Janes Initiation by a Strict Nun

Janes Initiation by a Strict Nun
Janes Initiation by a Strict Nun
The blonde bombshell bounded up the steps to St. Monica’s School for
Girls. Her unusually large breasts bouncing up and down and side-to-side
like small cantaloupes trapped in a bra. Her petite frame and figure were
identical to Jenna, except her breasts were even LARGER than Jenna’s. With
an easy pull she opened the large heavy wooden front door to the school and
walked in.
Her firm tight ass swayed easily from side-to-side and each step caused her
short navy mini to flip at the ends as she walked. Navy colored pumps with
four-inch heels echoed each confident step, as the perky nineteen year old
sauntered toward the school office.
“Hello,” she bubbled to the school secretary, “I’m Jane. I’m here to see
Jenna Tarp. She’s my cousin.”
The elderly woman sized up the pretty young teenager and surmised that she
was indeed Ms. Tarp’s cousin. “In fact,” she breathed to herself, “they
could be sisters.” Not one to be particularly inclined to notice such
things the secretary absolutely could not stop staring Jane’s HUGE
breasts. They were magnificent in size, shape and perkiness. And squished
into that tight crop top and push-up bra didn’t help hide them. She had to
blink to stop the mental image of lifting both those mammary’s in her hands
and hefting their weight as she squeezed them together. “Wonderful,” she
unwittingly said out loud.
“Pardon me?” asked Jane.
Stunned, the secretary muttered, “I’m sorry. It was nothing.” Chagrinned at
her verbal slip, the secretary broke her inappropriate stare at the
teenagers chest and told her she’d let Ms. Tarp know she was here.
Just by chance, Trisha and Barb happened by the office when their ‘radar’
went off. Simultaneously they both looked in and saw that glorious figure
standing at the counter. As if walking into a wall, they both stopped dead
in their tracks and hugged each other like they’d just won the lottery.
Without uttering a word, the two knew they HAD to see her face. Seeing her
shapely frame from the rear sent bursts of arousal into both girls pussies.
“I hope she’s in my Science class,” whispered Trisha, assuming the girl was
a new student.
“Me too,” agreed Barb. “She’s so tiny. What grade do you think she’s in?”
“Probably 6th,” figured Trisha.
Quickly devising an excuse to enter the office the two taller domineering
teens walked in.
Making eye contact with the secretary, Trisha said, “We’re here to get…”
Trisha’s mouth fell open and the words stopped coming out as Jane turned to
see who had just walked in.
Both girls faces looked stunned and shocked and their eyes were glued to
the perfect set of the largest breasts they’d ever seen. Neither one moved
for several seconds. They couldn’t believe their eyes.
Not until the secretary piped up and asked, “You’re here for what?” did the
pair break off their stares at the “pair”.
Trisha could barely speak. She forget her excuse and stammered, “Uh, we’re
here, uh, for, uh…” She frantically turned to Barb and flapped her hand
for help.
“We, uh, need to know, uh, what time lunch is,” winced Barb and the
ludicrous thing she blurted out.
“What?!” asked an annoyed secretary. “Hey, aren’t you girls in Ms. Tarp’s
English class?”
“Uh, yes,” answered a confused Trisha.
“Well then maybe you can take this young woman to see her. This is her
cousin, Jane.”
Then and only then was Trisha able to f***e her eyes from the mammoth,
succulent breasts within easy reach of her mouth to look higher and see the
girls face. Her mouth dropped open again when she saw the resemblance to
Ms. Tarp.
“Uh, sure, we can take her,” Trisha said as she swallowed the pool of drool
that had formed in the back of her throat. “I’m Trisha,” she said as she
extended her hand, “and this is Barb.”
“Hi girls. I’m Jane,” she said shaking their hands.
“Well come on, let’s go,” Trisha said as she elbowed Barb to lead the way.
