Raven Robinson Ep. 02


Raven Robinson woke to a still dark bedroom. She knew part of her should feel guilty about her dream last night. Miss Malone was her dad’s new wife, and her new step-mom. Somehow though she couldn’t be happier. Raven hadn’t felt so good in weeks. She was done being ashamed of her dreams. If she wasn’t brave enough to tell the world her secrets she could at least be honest with herself.

(This begins a brief flashback; two years earlier)

The first time it had happened she actually cried when she woke and felt the wetness down there. The wetness that was now on her sheets as inescapable evidence of her sin. The day before she had been swimming with the Watkins twins from down the street. It was just the three of them in the Robinson family pool. The girls had started talking about their breasts. Sam and Staci were eighteen at the time two years older than Raven and their maturity showed in their swimsuits. Staci always the bold one even flashed keçiören escort hers at the other girls, laughing playfully. Raven was entranced. She wanted so badly to touch those perfectly round boobs. Staci’s black skin was soft and wet and the sunlight made it look like warm melting chocolate. Raven was momentarily slack-jawed and suddenly salivating at the thought. She was able to get a hold of herself long enough to avoid looking foolish. Yet when she spoke she stammered just a little.

“Are they, are they as soft as they look?” Staci giggled and said

“Wanna feel and find out?”

“OF COURSE NOT.” She shouted louder than she had intended. She was quiet the rest of the afternoon and went home confused and worried.

The next day when she woke after her first wet dream – of the Watkins twins’ lithe brown bodies wet and strangely inviting – she cried her eyes out. She cried from fear and the knowledge etlik escort that things would never be the same again. She cried because she knew now she was different. Raven had never had a boyfriend in her life, what’s more is that she never even wanted one. When the other girls she knew gossiped of the boys they liked she would sort of tune them out. She thought they were silly getting so worked up over stupid boys. Most of all she cried because she wanted so badly to slip back into that wonderful dream but could not. Her heart had never beat so fast, as if it might jump right out of her chest. That is how Raven Robinson discovered her terrible secret. She was a lesbian.

(the flashback ends)

Now Raven relishes her dreams. They are the one place she is safe to be herself without worrying. She doesn’t have to tell anyone about them. Even better she found that once she embraced this fact the dreams were even better – they rus escort lasted longer, seemed realer and sometimes she swore she could even taste them in the morning.

So it was on this Saturday morning that Raven woke in the best mood she could remember. She tried briefly to return to the pleasant dream but was unsuccessful. She licked her fingers for traces of lastnight. Her tongue was hungry for her own juices. Before she knew it she was sucking on three whole fingers on her right hand. She began to rub her silken panties with her left and emitted a tiny moan. Just then, with one hand almost fully in her mouth and the other getting to work on her delicate womanhood – her door opened ever so slightly.

The new Mrs. Robinson stuck her head in the room and spoke in a whisper

“Raven, honey I made you breakfast. Eggs, bacon

and toast. I can bring it to you in bed if you’d like, we have trays for that.” Raven shot out of bed and wrapped a blanket around her. She silently prayed she hadn’t been heard or even worse seen. She let out an exaggerated yawn hoping that she could pass the previous noise off as an early morning grumble.

“No, no it’s fine” she said. “I’m coming, I’ll be down in a minute”.

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