Daddy’s Exhibitionist


You should not get married, or even get engaged, within two years of a divorce. It is a huge mistake. That is the voice of experience talking. I try to learn from my mistakes and I had learned quite a bit from this experience.

The silver lining in the cloud was Pam’s daughter, Kelly. Kelly referred to her biological father as “the sperm donor” so you can guess that she did not feel very close to him. There had been a step-father in between “the sperm donor” and me, but he had died a sudden and very unexpected coronary death about a year before I met Miss Kelly.

Pam and I married when Kelly was 15 years old. She was at that awkward age where she was in between being a little kid and being a young adult. She obviously needed a father figure for guidance and support.

I taught Kelly how to drive. I took her out on father/daughter “date” nights so she could learn how a lady should be treated by a gentleman. We went out to dinner and sometimes to movies afterwards, or sometimes we went shopping. I had really bonded with Kelly and, a few times, she had “slipped” and called me “Daddy.” She didn’t have a steady boyfriend when she reached her 18th birthday, so I sent roses to her at her work. I bought her the dress she wanted for senior prom and, as she and her escort were leaving that night, she gave me a hug and whispered ‘you’re the most special guy in my life, Daddy.’ I was a proud daddy that night and even prouder when I attended her high school graduation the following month.

Kelly loved me and I loved her. It was simple and pure father/daughter affection.

Pam, Kelly, and I had been together for more than four years and we tried to have a relaxed and happy home. We didn’t live in a luxurious mansion but we had a nice house with a pool, we ate well, and we had nice clothes. We all had decent cars to drive and we didn’t have to worry about paying the monthly bills.

Inside the protection of the castle walls, when no one else was present, none of us was overly modest or prudish. We were all comfortable seeing each other in our underwear. We didn’t lounge around naked or just sit and watch TV in our underwear, but Kelly sometimes came into our bedroom to talk when I was getting dressed and she had seen me in my boxers on several occasions.

Conversely, sometimes she would walk from her bedroom to her bathroom while just in her panties and bra and she didn’t always have her bedroom door closed when she was getting dressed. I had even seen her topless once or twice when I came home a bit earlier than usual and found her sunbathing at the pool. I had never seen her bottomless; I think her mother would have been too insecure to handle that if it had ever happened.

Pam had recently become convinced that she had been an alcoholic when she was younger and she had devoted her life to paying penance by attending A.A. meetings and never drinking another drop of liquor. That meant that she was out of the house every morning and quite often in the evenings while she commiserated with other sober alcoholics at meetings. She had also become very less affectionate and I felt that she wanted me solely to support her financially. All of the joy had left our life and our marriage was dying. Four years into the marriage, I was spending time out of the house as much as possible. Things had started out idyllic but, recently, Pam was driving me crazy and I knew it was just a matter of time before one of us filed for divorce.

Kelly had a part-time job the summer after she graduated and she was home by 3:00 pm every day. She called me on my cell phone one afternoon around 4:30 pm. “Daddy, what time are you gonna be home?” she asked.

“Why are you asking, sweetie? Are you running around the house naked while you have it to yourself?” I teased her. Every time she inquired about how long she would have the house to herself, I teased her about being a closet nudist.

“Maybe,” she replied coyly. “Mom’s not here and I just wanted to know how long I’d be alone.”

“I’ll be home around 6 o’clock, maybe just a little bit sooner.”

“Okay, daddy. I’ll see you then.”

I wondered what was up with her inquiry. I really did believe that Kelly was a clothing optional girl and that, if she knew her mother would never catch her at it, she would walk around nude in my presence.

Kelly was a cute girl and, in my mind, the best way to deal with temptation was to avoid it, so I was somewhat relieved that she didn’t prance around au naturel. That doesn’t mean that I didn’t fantasize about her body; I’ll admit to some rather impure and not-at-all-fatherly impulses from time to time. Seeing her naked would have been like showing a kid some cookies and then telling them that they can’t have any.

Around 5:45 pm, I got in the car and headed home. I had warned Kelly that I might be home earlier than 6:00 pm, so I was hopeful that she would certainly be “proper” by 6:00 pm. As I drove up our home, I noticed a strange car parked in front of the neighbor’s house.

I parked my car in the driveway and walked up to the front door. I was happy to find keçiören escort it locked, as I had always emphasized safety to Kelly. Just in case she was still frolicking in the buff, I made an object of making some noise as I came through the front door.

