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Terri and I took an instant liking to each other when we first met. I think everyone loves Terri. She is just 19 years old, although she looks young and tender. Terri is short, at most she is 5′ 3″, and a little overweight, but let’s just say that her curves are somewhat softened. She has boundless energy, her smile can light up a room, and she has a zest for life that knows no limits.

We play softball on the same team. I am the oldest person on our team at 53 years old, she the youngest at 19. She and I are also both musicians. I am divorced, I live alone in a somewhat small house, and my garage is set up as a practice room/music studio. I took the time and money to make it more of a room and a garage.

Sometimes our softball team would gather at my house for an after game beer and maybe we grill some burgers and have some music. Terri is under drinking age, and she has never asked for beer. She has had opportunity to drink at my house and she never has. There are soft drinks in the fridge for the non-drinkers.

We gather in the back yard, fire up the grill, and Terri, Bob (another team mate that is also a guitarist) and I break out the instruments and we have an impromptu jam session while our friends and team mates join in with vocals as they wish.

Terri and sometimes Bob would come over and we’d just play. No intention of forming a band or anything, we’d just play for our own pleasure. My garage is just a hangout where musicians sometimes gather, and Terri has always been welcome. Sometimes a drummer would join us and we’d get a little loud, but it is all good.

One afternoon Terri and I were alone in the garage, alternating between playing and talking. She does not have a boyfriend; she has turned many guys down. The way she sees it, she is too young to tie herself down with an anchor. Besides, most guys get possessive once they lay claim on a woman.

I talked about the sad story of my life, of my divorce, and some of my wise old views learned in 35 years on the battlefield of love. We played a few more songs, she’d play a song, and then I’d play a song.

She was looking at me strangely, but I did not pick up on that until much later. She set her guitar in the guitar stand and told me to put my guitar down. I did, she stood, crossed the few feet between us, put her arms around my neck and locked her lips to mine.

I was totally shocked as she forced her tongue into my mouth, eryaman escort although I did respond to her kiss (I think out of automatic reaction). She opened her legs to sit on my lap, face to face with me. She is short enough that her sitting on my lap put us face to face. We were both wearing jeans, and shirts, but my dick was very aware of the nearness of her crotch. Her kiss let to another, and another. My hands came up, first to her back, then my right hand move to her breast, outside her shirt.

She broke the kiss to peel off her shirt and bra, and once again locked mouths with me, her hand holding my hand to her breast.

The next time we came up for air, she peeled my shirt over my head, and moved against me, her kisses on the side of my neck. I almost melted under her soft, warm lips. In the cool of the garage, her body was warm where our skin met.

Without a word, we left out shirts in the studio, and moved to my room. We both kicked off our sneakers, and jeans, and we lay down on the bed.

Her hand went to my now erect cock, and I took her in my arms, and kissed her young mouth. My shock had subsided, and after more than a year with no sex, I was in bed with a young woman.

Her breasts were large, like most women that are slightly overweight, and I was tweaking one nipple while using my teeth lightly on the other. Her hand was on the back of my head, and using her hands, she encouraged my attentions on her tits. I was on top of her, my body between her legs, and she was thrusting her pelvis up against my belly, with her pussy rubbing against me and my attention to her tits, she came. Then she started pushing my head down, and I did not need any urging,

My mouth sought out the thin patch of hair between her legs. I used my tongue to part the hair and the tip of my tongue opened her lower lips and the taste and smell of her pussy filled my mouth and nose. She pushed her sex against my mouth and I puckered my lips, surrounded her little sailor, and used my lips to expose the little nib inside. She came at once, hard, bucking against my mouth. I used my lips to keep my teeth from hitting anything tender; I could taste blood where the inside of my lips was cut by the force of her thrust.

She was unaware of this, and I stayed fastened on her pussy like a suction cup. Another orgasm, then I slipped two fingers inside her sopping wet pussy, and then added another eryaman escort bayan finger. I continued to kiss, lick, suck on, and let my tongue dance on her clit, while I worked 3 fingers in and out of her like a 3 prong piston. She came again, and once more.

