Long Time No See


It was more than three years ago since he had seen Anne, Joss mused as he sat in the train to Rotterdam. Yesterday evening his phone had disturbed him during the first minutes of his sleep. It had been Anne who had invited him to come to her place and have a drink.

When he had asked for the reason for this sudden invite, she had just said something about old times sake and left it at that. So they had made an appointment for the next day and there he was, on his way to see this wonderful lady he had once fucked so intensely.

As the train pulled into the Central Station of Rotterdam his thoughts floated towards his last meeting with Anne. They had had an afternoon and an evening of maddening sex, during which they had done everything imaginable and after which she had simply stated that it had been the last time. He had argued with her for a short time, but as he saw her resolution he had finally nodded and left. He had never tried to contact her since. Thinking of that last time together caused some stirring movements between his legs, but fortunately the train came to a halt and he walked out of the station with a slightly visible bulge in his pants, but not with a full erection. He made the short walk to her apartment in about five minutes and rung the bell.

The door opened immediately, as if she had been standing behind it.

He did not speak, but just looked at her. She stood there and looked at him with a smile on her face.

She stepped back and he went into the house. She had not changed the interior in the last three years, he saw.

He wondered if he should shake her hand or embrace her and decided that a hug would be okay. She kissed him on the cheek.

As they sat on the couch with a cup of coffee, he looked at her. She was still beautiful, with her forty seven years and a svelte body, her incredible chest and her cute behind. Her face was still serene and her bright blue eyes looked at him with a friendly smile.

‘You said something about old times.’, said Joss and Anne nodded.

‘Yes, I came across some photos of you and me and I realised, that I had dumped you rather unceremoniously when I was through with the wonderful, amazing sex we used to have for over a year. Then I decided it would be good to see each other at least one more time.’

‘So you thought the sex wonderful and amazing.’, Joss said. ‘That was my idea as well; that is why I did not understand that you broke off our relationship. Do you know that for two years I have frequently woken up in the middle of the night with the taste of your pussy juices on my tongue? And I have penetrated a large number of love holes comparing them to your fascinatingly tight quim.’

Anne was flattered and said so.

‘I am honoured, dear.’, she answered. ‘But at the time I went off sex completely for a reason that had nothing to do with you at all. It is only since a year that I have started having sex again and only with women for the moment. But to tell you the truth, I don’t want to talk about me and you in he past tense; I am more concerned with the future.’

‘Well,’, Joss responded with a somewhat bitter undertone, ‘that won’t amount to much if you’re into girls now.’

Anne smiled.

‘Do you know, that in my most lustful moments I think of your tongue and your cock? I remember how you ate my cunt and fucked it after I had come three or four times. I also remember how you never lost your hardness after depositing your first load in me. I even remember an occasion when I had to suck you to a fourth climax in a row, because you had completely worn out my pussy and I couldn’t take your fucking any more. Are you still the same stud I used to know?’

Hearing her talk like that, Joss was now sporting a raging hard-on and his cheeks had become quite red. He breathed deeply and said: ‘I am still in fairly good shape, if that’s what you mean.’

‘No.’, said Anne. ‘That is not what I mean. What I mean is, can you still lick a girl to heaven, even for an hour if necessary? Can you still fuck for hours at stretch and only come when you want it yourself? Is your penis still so hard that I could ride it while you are standing up? Do you still ejaculate buckets and throw your semen two or three meters ahead?’

Joss grinned. ‘Guilty on all accounts.’, he said.

‘Good’, Anne said. ‘Because I have told my story to a good friend of mine after we made love for hours and she confessed to me that she was not a complete lesbian, but fancied a man from time to time. But then she stated, that the man in question should be a real stallion, ready and willing to fuck a mare like herself. That is when I mentioned you. Would you be interested to meet a woman of my age, a bit taller than I am, with a full figure, horny as hell in a bi-sexual way and fuck the living daylight out of her in my presence and with my assistance?’

Joss answered simply: ‘When?’

Anne replied: ‘Now.’ Then she went to the phone and dialled a number. She only said : ‘Come now.’ into Ankara escort the mouthpiece and put it down again. Then she went to the front door and opened it to let a woman in, that answered her description of a minute ago quite accurately. What she had omitted to say was that this tall, curvy redhead was also very beautiful and emanating lust and sex in large quantities.