As I walked through the foyer and into the family room, I could look down the hallway into Kelly’s bedroom. The door was open and I saw a momentary flash of skin.

For a second, I was anxious. I didn’t really trust myself to see Kelly naked. Pam and I had been drifting apart for quite a while and it had been a few months since I had sex with anyone other than myself. Despite my usual attitude about temptation, I convinced myself that walking up to her bedroom door and surprising her might convince her to be a bit more careful in the future.

As I walked down the carpeted hallway, I knew that she couldn’t hear me approaching. I didn’t want to scare her but, when I got to the doorway and looked in, I was the one who got a surprise.

In the bedroom were Kelly and a boy who appeared to be her age. Both of them were completely naked and both had their backs towards the door.

“So this is why you wanted to know when I would be home?” I asked in a loud voice.

Both of them jumped and then turned towards me with a look of surprise on their faces.

“Uh . . . uh . . .” was all the boy could muster in response. I didn’t stare at him but it would have been impossible to not notice his erection.

“Daddy,” Kelly started to say something but I interrupted her.

“No, I’ll doing the talking. Young man, get dressed and I had better hear the front door slamming behind you in less than two minutes. Kelly, come with me!” My voice left no question about whether she should obey.

“Can I get dressed first?” she asked.

“No, I want you out of this room THIS INSTANT and, besides, I’ve already seen you naked so what’s the big deal? You can grab a towel from the bathroom but I want you in my office now!” I barked at her.

As I turned, I saw the young man pulling his clothes on as fast as humanly possible. I assume that he was grateful to not hear something about ‘I’m gonna go get a shotgun’ and he was leaving before I had any second thoughts on that subject.

I walked to my office and Kelly followed behind me. She briefly ducked into the bathroom and grabbed a towel to wrap around her but the one she grabbed was too small to cover her top and bottom, so she opted to cover just the bottom. When she walked into my office, I closed the door.

“Explain!” I commanded. My anger was obvious.

“Nothing happened, Daddy . . ..”

“Hold on a second. I walk in and you and this kid are totally naked and you tell me nothing happened? Am I supposed to believe that you were getting ready to go to the park and play on the see-saw?”

“Okay, what I mean is that we didn’t have sex. I mean . . . he didn’t stick his . . . you know . . . uh . . ..”

“Okay. I’m gonna ask some questions and you’d better answer every question completely and honestly. If I think you leave out anything or you lie about something, your mother will hear about this. First, who is this kid?”

“Brad? He’s just a guy who was in one of my classes in high school,” Kelly said.

“So why is he in your room naked?” I demanded.

“Well, he called me, and I invited him over, and I don’t have a boyfriend now and he doesn’t have a girlfriend now and somehow, I guess, it came out that we were both feeling horny, and . . . one of us said something about maybe we could relieve some pressure together by, you know, watching each other give ourselves an orgasm.”

About that time, I heard the front door slam. “You wait right here,” I directed her. “I’m gonna go lock the front door then I’m coming back for us to continue this discussion.”

Brad was gone and I secured the gate to my fortress.

Returning to my office, I asked “So, is that what happened? He jerked off and then you fingered yourself?”

“No, you came in right after we took off our clothes.”

“So, if I hadn’t walked in, he was gonna jerk off for you and you were gonna get off with your finger or a sex toy or something, and that’s what friends are for? Do you really think that’s the kind of thing you should be doing with ‘some guy’ who was in one of your classes in high school?”

“No, not really,” she admitted sheepishly.

“Once he saw you naked and he started getting worked up, do you really think he would have been content with bopping his own bologna while you watched? Don’t you think he might have wanted a bit more than that?” I asked incredulously.

“Well, I didn’t think about that,” she admitted.

“Well, if you didn’t wanna have sex with him, what the hell did you think was gonna happen? . . . And I told you that I’d be home at 6 o’clock and that’s exactly when I walked in. Maybe you wanted me to catch you doing it?”

“No. He was late getting over here, and sometimes you come home late, and when he suggested it, I was feeling so horny and . . . the idea of being etlik escort naked in front of somebody else like that just got me really excited.”

