Dale’s Special Family Ch. 09


“Dale,” Bobby introduces, “I present you Terry.”

He is taken back by the appearance of the dark haired woman. She didn’t look old enough to be Bobby’s mother. The woman is short with a very fine build. It is a stout type of body that says ‘hot. It is obvious that a rigorous physical fitness regiment prevented a weight problem.

The lady’s appearance suggests a falsehood in the duo’s relationship. There’s an errant thought about challenging this couple’s claim. Dale does a mind change when remembering Lara’s appearance. Besides, the twins guaranteed all numbers given.

The pretty mother is wearing a light sleeveless summer dress. A low cut top enhances an already nice cleavage. This is being sexy without flaunting it.

“Hi, Dale,” Terry responds taking his hand, “I’m very curious about you.” Patting her son on the shoulder, she tells, “Bobby said your conversation on the phone was very enlightenin’.” With a closed lipped smile, she whispers to the new acquaintance, “I’ve also spoke with Pam an’ Pat, they had some real interestin’ things to say about ya.”

She steps back keeping the sly grin. Bobby pulls out a chair. The sexy brunette gives a flirtatious wink to Dale while seating. It is a way to indicate everything is cool.

The trio orders drinks and scans the menus. All stay mute until the drinks arrived. After the waiter leaves, Terry raises a glass.

“Here’s to a long an’ lovely relationship,” she toasts.

“I’ll go with that,” Dale agrees.

The glasses clink. This is followed with quick sips of the alcohol. Again silence occurs.

“I’ve gotta ask some real personal questions here, Dale,” Terry speaks up, “Ya up for it?

“Go for it,” he permits, “I’m a big boy.”

“I hope so,” the busty dark haired vixen quips, “So where did you first get our name?”

“The twins,” he answers simply.

“Oh yeah!” Bobby chirps youthfully, “That’s a fine pair!”

“Hush up son,” Terry orders with a hand wave.

“An’ what is the common ground we all have here?” she continues to quiz.

“Common ground?” Dale puzzles, “What do’ya mean?”

“Why did the twins give ya our number?” Terry repeats, “What do we have in common for ’em to believe we’d get along?” the green-eye woman specifies directly, “The answer here is very important.”

Dale looks curiously at the pair. First the younger man, who claims to be the son. Then, to the sexy siren across from him, who claims to be the mother.

“Well,” Dale cautiously responds, “accordin’ to Pam, we love family members alot.”

Terry smiles to the evasive answer. There is an understanding for the reluctance to just admitting of such sexual activity. She has been part of the swinging life too long to be naïve about society’s bigotry.

“I need to hear it,” she prods tapping his hand gently.

“I’m havin” sex with my sister,” Dale discloses quickly.

“Cool!” the enthusiastic teenager injects.

“—an’ my aunt!” he hastily completes.

“Oh wow!” the younger man remarks enviously.

The admission of two family relatives has Terry taken back. This man is more adventurous than expected. Stirring in the loins suggest a turn on.

“An’ what about you two?” Dale asks back.

“He’s my son an’ my lover,” Terry flatly reveals.

“She’s has the best tastin’ pussy a guy would want!” Bobby chirps proudly.

“Bobby!” Terry censors, “Could you be less vociferous?”

“Ya know it’s true,” the raucous boy quips.

Terry grins giving a playful slap. His admiration of her sexual abilities sometimes is too much. It is comforting that he loved her so.

“I understand,” Dale soothes, “I’m rather proud of my girls” abilities.”

“What do they look like?” the curious lad eagerly inquires.

“Lara, my aunt is a professional model,” he answers, “an” Lynda, my sister, is an exotic dancer.” Dale adds full of pride, “They’re both sexy tanned blondes.”

“Oh,” Terry quips, “they sound nice.”

Dale looks at the auburn haired vixen. He recognizes the look on the lovely face. This woman likes girls as well.

“I see a wedding ring?” Terry points to Dale’s hand, “Is there a mistresses?”

“Yep!” he answers flatly, “One of the hottest Mexican lasses you’ll ever see.”

“An” she’s part of the scene too?” the aroused Bobby questions.

“Yep,” he answers.

“Damn,” the boy covetousness spirit shows. “Three pussies!” he adds enviously, “you must have nookie twenty four seven.”

“Just about.” Dale notes looking directly at Terry, “But your nights don’t look too shabby.”

Being compared to three women has the sexy mother slightly embarrassed. It is a backhanded complement. A menu is picked up to shield the sudden redness.

“Let’s select dinner,” her voice suggests from behind the page.

