Mums Birthday Present to Me

Mums Birthday Present to Me
My name is Mark and my fithteenth birthday is tomorrow. I’m glad tomorrow is Saturday so that I don’t have to attend school and mum will be home. She usually comes home from work to make dinner, does house work and then goes to bed. But tonight, I noticed she had been to the beauty parlor to have her hair done and she put on a dress. Evidently she wanted to look nice when she gave presents to me. I gave her a small gift and she hugged and kissed me to thank me. I think she is a little depressed about her age and was trying to put on a good front. Our birthday’s are on the same day and she will be Thirtyfour tomorrow.

Mum has always been very good to me and I love her very much. I know mum has been lonely and I often try to cheer her up.

I returned to my room with my presents to get ready for bed. Once I was in bed, I got to thinking about my girlfriend, Sandra from School. She is very pretty and sexy and tells me she is still a virgin. I’ve dated her for two months, but she insists. She lets me play with her tits, but refuses to let me touch her pussy. I get so worked up with our sexy kisses causing my cock to actually hurt until I get home to masturbate. I’m wondering how much longer it will be before I can have sex with her or any girl.
I often look on the internet to see naked women having sex. When I do, I have to masturbate before I can go to sleep. I’ve seen pictures with young guys having sex with older ladies. The caption reads, “Mother and Son”. I often think about having sex with my mum, but don’t think it will ever happen. I’ll admit I often peek at her when she is partially dressed. Guess I want to see a live naked female body. Sometimes I sit in the living room where I can see down the hall. Our house is small, I watch when mum goes to or from her bedroom to the bathroom with just a towel around her. I have seen her completely naked many times. I noticed her breasts looked very full and nice, and have seen her lovely dark pubic hair. I have to go in my bedroom to masturbate after seeing her like that.

My cock was now very hard thinking about mum. As my hand was slowly moving up and down my cock, fantasize of mum dropping the towel. My eyes were now closed as my hand was going back and forth faster and I was thinking about mum’s body. I was now fantasizing that I was on top of her with my cock buried in her hairy bush. I fantasied she was bucking up to me as my cum exploded into her hairy pussy. I shot my load of cum and then I cleaned up the best I could and went to sleep.

That evening Helen was happy to make a special dinner for her son and give him some presents. She was rather depressed turning thirtyfour but she still had Mark living with her to keep from being so lonely. However. She used to love having sex with her husband or boyfriends, but now was missing sex in her life over the last year or two. She worked in an environment with mostly women and rarely had a chance to meet men.

Helen had now retired to her bedroom, undressed and looked in the full length mirror. She knew she was no beauty, but she did have a nice body. Her 38C breasts were full and did not sag. Her arse had spread a little, and she loved having a nice hairy bush.
she might be a couple of pounds overweight. Maybe she would find a man to love again someday.

Helen knew there was an f******n year old male living in her house, but he was her son. She knew he masturbated because she would find traces of cum. She saw spots of it on the sheets when she changed his bed. Also on her knickers in the wash basket. Too bad all that “hand work” was going to waste. During the past weeks, she had thought about inviting him into her bed for sex. Mark often got in her bed and they would cuddle up, but not for sex, that would be i****t, an unthinkable idea.

Helen laid flat on her back in bed. Her hands roamed over her breasts and felt her nipples harden. One hand moved down to her stomach, then on to her hairy crotch. One finger went up and down her slit a couple of times, then lightly rubbed her clit. She started thinking about her ex-boyfriends, then her thoughts turned to Mark. She reached over in to her bedside drawer to get her vibrator. She moved the tip of the vibrator up and down her wet slit often letting it stay on her clit. By now her juices were flowing that she easily inserted the vibrator in her wet pussy, slowing pushing in deeper. Then her thoughts turned to Mark who she suspected was masturbating in his bedroom. Her finger lightly rubbed her clit as the vibrator went back and forth. She even mouthed the words without actually saying it, “Mark darling, fuck me, fuck me.”