The three girls chitchatted as they slowly walked down the empty
corridor. Trish and Barb pumped the young teen for information. They wanted
to know what she knew about Jenna’s submission and it turned out that she
knew nothing. In fact, Jenna didn’t even know she had a cousin. Jane had
only learned of Jenna about a month ago when her mom told her she had a
sister Linda that she hadn’t seen for years and that she’d heard Linda had
raised her other sister’s daughter after she died in an accident when the
girl was just a c***d.
As the trio strolled past the library, Trisha got a brilliant idea. What
better way to indoctrinate Ms. Tarp’s long lost cousin than to have her
wait in the library with old sister Elizabeth? sister Elizabeth was well
known throughout the school for her blatant groping of the students. She
had been assigned to the library because of its infrequent contact with the
students and its public setting. Both things designed to limit her tendency
to ‘feel up’ some of the girls. Even Trisha hated the old nun because of
her shameless gooses in crowded hallways. When students saw her coming they
knew to give her a wide berth or risk a hand under their skirt or worse.
“Hey,” Trish stopped, “I think it’d be best if we had Jane wait in here
until Ms. Tarp’s class finishes,” she said with a wink to Barb.
Instantly reading her friends’ evil mind, Barb agreed, “Yeah, you’re
Taking Jane by both arms the two girls ushered the unsuspecting teenager
into the library. “We’ll introduce you to the librarian,” informed Trisha,
barely able to contain her excitement at the thought of watching the old
nun grope the gorgeous teen.
sister Elizabeth was sitting behind her desk doing paperwork when the
library doors swung open and three girls walked in. Looking over the top of
her glasses, she pushed them back on her nose to sharpen the fuzzy image of
three females. Her eyes widened and her tongue swept past her wrinkled lips
as her vision cleared on the center pair of tits.
“sister Elizabeth can Ms. Tarp’s cousin wait here for a couple hours until
Ms. Tarp’s classes finish?” asked Trisha sweetly, knowing full well that
giving sister Elizabeth a couple hours ALONE with a babe like this was like
throwing meat to a lion.
Choking on her own good fortune, sister Elizabeth grunted, “Sure. But you
two can’t stay.” There was no way she was going to let a couple students
ruin an otherwise perfect opportunity. “You leave now, hear?”
“Okay, thanks sister,” giddily replied Trisha as she grabbed Barb’s arm and
faked like they were going to leave.
After pushing open the library door, the two quickly ducked behind a
bookcase to safely watch the action that was sure to come.
sister Elizabeth upon hearing the door close came out from behind her desk
and sized up the young delicacy that stood before her, “A cousin, eh?” she
began, “if you don’t mind, could you give me a” she let her voice trail
off, “hand(ful)”.
“Sure, be happy too,” chirped the naive teenager. “What do you need help
“See these books over here?” sister Elizabeth pointed with one hand while
the other made its way onto Jane’s back and began to rub small circles
around her bra strap, “I need them put up on the top shelf over there. See
the ladder?”
“Uh huh,” acknowledged Jane, ignoring the nice old nun’s overture.
Jane picked up a small stack of the dusty old books and pulled them to her
chest and headed for the ladder. Clutching the books tightly she carefully
climbed up the ladder until her ass was just at sister Elizabeth’s face.
“That’s far enough,” sister Elizabeth said, “put them on that shelf there.”
She pointed to shelf that would cause Jane to reach, hoping that she’d
spread her legs for balance.
“I don’t think I can reach it,” whimpered a shaky Jane.
“Sure you can, just do it. Here, let me help you.” The old nun ran her icy
cold lumpy fingers along Jane’s outer thighs and upward toward her
hips. She intentionally ran her thumbs on the backside of her thighs so
that she fully cupped the firm tight ass with both hands.
“Oh,” flinched Jane as the cold fingers made their way under her skirt and
came to rest under her ass. She didn’t want to embarrass the old nun and
was sure it was just an accident, so she didn’t say anything.
