Maid in England


Traveling always presents opportunities. I will never forget my trip to England and the opportunity that I took advantage of with a beautiful older woman. Although I saw the usual sites and had a wonderful time, the memory that stuck with me most was one of my fantasies coming to fruition. Ever since I could remember, I was always very submissive to older women. I loved to see them with a beaming smile on their face. Oftentimes, their husband or significant other did not treat them with the reverence that they deserved. Their experience makes it the ultimate pleasure for a younger man. I had learned this at a very young age but that’s an entirely different story.

I had checked into my hotel in London. It was a decent enough looking hotel but I was not used to the size of the room. It was far smaller than an American hotel room. Despite its size it had a cozy and homey decor. Fortunately for me I was traveling with a group of friends but I had this room all to myself. I made the best use of the space that I could. I was exhausted from all the travel and decided to turn in.

I woke up the next morning and showered and got ready for a day out with my friends. While I had been sleeping, they had apparently patronized the local pub and were in no shape to go for breakfast. I did what I could to entertain myself. In honor of my trip to England I played The Jam’s “Absolute Beginners” on my i Pod. After exhausting my supply of British pop music I got very bored. One thing you should know about me is when I get bored I get very horny. I started rubbing my cock through my pants to see how aroused I would get. Turns out that I was hornier than I thought and I needed it pretty bad. I turned on the TV and ordered porn. I had my pants off with headphones for the TV (I just have to hear all the sounds!). I could not hear the knock on the door but I definitely heard the door creak open.

I stumbled out of my chair making a huge racket. I had the TV remote in my hands and turned it off before my secret could be discovered. I managed to get my pants on before the person could enter the room. The question remained who the hell is this?

“I am sorry; I thought the room was unoccupied. I can come back later sir. What time would be best for you sir?”

To my American ears her British was so quaint and she sounded so meek. Her visage was like that of an angel. Were I to guess her age I would have to say anywhere from 40 to 45. She looked to be almost a foot shorter than my 6ft 6 frame and very thin. Her sandy blond hair and blue eyes were enough to make any man smile brightly upon waking up with such a radiant partner. She was dressed in the typical maids outfit. It was a black one piece skirt with white trim at the wrists and neck. Her legs were clad in a pair of black nylons and a plain pair of black pumps. I was truly taken aback as I had never seen a maid so beautiful. I stood there my mouth agape until I noticed her look strangely at me.

“Sir… are you ok? Do you want me to come back?”

“Ummmm…you are who now?” it was all I could muster and I did not want to look like a total weirdo caught gawking at this heavenly creature. Thank god it seemed she had no idea what I had been watching!

“My name is Ms. Anoap and I am your maid, sir.”

“Well…ok…I guess…in a few hours or…errrr…I dunno?”

“It’s ok sir. I will just check back later. My sincerest apologies for disturbing you.” She let loose an exquisite smile. She seemed amused by my complete lack of ability to carry on any kind of normal conversation. She had the kind of smile that made you forget about nearly everyone else around you. I swear mecidiyeköy eskort her smile could put any man in a trance. As she stood in front of me I took my time eyeballing her again. Her uniform was not exactly tight fighting but tight enough for me to make a few assumptions. While examining her it was clear underneath that uniform she might have a very perky pair of peaches. I got a good enough view of her calves that I could see she at the very least kept in shape if not then she worked out.

She turned to leave and I felt compelled to do something but I was more or less frozen in place. I wanted to chase after the sound of her nyloned legs swooshing out the door. I wanted to ask her to show me around or go to dinner. I would have gone anywhere or done anything with her. I wanted to grab her and pull her lips to mine. I wanted to run my hands up and down her well camouflaged body. I wanted to see if she had felt the same electricity that I had felt between us. Instead I did nothing. I stood there like a dope as she walked out the door more or less paralyzed.