Helen was thoroughly enjoying herself with her eyes closed and continued to think of Mark’s young body on top of hers. She started rubbing her clit faster while her hips were pushing up, then her body sexually shuddered and jerked though a very satisfying orgasm. She laid still allowing her breathing to become normal again. She had made a decision, she would like to have sex with her son Mark, although she didn’t know how he would feel about it . She knew he often peeked at her neked body. Tomorrow morning, she would take the initiative and invited him to have sex with her as if it was another birthday gift. Surely, he wouldn’t refuse a birthday gift.

The next morning Helen was already up to make coffee. She was rethinking her decision to have sex with Mark and decided to just give him a show for his birthday. To actually let him put his cock in her was going too far. She wasn’t worried about pregnancy because she had her tubes tied shortly after Mark was born. Evidently. He had always loved seeing her naked, so she would let him look and maybe touch.

Helen dressed in a sheer short nighty and looked in the full length mirror. She thought she looked rather sexy for her age. The hem barely covered her crotch, but when she bent over, she showed it all. She had finished one cup of coffee, then decided to wake Mark.

I heard mum knock on my door causing me to open my eyes. Mum walked in, “Happy Birthday, Darling, it’s time to get up it’s your birthday.”

I responded, “And Happy Birthday to you to mother.” Then I looked at her. I could hardly believe she was practically undressed. She usually wore a robe in the mornings.

Helen said, “Stay in your pajamas and come in the kitchen for some coffee and toast. Let’s celebrate our day, and I have another gift for you.”

I wondered what she meant about another gift since she gave me several gifts last night. I got up to follow mum down the hall. I kept looking at her long bare legs and caught a glimpse of her bare arse. I was getting an erection by watching her arse cheeks wiggle as she walked. We went in the kitchen where she poured a cup of coffee for me.

Mum turned toward me with a smile on her face to say, “I’ve noticed you often try to peek at me when naked around the house.”

I felt very embarrassed and said, “I’m sorry if it offended you Mum,”

She quickly responded, “No, that’s all right. You aren’t a baby anymore, you are now forteen and the man in this house. I might add, you are a very handsome man.”

I’m sure she could see a puzzled look on my face as I was wondering what she was going to say and do now.

“Mark, I’m going to give you another birthday present. You like to see me naked and now I’m going to let you see me properly. You don’t have to sneak around anymore to peek.”

We were both standing facing each other while I watched her slowly pull up the hem of her nighty. Her eyes were watching my eyes to see if I would glance down. My eyes explored her body as the nighty moved up over her firm breasts.

She continued, “You can feel my breasts if you want to.”

I set my coffee cup down and moved to touch her tits.

She smiled, “That feels good, you can touch my other breast, too. When you were a baby, you sucked on my nipples and you can do it again now.”

I took one of her nipples in my mouth. I had a little experience with Janice because she liked for me to suck on her nipples.

Mum’s breath became a little uneven, then said, “Do you and Sandra have sex?”

I let the nipple fall from my mouth to say, “She lets me do this, but she refuses to have sex. She won’t let me touch her pussy.”

Mum responded, “I thought all school k**s now had sex. Mark, do you mean to tell me you have never had sex with a girl?”

I was a little embarrassed when I said, “Im a virgin.”

She quickly responded and slightly parted her legs, “In that case, you can feel me between my legs.”

I was now really getting excited. I lowered one hand down to feel. I had never had my hand on a pussy before. I knew she had a hole somewhere, so I moved a finger back and forth through her hairy bush looking for it.

She realized I was looking for her hole and said, “I think you are having a problem spreading me. Wait a minute while I sit up on the edge of the kitchen table.”

I watched as she put her arset up on the edge of the table and spread her legs as she leaned back on her elbows.

She instructed, “Now spread my lips with your finger and you will find my hole.”

I parted her lips then saw her wet hole. As I pushed my finger in.

She instructed, “Now put two fingers in as far as they will go.”

Her hole widen even more as I put two fingers fully in her.

She responded, “Now you know what’s between a girls legs. I see your nice and hard down there.”” I’ve shown you mine, now let me see yours.”

I was now embarrassed to show her my hard on.

She said in a teasing way, “Come on, show it to mummy. I have seen it many times, but I haven’t seen it hard. I knew it would make the girls happy some day.”

