Lance’s Seven Sins 03: Sloth


Author’s Note: This is the third of seven chapters that will be exploring the sexual escapades of an extremely well-endowed cis bisexual male named Lance. This story is told in first person past tense, and it features semi-ridiculous proportions. I should’ve been stating this in my previous chapters, but this story takes place in December 2009/January 2010.

Lance is between semesters in his Sophomore year of college, and he’s decided to stay on campus for winter break. He is 6’3″ tall (190cm), a toned athletic frame, an 8 pack of washboard abs, light blue eyes, masculine facial features, medium length flowing brown hair, and possibly the largest penis on any human being ever.


“Mom, I’ll be fine,” I promised her over the phone. I lay on my bed, padded with an extra layer of memory foam, one leg crossed over the other, tossing a stress ball modeled after the Earth to myself with my free hand. I wore nothing on top, and down below was just a baggy pair of sweatpants and thigh-length briefs. I learned in grade school that this was the only way to hide my wrist-thick shaft that snaked at 9 inches when flaccid. Erections necessitated these kind of measures, because when one happened it would stick out of my pants by the knee.

My roommate, Rex, was at his desk in nothing but tighty-whities playing a new first-person shooter I didn’t recognize. Last year, the very first conversation we had alone was about him being gay and asking whether it would be a problem or not. The talk went well, and we became really good friends over the first year rooming together. We decided to continue our cohabitation into Sophomore year, and he’d gotten increasingly comfortable with his dress code in the room – not that I paid any mind.

Rex is a 5’10” male model and body builder. He’s actually at school for civil engineering, but he competes nationally for the university’s weight lifting team in the 81kg category. His muscles are just bulging; it’s hard not to be intimidated or distracted by them. I’m proud of my abs, but all I do is calisthenics. Rex is ripped. His tanned skin, brown hair, and green eyes give away the south European ancestry of his family, and the masculine facial features and jawline accentuate the rest of him well. He’s someone the Greek Olympians would have gladly presented to their gods as tribute.

Winter break had just started, and most students had left campus by now. A few stragglers would still be left, though. Some who wanted to stay as long as possible and party (like myself), some students who had very late finals, and some students who had to book later dates for flights home.

My mother had a strong voice, even for a woman, and it matched her physique. “I’m sure you will honey, but I just don’t want you to waste that time. If you’re not going to be working or hanging out with me, then you should at least use that time to develop socially and… experiment.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“I’ll leave that up to you, since you’ll have full autonomy for two months. I have to go now, or I’ll be late for my flight. I love you, Lance. Bye bye.”

“Love you too, Mom,” I said, hanging up the phone.

“She mad you’re not coming home?” Rex asked, still enamored by his game.

“I wouldn’t call it anger; it’s more concern mixed with jealousy.”


“Yeah, she just misses me is all. We’re close like that.”

“Like that?”

“Rex, come on. That’s my mom.”

“Yeah, and I’ve seen her. She could turn me straight, dude.”

I laughed. “I’m interested to see what straight Rex would do to girls. They’re all over you enough as it is.”

“Yeah, your mother notwithstanding.”

“Alright, I walked into that one,” I admitted, tossing the ball one last time and letting it fall on the floor beside the bed nonchalantly.

“I can’t resist when you tee me up like that. So what’s the whole deal with you sticking around, then? If you’re that close with your mother, then why not go home?”

“Well, she’s away for two weeks at a class in Las Vegas for a new workout regimen that’s been taking the country by storm. It’s called ‘cross fit’ or something. Anyway, I would’ve already been leaving late as it is, and I’d want to come back early to start partying asap. That gives me maybe a few weeks at home with her but two weeks alone doing a hot nothing.”

“Why not go home for those two weeks then?”

“I could, and I’m still considering it. But in the meantime I’ll just hang here with you and a few of the brothers that are staying on campus as well.”

“You do not belong in that frat, Lance.”

“Why?” I asked, sitting up. “They’re good guys.”

“You joined the weirdest frat on campus. You should’ve just pulled out your dick in front of any of the jock frats and said, ‘Let me in,’ and they would’ve rolled out the red carpet.”

“Nah.. I wouldn’t have fit in. I can attract plenty of female attention by myself, thank you very much. Plus, that’s not what a frat is about; they should be dudes that will be friends Beylikdüzü escort for the rest of your life.”

“Mother fucker! I need better guns to beat this guy.”