The woman introduced herself as Liz and sat down next to Joss on the sofa.

‘This is the man I told you about.’, said Anne. Liz nodded and looked at Joss with curiosity.

‘You know, that Anne and I have sex occasionally.’, she said.

Joss said he knew.

‘And that I have also a strong urge to be fucked by a man. And that I mean really fucked, by a fat pole that comes only after I have reached my orgasm. And also comes in large quantities to fill my body with luscious sperm. You think you can stand up to that challenge?’

Anne giggled: ‘I think he is already standing up, so to speak.’ She looked directly at Joss’ crotch that showed a lot of tension behind his fly.

Joss answered the brazen vixen: ‘I’m quite willing to be tested by you. If you are not satisfied, I will retire. If you are satisfied, I will be too, I assure you. But I am confident I will not let Anne down, who has apparently been boasting about me.’

‘Okay’, said Liz. ‘Why don’t you show me your merchandise then?’

Joss stood up and walked a few feet from where the two women were sitting. There he turned around and did a striptease, shedding his shirt, shoes socks and pants. With only his shorts on he approached Liz and stood before her. Her eyes were fixed on the small piece of textile that so obviously barely covered a huge hard-on.

“Would you be interested to uncover the rest by yourself?’, he asked gently.

Liz licked her lips and reached out for the elastic band of his shorts. She hesitated for only a moment and then yanked his shorts off in one quick movement. His dick sprang forward. Liz swallowed a few times at the sight of this meaty spear that pointed right at her face.

‘It looks great’, she sighed after a while. ‘But now about what I can do with it. I don’t have to suck you to full erection, I see. Would you mind if I pump your first load out, just to see how much you produce?’

Joss smiled and just put his hands on his hips, bringing hi pelvis slightly forward. His penis nearly touched her nose. Liz grasped his member and slowly wanked him three times. The foreskin receded and revealed a purple head which was already glistening with a little pre-cum.

Anne spoke softly. ‘I used to love that feeling of his throbbing hardness in my hand. It felt so powerful it made me wet my panties.’, she said.

‘Fortunately I don’t wear any.’, said Liz.

‘Maybe you should take that lovely dress off.’, warned Anne. ‘Otherwise it will be covered with semen in a couple of minutes.’

‘I’ll take that risk’, said Liz and now cupped Joss’ balls in her other hand, while intensifying the handling of the prick before her.

‘Do you want me to come soon?’, asked Joss in a neutral voice.

‘Yes, please!’, said Anne and Liz at the same time.

Joss looked Liz in the eye and smiled. Then he made some slight movements with his hips, thus starting to fuck her hand in longer strokes. He groaned briefly and spasmed for a moment before he said: ‘YESSSS!’ and produced a long, thick stream of sperm that shot out and hit Liz squarely in the face. Liz gasped and let go of his cock and balls, but Joss kept coming and shot a second and third load that landed on her dress. At that moment Anne got up from the sofa, grabbed his spouting prick and aimed it at her wide opened mouth, which received another three shots of cream, that she swallowed eagerly. Then it stopped.

Joss enjoyed the sight of the two fully dressed women that were more than impressed by his performance. The top of Liz’s light cotton dress was soaking and she would have been a good candidate in a wet T-shirt contest, with her stiff nipples poking through the wet material. Anne smiled and looked fabulous, with a small trickle of semen at the side of her mouth. Joss decided at that moment to leave his submissive attitude and take matters into his own hands. He lifted Liz from her seat and put her arms around his neck. He then hitched up her skirt and got a brief glimps of her heavily furred pussy. Without further explanation Liz understood what he meant and lifted her left leg. He entered her sopping wet snatch in one go and buried his stiff dick in her vagina. She gasped as she felt his eight inches of fuck meat enter her love hole. Her legs went around him and there she was, suspended on this stiff pole, waiting for a few seconds to enjoy the feeling before actually starting to ride him.

Anne was enjoying the view tremendously. Her completely dressed friend, drenched with come and hanging at the neck of her stallion friend. She could no longer bear having clothes on her own body and undid the few buttons of Ankara escort bayan her blouse and skirt. She threw the garments on top of Joss’ clothes and sat down again, her hand on her pussy and one finger in search of her clitoris that she started to stimulate slowly as the couple in front of her began their fornication. Liz move slowly up and down on Joss’ pole and Joss stared into her eyes. Then he spoke to her.