I finally moved my cemented legs and ran to the door only to catch a glimpse of her tight rear end moving down the hall. Then and there I knew that I needed to have a plan to get this ‘Ms Anoap’. I went back to my room and finished my business but my mind was locked on that delightful dish. I went back into my room and immediately thought a big tip might be a good idea. I threw down a 20 dollar bill for her to take later. After I left the room and made it to breakfast it occurred to me that I gave her 20 dollars for opening the door. I laughed to myself and my friends looked at me oddly.

After a day of sightseeing I began to formulate my plan. It really did not seem like I had to do a whole lot. I would simply ask her if she would be interested in a night out. Freezing up again was a very serious concern of mine. My abilities with women were not exactly the stuff of legend and I knew I would be very intimidated by this woman! All I had to do was make sure that I was in the room when she was. I would play sick with my friends to make sure that I was not going anywhere.

The next day my plan came to fruition. I played sick and it was bought hook, line and sinker by everyone. The waiting truly was the hardest part. Hours passed and still nothing. I started thinking about the fact that it could be her day off. If that was true then what a fucking waste of a day. I felt completely stupid waiting for someone that I was sure was not even going to stop by. I sat on my bed and once again began to pleasure myself thinking about her lovely legs. My pants and underwear came off as I sat there polishing my knob moaning…Anoap, Anoap.

“Yes, you need my help?”

Holy shit! I did not even hear her come inside. I was so lost in my thoughts that I was caught off guard and incredibly embarrassed. Again I was laying on the bed completely frozen in paralysis. My wobbling cock saluting this lovely lady, erect and in its full glory.

“Ummm…yeah…hmmmm…this isn’t…you know…what it looks like.” I said that with not a shred of credibility but what else was I going to say. My major fear was that she would be so offended by this that she would accuse me of something that would get me thrown out of the hotel.

“Oh so I am ugly to you then?”

I had to be quick and defend myself. “Oh god no, I think you look fine. Any man should be happy to have you.” I thought I had acquitted myself quite well but would be proven wrong quickly.

“So any man can have me?” She said to me with a scornful look.

“Ohhhh….you…misunderstood…I meant…you know.” taksim eskort I felt the noose not only slipping around my neck but begin tightened by the second. If I could have buried myself under the bed I would have. The thought occurred to me that if I did not let her know how I feel then I would explode. “I was wondering…if you are not…busy…”

“You are looking for a date??? How old do you think I am?”

“Ummmm…around 45 or so…I know you are a little older…”

“Sweetie, I am a lot older than you! Truth is I won’t give you my age but I will tell you it’s over 60.”

I was truly astonished at this latest revelation. It didn’t seem possible. I don’t think anyone would have believed that without her saying so. I was even more off guard than before. I would have done just about anything to get out of that room as my face rouged up like a French whore.

“So what exactly…was your plan? Masturbating with me or something???”

“OH NO not at all…this wasn’t supposed to…you can just leave. I am so embarrassed and sorry. I hope you are not upset with me.”

I was actually shocked when she moved towards the bed and sat next to me despite the shape I was in. She moved right next to me and I once again was intoxicated listening to her sheer nyloned legs rub against each other as she crossed them. I watched her chest heave for a breath before she spoke.

“Don’t feel bad, I am pretty turned on knowing what you have done here. I wouldn’t mind helping at all.” Her hand went from the top of my head and gently stroked my wood. My hands went to her black nylons and I began caressing her warm thighs. Her hands were firm but very soft on my ever expanding cock. I leaned back and rubbed my hands from her lower thigh muscles up underneath her skirt to her stocking tops. I became so arroused feeling the area where stocking meets flesh. I noticed she was enjoying it as well as her ass inched closer to me. As great as this was it was truly a tease, I wanted her lips around my manhood so badly that it hurt. I could feel my cock pulsing with every up and down stroke. Occasionally her well manicured fingers would run its way over my very full balls. Not cumming was becoming a real chore. I simply could not believe this was happening to me.

