Joshua’s Story


Joshua and Kyle were relaxing on the couch in their dorm room. In reality it was a futon in couch form but it had taken some fancy footwork to be able to fit it into the small double room. It made it so much more comfortable to relax when they weren’t sleeping. Joshua got up and went to the computer to put on a new erotic audio from his favorite thread on lit and then went and sat back down on the couch. The sound of a woman talking filling the room. She was rambling about random sexual thoughts. This particular audio was about her thoughts on submission and Joshua could feel his cock thicken and harden as her voice washed over him. She had this way of speaking that was deep and throaty and whenever she said something that she found particularly arousing she would moan as the words passed her lips.When she called submission “delicious” and moaned deep in her throat Joshua could feel an answering moan clawing for release in his own throat.

Kyle looked over at Joshua and when Joshua felt Kyle’s eye’s on him his cock twitched in response. Joshua couldn’t meet his roommates eyes so he let his own eyes drift closed and felt the woman’s voice wrap over and around him like a warm blanket or the feeling of sinking into the delicious warmth of a hot bath. Suddenly Joshua became aware of the sound of movement and then the rasp of a zipper and his eyes snapped open. Kyle was undressing in front of him and Joshua felt his breath catch in his throat. Kyle looked over at him and smiled confidently. “So fucking horny right now. I need to stroke my cock. Why don’t you stroke with me. Her fucking voice is so hot.” With those words Kyle pushed his jeans and underwear down and kicked them off his feet. He had already removed his shirt so he stood before Joshua for just a moment with only a hint of awkwardness in his otherwise cocky appearance. “C’mon Joshua. Doesn’t her voice make you want to stroke? Come all over her? Fuck her voice is so hot.”

Joshua found himself nodding and he began to remove his own clothes and leave them in a pile on the floor. His hands were shaking slightly. He had never done anything like this before. He had never jacked his cock in front of another Beylikdüzü escort person. The thought of being watched made him shiver but that voice was still wrapping around his mind and making him feel like he was drowning in lust and sex. His hand wrapped around his cock and he began to jack his cock in short jerky movements. He sat back down on the couch and stretched his feet out in front of him in a mirror of Kyle’s position. Both of them sat in relative silence and only the sounds of slapping flesh and the occasional moan from one or the other of them interrupted the audio as it continued to play.

Joshua became aware of Kyle leaning forward and he realized his eyes had again drifted closed when they snapped open at the touch of Kyle’s hand to his own. He felt the tug as Kyle pulled his hand forward and put Joshua’s free hand on top of Kyle’s own and they started to stroke Kyle’s cock together. Kyle set the rythm and Joshua followed his lead. When Kyle pulled his own hand away and leaned back Joshua continued the rhythm. His thoughts were swirling around as his hand rubbed up and down his roomates’ cock. He felt like he was drowning and like the person doing these things wasn’t really him at all. When the woman on the audio started talking about the joys of having a cock fucking her face Joshua moaned again and when he felt Kyle buck up into his hand he felt his own head drift down and then lower still towards his roommates cock.

At the first touch of his lips on Kyle’s cock Joshua and Kyle both let out loud groans and again Kyle’s hips bucked upwards and bumped against Joshua’s lips.Joshua had thought that Kyle had a big cock when he was stroking it in his hand but when he started to wrap his lips around it he realized just how large it was.The woman on the audio was talking about how delicious it was to have her mouth stretched wide by a cock and Joshua felt like he was being seduced both by her voice and by the physical feel of Kyle’s cock pressing into his mouth, stretching out the skin of his lips as he tried to take more of him inside. Joshua moaned again as a wave of unreality seemed to wash over him forcefully and he was again aware of Kyle as Beylikdüzü escort he felt Kyle’s hips buck up again and heard Kyle panting as he felt his cock swelling in his mouth.

While all of this was happening Joshua wasn’t touching his cock but it was aching and dripping a puddle of precum onto the floor. Joshua began to slide his mouth up and down Kyle’s cock but the sheer size of it was overwhelming. Joshua felt impossibly turned on. The feel of that cock pushing his tongue down in his mouth, filling up his mouth and stretching his lips. All of it seemed designed to overwhelm his senses and he felt like he was swimming in a sea of pudding. All of his motions were slowed and surreal and wrapped in the sensuality of this moment and if he took the time to stop and think he knew that he would begin to freak out. Instead he pushed those thoughts away and concentrated on the feel of Kyle’s hand as it fell on his head. The small twinge of pain as Kyle’s hand tightened in his hair and pulled just slightly to hold Joshua in place and buck up against his stationary mouth.

“You are a little slut aren’t you,” Kyle said and Joshua moaned at the words. He couldn’t understand why those words would arouse him but they did. They seemed to ramp up his desire and add to the swirling vortex of sensation to the point where Joshua couldn’t keep track of what was happening. He was lost in a sea of lust and sex and forbidden wants. “Suck my cock you little slut. Take it deeper into your mouth. You know you want to suck it like a good slut.” Kyle’s words washed over Joshua in a continuous litany and Joshua sucked harder in response. Trying to take more of Kyle’s massive cock into his mouth. He gagged repeatedly since he had never done anything like this before but that didn’t stop him at all. Something in his mind was impossibly turned on by this turn of events and he wanted to make Kyle come. He wanted to know that he was the one responsible for giving Kyle pleasure.

Kyle was making a constant refrain of dirty words and the refrain “suck it, suck it” was beating a pattern into Joshua’s brain. He threw every trick a girl had ever done to him that he had even half-way enjoyed Escort Beylikdüzü at Kyle and hoped that he was doing a good job. All Joshua knew was that he wanted to be good at this. He wanted to be good at giving Kyle pleasure. He wanted to make Kyle come. Joshua shrunk back at the thought of swallowing Kyle’s cum down. When he felt the swelling that told him Kyle was close he pulled his mouth of of Kyle’s cock and jacked it furiously. Kyle aimed at Joshua’s face but missed his target as his cum shot over Kyle’s head and landed in warm wet pulses on his upper back. A small amount even landed in his hair. After Kyle had come there was a moment of awkwardness as Kyle and Joshua’s eyes met for a split second. Then Kyle’s natural cockiness seemed to reassert itself and Kyle leaned over and rubbed in the cum that had landed in Joshua’s hair with a tugging motion and then smirked his appreciation. “Need to go take a shower. Thanks man.” And with that Kyle grabbed a towel and headed for the shared shower next door.

Within moments Joshua could hear the sound of the shower spraying and still he sat on his knees on the floor. “Holy shit.” he muttered under his breath. The audio that had been playing had finished several minutes earlier but Joshua felt like he was being towed under by a steam liner. What had he done? In all his nineteen years of life he had never even thought of another guys cock in more than a passing way. Holy fuck he had just sucked another guys cock! What did that make him? What did that mean? What had just happened? All of these thoughts were swirling around in Joshua’s head in a blink of time but then all he could think about was his torturously hard cock. His hand reached down to his cock and in less then five strokes he was coming wildly. His balls ached with the force of the explosion of cum from his testicles. “Fu—uck,” the word was wrung from Joshua’s mouth as he bucked against his hand and filled it with cum. He sat with his ass on his feet naked and reeling from the event’s of the night. He had to find someone to talk to but who? Joshua looked up at the computer monitor and saw the name that was listed across the audioboo feed. He wiped the cum off of himself and staggered to the computer to send a PM. She would probably ignore him. Why would she even respond? But he was shaking so badly and there wasn’t anyone else he could tell this to so Joshua sent it anyway. Maybe she would respond.

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