“Now lean over and put them there. I’ve got you.”
Uncertain how much help this old woman would actually be if she slipped and
fell, Jane hesitated.
Annoyed and growing impatient, sister Elizabeth urged, “Go on now. Do
it. Just stick one leg out for balance. I’ve got you.” She squeezed Jane’s
taut ass to encourage her and show her that she truly did have her. She
secretly slipped her fingertips into the leg bands of Jane’s thong and
slowly started lifting it. She knew Jane was focused on reaching the shelf
and not on where her hands were.
Taking full advantage of Jane’s distraught condition, the old nun caressed
and squeezed the twin globes of flesh nearly at will. She kept running her
fingers along the soft skin of Jane’s hips and thighs pushing her panties
higher and deeper into her ass and crotch.
Jane knew she had to reach the shelf if she wanted the nun to
stop. Mustering all her will she lifted her left leg and put all her weight
on her right and she leaned out and stretched for the shelf.
When she was at her most vulnerable, the old nun reached around Jane’s
front and tightly gripped her panties into a thin cord. With her other hand
pinching the rear part, she see-sawed them deep into the young teen’s
pussy, effectively splitting it in two.
Jane groaned, “Ooooohhhhhh,” when she felt her panties sc****d across her
clit and bunch in between her lips. She didn’t know how this could happen
but figured it was because she was so splayed.
When sister Elizabeth heard the girl moan she asked, “You okay honey?”
Still balanced on one foot and stretching for the shelf, Jane murmured,
“uh, y-yes, I, uh, think so.”
Watching the old nun ‘do her thing’, Trish and Barb could barely contain
their excitement. Watching the old pervert grope and feel up a gorgeous
unsuspecting female was one thing, but knowing that she was Ms. Tarp’s
cousin made it even better. They both reached under their skirts and
secretly slid their panties off to one side and dipped a finger into their
moistened slits. It took all their will not to moan out loud.
“Don’t worry. I’ve got you,” encouraged the old nun as she tilted her face
and peered under the teen’s skirt. A young pussy so close to her nose was
more than she could bear. The tiny rosebud of her ass was staring her in
her face just begging, ‘eat me’. She moved her hands back under the girls
butt cheeks and using her thumbs, she pried open the taut ass and stared at
the perfect tight little asshole just inches from her nose. It was taking
all her will not to press her tongue in it.
“There! I did it,” squealed an excited Jane as she dropped her leg and
regained her balance after her success.
“Darn it,” muttered sister Elizabeth to herself as her windo w of
opportunity closed with Jane’s legs.
Jane climbed down and let out an audible sigh of relief, “Phew. Thank God
that’s over.”
“Yeah. Thank God,” sighed the disappo inted nun.
Suddenly another wonderful opportunity presented itself. “Oh my. You’re all
dirty now. Let me dust you off,” sister Elizabeth offered. Without waiting
for permission she started stroking the young teens’ massive
breasts. Enthusiastically brushing with both hands, she was delighted to
see two long nipples spring to life.
“Oh, that’s okay,” stammered an embarrassed Jane as she tried to dust her
own chest off.
“Now STOP THAT!” insisted the old nun. She was getting annoyed and the teen
had her so heated that she was tired of things getting in her way. “I’ll do
The old nun grabbed the bottom of Jane’s crop top and pulled it out and
away from her stomach. With the other hand she stroked at the fabric,
making sure she ended each stroke at those fabulous nipples.
Seizing an opportunity the old nun told the teen, “Oh, this just won’t do,”
she ordered, “Raise your arms.”
Jane didn’t know what to make of the situation. She knew the old nun was
just trying to be helpful, but her top wasn’t even that dirty, just a
couple smudges. Before she could even rationalize why the nun was making
such a big deal about nothing, she instinctively did as the nun ordered and
raised her arms.