In attempt to relieve some of the pressure, my arm pulled her closer to me. I contorted her body so that we were now face to face. What I truly desired was to have this angel’s lips pressed to mine in a sweet embrace. Almost in a dream like state our mouths met in a cataclysmic explosion. I pulled her body even closer with the exception of her off hand for obvious reasons. Her firm breasts were right against my naked chest. I could feel her hard nipples through the material of her work uniform. I fumbled with her uniform and with our free hands it was removed and floated ghostlike to the floor. The site of her sitting next to me in bra, panties, heels and stockings was enough to set me off. Our lips broke off as I moaned in pleasure as she stroked me off. Her soft hand gripped along my shaft and I shot spurt after spurt of my hot seed. I was once again brought to earth as I wanted to pleasure her but thought I had literally blown my chance. I laid back on the bed and tensed up a bit.

“Welllll, we can still have more fun in other ways too. I am sure you will be ready to go in short order.”

She reached around and unclasped her bra. Her breasts were flawless like perfect honey dew melons with a matching pair of very aroused nipples. She looked and smiled at me.

“Ohhhhh…you like these.” As she spoke she cupped her own breasts. “You would like to give them şişli eskort a wet kiss maybe?” She girlishly swayed her hips back and forth in a very suggestive manner. She then put her thumbs underneath her sheer white panties and slid them down her legs and kicked them to the floor. I really could not believe her age. Her body sure did not look like any woman that age that I had seen! She had the prettiest lips I had ever seen. I wanted to taste her peach so badly but she had other ideas. She climbed onto the bed and straddled me. I ran my hands along her silky legs as she pushed her tits towards my awaiting mouth.

“Ohhhhh very gooood. You really have been thinking about me haven’t you?” There was no doubt I had thought about this since the moment I saw her. My mouth consumed one nipple washing it in my mouth and pulling it before ejecting it and moving to the other side. I made sure to occasionally bite down to make her coo. Like everything else on her, Ms Anoap’s nipples were perfect. I watched her eyes shut as she stroked my hair. Her chest heaved up and down and that was when I slid my fingers against her honey pot which was smooth as a baby’s bottom. I kept sucking up top and probing inside down below. As I went deeper and deeper inside her, she began to buck her hips. I could feel the stirrings in my own loins as I became aroused from her arousal. What was once a limp cock was beginning to come back to life.

“Mmmmmm…hope you are not leaving anytime soon. I still have many…ohhhhh…shifts to clean your roommmm. I can see you are getting a little excited toooo.” Her hand grasped my cock and once again she plied it back and forth in her hands. I don’t think I could handle much more if I could not get inside her soon. Her method was firm yet very effective and she knew it too. She took my snake and slid it right up inside her.


“You feel so good baby…I want to take you home with me!”

She took her hands and pressed them to my chest. She squatted over my cock and we both watched as my cock passed between her soaked lips. The squeaking of bed coils was all that could be heard. Her blond hair flopped up and down as she rode me like a stallion. My hands went to reach up to her breasts and began to caress and squeeze her ripe melons. She went to her knees as she pushed her breasts to my mouth for another sucking. My mouth made sure not to disappoint. In my wild crazed state I bit and licked every inch of her bouncing boobs. I was trying to get in rhythm with her but her downward strokes were far too powerful and she seemed amazingly tight. We began to watch ourselves in the mirrors in the room. It was so hot to watch our sweaty bodies gyrate in unison.

She lowered herself until she was almost flat on my body then raised her ass up a bit. Her face was right on my neck as she began to nibble and claw at my ear. She whispered how much she was enjoying this and that she wanted more in the near future. I grabbed her behind and she once again took charge bucking me like a bronco. I don’t think my cock ever got this hard but I wanted to find out if I could do this again! Her panting became more frantic as my hand palmed her ass as she sheathed and unsheathed herself. The bed was getting soaked as our juices slid down my body. Simultaneously we cried out in ecstasy. My arms reached around her and pulled her back as close to me as possible. I screamed so hard and loud that I don’t know who else hear, maybe the whole hotel! Her screams were muffled as she planted her face into my chest and let her cries be known. A river of juice flowed from between both of our legs as we lay exhausted. We lay there for a good 10 minutes completely winded. Ms Anoap lifted her head and planted another earth shattering kiss on my lips and with a smile told me.

“I will have to clean you up sir, after all I am the maid.!”

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