I removed my fingers from her hairy pussy while she sat straight up on the table. I was still standing between her knees as I lowered my pajamas to free my cock. It popped right out ready for action.

Mum’s eyes looked excited as she said, “Mark, that is a big one. Let me hold it.”

I felt mum’s hand take my cock and slowly wank it a couple of times.

Mum said, “That is really hard.”

I was standing between mum’s legs while she was still sitting on the edge of the table. She was holding my erection and didn’t seem to want to let go. I started slightly moving my hip’s back and forth just enough as if I were fucking her fist. She was now wanking my cock. It was pointing straight at her hairy pussy. Mum seemed to get carried away with the excitement as she put her other hand on my shoulder to pull me closer to her.

My cock was now so close to her pussy. She spread her legs even more and started to lie back which made my cock touch her pussy hair. She raised her legs up to open her pussy even more. I moved closer and could feel my cock head lightly touching her entrance. I put a hand on each of her ankles to pushed her legs back toward her breasts. I saw her pussy was gapping enough to see her wet hole. I pushed forward a little more then looked down to see my cock go deeper and deeper. That gave me the most wonderfull feeling I ever had in my life. I felt like I was in dream world.

Mum said in an exciting voice, “Come on Mark, give me all of it. Oooooh oooooh ………Darling.., this is so good.” Her voice trailed off to a gasp for air.”

I plunged in her and drew back for another plunge as my cum blasted in her, spurt after spurt. I had never felt such a sensation before when I masturbated. This was fantastic. I wanted more.

After my cumming had subsided and I found that I could talk, I jubilantly said, “Mum, Mum, this is wonderful. I’ve never felt like this before. I want to do it again.”

“Alright Mark, you can do it all you want, especially today on your birthday.”

“Mum, I never knew it could be so good. You are wonderful mother. It’s the best birthday present I’ll ever have.”

I didn’t want to pull out and kept my cock in her. So I started moving my cock back and forth. She responded by moving her arse.

She quizzed, “Do you think you can do it again so soon?”

“I feel like I can and I want to try. Are you comfortable sitting on the edge of the table?”

“I’ll be alright, go ahead. I promised you a special birthday gift.”

I fucked her fast then slowed down. She responded by moving her arse the best she could. She had laid completely down on her back on the table allowing me to take all the time I wanted. I was holding her ankles to push her legs back to her breasts. I looked down at my cock moving back and forth in her hairy pussy. Each time I pulled back, some of our cum would ooze out on the table. Her arse was getting wet and messy. I could feel her beginning to move her arse with small jerks while her breath was very irregular. Then she started moaning and grunting as I speeded up my plunges. Her body began jerking and I thought she was choking the way she was gasping for air.

I asked her, “Are you alright Mum?”. She didn’t answer as her body was still jerking. With my cock buried deep in her hairy pussy, I started shooting cum in her for the second time.

We soon relaxed and she opened her eyes. She said, “Hand me some kitchen towle so I can get up.”

I pulled out while she held tissues underneath her. I saw my cum running out of her on to the tissues. I followed her into the bathroom where she sat on the toilet.

I said, “I was worried about you when seemed to be passing out.”

She responded, “You’re not used to a girl having an orgasm. Didn’t you realize a girl can have an orgasm and her body goes though sexual contortions very similar to the way a man’s body does?”

“I guess I never thought of it that way. Your orgasm seemed to be so intense.”

She quickly responded, “Yes darling, I enjoyed that one very much. I’ve missed having a man in me, instead I have been using a vibrator.”

She put her nighty back on. “mark, let’s have some breakfast before we to do it again.”

After we ate, I put the breakfast dishes in the dishwasher while mum cleaned up the food. Then we sat in the living room with another cup of coffee.

To get the conversation going, she asked, “Well, now that you are no longer a virgin, what do you think about sex?”

“Mum, that was great mum. Does this mean I can sleep with you?”

“Well, we can have sex now and again. There will be plenty of time in the evenings to take care of our needs.”

I was facing mum in the chair across the room. The short nighty was up to her arse, but I couldn’t see her pussy.

She noticed I was looking at her legs, “Mark, are you ready for more sex so soon?”

From the way she expressed that question, I was a little embarrassed to say I was now ready.