“Is the game that good? What’s it called?”

“Borderlands. It’s awesome,” he replied, turning in his chair to face me. “So what about Kat? You two could’ve had a free house for two weeks in winter break.”

“Trust me, I would’ve loved to, but she’s going with her parents to their family friend’s estate down south for the winter. Why are you staying again?”

“Because I would have to pay for the flights home. My parents are assholes, remember? I’m supporting myself 100% here. So I said, ‘Fuck it,’ and decided to stay.”

“Damn.. that sucks, dude.”

“Yeah, so why not ask Kat if you can join her?”

“That’d be rude, for one. I don’t want to impose. Also I’m pretty sure the reason I didn’t get invited is because the mother walked in on me and Kat fucking in the gazebo down by the water. I told Kat she was being too loud.”

“Yeah, I pretty much know down the hall if she’s over.”

“Sorry…” I apologized.

“I don’t give a shit, but I can’t speak for our neighbors.”

I sighed and stayed silent for a moment. “So anyway, Kat hopped off me immediately out of embarrassment, and the mother stood there in shock at the sight of my dick. She looked like a deer in the headlights, ha.”

“Holy shit! Did she join you?”

“Fuck no! She mumbled what I think was an apology, and then she ran off.”

“Dude, she probably hasn’t invited you back because she’d jump your bones. You should just ask and see, there’s no harm in trying.”

“Again: rude. Why are you trying so hard to get rid of me?”

“Lance, please. I would never want to be alone for so long, prancing around naked, masturbating while blasting gay porn, and inviting guys over all I want for a month,” he waved his hands and rolled his eyes sarcastically.

“Hey, I’m gone plenty during the semester.”

“You’re gone when I’m also gone. You know how horny I get after working out with a bunch of hot guys for hours?”

I tried to picture how pent up I might be after working out with a bunch of hot girls. “Okay, I could see how that might be problematic.”

“Yeah, and I’ve been waiting for you to ‘be gone’ all morning.”


“Yes. Normal humans can hide their erections, unlike you.”

I glanced at his underwear; now that I was looking for it, his erection was obvious. Decently sized, from what I could see now. I’ve caught a couple of glimpses of it flaccid, and I’m almost jealous of how aesthetic and.. normal it is. “Doesn’t mean I couldn’t have a go myself. What if I want you to leave?” I asked, bringing my eyes back up to meet his.

“If you wanted me to leave you wouldn’t be checking out my junk,” he smirked.

“Hey, now. You pretty much told me to look!”

“If I told you to suck my dick, would you do it?”

“That’s not a fair comparison.”

“Here’s what’s not fair: I’m not leaving until I get to shake hands with the milkman.”

“Why do you get to go first?”

“Because for all I know, your monster cock takes twelve years to get off. One for every inch!”

“That’s discrimination.”

“Against huge penises?”


“Pfft. Talk about privileged.”

“You know this thing’s a hassle and very inconvenient at times, right?” I retorted, obscenely grabbing at it then shaking for a brief second.

“You’re really gonna complain about having the biggest dick on Planet Earth? That’s like.. that’s like Will Hunting complaining about being smart.”

“That’s.. a good.. analogy actually. Wow.”

“Thank you. Since I’m logically victorious, I should get the first right of refusal.”

“Analogies aren’t logical arguments, and you’re not gonna refuse anyway.”

“That doesn’t matter.”

Living with Rex for a year and a half has made me curious about dick, probably because he wasn’t like your stereotypical gay guy. He wasn’t flamboyant in any way and he never makes mention of it unprompted. If he hadn’t said something to me, then I would’ve never known until he brought another dude back to the room.

Rex doesn’t make gayness part of his identity, and I commend him for it. He’s just an objectively attractive dude that is attracted to other dudes. It made me admire him, and that admiration turned into a curious attraction. Something about friends being able to just jerk off nonchalantly as friends really turned me on. It clearly turned Rex on, too.

“Neither would it if I decided to take my liberties.”

“You mean just drilling for oil with me in the room?”


“You do realize that I’m gay, and you are the penis envy of every living human male. If you start paddling the pink canoe, I’m just gonna join you.”

“Well then I guess we’re jerking off together.”

Rex was stunned by the conclusion; his face was a mixture of skepticism and disbelief. “Fine, then. You want to take your liberties.. Beylikdüzü escort go ahead.”

