Late Night Music Ch. 03


Tamsyn opened her eyes, feeling the early morning sunlight flash across her eyelids. Ripples of pleasure coursed through her at the memory of what her and Riley had done the night before, and she was convinced that it was nothing more than a dream between them.

She sleepily turned onto her side, feeling a warm yet soft body nestled up against her, and a flash of panic seized her at her gut. Who did she end up with anyway?

To her relief, Riley lay asleep next to her, his arms wrapped around her waist and keeping her up against him. He seemed very relaxed, his chest slowly rising and falling from every breath he took.

She smiled fondly, tousling his dark bangs, which made him flicker his eyelids and stir before settling again.

In no way did she regret what they did — it felt incredible, and the longer she thought about it, the more she wanted to stay with him. She’d hoped that their lovemaking had eliminated any uncertainty between them.

A wave of nausea hit her stomach, but she chose to ignore it as Riley stirred more and hazily opened his eyes, revealing two bright blue pools.

“Hey.” He drowsily mumbled, relaxing more as he realised he’d been sleeping with her all night. He’d spent so many nights at work, and he’d resorted to almost camping out in the workshop under his desk.

“Hey,” she loved staring into his eyes, “late morning start for you, is it?”

“You could say that.” He watched her get up out of bed and rub her eyes when she sat up. If only they would’ve stayed in bed for longer. At least that way he would’ve been able to have more time to work out those difficult altyazılı porno feelings.

“Well, I have to get ready for work now.”

“You want me to drive you there?” He offered. Even if their relationship was under some form of strain, he was able to tell when Tamsyn didn’t feel like using the bus to get into work. And anyway, it would’ve strengthened their connection that he felt was so close to waning.

She shook her head. “Thanks for the offer, but I’ll be ok.”

After they parted, Riley stayed in bed, not really knowing what he should be doing. He hated work, and in his honest opinion, he couldn’t care less if his job came to an end. Every single employee was going at some stage, so why unnecessarily drag the whole process out?

He checked his mobile, noticing a few messages had come through. His boss would be less than thrilled at knowing where he was. But hopefully, Ryan had covered for him in that respect.


Really and truly, a job was a job, and he still had to go back to it. Business as usual, was what they all called it.


Riley knew he had to go back to work. Ryan came across him sprawled out in his chair by his station. “Something tells me you’ve come down with something.” He was hoping if anything, he’d caught the love bug.

“Why do you say that?”

He smirked. “Because you don’t seem to wanna work.”

“That’s because I don’t wanna be here.”

“Come on, mate…what is it you’re not telling me?”

“I can’t tell you. Not here, anyway.”

“Then we’ll go türkçe altyazılı porno out somewhere after where you can tell me…” Ryan placed a hand on his shoulder. “How does that sound?”

“Can I not tell you in private?”

He swallowed hard. He considered Riley a friend, maybe more…but he knew he shouldn’t take advantage of the young male by confessing to him how he felt towards him. His feelings were all over the place and he seemed ridden with guilt. “Break isn’t for another twenty minutes. We’ll go somewhere private where you can tell me, ok?”

He nodded dimly.



When the time came for them to have their break, Ryan led Riley into the male toilets, where he knew they would both be alone. “Now take your time.”

“I-I don’t think I love her anymore.”

“I don’t know what to say…” Ryan placed his hands on Riley’s shoulders, trying to be comforting but inwardly his body was screaming to let him know how he felt towards him. “Ri, I am so sorry things hadn’t worked out between you.”

“It isn’t as though neither of us tried.” He admitted. “But I’m trying and trying so hard, and it’s all coming to nothing.”

“Why do you think that is?”

The brunette swallowed hard, in an attempt to quell the sobs he knew were coming. “‘C-cause I’m in love with someone else…someone I know I shouldn’t.”

“Ri, ssh…” His friend wrapped his arms around him. “It’s ok. You don’t need to say it, it’s ok now.”

He wanted to say it anyway. “I do like you, but…”

“And I really, really like you.” He placed an index finger under his jaw, forcing him hd altyazılı porno to gaze into his emerald eyes.

“Ryan,” he started, “no.” He wanted to deny he ever felt anything towards him, as he knew it was wrong for their sort, but inside he knew that all of his Christmases had come at once.

The blond male pressed his lips to his, and a warm buzz went to both of them. He took hold of his small hips, pulling them up against his own.

To him, the feeling seemed natural. He withdrew his lips from his, before pressing them down onto them again and then gently suckled on his lower lip.

Riley was aware of what was going on, but he didn’t dislike it.

“I’ve felt something for you for a very, very long time, Ri…” Ryan cupped his face with a hand, skimming a thumb over the slight smudge of oil at his cheek. “And I know full well that you like me.” The boldness in his voice reflected that of what they were both doing. It was all just…so naughty. It was against their way of life and against everything they stood for, and to defy that felt surprisingly strange — maybe even surprisingly, pleasurably strange.

He whimpered dimly, as their lips connected again. He mentally told himself to think back to Tamsyn, and think back to the previous night where they drove each other crazy.

“She’s not worth worrying about.” He interrupted his thoughts perceptively. He spoke tenderly, his hand sliding along his back with his other one making its way down his thigh. Even in the slightly loose-fitting trousers with the elastic just about clinging to his waist, he looked sexy. “You and I together makes perfect sense.”

Riley gasped softly as Ryan drew his touch back up his leg and lifted it so that it wrapped around his waist. He felt lucky no one else had come in and seen them in such a compromising position.

“And you know it does.”

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