I said, “In a little while I want to do it again.”

“Mark, why don’t you go out and play with your friends for a bit. But make sure you dont ever say what we have done?”

“Alright I promise mum.”

I went out to play thinking about what had happened this morning. I had fucked my mother and it was wonderful. I wondered if it would be the same way with Janice. Guess I’ll never know until she lets me, if I ever do. My cock was beginning to get hard thinking about fucking my mother again today.

I was very sweaty when I went in the house after playing football. Mum suggested I strip off and shower before touching her.

I was in the shower when I heard her say, “ When you step out of the shower, I’ll help you dry off.” My cock became hard again thinking about her holding my cock when I got out of the shower.

As I stepped out, mum handed a towel to me. She sat on the toilet to dry my cock and balls. Her mouth was near my cock. I could see she took delight in looking at my cock and balls as she fondled them.

“Mark darling, your cock in larger than some of my old boyfriends and it gets so much harder, too.”

She leaned forward to take the head in her mouth. I had seen pictures of this in porn mags, but now my mum was here taking my cock in her mouth. She seemed very experienced the way she licked and sucked on it. I assume she had given many blow jobs.

She began to deep throat me, and at the same time pulled my arse cheeks toward her as if suggesting I could make back and forth movements to fuck her mouth. I took the hint and started vigorous back and forth movements as she fondled my balls to keep them from swinging. I could feel my cum beginning to eject as my knees became weak.

Mum held on to me so that I wouldn’t jerk out of her mouth as my cock spurted. She kept holding on to my legs to help steady my body while she sucked the last remaining cum from my cock. She took all of it because I never saw her spit any out.

She asked me, “Well, do you still like the birthday present I’m giving you?”

“Oh, yes, mum”, I blurted out,”

“ I can’t compete with a girl your age in beauty. But I assume I have more experience with sex and can understand what a man likes in bed.”

I quickly responded, “You sure know a lot about pleasing me. Guess there is something to be said about an older woman. On the internet they call her a mature woman.”

“Oh, so you look at the sexy pictures on the internet. You’ll have to show me sometime, maybe this afternoon. Right now get dressed and let’s have lunch.”

Later that afternoon, I was getting horny again. I asked Mum, “Did you want to look at pictures on the internet?”

“Sure, I’d like to see what’s out there that you like looking at.”

We went into my bedroom to turn on the computer. I found a site that showed Barely Legal girls. They were pretty young girls having sex with guys. I noticed mum was wide eyed, but wasn’t saying very much.

She asked, “You said there were mature women on the internet.”

“Yes, mum, let me find them.” I surfed to find Mums and Grannies on one page. It showed older women being fucked by young men. One grannie at least sixty years old was naked and giving a young boy a blow job.

Mum commented, “I didn’t know there were pictures like these for everyone to see.”

I found a movie clip about a mum and son having sex. The clip ran for about ten seconds and showed a boy with his cock going back and forth in a forty year old naked lady.

Mum made a comment, “ I didn’t realize there were pictures like this on the internet. I see you have a bulge in you shorts again just watching these pictures. Pull your shorts down while I take off my pants.”

Mum instructed, “Now sit in the chair and I’ll sit down on you while we watch some more.”

She held my very hard cock as she eased her hairy pussy down on it. My cock felt so good in her wet pussy. We then looked at some more mature pictures. I found a site that advertised seventy year old grannies. One picture showed a wrinkled older naked lady with a big smile as she posed showing her bald pussy.

I was rather surprised that mum wanted to see sexy pictures on the internet. I was in no hurry to turn off the computer because my cock was buried deep in her wet pussy and we often made small moves.

She said, “Let’s lay on your bed, but leave the computer on this group of pictures.”

We moved to the bed and I proceeded to suck on her nipples. I had seen pictures on the internet of guys licking the girls pussy and I wanted to try it. I was a little embarrassed to ask mum for that position, but she seemed receptive to most anything.

“Mum, I’ve often wondered what it would be like to lick a girl’s pussy. Did the others ever do that to you?”

“All the time. One of our favorite positions was to get in a six nine position with me on top. Lie on your back and we’ll try it.”