My heart raced like it was my first time kissing a girl. All the confidence I had learned over the years of owning this enormous phallus dissipated in a matter of seconds. “I thought you had first right of refusal.” I don’t know what made me so nervous as to try and delay, but I was getting very hard very fast.

“No, no, no. I’m the gay one here, so I’m not initiating this. You’re either doing this or you’re stepping outside.”

I swallowed my nerves, built up my courage, and stood up off the bed. I was very practiced in ‘The Reveal’ (as I liked to call it), but my jitters caused me to just drop my sweatpants and briefs quickly. My boner popped up, smacked my abs, and rocked a bit before settling at its normal angle: just above horizontal. My heart was pounding, causing me to throb hard. My cock visibly pulsated with vigor, and Rex could do nothing but stare with his mouth agape.

“Yeah that’s how everyone reacts,” I stated.

“Dude… I was being hyperbolic about calling it the largest penis in the world, but it may well actually be.”

“Just might,” I replied, hopping back onto my bed. My shaft rested on my stomach, and the head was pressing against my sternum.

“How big is it?” He asked, standing and grabbing the sides of his trousers. I felt comfortable gazing at his crotch now. I had never been interested in guys, but something about penises just seemed.. erotic.

“Almost fourteen inches; thirty five centimetres to be exact.”

“Jesus Christ.. that’s unreal. How thick around?”

“You’re not gonna believe me.” I was just waiting for him to pull down his briefs. I wanted to see this hunk of masculinity naked.

“I don’t even know if I’m dreaming or awake right now, so just hit me.”

“Take off your underwear, and I’ll tell you,” I demanded.

He didn’t hesitate. The tighty-whities went right down to his ankles, and I learned that tan wasn’t his natural skin color. Rex had a bikini tan line. He stepped out of his underwear, walked over to his bed right across from mine, and sat down against the wall facing me. I scooched back so that I had my own back support against the opposite wall. “Okay. What’s the number?,” he requested.

“Almost nine inches circumference.” I grasped my shaft with my right hand and began to very slowly stroke the middle third of my erection. I could feel my heartbeat through the prodigious vein on the underside of my hardness, and I knew I would have to be slow just to not blow my load too quickly.

“That’s just ridiculous, and of course your balls are huge too,” he observed, taking a hold of his own stiff cock. It was an average size, probably about five inches. It was still a strong-looking penis, very thick for its length with a pronounced mushroom helmet. His balls were tight against the prostate; they didn’t hang at all.

Rex started stroking himself along with me, and soon he grabbed a nipple. We were both admiring each other from the other side of the room. His eyes mostly didn’t leave my cock, but I couldn’t help checking out his bulky barrel chest and his impressive arms. His legs were so much larger and muscular than mine. I almost wanted him to dominate me in that moment.

“Thanks,” was all I could reply, trying not to seem like I was entranced by his perfect body.

My left hand found its way to my balls, heaved them up, and began kneading gently. The grip on my cock tightened, but I didn’t speed up at all. Rex, on the other hand, was going at it vigorously.

“So what kind of porn do you watch?” I asked.

“The gay kind,” he answered as if he’d been asked a thousand times.

“But like.. hardcore? Solo dudes? Group?”

“I watch it all, dude. Think of what you watch and just replace any females with more dicks. It’s really not too different.” His muscles flexed, indicating he was squeezing harder as his strokes became longer and faster.

“Oh.. nice.” I didn’t mind picking up my own pace; I just hoped I didn’t blow too soon before him.

“You know you could make good money just stroking solo for a gay porn site.”

“Thanks, dude. I thought about that, actually.”

“Why don’t you do it?”

“Eh, I don’t know if internet stardom is for me.”

“I feel that. I also feel I’m close. I’ve gotta admit, man, I’ve been holding back for a while already.”

“Me too.”


“Yeah. This whole thing has got me really turned on, and your body is really something.”

“Oh, fuck. That got me over the edge. I can’t fight it anymore.” Rex’s cock erupted with cum like a volcano. It streamed like a fountain for a moment before shooting five good ropes all the way up to his manly, hairless chest. Even Rex’s moans were overly masculine. The last few spurts failed to get much distance, and they pooled at the base of his cock, coating his hands and balls in pearly white cum.

“Fuck, Rex. That was really hot. I’m gonna cum.” I sped up and let myself Escort Beylikdüzü go. It didn’t take long before the first three jets of white were hitting me in the face. I squeezed on my balls and breathed heavily as my next several shots covered my torso. I counted about a dozen before it was just drooling slowly out of me.