‘Very good, Liz. Ride my dick. Enjoy that fat rod in your hot wet cunt. Rub your clit against my cock. Ride me!’ Liz closed her eyes for moment, uttered a small cry and started to have a deep and slow, but very fulfilling orgasm. She continued her movements on Joss’ member but they became more frantic as her body was wrecked by the convulsions in her womb. Then she stiffened, sighed deeply and opened her eyes again.

Joss bent his knees and laid her down on the thick carpet, his dick still inside her. In that position he resumed his fucking, but now the initiative was on his side. In a steady pace he moved his cock in and out of her hot cunt, that oozed her own love juices in abundance now. The room was filled with the sweet, musky odour of sex and lust. After three or four minutes Liz started to moan once more.

‘Oh, my God, there it comes again. This wonderful cock is giving me another orgasm. Fill me with your hot sperm, you fucking stallion. Come inside me, fill me!’, he cried and had again a shattering orgasm. Joss laid down on her body and cuddled her for a while. When she had come down from her high, he withdrew from her vagina and sat on the sofa.

He smiled at the woman that looked at him from the floor and said:’ Do you think that I will answer your requirements? Because this was only a small sample of what awaits you if we really start fucking.’

Liz shook her head and got up. She grabbed a chair and sat down. She shook her head as if she was a bit groggy and said: ‘Incredible, what a stud. Anne, I owe you one. But I don’t know how much of this I can stand in one night. My God, my pussy needs some rest before I can get going again.’

Anne laughed: ‘I told you, but you wouldn’t believe me. Here’s your proof. Come, give me your dress, I will run it through the washer and dryer. Or do you want to go home covered in semen?’

Liz stood up and stepped out of her dress. Joss’ dick twitched as he saw her voluptuous naked body and got a full view of the damp fur in her crotch. Anne and Liz both saw that and Anne laughed.

‘I love a dick, that stays upright for such a long time and can be relied upon for fucking every time I want it.’ Then she picked up Liz’ dress and disappeared in the direction of the kitchen. Liz sat in her chair, still panting and casting a glassy look on the still rigid member of the man on the couch.

Anne returned with three soft drinks and sat down next to Joss. After taking a sip from her drink she bent over Joss’ lap and took his dick in her mouth. She lapped the juices that Liz had left on the glans, the shaft and balls and came back up as soon as she was satisfied that he was clean again.

Liz coughed and looked a bit uncomfortable.

‘Are you going to fuck him now?’, she asked Anne. Anne shook her head.

‘No, I invited him especially for you. I’m not ready to be fucked by a man yet, although I must say that I am tempted. But what is the matter, are you finished already?’

Liz nodded. ‘I am ashamed, with my big mouth, but the fucking I just got is a lot more than I bargained for. I am completely satisfied, but also worn out. I am sorry.’

‘No problem.’, said Joss. ‘You have sampled my supplies and there is more where that came from.’

Anne asked him: ‘Why don’t we give Liz a rest and see what may occur later? There is another friend of mine living in this building that will undoubtedly be interested in a taste of your cock. Shall I call her?’

‘Sure, if she is only half as beautiful as Liz here or you, I will be happy to oblige.’

Again Anne grabbed the phone and had a conversation with her friend.

‘Hi, Melanie, this is Anne. Listen, dear, do you have anything special to do tonight?


‘I’m asking you because I have here a male friend of mine, whom I invited to fuck Liz from number forty seven. Now he has indeed fucked Liz to pieces and has still two gallons of semen and a dick of steel that may be put to good use. Can I interest you?’


‘I am glad to hear it. I’ll leave the front door ajar.’

Anne put down the phone and said: ‘She was just busy masturbating before a porn video, but she prefers the real thing, she says.’

She went into the hallway and opened the front door an inch. Then she came back into the room. The three of them sipped their drinks and talked about general things. Both ladies noticed that the penis in front of them refused to deflate even a little bit, probably excited by the idea of a new cunt approaching, they thought.

Then they heard the front door shut and Melanie stepped into the Escort Ankara room. Upon entering the room she unbuttoned a light raincoat and dropped that on the floor, thus revealing a tall, slim, forty plus year old body with pert titties and a nearly bold pussy. A small stripe of dark hair decorated her belly. She then stepped out of her high heels and was stark naked.