I slowed, and she pulled at me to bring me up. I kissed my way up her middle, her legs were open, and when my cock touched her wet, open pussy, I slid inside her in one smooth motion. Inside she was warm, wet, and welcoming.

While I was fucking her, the thought DID go thru my mind that my daughter is 10 years older than she is. I was having sex with a girl that was halfway between my kid’s age and my grandkids ages. I did not let that thought intrude too much; I was lost in the action too.

She rolled me over and mounted me. She rode me fast and hard. I tried to stop her; I tried to tell her that I was about to cum. She ignored me and I couldn’t hold it any longer. My back arched and I actually lifted her with my back muscles as a year of saved cum shot inside her.

She must have felt it, she screamed and came again.

She collapsed and lay alongside me, her head on my chest and her arm across me. We did not talk for a long time; I suspect that the fact of what just happened was just dawning on her. She started to get up, but I held her to me.

“I’m sorry,” she said. “This was a mistake. I didn’t mean to…”

“Terri, what does a musician do when they make a mistake playing?”

“We play it again so that no one knows it was a mistake.” Her face was on my chest and I could feel her smile. Her hand went to my soft cock, and she moved down to take my shrunken member in her mouth.

In a very short time, we were fucking again. During one break, (we were in the studio again) she took 2 chairs, a 6 foot 2 X12, and made a board that she covered with a blanket, and asked me to lay on it. I lay on that narrow hard board, my dick sticking straight up like a flagpole. She mounted me, and lifted her legs to almost put her feet on my chest. That put all 140 pounds of her on me, she was pushing the skin around the base of my cock down and it must do something to the blood flow because I was harder than usual, and I was deep inside her. Later the only way I could describe it is I was 8 inches inside her with a 7 inch cock; such was the pressure and position.

Her motion had the top of the head of my cock rubbing against escort eryaman her inside; it felt so deep I would have sworn I was pushing out her belly button. My climax was explosive, and it made her cum. After that, the chairs and board were always near at hand.

She spent that first night with me. And for the next month we spent a lot of time “playing”. If other musician came over, we did play music. If we were alone, we might play a little while, then start kissing and the next thing, we’d be naked and in bed.

One afternoon she brought over some lingerie, and we alternated between her trying on different items, and she’d have me fuck her in her heels and stockings, or play in her body stocking. We had sex in every room on the house, and once, even on an old Custom Bass cabinet, the old ones with the pleated black plastic, with some music playing thru the speaker that caused a low 40 Hz vibration to go thru her body. For only being an innocent 19, she shocked me with some of her desires.

Once I had a panic stopping moment when her father came over to pick her up. He stopped by to remind her of a family function, nothing important. He could have called on her cell phone, but I guess he was checking up on us. We were dressed, we were at the computer recording a few tunes to CD when he came over, which saved us from a bad scene. He stayed about 20 minutes talking music and computers with us before he took his leave.

After a more than 2 months of fucking like maniacs every chance we had pausing only when the great red tide came in, she came over and told me she was going to live with her sister in New Mexico for the upcoming winter. She needed to make a clean break from me and be with guys her own age.

We had sex that afternoon; it was more lovemaking than animal like sex. But it was the last time and without saying it, we both knew it. Her father drove over to my house to pick her up.

She was putting her guitar in his car when he came over to me and shook my hand. He told me that he thought I was a good influence of his daughter. He told me he worried about men my age being sexual predators on young women like Terri; he was glad that his daughter had found an honorable man as a mentor and teacher.

That was 5 months ago. We email each other several times a week, but we never mention sex. It is just letters between friends. She has been to my house a couple of times since, but when the old group was all gathered, and once with her new boyfriend.

I doubt I will ever have a young woman again, but every time I think of her, my cock gets hard and I find myself drifting off thinking about my short torrid relationship with Terri.

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