you say?’ Sarit replied pulling her mind back to reality, ‘sorry I was lost in my thoughts’.

‘So it seems,’ I said sarcastically, ‘I think you are very mean’.

‘Mean? W…W…What have I done?’ she asked bewildered.

‘It is not what you have done but what you have not done. Rashmi didi has invited jiju and Madhu didi to spend some days at your house and you have not invited me,’ I replied shamelessly fishing for an invitation.

‘Of course please come, I would love to have you,’ Sarit replied still a little lost.

‘Mummy, please may I go?’ I asked.

‘Of course you can go,’ mummy laughed, ‘Now that you have invited yourself’.

‘Thank you mummy you are the best mother in the world,’ I said happily.

‘Stop it, you flatterer,’ mummy laughed, ‘be ready to leave at six’.

After lunch I did not get a chance to speak to Sarit alone as she and her parents left immediately after lunch.

Now for part 2:

At six in the evening, we arrived at Sarit’s house. Catching jiju alone, I explained my plan to him.

‘You think it will work?’ I asked.

‘It is definitely worth a shot,’ jiju replied.

‘Will you be able to persuade jijaji to come to Sarit’s room?’ I asked, a bit worried on that count.

‘Don’t worry, he will come. You underestimate the lure of fucking a virgin choot to a man,’ jiju replied smiling, ‘but remember I might have to tell him about us’.

‘Tell him, if you have to,’ I replied, then recalling the astonished look he gave me in the morning added, ‘I think he already guesses’.

After an early evening, we all retired to our respective rooms. I was naturally sharing Sarit’s room. When we were alone I asked, ‘Aaj lunch per kya tu man hee man main jijaji se chudwa rahi thi? (During lunch today were you dreaming of jijaji fucking you?’

‘Haan Adi, bahut mazaa aa raha tha (Yes Adi, it was very enjoyable),’ she sighed.

‘Shall I ask him to come to your room tonight?’ I suggested.

‘Don’t you dare. I will kill you if you even give him the slightest hint,’ Sarit replied blushing.

‘You are stupid. You can’t imagine the pleasure you are missing,’ I replied.

‘I know, it would be nice, but I can’t bring myself to fritter away my virginity like you did,’ Sarit replied.

‘Suit yourself, I was only thinking of you,’ I persisted.

‘Please! Let us close this subject. I am very tired and want to sleep,’ Sarit said switching off the bedside lamp, ‘We will talk more in the morning. Good night Adi’.

‘Good night Sarit,’ I replied.

‘Yes my dear, enjoy being a virgin as long as you can because, if my plan works, in couple of hours you won’t be one anymore,’ I thought grinning to myself in the dark.

Within minutes Sarit was asleep. Her regular breathing had a sedating effect on me but I dare not close my eyes. I knew that I would never get this chance again. I lay tossing and turning in the dark room. I enacted my plan in my mind over and over again. The clock moved too slowly for my liking. An hour or so later I heard a clock strike midnight. All my senses were now on full alert.

Few minutes later there was a light tap on the door. I crept out of bed and noiselessly unbolted the door. Two barefooted figures clad in pajama suits slid in. After locking the door I whispered, ‘Please no talking she is fast asleep. Are you ready?’

‘Give us two seconds,’ jijaji whispered back as they both undressed.

‘Jijaji, you go to Sarit’s side of the bed and lie on the floor till I give you your cue. You know what it is?’ I whispered.

‘Yes, don’t worry I know what to do and when,’ jijaji said softly.

‘Jiju, you come with me,’ I said escorting him to my side and got into bed.

In the dark I could not see their cocks but I did feel jiju’s erection pushing against the small of my back. I slid towards Sarit’s sleeping figure and got into her bed. She did not wake up. I started to kiss her and squeeze her big boobs.

‘HEY! WHO IS IT? WHAT ARE YOU DOING? ‘Sarit said loudly waking up with a start.