“Well, you were naked in front of me earlier and now you’re sitting her with your boobs on display. Are you excited now?” I asked. I know that wasn’t a fatherly question to be asking Kelly but I had seen her bald pussy and now she was standing here almost totally naked. Kelly’s an attractive girl, even with her clothes on. She’s about 5’4″ and weighs maybe 120 pounds. She has shoulder length brunette hair and beautiful brown eyes. Her breasts are small, probably an A cup, and her ass is very toned and a bit on the skinny side. I had also noticed that she didn’t have any tan lines. Her pussy was shaved as smooth as a baby, but there was no mistaking her pussy for a baby’s vagina. It was slightly swollen and I had seen noticed some moisture around her outer lips. I had probably walked in while they were in the middle of whatever they were gonna do.

“Well, you told me to be honest, so . . . yeah, I feel kind of aroused standing here naked with you looking at me. If Mom didn’t live here, you’d probably see a whole lot more of it.”

“I had kind of guessed that,” I said as I paused and looked directly at the towel covering her beautiful pussy. “This is what you wanted all along, isn’t it? Except you know that your mom couldn’t handle you running around in front of me naked; right?”

“I guess. I don’t know why I’m this way, Daddy, but I just excited thinking about other people seeing me naked. And the idea of making myself cum while somebody else watched just really took it to a whole ‘nother level. I’m so screwed up!”

Well, at least my girl was being honest with me now. “Kelly, you can’t be having casual sex with people who you don’t care about just to satisfy some urges that you have. People will be calling you the village slut and you won’t feel very good about yourself. Do you want to be a slut?”

“No, Daddy, but I can’t help the urges that I have!” Obviously, she wanted to justify her actions to me. “When I feel that way, I just have to do something about it.”

“Sweetie, at your age, having sexual urges is a normal thing. But you can satisfy yourself without involving other people. Do you know what I’m saying?” I was trying to not be too explicit with what I was telling her.

“Daddy, I know about masturbating. I do that sometimes but that just . . . well, it’s good, but . . . if I’m alone, it’s not the same thing.”

“Honey, how many other guys have you done this with?”

“Guys? Well . . .”

I interrupted her. “Guys or girls?” I amended my question.

“Well, Brad and I didn’t actually do it, so no guys. Sometimes, when I had sleepovers with Christina, we did it a few times, not to each other but just doing it to ourselves together.”

“Sweetie, if you being naked in front of me turns you on, and that’s what it takes to keep you from doing something stupid, then go ahead and get naked. But I’m not gonna pull down my pants and jerk off for you. You know things haven’t been very good with your mother and, if I did that and she ever found out, she’d probably try to have me arrested. But if getting naked and masturbating while somebody else watches is what it takes to keep you from becoming the village slut, then . . . go ahead and do it now. I’m watching!”

Life with Pam was about to go down the tubes so I figured I had nothing to lose. I had frequently fantasized about watching Kelly masturbate and now I could pretend that I was doing this at her request, to keep her from becoming promiscuous.

She stood and dropped the towel. I was looking at the cutest girl I knew, totally naked and obviously horny as hell. She needed to get fucked and, if I wasn’t married to her mother, I would have fucked Kelly in a heartbeat. But Kelly didn’t know that.

She looked at me with suspicious eyes but, then, I think she decided she would call my bluff. “Well, I usually use a vibrator, and that’s in my room, so why don’t we go back there?” she said, expecting me to back out.

“Let’s go,” I said and I walked out of my office and towards her room. She followed behind me.

Once we were in her bedroom, I asked, “Where do you keep your vibrator?”

“In my panty drawer, here,” she said as she reached into the drawer and retrieved her battery-operated boyfriend. It was a pink rabbit type vibrator, not very large.

She got on her bed in a reclining position and turned the vibrator on. “Okay, I’m gonna start now,” she said, again apparently expecting me to turn and run.

“Don’t you use some kind of lube on it?” I asked, almost suggesting that she should.

“No, Daddy, I usually get wet so fast that I don’t need any lube. Not unless I . . ..” she trailed off. “Not unless I . . . I stick it in my . . . you know, in my . . . behind.”

“Do you like that, too?” I inquired.

“Sometimes it feels good, Daddy. I don’t know why and . . . I know it sounds kinky and kinda fucked up, but . . . that’s the way I am.”

“Honey, you rus escort don’t need to feel too weird about it. A lot of people enjoy anal stimulation as part of their sexual arousal. You should do whatever feels good to you, and I’ll sit over here and watch. You just tell me when you’re turned on.”

I sat on her desk chair, about three feet from her bed, as she turned on the vibrator and placed it on one nipple and then the other.