Maybe it was all those years in Catholic school that made her so obedient
to the directives of a nun or maybe it was the nun’s age or perhaps it was
the tone of voice she used or maybe it was because the nun was so much
taller than she. In any case, Jane never really questioned ‘why’, she just
did it.
But before Jane even figured it out, her top was yanked over her head and
off her arms.
“There now, let me get this cleaned up for you.”
Jane cringed with embarrassment and crossed her arms over her chest.
“Now, now,” started sister Elizabeth, “there’s no need for that. We’re all
girls here,” she smirked.
Jane smiled at her silliness and began to relax. “Yes, you’re right. It
just took me a little by surprise. That’s all.”
“Let me check your bra to make sure none of this dirt made it through. Drop
your arms!” sternly ordered the nun, sensing Jane’s submissive nature.
Jane immediately did as she was told. She didn’t even know why, she just
did it.
Trish looked Barb as the two secretly crouched behind a bookcase. Barb knew
what the look was for. They both could see that Jane was ripe for the
picking. She was so submissive already. Furiously their fingers worked on
their throbbing clits as visions of mastering another little Tarp danced in
their heads.
The old nun grabbed the two huge melons like she were holding a
basketball. She lifted and hefted the huge pair of tits and pretended to
examine the bra for dirt.
Jane just stood there. Embarrassed, yes, but she just let the nun conduct
her silly inspection anyway. It was funny though, as she looked down at the
nun’s old wrinkled bumpy fingers supporting her breasts as they did, Jane
felt something in her stomach. It was like a twinge or something. Seeing
those old hands manipulate her breasts the way they were was strange. The
old ladies face was so close to them, too.
Bending forward at the waist, sister Elizabeth leaned close to the young
teens tits. So close in fact, that she could smell them. The aroma of damp,
dewy nervous sweat that clung to the girls’ cleavage was intoxicating. She
lifted the breasts as she squeezed them together.
“Ooohhh,” sighed Jane inadvertently. She bit her lower lip and hoped the
old nun didn’t hear her mistaken sigh. “Can you please finish?” she
whispered hoping not to offend the old woman.
“My eyes aren’t what they used to be,” she said. “Come over here in the
light.” She took Jane by the hand and led the young teen in front of one of
the large glass windows where sunlight poured through and overlooked the
playground where the underclass c***dren were playing. She faced Jane
toward the window and with her back to the glass she began her inspection
Jane stood there with her arms at her sides looking over top of the
crouching nun and out the window. Several grade school age girls noticed
her right away and watched the proceedings with interest.
“Can we move to somewhere more private?” Jane meekly requested.
“Oh stop being such a prude. It’s not like they don’t have these too you
Jane thought for minute and realized the nun was right. They were all girls
after all.
“Hmmmm,” hummed the nun as she lifted, twisted and squeezed the huge pair
of tits. Her thumbs flicked across Jane’s hardened nipples. The thin
material barely did anything to stop them from protruding to their full
With each flick across her nipples, Jane became weaker. Her eyes kept
closing and her breathing became shallower. She had to find out how much
longer the inspection was going to take. All the nun’s manipulations were
having a strange effect on her and she didn’t know what to do. Quietly she
pleaded, “Uh, may I ask, uh, how much, uh, longer will this take?”
sister Elizabeth realized she had to get on with it or risk losing another
opportunity. “Can’t tell if this is dirt or a shadow,” she said flicking
her thumbs repeatedly across the pointy nipples. “Turn around.”
Gladly, Jane turned around. Anything to stop the continuous sensation she
was feeling in her stomach that started at her nipples. The brief pause was
a welcome relief.
With the quick motion of experienced hands, sister Elizabeth unclasped
Jane’s bra and flicked it off her chest and arms with one bold movement.
Jane vainly tried to cover herself when she felt the support drop from her
breasts. “Hey!” she cried.
“STOP IT!” scolded the nun, “and TURN AROUND!”
The sharpness in the old nun’s tone sent a shiver of fear up Jane’s
spine. Without thinking she spun around and faced the old lady.