‘Shh, it is me Adi,’ I whispered placing my hand on her mouth.

‘What are doing in my bed?’ Sarit asked puzzled.

‘I am feeling very horny and could not sleep, so I thought we could both have some fun together,’ I replied kissing her.

‘Kya jiju ne tujhe nahin choda? (Didn’t jiju fuck you?)’ Sarit giggled.

‘Kahan, mauka hee nahin mila (No, we did not get an opportunity),’ I replied.

‘You poor thing come to mama,’ Sarit replied embracing me and kissing me back.

We started to fondle each other. It was not long before we both were moaning with pleasure. We kissed and squeezed each other’s boobs. Ran our fingers in between the lips of each other’s cunt and caressed Beylikdüzü escort each other’s clit.

‘Sarit take off your nightie,’ I panted.

‘What have you in mind?’ she moaned.

‘I will give you a real treat. Something jiju taught me,’ I replied. She pulled off her nightie. I turned around and kissed her pubic hair.

‘HEY! What are you doing?’ Sarit asked surprised.

‘I am going to eat your pussy. I promise you will love it,’ I explained.

‘You can do what you like but don’t expect me to reciprocate, because I will never ever lick your choot,’ Sarit replied.

‘Not even a teeny weeny lick? I giggled.

‘No not even that,’ Sarit said with finality.

To tell you the truth, the fact was that I had also never licked a choot before and did not relish what I was about to do. But it had to be done if jijaji was to plug Sarit’s choot tonight.

Overcoming my aversion, I gave her choot a couple of tentative licks.

‘Oh Adi,’ Sarit moaned.

‘Wow! It is not that bad,’ I thought.

‘Sarit, open your legs,’ I said aloud.

‘W…W…Why?’ Sarit asked nervously.

‘To make place for me to sit, you idiot,’ I replied.

‘Omigosh, is she suspicious?’ I thought, ‘I must be real careful’.

‘Oh!’ Sarit said separating her legs.

Crouching on all fours between her wide spread thighs I started to eat her pussy. I really did not know what to do and decided to do what jiju did to me. I separated her cunt lips with my fingers and ran my tongue up and down.

‘Oh Adi, it feels so wonderful,’ Sarit moaned. Then I moved to her clit.

‘OH MY GOD!’ Sarit shouted as my tongue flicked her clit. I swirled my tongue round her swollen clit and pressed it between my lips. Sarit went mad.

‘OH ADI, IT FEELS WONDERFUL,’ she squealed bucking her hips. More I licked wilder she became. Her body started to quiver with pleasure. Her hips moved up and down in fuck motion.

‘ADI GO ON. PLEASE DON’T STOP,’ Sarit moaned loudly. More she squealed, harder I licked. Her body arched upward pressing her choot to my lips. I sensed that she was not far from an orgasm.

‘GOD! ADI I AM ON THE EDGE. ADDEEEEE! JUST A LITTLE MORE. Y…HES MOOOORRRE,’ she shouted. As I did not want her to cum, I stopped.

‘DAMN YOU ADI! WHY DID YOU STOP? I WAS ABOUT TO CUM,’ Sarit complained angrily.

‘Sorry, I had to otherwise I would have sneezed. Your bush was getting into my nose. Don’t worry, I will do it again but first let me catch my breath,’ I replied. I wanted her to cool down. In order to pass time I kissed her nipples and ran my hands all over her body but avoided touching her cunt.

When I thought she had cooled down sufficiently I said, ‘Sarit are you ready for round two?’

‘Yes, yes,’ she panted.

‘Good. Now relax and settle down comfortably in bed,’ I suggested. Sarit moved a little lower and dug her head deeper into the pillow.

‘Great. Now close your eyes and enjoy,’ I said and started to lick her cunny. It was not long before she was panting and moaning loudly. ‘GO ON ADI, I AM NEARLY THERE,’ she squealed. I stopped again. This time I slipped off the bed on the side jijaji was waiting impatiently for his cue.