The rest of the meal was spent on conversations as mundane as the weather. Terry likes Dale. The idea this man is having sex with three women at once is fascinating. During the entire meal all feminine charm as possible is exercised on him. Bobby Ankara escort keeps raising questions about Dale’s living arraignments. His mother keeps leaning over just slightly enough to keep giving their dinner guest a peep show.

“Well guys,” Terry says finishing off the post dinner drink, “I need to leave.” She stands up offering a hand, “Dale, it’s really a pleasure to meet you.” She looks at her son ordering, “Bobby, make sure you’re home early tonight.”

With that she turns away from the table. The two men watch the dark haired vixen flow out the room. Dale notice others stares as well. The woman is a physical beauty.

“What just happened?” he puzzles.

“Whatcha mean?” Bobby answers, pretending not understand the question.

“Why did she leave so hurriedly?” Dale questions, “It seems that there’s somethin’ wrong!”

“Easy man,” Bobby calms, “she just came here to know ya.”

“And…” Dale prods.

“You heard what she said,” the lad informs, “The reason she wants me home early is so we can discuss the future to include you, my friend.”

Dale didn’t really like the idea of being judged. Then this is a first adventure into this sort of relationship. This is the time to stay cool. They silently finish off the drinks and then end the evening.

Bobby is sure that her evaluation on Dale is positive. There is no doubt the young mother approves. It would be a huge surprise if that weren’t the truth.

The lusting teenager likes the idea that Dale has a trio of women to bring into the scene. The lad wants to meet the hot ladies. The boy admits to a hard on just thinking of the possibilities.

Terry is feeling excited. It has been years since having swinger’s sex. The idea of a threesome to include her own son is very enticing.

That evening in bed they exchange a few ideas on how it would be. It was decide to go with a threesome with Dale. Feeling hot, Betty tells Bobby exactly how she will do both men. The night ended with wild fucking session.

The next day Terry calls Dale. He is informed that Bobby would be picking him that evening. The new friend was to be in the parking lot of the same restaurant at nine PM. She looks forward to the night’s activities.

After Bobby picks up Dale, he drives in circles for several minutes. The idea is to make hard to for the new friend to recognize the way from the cafe to their home. It was an additional preventative measure to maintain privacy.

“Are’ya okay?” Bobby asks.

Dale isn’t too comfortable. There is still the fear this is somekind of kinky S&M scene. Yet, gambles must be taken to develop such relationships.

“Don’t worry,” Dale dismisses, “I’m cool.”

Bobby parks the car in a side street nearby a large apartment complex. Dale immediately recognizes the area. He decides not to mention it to the boy. The lad had worked so hard to confused him.

They walk two blocks to a nice residence. “KATZ” is the name on the mailbox. Suddenly Dale comprehends who the woman is!

The Terry Katz Dens’ girl! She is Terry Katz! This round about trip must have been the boy’s idea. Certainly the renowned beautician couldn’t have been so gullible!

Dale immediately relaxes. The identity of the hostess changes everything. This is going to be a good night.

Terry greets them when entering the apartment. Her attire for the night is a just above the knees shirtdress, long sleeves in a satin style paired with a high heel sandals. A sexy touch is added with the three upper buttons left open. A substantial amount of an amble cleavage is nicely displayed. The appearance is more like a housewife dressed for a family party than a woman in the verge of being involved in a sexual threesome.

The trio sits on a long couch. Terry positions between the men. It is the normal small talk first. It is the moment where all persons would either continue or leave.

Over the coffee table is a liquor cabinet. Terry, being experience with such activities, knows a little liquor would be appropriate now. She moves over to the cabinet and opens it. Inside is a bottle of scotch, another of white wine, an ice bucket and some snacks. The glasses are placed on the table.

“Anyone what somethin’ to drink?” she invites.

“I’ll take a scotch!” Dale accepts.

“I’ll have the same, Mom,” Bobby responds.

Both drinks are poured as well as a white wine. She returns to the couch. Shoes are removed and a pair of curvy legs is tucked beneath a rounded ass. An arm goes over the seatback.

“So Dale,” she begins, “tell a little bit more about yourself.”

Terry uses a combination of womanly charms and expertise as a public relations person to put this handsome man at ease. The technique works. After a few minutes later they are talking like old friends.

Bobby is getting eager for some action. Dale is cool with everything. So why is he not taking any action?

Slowly the hot son caresses the mother’s butt. She perceives the intention and straightens out legs. The shirtdress is flare Ankara escort bayan enough to allow a hand to go easily under the hem. A young hand slides a full thigh and to a firm butt. There are no panties.

This action isn’t unnoticed by Dale. At the moment his eyes nail onto a substantial view what is exposed. It is a view that says the evening is about to get hot.

