My Philippines Adventure Chapter 19

My Philippines Adventure Chapter 19
That next morning I woke and all the ladies were gone. I started to shower and get ready for another day with the hopes of possibly leaving the hotel when came a knock on my door. I threw on my robe and answered the door and there stood my Lady Friend looking a little tired and frazzled from her journey back. After she told me of her trip I suggested that she take a nice shower and relax. She asked if I would come with her so I stood up, opened my robe and stuck my hard cock right into her very willing mouth. I started to face fuck her hard while she gagged on my rod. Tears streamed down her face as I pumped my cock into her slut mouth. “ I am glad you are back my little fucking slut” I hissed. I pulled out my cock and grabbed her hair and d**g her to the shower. There I stripped her naked and put her on the shower floor. With tear stained cheeks and drool running down her chin I aimed my cock at her and started to piss. All over her face and into were wide open mouth my piss flew. She just moaned and started to play with her pussy. When I was down I stuck my cock into her mouth and told her to clean it. Then I got her up and reached for my razor and shaving cream so she could shave that peach fuzz hairy cunt. As she sat on the toilet spreading her legs I lathered her up good. I watched stroking my cock while she shaved that little brown box smooth reminding her to make sure her asshole was smooth. Then with shaving cream still on her cunt I started to play with her smooth pussy. I rubbed it and told her how good it felt and how she was getting wet. “Fuck me, fuck me baby, I want that big cock in my bald pussy. I want your cum in me”, she moaned. I kept playing and soon I started to finger her with my fist and second fingers. I slightly hooked them so I could hit her spot and now her juices turned to foam. I sopped up some with my other hand and rubbed it on that winking asshole as my fingers went in and out of her. I scooped more and more and soon her tiny hole was well lubed. “Oh baby, are you going to fuck my asshole”, she questioned followed by a plead to fuck her in any hole. I started telling her what a cum slut she was and the best thing about her was her mouth, pussy, and ass. I asked her if she liked it when the cousins friend shot his load in her and moaned yes. She then told me in between heavy breathes that after he left she pushed out the load and ate it. She went out later to the store with no panties on and got her pussy eaten by a young store clerk. She sucked his cock and he shot a load in her mouth. She wanted to fuck him but he was too nervous. On hearing this I fingered her even harder and within minutes she was squirting everywhere in the bathroom. While she was cumming I slapped her tits hard and told her that she is going to fucked today. She kept cumming and squirting and begged me to stop as her body spasm-ed out of control. At one point she started crying so I slapped her titties again and stopped fingering her. Allowing her to collapse on the cold tile floor. I walked out and put on my bathing suit and robe and headed for the stairwell. I went right in to find a couple fucking hard. The girl was one of the young ladies from the other night and the guy was a kitchen worker. She whispered to him that it was okay for me to be there and they kept on fucking. As I watched the young girl kept staring and my crotch as my cock got even harder. Them young man kept fucking away as the girl started to lick her lips looking at me. The guy pulled out and shot his tiny load from his tiny dick on the floor. The young girl looked very unsatisfied with the encounter. He slapped her bare ass and pulled up his pants with an air like he just did something good. Off he went to high five himself I told the girl and she laughed with her skirt pulled up. I rubbed that tiny tight ass where he smacked her and told her to pulled down her skirt and come to my room for some first aid. The funny thing was she came to the room but never pulled down her skirt. I went over to my mini fridge and pulled out a cold beer and rubbed it on her ass. She cooed as I put the can down and started to rub her still damp pussy. Meanwhile My Lady Fried was still a sleep in the bathroom. The girl got on all fours and begged me to fuck her. I grabbed her tiny hips and slowly eased my hard cock into her. She moaned loud and bite her lower lip. “Oh Uncle, please fuck me so I can cum on that white cock” she moaned. I slowly withdrew almost all the way out and pressed myself back in. I started getting a nice smooth rhythm when she screamed that she was cumming and begging me to fuck her hard and drill it into her. I increased my pace and soon she was grunting, moaning and cumming. They were short organisms but added up to be a long one. Her ass cheeks where slapping my hips and my sack was slamming against her tiny clit. Finally she came really hard as I was banging her hard from behind. “Don’t cum in me Uncle” she cried. Her pussy was so tight and so smooth and felt really good as I rammed away. Finally I could feel the cum rise from my balls as she was still cumming and I really did not want to pull it out. At the last minute I withdrew, chocked off the head ran into the bathroom and shot my load all over the passed out mature Asian cunt on the bathroom floor. It was a large amount of cum in her hair and on her face. The surprised young lady came in and sucked the remaining cum out of my cock and spit it on the sleeping woman. The slut never woke so I kissed the young girl as she stroked my cock and thought about going another round with her. Unfortunately, she had to get back to work. It was fun to see her walk out of the room a little bow legged but with a beautiful smile on her lovely face.
