I got to fuck my neighbor!!

I got to fuck my neighbor!!
I’m sitting in my car in the parking lot of my condo building, checking my emails on my phone. I look up and see my sexy neighbor again pulling into the parking spot. She gets out of her car showing off those long sexy muscular legs and as usual some hot sexy high heels. Every time I look at her I get so damn horny. She has her hair up in a bun she gets out of her car bins over to pull purse or bag out and I couldn’t help but say hi as I stared at her and nice heart shaped ass. Let me describe again what this woman looks like. She’s White, 5’9, mid 30’s to mid 40’s, golden blonde hair, A body like wonder woman “seriously” like Wonder Woman.

I said “Hi”, she looked up at me and said “hi yourself, where you been hiding?” I told her I’ve been Busy with work and I have been thinking about her for quite some time. she glared at me with a devious smile, (looks like she’s been out drinking again) and said “I bet you have”

We walked in together talking and inventing about our work schedules. We walked up outside of her door where I gave her a hug. When I went to give her a simple peck (kiss) on the cheek… I don’t know how it happen but we are tongue locked. Nonstop, me trying to play it cool as we still try to have conversation in between each wet lip sucking kiss. My dick was so hard and pointing straight as I pressed into her thigh. She turns around pushing that ass against my cock. As she unlocks the door I’m grinding my throbbing hard on her ass, at the same time rubbing her thigh up her skirt. We got into her place I drop my computer bag, she drops her bag and we start making out hot and slutty to her couch.

By this time there’s no more talk . I go to her open her legs start licking her pussy over panties. She get so into it, she wraps one leg over my shoulder. I’m dry humping her other leg with my hard on. She has one hand on my cheek and sucking her fingers on the other hand. I pull over her panty to expose her pussy start licking her lips. Getting that pussy so wet I then move my mouth up to that clique and just start sucking it as she strokes her foot on my cock bulging out of my khakis. She loses control and cums so hard all over my face. Trying to push me away from her pussy but I just wouldn’t let her go. She then says ” See what you made me do! You eat pussy better than most women.” I asked,”… are you lesbian?” She answered “No, I just prefer being with women when I get horny like this.”

I stood up over her as she’s sits up on the couch. She explains to me that she has a man who lives out of town, and that she see’s him once in a while and prefers have a long-distance relationships. Wow, she’s told me that as she was unzipping my pants to pull my cock out. She’s talking and examining as she proceeds to kiss and lick all around my dick. Continuing to explain her relationship and why she likes to get down with women when the mood strikes. Now she begins to suck me and it’s HOT! With red lipstick on smeared on my shaft, she sucks the head of my cock. It’s quiet in her place except for her moaning and humming sound giving me head,

By this time she’s driving me crazy and I’m ready to cum. I pulled away, she stands up and start kissing some more still stroking my cock.She asked me “Do you want to fuck me?” and I’m thinking this is what I fantasized about since I first saw her months ago. I answered “yeah. Can record it on my phone?” She tells me she’s not into that, but if I keep this discreet, we will fuck again. She takes off her top expose those perfect breast (obviously implants…. but who gives a fuck). I’m sucking her nipples, she still stroking my cock. She turns around kneeling on her couch her skirt is wrapped around her waist panties pulled aside and I stick my cock in slow. I’m giving her long strokes, taking my time and she’s morning so hot, I push in deep placing my hand on her shoulder. She starts to moan “fuck me” I start pumping harder. She continues saying “fuck me, your dick is so hard, fuck me”.

Though she has a lot of female partners and sees a man once in awhile, it was obvious she hasn’t had dick in a long time. Because she starts to quiver and cums so fucking hard and so fucking loud. I continue to fuck her. She ask me if I was ready to cum, and if I can come in her mouth because that’s what she likes. I pulled out sat on the couch she begins to suck me, stroking my cock and I cum with the heaviest load. It had been weeks since I’ve been laid or jacked off.

After I came she still keeps licking up and down my cock.She starts talking again “I can taste my pussy on your dick”. She doesn’t stop she gets really comfortable. laying on the couch with your legs in the air (high heels, it’s like she knows what turns me on). Slowly takes her time licking up and down my shaft teasing the head, Stroking it,seducing me allover again. She wraps her lips around the head sucking on it, stroking my shaft and I get hard again in her mouth. As she feels me throbbing, getting harder. She starts humming knowing she’s going to make me cum again. I feel her saliva dripping from her mouth on my shaft keeping it wet as she strokes the me slowly. This goes on for minutes and I cum again.

She gets, off the couch told me to sit tight goes to the bathroom. I hear her washing herself comes out with a towel and cleans me off. She goes to the kitchen to make a drink , I started to put on my clothes. We discuss how busy we’re going to be in the next week. She takes off her heels.Now she’s completely naked sits on her couch. Turns on the TV . I sat next to her putting on my pants.I ask for a sip of her drink.Hands me her glass I just grabbed her by the back of her head and start kissing her as if I just can’t get enough of this woman. I reach down and start fingering your clique. She’s unable to put her glass down as I keep playing with her pussy till she cums. We kiss some more. When we stop she whispers “thank you.”

I think it up fixed myself up, tell her goodbye and if she needs anything give me a call. Since then I’ve jacked off thinking about her and can’t wait when I can fuck her again. I saw one night I looking outside my window but she was with another young lady. I can only assume they’re going to do some heavy pussy licking. Maybe next time I can weasel my way into a hot threesome . God I hope

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