She tries to be nonchalant, he busty mother presses on with the conversation as if nothing different is taking place. This façade wouldn’t last much longer. The young fingers are very pleasant.

Her voice becomes a little hoarse as a stout thigh is pawed. A roving hand slithers down into the ass crack. The garment creeps upward exposing a rounded butt fully.

The anxious hand shifts to a forbidden crotch. By the time it touches a dark haired pussy it is soaked. Her demeanor says calm, but the wet cunt is a clear demonstration of a different mental state.

The teenager decides to speed up the action. Hands move to the buttons on the dress. All are undone quickly. The accommodating parent squirms to make the task easier.

Quickly a pair of large tits is in full view. The final two buttons are undone. With a fast movement the dress drops.

Dale remains composed. The idea this is a son getting ready to lay the sexy mother is a turn on. The erotic action is observed analytically. This is a different form of incest he would never experience.

“C’mon guys,” Terry coaches hotly, ” I don’t feel comfortable bein’ the only naked person here.” With a titty wiggle she suggests, “Why doncha undress too?” She looks at the handsome houseguest saying, “Dale, let me help ya.”

She unbuttons the tight shirt. Dale hastily takes off pants. He is ready to be laid now.

Bobby stands up. Slacks and underwear go by the wayside. A young cock quickly stiffens with the freedom.

Unconsciously, Bobby eyes the older man’s dick. The boy has never seen a live a prick, other than his, erect. A slightly uncomfortable feeling happens when thinking it is nice looking.

“What a wonderful prick, Dale!” Terry exclaims relaxing her son’s uneasiness. “Come closer, let me play with it.”

The dark haired vixen grabs the guest’s prick. The hard rod is gently caressed. She leans into his crotch.

The stiff erection disappears into a warm mouth. With expertise two-thirds of the penis is engulfed. A warm tongue washes the shaft.

“Lets go into the bedroom,” she invites, standing back up.

Terry is really delighted with the nice tool. It has been awhile since having more then one cock in a night. Double banging action is happily looked forward to.

The trio enters the room and fall onto the large bed. They had barely lain down when a small hand grips the hard dick again. The young mother without delay starts sucking it again.

Bobby comes from behind his mother. The lusting son opens ivory ass cheeks. A long tongue slides back and forth from the pussy to the anus.

Terry is highly excited. A mature pussy is dripping. A finger inserts into the wet cunt synchronizing with the tongue-lashing. Both of the parent’s intimate holes are being fucked by the offspring.

Light shuddering of the stout body starts. It is a signal that a pre-orgasm is occurring. The boy increases the teasing of the two holes.

“I want to have both of you deeply inside me.” Terry orders huskily, “Dale put your dick in my pussy.” She points saying, “Bobby, there’s a tube of Vaseline in the nightstand drawer.” The large chest vibrates with lustfilled desire as she instructed hoarsely, “Lubricate your prick an’ shove in my ass!” She hisses hotly, “Quick, Bobby, I barely can stand!”

She turns to face Dale. A hard cock enters the wet pussy. The new lover pumps deeply.

“Ahhhhh!” Terry moans, “Yes! That’s a fine cock! Give it to me, baby!”

Bobby moves up behind his mother. A generous amount of Vaseline pours onto two fingers. Then both are shoved into a tight rectum.

“Ah–,ah–, Ahhhhhhhhh!” she chokes a cry feeling her son’s digits.

The probing fingers twist in the hot anus. Bobby could feel through the fine walls the separates the rectum from the vagina. The pressure of hard rod also impaling his mother is felt.

Bobby then smears some lubricant on a standing cock helmet. The boy lay behind his mother. Slowly a youthful dick inserts in the ivory ass.

At first the two men have difficultly synchronizing. The boy’s lack of experience makes hampers the effort. Young enthusiasm is making movements jerky.

Terry motions to her son to lean closer. Instructions are whispered into the lad’s ear. The young lust is brought under control.

She lay in such a matter to allow the two pleasure poles to gradually alternate the thrusts. The pistoning into the willing holes soon becomes a perfect rhythm. She exchanges passionate kisses with the two lovers.

Oh sweet Jesus!” Terry moans, “Oh god forgive me! I love bein’ gang banged!” she shouts wildly.

She looks deeply into Dale’s eyes. Escort Ankara The raven-haired beauty has a hazed over stare. She is grasp by the shoulders. He hammers hard into the wet love hole.

“Ahhhhhhhhh!” she moans, “That’s so wonderful!”

The dark-haired head waves back and forth frantically. The long mane beats the men mercilessly. Both are in a sexual lust and feel nothing but the hot, soft holes.

