Glorious box, holy initiation

Glorious box, holy initiation
“I’m ready,” she said through the hole before leaning back. Her voice felt too high pitched; she cleared her throat as she waited on her knees, her hands folded on her lap like a good girl. She was naked. The only light she had in her box was her phone’s flashlight, shining from a corner behind her.

She knew what to expect. After all, dicks were dicks regardless of shape or size. Yet, her heart pounded in her chest, and she gasped audibly as her first customer slid through the hole.

It was white
and thick with an artery raging down its center like serpent. It had a beautiful head, larger than she’d ever seen before, but perfectly fitting for such a big cock. It twitched wonderfully as she exhaled. She was not allowed to use her hands.

She swallowed the saliva pooling in her mouth to keep from drooling, then parted her lips and leaned forward until half its dark length was in her mouth. It smelled like men did: the sweat, the virility, the dangerous desire. Tears welled up in her eyes, and she tried to blink them away to preserve her mascara.

She wanted to touch the cock and feel its hefty size and strength with her gentle fingers. She wanted to stroke it and massage it against her cheeks, her forehead, her chin. She wanted to baptize herself with its warmth. The best she could do was swallow.

She teased it with her tongue. She could feel his strong heart beat coursing through it. Her jaws ached from the size, but she gagged and fucked it with her throat for as long as she could.

When she finally spit it out, she coughed and sucked in the stale air of her box. Everything was heating up. She wiped the spittle from her chin and studied the dark glistening length of her first client. Only the half she managed to fit in her mouth was coated in her saliva. From the light of her phone, it looked even more monstrous now that it was wet. Her pussy tightened, and she knew next time she would bring a large dildo to sit on while she worked.

Approaching it again, this time with the tip of her tongue, she drew circles on the head, gentle and slow. Sweetness blossomed in her mouth as precious silvers of precum leaked from her client. She continued to lick his length, covering it up completely as she ran her tongue from top to bottom. She rested it on her face and wished his balls could fit through the hole. Oh, how she loved playing with the balls. She hummed against the raging hardon. She whispered prayers to it. Then resumed licking and kissing it as if a stranger had offered her a lollipop under the condition that he hold it out and she cannot use her hands.

“Make me cum already,” said a rough voice from the other side of the box, beyond the hole.

The voice made her whimper. How could a beautiful dick belong to such a voice? But she obliged.

Once again, she took it back into her mouth, but this time she went faster. She fucked her own throat with the cock, speeding up and making wet sounds every time it hit the back of her throat. She spat him out to cough and spit and kiss the tip before renewing her onslaught.

When she heard him slap the top of the box and grunt, she knew what would happen next. His cock tensed up. She was supposed to swallow, but she coughed as he erupted. He was simply too big.

Shot after sizzling hot shot splattered her face. She held her mouth open, trying to catch as much as she could, but it landed on her forehead, her hair, her breasts. When it was over, his cock hung limp, drenched in her spittle with thick white cum oozing from the tip. The man let out a long sigh as she licked him clean, then he slipped away from her reach even though her lips were desperate to hold on.

He pushed a wad of bills through the hole. Then she heard his heavy footsteps moving away from her box, and she sat breathless, covered in cum and spit and sweat.

With her fingers, she scooped up his precious offering and licked her fingers clean. Her box reeked of the man, but it only turned her on more. Everything was so hot now. The only ventilation was the hole, and she couldn’t wait for the next man. She massaged the cum into her asshole as she leaned forward and said, “I’m ready.”

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