Cuckold Husbnd Watch His Wife Fucks Her Colleague

Cuckold Husbnd Watch His Wife Fucks Her Colleague

This is a real-life story which happened in my life recently. I recently joined a firm in Hyderabad as a software engineer and there were other people who joined recently with me. So one of the persons was Lekha. She was short, having 35-28-34 body measurements, and brown and dusky skin color. My work desk and hers were side by side.

One day, she came in a sleeveless top which was showing her armpits and side boobs. She was working and I was also indulged in my work.

After some time when I looked at her, I saw her boobs (slightly) through her sleeveless top and her clean shaved armpits. The sight was giving me a turn on and my penis was erect in no time. Lekha noticed it too and started laughing!

I tried to distract myself and continued doing my work. But from that day onward, she used to talk with me more and I didn’t know what made our relationship like that, maybe she also liked the previous day’s incident.

After that, she started exposing her body more such as her hips in saree and more of her cleavage. She would sit in a way that I could enjoy the best view of her body. Lekha also started touching me more while working.

Soon, we used to chat more and share double meaning jokes. I also always tried to touch her back often and she never stopped me. We used to talk about all kind of topics.

It was one late night, we were so busy with a project for one month and finally, we completed it. I was very happy and only me and Lekha were left in the office and I said out of excitement: “Finally, I can have sex after 1 month”.

She was surprised and asked: “What?!”

Me: Due to the tension of this project, I didn’t have time for my personal life for one month and now I can have some time for myself.
Lekha: You have a girlfriend?
Me: No.
Lekha: Lol. Whom will you have sex with, then?
Me: With call girls most of the time or with some aunties.

She was surprised by my bold answer and winked at me and said, “Always use protection”. I smiled and said, I will.

We left and later that night, she messaged ‘all the best’ with a wink. The next morning, she was smiling at me most of the times.

Me: Why are you laughing?
Lekha: Nothing yaar.
Me: Tell me na.
Lekha: I was just imagining what you did last night.

Me: Don’t imagine, I couldn’t find anybody.
Lekha: Why?
Me: I was not interested in call girls anymore.
Lekha: Ok. If you want anything, I can help. (and winked at me).

I was shocked. So I asked,

Me: What kind of help?
Lekha: Anything.

My phone made a sound and I looked into my phone. It was a hot picture of her and it turned me on instantly! I looked at her and she was smiling differently now. I understood what was happening and where it was going. From that day, we used to sex chat and exchange nudes even though I knew she was married.

So we wanted to move forward and asked her about it and fixed a date but she had one condition.

Me: What is it?
Lekha: It may sound little crazy but I want my husband to watch us fuck.

I was shocked by that.

Lekha: Don’t get tensed.

And then she explained to me how her husband likes to watch her having sex and all that stuff and also told me it is known as ‘cuckold’.

So the day came. I went to her house. After a small talk, she took me to her bedroom. Her husband was there sitting in a corner and watching us. She told me not to worry. She told me I can use her as I please and also said that if I want, I can use her husband too.

Lekha then placed her hand on my dick and turned towards her husband.

Lekha: Are you enjoying this babe?

Her hubby nodded yes and she was already stripping. She removed my clothes too.

Lekha: Oh my god, it is bigger than my husband’s cock.

And I can see the humiliation on her husband’s face but to my surprise, he was enjoying it!

I felt a rage inside me which was making me wild. I pulled her by her hair and started to kiss her lips deeply and biting them. She was moaning a little and the kiss lasted for 10 minutes. My hands were squeezing her boobs and she kept moaning. Later, she started to give me a blowjob. It felt like heaven and I started to call her ‘bitch’ and she replied, “Yeahhhh I am your bitch. Do whatever you wanna do”.

In the meantime, her hubby had already leaked watching the horny side of his wife with another guy. Seeing that, Lekha ordered her to lick his own cum. He was obeying her and started licking it. I started to suck her boobs and bite them.

“Ahh.. ahhhhh.. yeahhhhh.. bite them.. ahhhhh” she moaned.

Now I asked her husband to hold her hands and then I started to lick her armpits. She was in heaven and was moaning even louder.

“Ahhhhh shhhhh ahhhhh yeahhhhhh shhhhh shhhhh” and she had her orgasm after a minute. Being fully into the cuckold action, I ordered her husband to clean it. He came near and started to lick it.

Meanwhile, I was sucking her boobs and bareback and biting her nipples. She was in cloud 9 and moaning like anything. Her screams were so loud. Then I spanked her ass and she enjoyed it.

I started to finger her pussy and she was begging me to fuck her. But I played more with her. She leaked two more times in between. Then I started to rub my dick on her pussy and she was crying and begging me to fuck her. Slowly, I inserted my tool and started to fuck her.

She was enjoying it and moaning like, “Ahhhh ahhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkk meeeeeee ahhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhh” and also humiliating her husband by saying, “Babe, he is so good than you and I am a slave of his dick.”

Her husband was enjoying all this. I fucked her like that for the next 20-30 minutes and finally, I cummed in her mouth. She kissed her husband with my cum in her mouth. Like that, it continued for some more time.

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