Lexi’s Book Store Adventure


I enter the bookstore on a warm summer evening, wearing a light weight sundress, my eyes scan the customers, which are not surprisingly mostly male. I smile to the cashier when greeted and walk down the first aisle.

I can feel eyes moving over my exposed flesh, making me all too conscious of the way my panties brush against my lips, exhaling I close my eyes for a moment trying to control the heat that is building inside of me. I stand in front of the menagerie of vibrators…aware of how my dress rises dangerously high on my thigh mere inches from exposing my panties as I reach for the ones at the top of the rack. As I push my derrière out and bend from the waist while retrieve those from the bottom I hope that I am exposing enough to entice some interaction with one of these strapping fellows.

The bell above the door jingles, drawing my attention, you walk in, full of confidence. My eyes move over you, visually drinking you in. I notice the way your trousers fit snuggly around your crotch, immediately wondering about the bounty it conceals. Entranced by your movement, I watch you as you move towards the counter. My attention is distracted as I feel a large warm body squeeze past me, my eyes close allowing me to be lost within the experience. Once he has full passed by me, and I no longer feel his cock against me,I open my eyes and search over the store for you but I do not see you so I return to my shopping adventure.

While reading the descriptions I do not try to stifle any giggles that they bring but let them flow freely. When someone wants passage past me I politely excuse myself but I do not move entirely out of their way causing them to brush against me as they pass. I feel their stiffening cocks rub against me through the light weight material of my sundress. I notice that the aisle I’m in has become increasingly more popular.

I continue down the row stopping short at the small S&M section. My hand immediately goes to grab a riding crop.. I run my hands over it lovely, testing the give of the rod, bending it, flexing it before testing it with a loud THWAP on the palm of my hand accompanied with a gasp upon impact. Looking around trying to appear embarrassed and giving a twitter of nervous laughter, making eye contact with several some nervously look away while others try to hold my gaze. Smiling to myself knowing that I now have the complete attention of a at least a few, I try out the next paddle but when I get to the whips, give my thigh a good THWAP…my skin stings at the delicious bite of the leather, my hand swiftly goes to touch my heated flesh, I slowly rub the inflamed area while glancing eryaman escort around. I work my way back over to the vibrators, finding one that is small and smooth but guarantees maximum power. I brush up against a couple of different guys that I know were enjoying my shopping experience as much as I was apologizing along the way….

Once to the counter I do not speak in the hushed tones that are so customary in stores like these but in a normal if not slightly louder tone then necessary inquiring as to what movie was playing in the main theatre room. The clerk asks about batteries and I laugh… explaining that of course I need batteries…He tells me the next movie doesn’t start for a few minutes, I tell him that it’s okay I’ll wait and purchase my ticket. I then begin perusing through the store, holding eye contact, smiles, flirting innocently or as innocently as I can in an adult book store.

The light turns on above the theatre to signify the movie will be starting. By this time I have mad my way to the back of the store so that I may parade through to the theatre hoping to have at least a few follow. I am pleasantly surprised when there are a couple of guys spread out in the theatre and pleased even more that there are a couple following me in. I find a seat around the middle of the first row. I wait for the lights to dim and the movie to begin… My pussy already damp from the teasing in the store is now very moist from watching the exploits on the big screen…. I can wait no longer, I get out my new toy and turn it on… although it is a quiet low hum, it attracts the attention I was hoping.

I sink down in my seat, pulling my skirt up just a bit allowing me greater access to my already pulsating clit feel trapped with in my panties. I feel the back of my seat move I look over my shoulder to see a man that is leaning up trying to get a better view, I make eye contact with him as I gasp then smile… noticing that his hand is on his crotch as well…I can’t help but let out a small moan, which in turns attracts more attention.

Like sharks they begin to slowly move in closer until I have two in the row behind me, then I notice you one seat over from me, smiling at me. I continue quickly moving towards climax. I lock eyes with you, my big innocent blue eyes beckoning you closer, you moves as if compelled, your strong hand reaching out towards my thigh, I do not cry out or in any way signify that you shouldn’t as your hand falls upon my leg a deep moan escapes across my full lips. The others quickly realize that I am not going to mind and suddenly I feel hands moving over me up under my skirt, down eryaman escort bayan the front of my dress, I immediately begin to climax, spreading my legs wide inviting the men to further explore me. You have your hand up my skirt rubbing my pussy while your other hand strokes your rock hard cock, I can’t seem to stop watching your fluid movement. I feel your fingers slip into my wet cunt, throwing my head back smiling relishing this moment, I feel a hand on my opposite thigh, moving up towards the same cavity. My breath quickens with the anticipation and excitement of having fingers from two separate people inside me, as he joins in moving differently in speed and motion. One more interested in sliding in and out causing friction, the other on massaging my inner wall.

