Married, But No Longer Curious


This story is based on a real life experience. It happened a few years ago but it’s only recently I decided to turn it into a story. It’s my first here, hope you enjoy it. Names changed.

For 3 months since James and Tony met in an online chat room, they had been driving each other crazy. Now they were about to go through with it, their meeting was finally going to happen next Wednesday at a hotel in York.

James was a 40 something fairly happily married man. But over the last few years, he had got this mental itch he couldn’t scratch. The itch turned into a thought. The thought into an urge.

Like many men, he reckoned, they’d wondered about what it would be like to suck another cock.

James met his wife Laura at university when she would paint her full lips with bright red lipstick and go down on him. She was a terrific cock sucker and in 20 years had gifted him a thousand toe-curling oral orgasms. He wondered how that would feel for her. And about the moment of climax like when after 10 minutes of writhing the load was delivered into her willing mouth?

Turning to a few online sites he found similar users. In the chat rooms, the users exchanged their most intimate wishes which fed James’s own ideas.

Eventually, he got chatting to Tony. He never believed for a moment that Tony was his real name, or the James Ankara escort wasn’t his. Anonymity and discretion were essential in this game for the married and curious.

They both hit it off and exchanged emails over the next few months each one building on their desires and getting hotter and more detailed.

The scenario was hatched: What if? What if we could actually make this happen?

James decided to use his upcoming visit on a business trip to York to find out.

Arranging a decent hotel he emailed Tony and asked if he wanted to join him with the firm intention of blowing him and, unless nerves got the better, of taking his load.

The following week, the day arrived. Hopefully, by the end of it, James would no longer be in the “curious” category.

James settled into the hotel bar with a large-as-feasible glass of merlot and the newspaper he told Tony he’d be carrying to narrow down the search for him.

A man approached.


Yes! He thought to himself. “Tony? Hello!”

The two chatted over another glass before James ask, “So, Tony. Do you think you’d like to join me in my room?”

After making it to his hotel room and locking the door, the two felt a sense of safety and ease. Good things were going to happen, James thought to himself.

Both feeling a little nervous, James Ankara escort bayan announced he was taking a shower and left Tony for a couple of minutes in the room.

James emerged with a bath towel feeling fresh and as horny as hell. His cock was already on its way to hardness and the tip was leaking profusely. James decided not to wank for a few days and he was paying the price.

Tony had got into the bed, but he quickly through back the covers and was standing in front of James stark bollock naked and with a raging hard on of 7 inches.

James reached out and gently took hold of Tony’s cock, feeling another man for the first time. In a few seconds, James dropped to his knees and, slowly wanking it, admiring the hardness the hotness and the wetness of his cock.

Taking a slow lick, James explored the tip of Tony’s cock and tasted the slightly salty slickness of his pre-cum. Then he took a longer lick and rolled his tongue around the cock head before opening his mouth and taking a couple of inches. Holding it to feel the sensation and take in the moment of another first.

Taking care James sat there, bobbing his head slowly for a few minutes and going a bit deeper eventually as much as he could taking Tony to the back of his throat some 4 inches.

Tony responded with moans and words of encouragement but then Escort Ankara asked James to swap place for one of his firsts. He sucked in James’s cock deeply and gently explored and sucked for some time before they exchanged, again and again, taking in the new sensations and loving the experience, all nerves long evaporated. Tony was sucking hard now and James could feel his sperm rising, the tension rising at the base of his cock and in his balls. Warning Tony, he signalled James he wanted to go first.

Soon James could hold back no longer and he started to cum heavily inside Tony’s mouth. Four days and many hours of psychological edging took its toll and filled Tony’s mouth to the extent James could hear excess cum dripping onto the carpet. James relaxed his arched his back and grip of the vestibule doorframe and rested down from his toe tips to the floor and Tony finished cleaning his cock.

After a few moments of recovery, James got his next first. Sucking Tony urgently now, he wanted his semen and it didn’t take long. Tony warned James but he just kept on sucking until a warm rush flooded over his tongue and filled his mouth. He recognised the slightly yeasty and sweet taste from his own cum eating experiments. After swallowing, he reluctantly released Tony’s cock the two them resting on their knees, grinning.

“That was absolutely amazing, Tony,” said James. “A truly wonderful experience”

The two of them did the mundane stuff of dressing and saying goodbye with the hope of repeating the performance. Not as series of firsts, but with seconds to come…

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