I rolled over on my back to allow mum to get on top of me. Her hairy pussy and was right in my face. My nose was practically in her pussy. The afternoon light was shining in the window giving me a good close up view. I began to lick up and down her slit and each time I passed over her clit, I could feel her body react. I could feel mum’s mouth going all the way down on my cock while she was fondling my balls.

I spread her pussy lips with and inserted my tongue in her hole. I again slowly licked her slit back and forth, then I was able to get one hand around her arse to insert a finger in her wet pussy. She was very juicy, probably from some of my cum still in her from this morning.

She said, “Look at the computer. Many pop ups are happening to show different pictures.”

I briefly glanced at the computer, but then gave full attention to lick mum’s pussy and suck on her clit again. She was beginning to respond because I felt her starting to push into my mouth. I sucked on her clit causing her body to respond with erotic movements. I assumed she had difficulty breathing because she removed her mouth from my cock but kept jacking me. Soon I felt her body strain and jerk as she was going though an orgasm. I was so turned on that I started shooting cum. She quickly put her mouth over my cock again to catch the rest of it.

When our bodies became more relaxed, she said, “I need some tissues to wipe my face. You surprised me by cumming when my mouth was not on your dick.”

When she got up to get the box of tissues, I could see where I had exploded cum on her face.

We got up to dress, then went in the living room. We made small talk for awhile about school and her job. Then she asked, “Do you think you can still get hard for some more sex tonight? You’ve already cum several times today. We could rent a movie or we could romp around the house some more. What do you think?”

“Why don’t we watch something on TV after dinner, that way we leave our options open. I’ve enjoyed today so much, I think I’ll be ready for more fun soon. You know, today we both have our birthdays.”

She responded, “I don’t like to think about getting old. I want to think I am young and sexy.”

“ God Mum, you are sexy. You don’t have to worry about that. I can’t understand why dad left you years ago”

She responded, “I guess he wanted something new. I know now that we have shared sex, I feel much better.”

That evening we prepared for bed then sat in the living room watching TV. I think she knew I wanted more sex because she dressed in her short sheer nighty again. I watched her breasts jiggle now and then when she got up and down for something, and I could see the shadow of her bush under it. I couldn’t wait any longer, so I sat beside her to feel her breasts. I pulled her nighty up over her head so that I could suck on her nipples. She seemed to like that.

She said, “Stand up and get out of your shorts. I’m not the only one going to sit here naked.”

Once I was sitting beside her again, she took my hard erection in her hand.

I got down on my knees in front of her, spread her legs out wide, then moved down to kiss her hairy pussy. She laid back to enjoy the feeling.

In a little while, Mum said, “Come let’s go to my bed.”

She taught me several different positions, some with my cock in her and others where we were kissing each other’s parts. To end the evening, she had an orgasm while I was sucking on her clit. Then I had mine while I was fucking her doggie style.

After we cleaned up, she said, “OK, now it’s time for you to go in your room to sleep. I want to get a good nights sleep by myself Im shatterd. We’ve shared our birthdays together and tomorrow is another day.”

The next morning I got up to make coffee before mum was in the kitchen. I carried a cup to her in the bedroom. She was still in her nighty as she was brushing her hair. I watched her as she put on makeup. She stood up to take off her nighty so she could get dressed. That is when I went into action.

I walked over to her and said, “Now that you are naked, I could take off my pajama bottoms.”

“Are you sure you want more sex after yesterday?” She asked

“Yes, mum.”

“Alright Darling, Go lie down on the bed.”

I wasn’t sure what she meant, but when I laid down, she took my cock in her mouth. I reached for her pussy to rub her clit. She said, “ just lie back and you can cum in my mouth.”

I was a little disappointed she didn’t want to mutually play, but my cock was hard and she was willing. She deep throated me several times after which she pulled up to lick all around the head and up and down my shaft. She realized I was about ready to cum, so she took it in her mouth to suck all the cum out of me.

When my cock slipped out of her mouth, she said, “There, that should take care of you for a while.”

Mum knew that I had a football match that afternoon, so I got ready.

Mum kissed me and said, “Have fun, when you come home, maybe we can have some fun here.”