‘Sarit my dear, please bear with me. I have saved the best part for the last. Ab tayyar ho ja, main ab tujhe chodoongi (Get ready, I am going to fuck you now),’ I announced importantly.

‘Adi! I have already told you that I don’t want to lose my cherry?’ Sarit said alarmed closing her legs tightly. Then realizing that we were alone laughed, ‘Tu mujhe chodegi? (You are going to fuck me?) With what may I ask? Your clit?’

‘Why not?’ I replied laughing pulling her legs apart, ‘Lately I have been reading Harry Potter books, maybe my clit has acquired magical powers and will grow into a nice big juicy lund (cock)’.

‘Adi, you are not going to put anything inside my choot are you?’ Sarit asked suspiciously.

‘No, I am not going to put anything inside your choot,’ I replied truthfully stressing the words “I am not” but stopped short of telling her that her “gentleman” jijaji is going to put his big cock inside her, ‘Okay now lie back, close your eyes and relax. I am now going to get on top of you and make you cum like you have never cum before’.

‘It is about time,’ I heard her mutter under her breath.

‘Are you ready, I am coming?’ I said and rolled under the bed. This was jijaji’s cue. Right on cue he got on top of her.

‘UFF, for a slightly built girl you are quite heavy,’ Sarit complained.

In the dark I couldn’t see what jijaji was doing but was certain that he will not miss this opportunity to fuck Sarit’s kori choot (virgin cunt).

Suddenly I heard Sarit shout in alarm, ‘ADI, WHAT IS THIS WARM THING YOU ARE PUTTING INSIDE ME?’

‘Sarit, yeh mera laurda hai aur yeh teri choot phardne wala hai (Sarit, it is my cock and it is about to pop your cherry)’ Beylikdüzü escort jijaji said.

‘NOOOAAAAAYYYYYYYIIIIIIIEEEEEEE,’ Sarit yelled as I saw the dark shape of jijaji’s hips push forward.

‘Shh Sarit, not so loud you will wake up everybody,’ I cautioned Sarit. Jijaji did not waste a second. He was already pumping her choot with hard strokes. Sarit had more urgent matters to attend than listening to me.


‘Shut up, you idiot,’ I hissed, ‘you will collect the whole household’.

Luckily that did not happen. Just then someone knocked lightly on the door. Oops, I spoke too soon. We all froze except jijaji, who continued to hump Sarit.

‘There is someone at the door, for God’s sake stop shoving,’ Sarit hissed angrily at jijaji but he kept the tempo of his strokes going.

I had to admire jijaji’s determination. Even in the face of the present emergency he remained cool and continued to fuck her. On second thought, I think what really drove him was that a man does not get to fuck a tight virgin choot every day.

‘Let us remain quiet,’ jiju suggested, ‘Whoever it is might go away’.

This did not help because seconds later the knock was repeated, only this time it was louder. Accompanied by, ‘Sarit open the door. It is me mama’.

Now even jijaji froze.

‘It is mama,’ Sarit whispered nervously, ‘What shall we do? If she finds them here she will kill both of us’.

‘It’s your fault. Why did you have to scream like a banshee?’ I whispered back.

‘I couldn’t help it. It hurt terribly,’ Sarit replied apologetically.

‘SARIT, OPEN THE DOOR IMMEDIATELY,’ auntie shouted banging on the door with her fists.

‘Sarit, quickly say something to keep her quiet before we have a family reunion in your room,’ I advised, ‘Then pretend that you were asleep and act dumb’.

‘Who is it?’ Sarit said sleepily.

‘It is me mama, open the door,’ her mama replied softly.

‘Mama wait, I am coming,’ Sarit said switching on the bedside lamp and walked towards the door.

‘Pagli, kum se kum apni nightie tau pehan le, nahin tau auntie teri phati huyi choot main se khoon tapkta hua dekh lengi (Stupid, at least wear your nightie, otherwise auntie will see the blood oozing from your deflowered choot),’ I whispered urgently.