“I like to get my nipples hard, Daddy. They’re harder ’cause you’re watching. I’ve never had sex with a guy but I’d like to know what it’s like to have my nipples licked and sucked.”

Her right hand was inching closer to her pussy. “Sometimes, I masturbate with my panties on, but they get so wet they smell like sex. . . . Do you like that smell, Daddy?”

“All men enjoy the smell of an aroused woman, honey,” I offered.

“I masturbated earlier today, before Brad got here, and my panties were soaked. Do you want to smell my panties, Daddy?” Kelly was my innocent little girl; where did she learn to talk so seductively?

“Do you want me to smell your panties, honey? Will that turn you on?”

“Oh yeah, Daddy! My panties are on top of the dirty clothes in my closet. Get ’em and see if you can smell me.”

I walked to her closet and saw a light pink thong on top of the pile of crumpled jeans and tee-shirts. I picked up the thong and returned to my chair. I could feel the dampness in the crotch of her underwear.

At this point, Kelly had positioned the vibrator so that the main tip was directly on her clit.

“This feels so good, Daddy. I wanna see you sniff my panties,” she said.

I brought the panties to my face and inhaled. The unmistakable musky smell of an aroused female was overwhelming.

By now, she had the vibrator in her pussy and it was tuned so that the “rabbit ear” was massaging her clit. “This feels soooo good, Daddy. I’m gonna cum so hard!”

She raised her legs, bringing her knees towards her chest. I could see the vibrator plunging in and out of her wet sex hole. I had to force myself to remain in my seat; the male in me wanted to jump up and attack her pussy with my tongue and then my dick, but the Daddy in me suggested otherwise – as if sitting and watching Kelly fuck herself with a vibrator while restraining myself was an otherwise appropriate fatherly activity.

“Daddy, if you lick my panties, you can taste me!” she said, almost begging me to comply with her suggestion.

“What I want is for you to turn over and get up on your knees but kinda bent over. I wanna watch you from behind,” I said with lust in my voice.

She didn’t say a word. She simply rolled over and got on her knees in a doggy-style position. She then reached between her legs with the vibrator and reinserted it into her fuck hole.

In this position, her cute little ass was stretched tight and I could see the little pink eye that lay recessed in the most forbidden square inch of her body. I began licking the crotch of her thong as I tasted the salty sweetness of her feminine nectar.

“Daddy, are you looking at my little butt hole?” she asked. “Do you like seeing me back there?”

“Sweetie, you are the most beautiful woman in the entire world and I love every square inch of your body, including your cute little butt hole.”

“Daddy, get the small vibrator and KY out of my panty drawer,” she requested.

I tore my eyes away from her naked writing body long enough to locate a slender and simple blue vibrator.

“Would you put the lube on it, Daddy?” she asked. What father could refuse that request?

I held the vibrator out to her and she looked back at me. “Can you put it in me, Daddy?”

“You want me to put this in your . . . in your butt?” I asked. I thought that was what she wanted but I certainly didn’t want to make a mistake about her intentions.

“Yeah, it’ll be better if you do it,” she responded.

What I wanted to do was to pull the other vibrator out of her very wet pussy and fill it with my stiff dick and fuck her ’til she begged me to stop. But I wasn’t ready to cross that line and I’m not sure that she was, either. I placed the tip against her pink little anus and gave it a steady, gentle push. As it opened up her sphincter and began to penetrate, she started moaning like the whore of Babylon.

“Oh, fuck, Daddy, that feels so good!” she exclaimed as she began humping her ass back and forth, fucking the vibrator that I held in my hand. At the same time, she was sliding the rabbit in and out of her pussy and every time the rabbit ear hit her clit, she got hotter and wetter.

“Oh, I need it so bad, Daddy. I’m gonna cum . . . I’m gonna cum now. Oh . . . Daddy . . . pinch my nipple!” She said it in a tone of voice that gave me no option.

I reached under her petite frame and found her left breast with my left hand. I wrapped my thumb and index finger around her nipple and gently began massaging the cap of her beautiful tiny breast.

Her chest began heaving as she continued rocking back and forth. “Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Yeah!” she uttered as her body began to contort in paroxysms of orgasmic bliss. After the first four or five waves passed through, her orgasm began to subside and she lowered her shoulders to the bed. This placed her ass pointing up in the air with the vibrator still in place.

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