I responded, “I’ll look forward to it. I’ll try not to be gone too long. Bye for now.”

I arrived home and opend the front door. Mum was there to greet me. She said, “I’ve missed you and I am glad you are home. Did you enjoy your match?”

“Yes mum and we won.”

I quickly changed the subject, “And what have you been doing this afternoon?”

“I tried to dress up a little to look presentable to you when you came home.”

“Mum, you do look pretty.” I noticed she had put on a nice short skirt and blouse and fixed her hair. Also, I could smell her perfume. Maybe she had been lonesome for me this afternoon. She gave me a quick blow job this morning, but she wasn’t interest in having an orgasm at that time. Maybe she wants to play this evening.

She said, “Do you want something to eat. I made a cake for you this afternoon, your favorite kind.”

“Thank you mum. A piece of the cake will be great.”

She said, “You sit there and I’ll bring it to you.”

She returned with two pieces of cake.

When the cake was finished she asked, “Can I do anything for you now, more food?”

“No, mum, you are too good to me.”

We made small talk for a little while, then she said, “Why don’t we have a drink. Do you want wine or a soft drink?”

“Wine would be nice Mum, I’ll get it for us.”

“No, I’ll bring it to you.”

I was wondering about her being so nice to me. What did she want?

After consuming two glasses of wine, she said, “I have something to show you.”

With that, she stood up, and slowly lifted up her skirt to show she had on sheer stockings with the fasteners holding them up. She said, “Later, you can see up higher. I have a nice lacey suspender belt on to.”

I said, “Mum you are so sexy.”

I was beginning to think she wanted to compete with younger girls for my attention. She knew she had a wider arse and not as shapely as Sandra’s, but she wanted to be sexy for me.

I got up to hug her, then said, “Mum, I think you are beautiful. I’m so glad to be back home with you now. I want to see your sexy body.

I unbuttoned her blouse and removed it from her arms. I unsnapped her bra to free her large breasts.

I looked at them, “Mum, you have lovely tits.” I cupped them making the nipples point toward my mouth before kissing them.

“Now, I want to see the rest of you please.”

I continued, “Your legs look so nice, let me see your suspender belt.”

I slowly lifted her skirt to expose her dark pubic hair, “Mum, your not wearing any knickers.”

She smiled at me.” I raised her skirt up to see the suspender belt, then said, “Mum, you are so sexy looking.?”

I always thought she was sexy looking, although there was a lot of difference in her middle age spread and Sandra’s body.

“Mum remove your skirt but leave your sexy underthings on. I’m taking my mother to bed.”

She didn’t say anything, but smiled willingly.

We went in the bedroom to enjoy sex in several different positions. She had two orgasms before I finally ended the evening by fucking her doggie style.

All week long it was hard for me to concentrate on school studies because of what mum and myself had enjoyed. I saw Sandra every day in class and had sex with mum after school during the week. She seemed so radiant and happy with our new relationship.

Friday night I took Sandra to a movie. We sat there kissing. Our kisses turned me on so much that had a very hard erection as usual.

I walked her to the front door, kissed her one more time as our bodies were pressed together. I knew she could feel my erection rubbing against her body, but she ignored it. I could hardly wait to get home to see mum.

I opened the front door to be greeted by mum wearing her sheer nighty. She said, “I waited up for you because I knew you would get all worked up kissing Sandra. Now come on in and I’ll give you a treat.”

She helped me undress, then grabbed my hard erection to lead me into her bedroom. I lifted her nighty up over her head to see all her charms.

She said, “I’m going to relieve your pain right away because I know you are going to cum rather quick, then the second time I’ll enjoy it.”

I laid down on the bed to allow her to take my cock in her mouth. Her words came true because after she deep throated me three times, I was blasting cum in her mouth and throat. It felt so good. She kept licking and sucking even after my cock began to shrink.

When she raised up, I said thank you Mum. I love you.”

It didn’t take very long until I was hard again. Mum teased my cock some more with her tongue and fondled my balls. She rolled over on her back, spread her legs and said, “Come on up here and give me what I want now.”

I fucked her for quite a while to give her two orgasms before I came in her hairy pussy.

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