‘Sorry, I forgot,’ Sarit giggled and pulling on her nightie, opened the door.

In the meanwhile both jiju and jijaji had slipped under the bed. I also pretended to be asleep.

‘Yes mama, is something wrong?’ Sarit asked yawning.

‘That is what I want to know,’ her mama replied, ‘I was returning from the kitchen with a glass of water when I heard you scream and shout loudly’.

Through half open eyes I saw auntie standing in the doorway with a glass in her hand. ‘But mama I did not scream,’ Sarit said.

‘No, I am quite certain you did. I heard you scream and shout please stop let me go or something to that effect,’ auntie said pressing her point.

‘Omigosh! Sarit was in trouble, I must help her before she gets nervous and spills the beans,’ I thought.

‘Sarit stop talking in your sleep and let me sleep also’ I said extending my arm towards her bed to shake her. Finding her bed empty, I exclaimed, ‘Sarit where are you?’

‘Adi, did you also hear Sarit scream?’ auntie asked me.

‘Auntie you! What are you doing here in the middle of the night?’ I asked yawning.

‘I heard Sarit screaming and came to check,’ she replied, ‘Did you also hear her scream?’

‘Did she scream? Auntie it is nothing new. She screams and shouts incessantly when she dreams,’ I laughed hoping Sarit will get the hint.

‘Oh mama, I remember now. I was having a terrible dream. It was pitch dark, a man caught me and… and…oh mama it was so horrible,’ Sarit said and started to cry.

‘Na, na my child, don’t cry. It was only a bad dream. Go back to sleep. I suggest you leave the bedside lamp on, maybe it will help to keep bad dreams away,’ auntie said and bidding us goodnight left.

Jumping out of the bed I quickly bolted the door. Jiju and jijaji crawled out from under the bed with their cocks pointing towards the ceiling.

‘Oh I feel faint,’ Sarit said and her legs buckled under her. I caught her before she hit the floor. Jijaji and I escorted her to her bed and propped her against the bed rest. Auntie’s suggestion to leave the lamp on was great. At least, now we could see everything clearly.

‘God, that was a close call,’ Sarit said nervously.

‘Sarit, what acting? Crying was a masterstroke,’ I said clapping soundlessly.

‘It was not all acting. I wanted to cry anyway over the loss of my virginity,’ Sarit replied making a face and started to sniffle.

Jijaji got into her bed and tried to console her. ‘Sarit you were very brave,’ he said kissing her and fondling her boobs.

‘Oh jijaji, you hurt me so much,’ Sarit said wiping away a tear.

‘I could not help it, first time it hurts everyone,’ Escort Beylikdüzü jijaji said caressing her choot, ‘Unfortunately we were interrupted before I could give you real pleasure’.

‘Oh jijaji, it still hurts,’ Sarit said snuggling closer to him.

‘Let us continue, you will enjoy it,’ jijaji said putting his hand under her nightie.

‘Oh jijaji, I don’t want to be hurt again,’ Sarit protested.

‘I promise, it won’t hurt ever again, now you will feel only pleasure,’ jijaji replied rubbing her cunt.

Jiju and I looked at each other and grinned at the novel way Sarit was protesting. Each time she answered jijaji, she slipped lower in bed.

‘Jijaji, I don’t want to,’ Sarit said slipping even lower.

‘Come on darling, let us. You will love it,’ jijaji said putting one finger in her choot.

‘Jijaji, please don’t,’ Sarit protested slipping still lower. By now Sarit was lying flat on the bed with her thighs together. Jijaji was not dumb, he knew what was happening and without wasting any time got on top of her.

‘Sarit, please spread your legs and make place for my lund (cock)’ jijaji said kissing her. Sarit did not reply and shook her head vehemently.

‘Abhi, rub your cock in between her cunt lips,’ jiju whispered. Jijaji gave jiju a grateful smile and immediately followed his advice.