‘Hello, all of you.’, she said, bending to kiss first Anne, then Liz. While kissing them she took also the time to caress their nipples and Anne licked Melanie’s nipples briefly as well.

The she turned to Joss who got up from his seat, but she pushed him back, knelt down in front of him and kissed the top of his penis. ‘Hello, I am Melanie and I am horny.’, she said with a laugh before straddling him and sitting down on his lap. In doing so she grabbed hold of his tool and guided it into her wide open cunt.

‘I am still well lubricated from pleasuring myself.’, she explained and started humping the hot meat between her legs. She complimented Joss: ‘You fill me nicely, stud. I love a piece if hot prick in my cunt.’ After a couple of minutes she stopped and got up, but only to turn around and again straddle Joss and impale his throbbing cock, but now she had her back towards him. She leaned into his chest and moved more slowly now, allowing his meat to glide in and out of her in a steady pace. Her cuntlips were spread by his pumping dick and both Anne and liz enjoyed the view enormously. Anne stood up and approached the love making couple. For a brief moment she stood between Joss’ legs and then knelt down. She brought her face to his balls and licked them, then his shaft as it emerged from Melanie’s cunt and finally she licked Manuela’s clit briefly as it passed her probing tongue on the way up and down Joss’ pole.

After a while she got up and asked Liz: ‘You want to taste this?’

Liz took her place and concentrated on Melanie’s twat that was now overflowing with hot juices. Then Melanie stopped her humping and sat still on Joss’ lap, giving Liz the opportunity to take Melanie clit between her lips and suck and nibble on it. That was all Melanie needed to get into the final steps towards a well deserved orgasm, that rocked her body and caused heavy contractions of her powerful cunt muscles that were enveloping Joss’ penis. Joss grunted and he thrust his hips forward, but he did not yet come. Liz let go of Melanie’s genitalia and went to sit next to Anne, who threw her arm around Liz and drew her body towards hers. Together they watched Melanie get up from Joss’ lap, turn around again, kneel between his legs and take his red hot member between her lips. Joss’ sudden movements showed them, that her tongue was busy working miracles on the tip of his dick, then she swallowed nearly all of his eight inches of fuck meat.

Anne slid from the couch and assumed the same position as Melanie, but then between Liz’ legs, that she spread slightly. She buried her face in Liz’ crotch and stuck her tongue deeply between the fleshy cunt lips of her friend. Liz groaned and started to come immediately. She also slid from her sitting position tot the floor and a moment later the two girls were entwined in a sixty nine position, eating each other’s cunts in a frenzy of moans, juices and stifled cries. Joss watched this over the top of Melanie’s bobbing head and gave in to so many stimulation. He arched his back and pumped a full load of hot boiling sperm into Melanie’s waiting mouth. She swallowed two jets of it and then directed the stream towards her breasts. She marvelled at the stupefying amount of sticky seed that covered her small tits and that now ran down to her belly, where it filled her navel before trickling further down to moisten her stripe of pubic hair. Joss slumped back in his chair and sighed deeply.

‘That was wonderful, thank you a lot.’, he said to Melanie who smiled broadly, thankful that she had given him the same pleasure she had just experienced.

The two women that had been satisfying each other orally, also ceased their love making and for a couple of minutes silence reigned in Anne’s apartment.

‘How about a shower.’, suggested Anne finally and they all walked to the shower next to Anne’s bedroom. Melanie was surprised when she felt the erect penis of Joss touching her left hip as they moved.

She looked at him and while Liz and Anne took their shower she took a firm hold of his fat shaft and masturbated him to a quick orgasm. As her arm moved swiftly she looked him in the eye and said to him: ‘Give me your last drops, you horny stallion. Then I will give you my phone number, so that every time you feel the need you can come and fill any orifice of my body with your cum. I have had you in my mouth and in my cunt and I surely hope that one of these days you will stretch my ass with that monster and deposit yout load deep in my bowels. Now shoot!’

Which he did, again covering her beautiful lily white body with his sticky product.

When Melanie and Joss had had their turn in the shower and came back into the room, they discovered that Liz had gone home. Anne was still naked and smiled at them, nodding in a content way when she saw that Joss’ member was finally hanging down limply between his legs.

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