My Lady friend woke sometime later and wondered about the cum so I told her that I fucked her in the ass afterward and she believed it.
We decide to go to a local resort down the coast for a few days with her family. I thought that I might finally get some rest but not so it seemed since her two daughters were coming. The marred one with her husband and the unmarried one with her c***d. We took a private car and got there later in the afternoon. It was a very nice place that had small pools connecting tiny islands and cottages in front of them. The 3 groups all got cottages and everyone settled in for a late dinner. My Lady Friend was still very horny and wanted to fuck before dinner. I took out a small slender shampoo bottle and fucked her bald pussy on the bed until she screamed. That held her off for a while but not for long. After we ate she and I took a walk on a trail by the ocean. It was dimly lite and no sooner that we were out of site she was on her knees with my cock in her mouth. Actually, that was me pushing her down and her naturally opening her Pinay mouth. While she was deep throating me I saw another silhouette coming down the path. I got My Lady Friend up off her knees and up walked the big tit daughter. It seems her sister was watching a movie with her c***d and she wanted to get some air. So we all walked down the path until My Lady Friend announced that she had to pee. There were two choices, the woods along the path or the cabin. Strangely enough she chose the woods and went off near a old shack. This left me and the big tittted daughter who was very horny since she told me that she saw the shadow of her mother on her knees bobbing her head up and down. I told her that was her Mother’s natural state and it should be her’s too. She giggle and said, “Uncle why do you make me so horny?” I laughed and told her that she was born that way. I turned her away from the woods and started to fondle those big titties. They were very soft and her nipples became erect right away. I kissed her neck and told her how I wanted to fuck her right there and make her squirt again. Her knees buckled slightly with that thought. I slipped my hand into her jeans shorts and started to rub her pussy.
Focusing on her clit I had a very wet hand in no time. I told her that I fucked a young hotel worker earlier and shot my cum all over her passed out Mother. “Why was she passed out Uncle”, she asked. I told her that I made her cum so much that she started squirting and could not stop. The woman just moaned loudly. Soon the Mother returned and by then my hand was out of the other’s pants. We walked along for a while and then returned to our cabins. The daughter asked me to get her some ice from the Main Building so I got her bucket and went to the ice. On my return the lights in my cabin were off so I knocked on the door of the Daughters cabin. There she stood completely naked asking me to come in the dimly lit room. The room was small but I could not see much. The Daughter moved toward me and met me with a kiss and her hands going toward my shorts. She had them down in no time and was soon sucking on my cock like a pro. I told her that she sucked just like her Mother and Cousin and she moaned. I heard some movement in the room and knew we where not alone. So I played along this game. I then told her that her Mother was my cum slut and was available to me anytime anywhere I wanted. That she had blown me in public and fucked by myself and another white guy. I heard the sound of clothes being removed in two locations. One in the dark part of the room and one just below me sucking on my raging hard on. I said that she looked good bobbing up and down and would look even better on her back with my cock deep her pussy. I kept up my verbal attack until one of them broke and it was the Mother stepping from the shadows of the room. My Lady Friend started kissing me and playing with my body as she finished getting naked. Then she reached down and pulled off her Daughters T shirt while the woman had my cock firmly in her mouth. I whispered to her that her daughter was a good cock sucker like her and I was going to fuck the shit out her. She whispered, “Baby, fuck her good, she is such a fucking cunt that she needs a good fucking”. I laughed and thought that I was going to repay the My Lady Friend with a good ass fucking later. I pulled up the Daughter and pinched and pulled her hard nipples. Then while kissing her I laid her on her back and spread her legs wide. My Lady Friend settles for the end of the bed to get a good view in the dimly lit room. I wasted no time pushing my cock in to her very wet box. I started slow and then went right to hard and fast. I reached for her tit only to feel wetness all over it. It seems that the young woman was pregnant again and just started lactating. There was milk flying out of the tits like a fountain. The hard I pumped the bigger the stream. By now My Lady Friend was caught up in the horny scene before her and was rubbing her pussy like crazy while telling me to fuck her hard. The hard pace of the fucking was too much and soon I could feel her squirting in between thrusts as she started organisming. Between the milk and the squirt we had a big mess on the bed. I kept going until she had one huge organism and I fell off the bed from all the trashing. My Lady Friend got herself off as well from playing with herself and then it was all quite until I heard, “Uncle, can you cum on my face? To which I said no. I told her that her Mother was getting a load of cum later and maybe tomorrow Ill give her a facial. She smiled, I think, and drifted off to sleep on heavily stained sheets. We left the cabin naked and I fucked her Mother’s tight ass and shot a huge load down her throat making her take a nice ATM. The next day we played at the beach and had a blast.

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