‘Oh, it feels so good,’ Sarit moaned and hesitatingly spread her legs. Jijaji immediately pushed his cock in her cunt and started to fuck her.

‘OHH!’ she moaned.

‘Adi, come let us fuck also, my erection has started to hurt,’ jiju suggested.

‘Please jiju, I am also leaking like a municipality tap but not now. I want to watch Sarit’s first fuck,’ I replied. Jiju pulled me onto his lap and started to finger fuck me.

‘Oh jiju, how can I concentrate with your finger moving in and out of my choot?’ I moaned.

‘Darling, you don’t require to concentrate, just keep your eyes open and watch,’ jiju replied kissing me.

Jijaji was now fucking Sarit with fast and hard strokes. Sarit lay with her eyes closed and her mouth open. Her arms were around jijaji’s broad shoulders pressing him tightly to her boobs. Her hips were moving in rhythm of jijaji’s strokes.

‘Oh jijaji, it feels so good,’ she moaned repeatedly. Jijaji’s strokes became harder and shorter.


‘OH JIJU, I AM ALSO COMMIIINNNGGGG,’ I moaned and flooded his fingers with my love juice.

Suddenly jijaji pushed his cock deep into Sarit and lay gasping on her palpitating tits. After a few minutes they uncoupled and lay panting.

‘Sarit, ab tau tere “gentleman” jijaji ne teri choot main daat laga hee dee hai, bata tujhe apni paheli chudai kaissi lagi? (Sarit, now that your “gentleman” jijaji has corked your choot, tell me how did you enjoy your first fuck?),’ I asked laughing.

Sarit sat up in the bed and glared angrily at me. ‘I know you planned this you bitch. I hate you and will never speak to you again,’ she said angrily. Then her lips broke into a wide grin and embracing me, continued, ‘Thank you Adi, it was heavenly. I have never had such an intense orgasm before. I am so glad that you have such a scheming mind’.

‘Don’t thank me, my plan went for a six the moment auntie interrupted us but then it was you, who you made it happen, isn’t it?’ I said truthfully.

Sairt laughed softly. ‘Maine socha jab jijaji ne meri kori choot phard hee dee hai tau chudai ka mazaa bhi lekar dekhoon (I thought now that jijaji has already deflowered me then why shouldn’t I experience the pleasure of fucking also)’ Sarit chuckled.

‘If you were ready to fuck then why all the fuss,’ I asked.

‘And let jijaji think that his saali (sister in law, wife’s sister) is a slut?’ Sarit giggled.

‘Come to me my dear slut saali,’ jijaji said pulling Sarit to him, ‘Let me kiss your tight choot’.

‘Sarit, let us fuck again,’ jijaji proposed after licking Sarit’s cunt for a few minutes.

Without a word, Sarit lay down on the bed with her legs wide open. Jijaji mounted her and rammed his hard cock into her.

‘AHHH! It feels so good,’ Sarit moaned.

‘Adi, let us fuck also,’ jiju said.

‘Yes jiju! Yes!’ I replied welcoming him into my arms.

Two bottoms were going up and down. Two cocks were going in and out of two wet choots. Two hips were gyrating in rhythm of their strokes. Two girls were moaning in ecstasy. Two men were grunting with pleasure.

As both jiju and I were very excited, it was not long before we came but it being jijaji’s second time, he went on and on. By the time he came, Sarit had offered her love juices thrice, on the altar of the Goddess of Love.

‘God! This time it was even better than the first time,’ Sarit moaned.

‘Sarit, mera number kab ayega? (Sarit, when will my turn come?)’ jiju asked when he was hard again, ‘I also want to experience how it feels to lie on your big boobs’.

‘Right away if you want,’ Sarit smiled pressing her boobs together and spreading her legs, ‘I am ready’.

‘No! Mohan not today. You can have her tomorrow,’ jijaji said placing his hand protectively on Sarit’s cunt, ‘Today, I alone am going to fuck her tight choot’.

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