My eyes still closed, I feel that there is a presence in front of me. I open my eyes to see the security guard of the store in front of me, terrified at first, until I realized that his dick was in his hand. I lean forward wanting a taste of his cock. My fingers wrap around the base, my lips hover over the tip, my tongue darts out giving it a quick lick. The taste is intoxication, I stand up, bending at the waist, flipping my skirt up over my ass pulling my panties down a tad, giving my permission…as I take the security guards cock into my wet mouth.

I feel hands on my thighs, roughly tugging my panties down, big hands on my hips holding them as a thick cock is pushed, forcefully into my ready cunt, pushing me forward causing the guards cock to go deep into my throat, gagging me. My hands grab at the security guards hips to steady me as my pussy is drilled violently by the man with the huge hands. I notice that I am surrounded, the men on the sides of me touching kneading my titties, rubbing on my ass, inquiring as to when it will be their turn and what they will do…my head reeling from the overwhelming sensations that I’m experiencing. The security guard fucking my face as my cunt is pummeled by the large hand man, I feel the security guard tighten as his pressure begins to build before he erupts in my mouth.

No sooner is his cock withdrawn from my mouth than another cock is shoved in. I feel the thick cock begin to pulsate expecting to feel his release when he withdrawals, suddenly I feel a warm spray across my ass and back. The next set of hands to grab my hips are much less rough, I suddenly feel a wet tongue lick from my clit, dipping into my pussy then up and around my virginal asshole. The sweetness of the sensations between my legs drive me to lovingly suck the cock that is in front of me, caressing the full balls pressing escort eryaman on his perineum. I feel the warms tongue lick my inner walls as pressure is applied to my asshole, the hands rock my hips as I feel a cock sliding up and down the slit of my cunt, teasing it, slipping just the tip in and out of me. Increasing in depth but not speed keeping it a long slow stroke, allowing me to focus on providing the cock in my mouth the attention it deserves. The pressure on my anus increases, the slow stroke ceases as I again feel his warm wet tongue licking from my clit to my ass over and over again, I feel his lips kissing it then a puff of air accompanied with great wetness, assuming he has spit, lubing me up, getting ready to pierce the only hole that has not been violated. My fear and desire growing as the unknowing is about to occur. I feel the head of his penis push against it, slowly drilling into me with tight controlled movement.

There a slight pain as his cock enters into me, he slowly pushes in, then with just as much care he gently pulls almost out, the pain has lessened as he continues his slow loving way of defiling me, being replaced with a sensation unbeknownst before. My sucking matches my experience, the owner of the cock that I am working on, moans loudly as his load is expelled into my mouth as I hungrily suck up ever last drop leaving him drained. My moans are now audible encouraging the mysterious man towards climaxing, his hands on my hips as he continues to fuck my ass. I feel him pull out, and his mouth kissing my twat again, his tongue darting in and out, then flicking my clit several times making me beg for him to fuck me, I hear him chuckle and his cock once again teasing my twat.

Rubbing against my wet slit, dipping it in quickly and pulling it out just as quick, as I try to force my hips back against him but he denies me, pushing me forward with his strong hands as he teases me to the point of madness. I hear him start to make low guttural sounds as his stroke increases, in speed and intensity. His hands now pulling me make against him as he thrust forward with great force, I feel his balls bounce off of my throbbing clit, as his hot cum explodes with in me, sending me over the edge, my twat begins to spasm as I climax, squirting, covering his cock in my cum. He continues to pump me a few times before pulling out. As he does so he brings all the juices with him, I feel them run down my leg, his hands still on my hips, I turn within his hold to face him, my eyes meet yours again, ” I should have known that it was you by your fluid rhythm.” You laugh, placing a kiss on my lips and thanking me.

I look around giving a nod to the fellows that have satisfied me on this warm summer evening, I straighten my skirt, leaving my panties on the floor, turn to leave with a Cheshire grin plastered to my face, cum running down my leg, and vibrator in hand.

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