“Holy shit, Lance! You even cum like a god!”

I just grinned and let go of my softening cock; I didn’t know what to say, so I just said, “Thanks,” in between breaths.

Rex reached over to his nightstand, cum rivers running down and pooling in his belly button. He grabbed a few tissues and wiped himself down. “I’d offer you some tissues but I think you need a towel.”

“Yeah, actually. Can you grab the green one in my closet? It’s behind the blue and red ones.” Once Rex finished mostly drying himself he hopped off the bed, his ‘semi’ swinging freely. I found the flopping hot, and the half-erect state of it tantalizing. For the first time, I wanted to put a cock in my mouth. Rex opened my closet door, reached inside and pulled out my green towel.

“Is this the one you always use?” he asked, throwing it over to me.

“Thanks. Yeah. I have to wash it more often than I do my regular towels,” I responded, carefully wiping my face then mopping the rest of myself clean. I wrapped the towel around my glistening shaft and brought it all the way up to my head. I circled around the head once and shivered in pleasure; I was still very sensitive.

“I don’t doubt it,” Rex muttered, staring at my genitals.

“You hungry?” I asked, balling up the towel and leaping off my bed.

“Yeah… Lance, you do realize how gifted you are, right?”

I chortled. “Yes, Rex, thank you. I do.”

“Okay, just checking. I’m feeling wraps. You down?”


We dressed fairly slowly, and we both caught each other peeking at one another doing it. Something told me this wouldn’t be the last time this happened, and the fantasies that were swirling in my head almost had me back in the bed with a hard-on.

Rex opened the door, and we silently walked out of the dorm.


“So have any girls just quit on you yet?” Rex asked as we walked back from lunch.

“Yes, in almost every way you could think. I politely insist girls feel it before we go back to the room. Some quit right then, which I at least appreciate as I can still try to find someone else. Some quit when they see it. Others quit after feeling it in their hands or try to get it in their mouth. Most don’t start protesting until I start putting it in, which is the worst. A few have given up on me in the middle of it, but those warriors I give credit for trying.”

Rex scanned his ID at the door to get into our dorm. He held the door open for me, and I accepted his kindness by leading the way to our room. “Damn. I’ve heard a couple stories from my gay friends who quit on a cock that was just too big, but you must deal with that more than any of them.”

“I actually have learned how to break girls in, so if I can convince them that the pain will subside eventually then they’ll stick with me. I’m just thankful that all the comments about my size, good or bad, turn me on.”

“What’s the best you’ve heard?” Rex asked as I opened the door to our room, returning the courtesy by holding it for him. I didn’t realize it at first, but I stared at his ass as he entered.

“A girl once told me I had a telephone pole for a dick. That one got me to laugh. The freakiest thing I ever heard was from one tiny chick in my hometown who attended an all girls prep school. She bent over and then told me to fuck her ass so hard and deep that my cock comes out her mouth.”

I auto-piloted to my bed and sat down in the exact position I was when I covered myself in cum not an hour ago. Rex sat at his computer and turned to converse with me.

“Holy shit, man. That’s nasty.”

“Yeah. I damn well tried, too. And she loved it.” I smiled recollecting the hot sex scene of me pounding that little body into oblivion.

“Everyone loves it in the butt,” Rex laughed.



I pondered on it a bit. I can’t say I wasn’t curious, but I just didn’t know what to think. “Is it really that good?” I asked after a pause. A pause during which I think Rex knew I would be curious enough to ask at the end.

“Would you like to find out?” It was as though he was a lion waiting for the gazelle to get a little too close to that fresh grass.

“I don’t know, Rex. I know it hurts at first, and-“

“Relax. If you just wanna know the sensation, I can use one finger. Just one, and that’s all it’ll be – unless you ask for more. And it’ll be zero if you really don’t like it.”

He was enticing, and convincing. I couldn’t deny how turned on I was by the recollection of all these stories, the mutual masturbation scene, and the thought of pleasure in greater heights. “But you already know I’ll like it. You’ve done this before for other guys haven’t you?”

“If I didn’t know any better, Lance, I’d say you were bi. I’m not sure anymore if I’m the one who set you up for this or the other way around.”

“Let’s not go that far yet, alright?”

“Okay, Mr. Telephone Pole. Yes, I’ve done this for other guys before.”

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