“That’s better. Now drop your arms and stop being such a prude.”
Reluctantly, Jane lowered her arms.
Outside several more girls had stopped playing and began watching. Jane’s
discomfort grew as more girls caught wind of something happening in the
library and opted to check it out as opposed to playing on recess. A small
group of six or so had formed a semi-circle and weren’t more than ten feet
Small beads of sweat formed on Janes’ forehead and she wasn’t sure if it
was from the situation or the sun.
“Oh my,” breathed the old nun, “I think this bra was way too small for you
deary,” she continued as she circled behind the unsuspecting teenager. “See
all those lines,” she said as she slipped her hands under Jane’s armpits
and cupped her breasts from behind.
Jane looked down as the nun hefted up her breasts. She was right. There
were lines of constraint on them. Funny, it never seemed to bother her
“And look,” purred the nun as leaned in against Jane and whispered in her
ear, “see how your nipples can stretch out now? Doesn’t it feel good when
they’re free like this?” the old nun cooed as she gently pinched the
elongated nipples between her finger and thumb and lightly pulled them out
from her breasts.
Jane’s knees became weak. The sensation was incredible. No one had ever
done that before. She’d never been with a boy, or girl, before for that
matter. All the boys thought she was way too beautiful to date, so she
never did. Jane was as virgin as they come.
The old nun’s warm breath on her sensitive neck sent goose bumps streaming
down her back and arms. Jane’s head began to roll loosely on her neck.
sister Elizabeth didn’t realize what she had in her hands. As she looked
out at the growing group of grade school age girls, she upped the ante. She
kissed and licked Jane’s neck and milked her breasts with long sensual
strokes ending with firm stretches on her nipples.
Jane didn’t know what she was feeling. It was as if she was losing
consciousness. She was having trouble keeping her eyes open and her knees
were weak. What was happening to her?
The old nun’s fingers may have been old but they hadn’t lost their sense of
touch. She could feel the unmistakable bristling and bumpiness of aroused
nipple. She knew her manipulations were having their desired effect. With
even greater force she cupped and squeezed on the voluptuous set of teenage
breasts. Tugging on those inch long nipples was a delight unlike any
other. Unrestrained the old nun bit down on the girls neck and shoulder and
ran her slithery dagger up to her ear.
“OOOOOHHHHHHH,” loudly groaned Jane as she tilted her head away from the
tongue; thus encouraging it to continue.
sister Elizabeth just about had the limp teenager where she wanted her. She
silently slipped one hand down Jane’s stomach and dipped her fingertips
into the waistband. She looked outside at the group of girls eagerly
watching her lewd display and mouthed, “Should I?”
An excited nod from the girls was enough for her. sister Elizabeth forced
Jane’s skirt and panties off one hip before running her hand across the
girls tight abdomen and pushing down the other side. The soft firm skin
that encased the youthful waistline was incredible. sister Elizabeth knew
the young teen must work out. No way do you get this firm if you don’t.
Jane was a mental mess. Wild sensations rippled up and down her body with
reckless abandon. This nun’s inspection for dirt had progressed to a place
Jane had never been before. She was like a limp dishrag. Putty in the hands
of the potter.
Running her tongue and lips along the exposed shoulder and neck of the
wanton teen, the old nun knew that with one good push on the waistband of
her skirt the teen would be completely naked.
Now numbering at least a dozen, the girls began to press in close to the
window. Using their hands to form dark tunnels, the girls leaned into the
window for the ultimate look. They could see the tiny petite teenage being
dwarfed from behind by the much larger and black clothed nun. The waistline
on the girls skirt was just above her pubic hairline and they eagerly
watched as the nun ran her hand behind the teen to her ass and begin to
push down. With a thump, it fell to the ground around her ankles.
sister Elizabeth was in a world all her own. With one hand she continued
her relentless massage and tugs on Jane’s breast and nipple and with the
other she slowly and seductively let her fingers dance along her hips,
buttocks and stomach. She teased the young teen, never really touching her
virgin pussy, just delicately brushing over her pubic hair. She knew she
was driving the girl to orgasm.