“Fill me up with your cream, boys!” she howls with closed eyes, “Pleeeeaaaseeee! Fuck me!”

Hearing his mother’s words only adds to Bobby’s already uncontrolled lust. A young cock pumps mercilessly into the tight rectum. He fucks as never before.

Dale’s passions are high also. A hard dick rams the young mother’s cunt just as hard. The wet, warm fleshes produce loud slaps every time contact is made.

The taboo trio is lost in a sexual haze. Bodies tremble feeling the arrival of strong climaxes. The men are ready to unload into deepest parts of a willing uterus and rectum.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Dale yells, “I’m explodin’!”

“Ohhhhhh! Mother!” Bobby pants, “I’m cumin’! I’m cummmmin!

Ohhhhhhhhhh! Oooooooooooo!” Terry wails bucking against both men, “Iiiiiiiieeeeeeeee!”

A trio of heavy panting echoes in the room. Bodies twist and gyrate with spasmodic frenzy. A melee of yells and moans increase as the participants’ orgasms peak.

Suddenly the threesome goes limp. All melt into the rumpled and damp sheets. They are breathless from the passion filled activity.

Bobby’s rod softens and quickly is expelled from Terry’s anus. The boy rolls off the bed and goes to the bathroom. He wants to clean up before continuing.

Intentionally Bobby uses more than the necessary time. The purpose is to leave his mother and the new friend alone. They need some personal moments to learn about each other.

Terry and Dale are still embraced exchanging passionate kisses when returning to the room. They look like a couple on a wedding night. The lad amuses at how they are enjoying this time together.

“I hate to disturb you honeymooners,” he offers, “but do’ya folks care in somethin’ to drink?”

“It’s a good idea,” Terry accepts breaking the kiss, “for me a glass of wine.” She hops off the bed saying, “Now let me hav’a quick shower!” She quips heading for the bathroom, “I feel as if I have sperm in every opening!”

The men go to the table for the beverages. Dale picks up and finishes the drink from earlier. Bobby searches for a clean class.

“An’ how is she?” the son anxiously asks while filling a glass, “Does my mom have a great cunt or what?”

“Oh she’s fabulous!” Dale admits, “She’s one of the best I’ve ever fucked!” Pouring another shot, he adds, “You’re a lucky boy livin’ here an’ havin’ that pussy whenever you want it.”

“This comin’ from a dude with three pussies at home?” Bobby quips.

“Be patience, my boy,” Dale promises, “You’ll git a chance at ’em!”

They re-enter the bedroom. A few moments later Terry steps out of the bathroom. She returns to the bedroom with a towel wrapped around a full body. The lustful mother sits down on the bed between them. A satisfied sigh is given when scanning both male torsos.

Terry removes the glass from Bobby’s hand. A loving stare is given while sipping the liquor. Concerns of him being too possessive have evaporated.

The sexy mother is pleased the son is happy seeing her having sex with a man. He is turned on seeing her being fucked like a bitch in heat. She will be happy to continue such entertainment for the hot offspring.

Bobby decides to let Dale have a full run at his mom. Using the excuse of getting another drink, the boy leaves. Standing at the table, there is a clear view of the bedroom.

Dale is already hard. Terry has an unrestricted pussy that is wonderful to fuck. There is no doubt his woman will enjoy the hot cunt as well.

The towel folding over the large rack is undone. She leans over and kisses passionately. She is pulled onto a big lap.

The new lovers’ kisses intensify. A rounded ass rubs sensuously on a hot crotch. They moan into the other’s mouth.

Silently Bobby returns to the room. Terry lay back on the bed opening curvy legs wide. A wet, pink cunt is fully exposed to both men.

“Please honey,” she mumbles between kisses, “Eat my pussy,”

Dale immediately positions between the stout legs. A hot mouth covers a very wet twat. Hips automatically gyrate with a swirling tongue.

Bobby moves around to her side. A firm hand plays with the large tits. The son sucks and then gently bites the nipples.

“Oh sweet goodness,” Terry pants, “I’m such’a whore.” The lustfilled parent mumbles, “I can’t get enough of good cocks.” With swaying the hips, unintelligible words seeps from the sex-hazed woman.

The hot son shifts upward kissing the mother’s neck. Warm lips inch closer to her ear. He moves to the pink glistening lips and bites and nibbles on the soft skin.

“Suck his cock, Mother,” Bobby whispers hotly, “I wanna see ya suckin’ ‘im.”

It is the most erotic thing the young mother could remember. Her son is asking, even begging, for her to be a cocksucker. The mature pussy leaks faster. There no need for a second request.

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