Jane could barely stand. Her eyes rolled around in her head. She could
barely breathe. Her stomach twitched each time the old nun’s hand came
anywhere close to her pussy. The lightness of her touch was sending shivers
of uncontrollable arousal throughout her young body. Something was
happening to her and she didn’t know what. Something deep inside her was
building. She felt like she had to pee or something.
sister Elizabeth wanted Jane’s ass in the worst way. She pulled her close
and pressed in. She nibbled her neck and licked at her ear. Jane’s moans
said all she needed to hear. She whispered in the girls’ ear, “Spread your
Jane stepped out of her skirt and panties that had trapped her feet and she
spread her legs.
Jane just did it.
With one hand still working on those massive tits, sister Elizabeth pushed
her own hips back slightly and ran her other hand under Jane’s bottom.
“Mmmmmmm,” Jane moaned when she felt fingertips strumming at her fleshy
Not wanting to give the teen an option, sister Elizabeth cooed, “Feels good
doesn’t it sweetie?”
“Mmm hmmm,” acknowledged the helpless teen.
That was all the old nun needed. She knew the girl was close to orgasm and
she was determined to make her have one in front of all those schoolgirls
watching her. Delicately probing for the entrance to Jane’s asshole, the
old lady kept poking at her bottom. When she expertly located the tiny
puckered hole she withdrew her hand put it to Jane’s mouth. She pushed her
middle finger into her mouth and whispered, “Suck it.”
Jane obediently did as she was told. She didn’t know what else to do. She
was at the mercy of the old nun.
sister Elizabeth withdrew her freshly moistened finger and slipped it back
under Jane’s tight bottom. Using her index finger and ring finger to part
the teens butt, she carefully relocated the tiny anus with the tip of her
middle finger. With gently increasing pressure she pushed her lumpy digit
inside and started finger fucking the girls ass.
Jane moaned loudly, “OOOOOHHHHHH,” as the digit entered. Instinctively she
clenched her cheeks together, but it was too late. The slippery finger had
pushed in to the last knuckle. As it began to move around Jane could no
longer contain the pressure in her stomach.
With loud moans and groans, Jane had her first orgasm. Her pussy and ass
tightened repeatedly and her loin spilled copious amounts of girl cum. She
couldn’t help but buck her hips in response. It just seemed natural to
It was all the old nun could do to keep her middle finger buried in the
girls ass. The pressure she generated when her ass tightened with orgasm
was almost painful. sister Elizabeth loved it. She kissed the limp
teenagers neck and wrapped her arm around her for support as the girls’
orgasm subsided.
Jane was almost lifeless as she drooped in the nun’s arms. The old nun
withdrew her middle finger from the girls ass and forced it in the girls
mouth. “Lick it you little slut. Clean your ass off my finger, whore.”
The harshness of the nun’s words aroused Jane from her state of
limpness. As she drifted to her knees while the crowd of young girls
watched outside, she slowly became aware o f her surroundings. Groggily, she
realized that she was naked.
sister Elizabeth was intent on putting the final touches to an otherwise
perfect afternoon. Still standing behind her she grabbed the teen’s hair on
top of her head and yanked it backward. Then being sure not to disturb the
girls view of the crowd of girls outside watching her defilement, she
reached around Jane’s face and jammed her wrinkly old middle finger in her
mouth and growled, “I said SUCK IT, WHORE. Clean your ASS off my FINGER!”
Jane winced as her head was jerked from back and shaken side-to-side. The
wrinkled old finger tasted dirty and musty. She felt like crying as she
looked in the faces of the schoolgirls outside while being forced to bathe
the old nun’s finger with her own spittle and tongue.

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