Memories Ch. 03


(Author’s Note: Lucas continues to write his stories but he can’t show all of them to his family. Read his first stories on Literotica, 11/05/2019, and 11/25/2019,


I’m writing down my more interesting experiences during my life for my children, their children and now their children. I’m Lucas, by the way, and I’m well into my tenth decade of life. I never thought much about the things I saw and did when I was younger but my kids enjoyed hearing about them. Eventually, I was convinced to write them down. The stories accumulated until both my daughter and granddaughter each have a large volume of them.

When the writing habit finally took hold, I realized there were other stories that I couldn’t write for my family. They were of a deeply personal level and somewhat profane. I had to write them down but I couldn’t give copies to my daughter to include in the tome she was building for later generations.

What follows is one of those stories. One caveat, I tend to exaggerate on occasion. Truthfully, embellishment, exaggeration and outright fabrication are frequent visitors to my tales, especially if it enhances my opinion of myself or my proclivities.

When I was twenty, in 1946, the war was over and I had managed to avoid the draft. I graduated from high school at eighteen and worked in a factory making torpedoes for the war effort immediately after. That ended when the war ended and I needed another job. I was looking for something in a trade with an apprentice program and a decent career path. Meanwhile, I took a job with a market. Back then, there weren’t large super markets or malls. Most business was small and local. Johan’s was a small market selling local farm fresh vegetables and meat and other household items. Johan was a shrewd businessman and keenly aware of the competition from the approaching A&P and Piggly Wiggly super market chains. He was looking for something to distinguish his business and create a competitive advantage.

Johan had shared his problem with my mother and she shared it with me. I thought about it and approached Johan with an idea. I proposed he consider home delivery of groceries to his clientele. He like the concept but was concerned about the added cost since he didn’t want to increase his prices. I offered him a deal. I would deliver the groceries using my own car. I would work for the usual hourly wage and would split any tips I got with him if he split the cost of gas with me. Gas was only twenty-one cents a gallon and the deliveries were local, so he bought the idea and I, as the only employee with a driver’s license, became his only delivery clerk.

Home delivery caught on quickly in our small town. Most of the customers were nearby homemakers who regularly walked several blocks to his store pulling their shopping carts. Home delivery, without additional cost, became a personal luxury for many of them. They could call in their orders and I would deliver them. Most of them gave me a quarter or two as a tip with the occasional dollar. As word of the service spread, Johan’s customer base expanded to those beyond convenient walking distance. His revenue and profits rose considerably and eventually, he let me keep all the tips while paying for half the gas.

About three months after I began delivering groceries, I delivered an order to a new development of homes on the outskirts of town. These were larger homes, probably approaching 1600 square feet, and the owners more affluential. I took the first bag of groceries, walked up the short walk and rang the bell.

The door was answered by a thirtyish young woman with long dark hair piled on top of her head. She was barefoot and wearing boxer shorts and a man’s wife-beater shirt that probably belonged to her husband. I was mesmerized and speechless for a moment. I could hardly ask “Mrs. Robinson?” to insure I was at the correct address. I had never seen a woman dressed so scantily. Her legs were incredibly long under what I realized were her husband’s shorts as well. I thought she was braless under the shirt, or at least I wanted that to be the case. I could have a month’s worth of fantasies from just that few seconds looking at her.

She answered with a simple “Yes,” while I continued to stare at her.

Somehow, I managed to vocalize, “I have your grocery order,” and I moved to hand her the grocery bag in my arms. She took it from me. “Thank you,” she said. The sound of her voice alone, added another two weeks to my fantasy repertoire.

“I have two more bags,” I said and turned to get them from my car. The first few steps were awkward until I managed to adjust my building erection.

When I returned with the other bags, the front door was open. I stood on the doorstep and called, “Mrs. Robinson.”

“I’m in the kitchen,” came that soft ringing voice from the rear of the house. “Bring them back here, please,” she continued.

I walked through a nicely decorated living room into Ankara bayan escort a kitchen with Formica counters and a small table.

“Thank you,” she said. “Just put them anywhere on the counter.”

I collected the amount of the bill for the groceries and she walked me back through the living room. “Bye,” I said. “Thanks again,” she answered and closed the door.

No tip. I didn’t need one. Nothing could come close to how good I felt. Seeing her was more than enough. Better than any tip I had ever received. And I didn’t have to share it with Johan. Hell, I wasn’t even going to mention it to Johan.

A week later, Mrs. Robinson called in another order. I wasn’t busy, so I pulled the items, totaled them, bagged them and set out for her house within thirty minutes.

When she answered the door I almost fainted. She was wearing underwear again but this time it was hers, not her husband’s. She was wearing a white bra and white, almost opaque, panties. I imagined I could see the dark triangle of her pubic hair through the fabric. I probably couldn’t but I wanted to so I believed I could.

She took the bag from me. “I have more in the car,” I said. “Great. Meet me in the kitchen with them.”

In the kitchen, I put two more bags on the counter. She pointed to a chair next to the table. “Have a seat while I get my purse to pay you.”

I sat and watched her ass as she walked away. The way the fabric of her panties stretched across her cheeks and darkened in the space between them caused my already erect cock to pulse dangerously.

She placed her purse on the table and took the other chair at the table. “My husband,” she said, “says that I owe you an apology and I don’t even know your name.”

“I’m Lucas,” I replied, “and I have no idea why you would owe me apology.”

“I told my husband about your service and he asked if I had given you a tip. I hadn’t and he told me that I owed you one and I should apologize to you for not giving you one.”

“Mrs. Robinson,” I replied, “not everyone gives me a tip and I don’t expect or demand one. Your oversight is not unusual and you don’t owe me either a tip or an apology.”

“Lucas, you can call me Anne and my husband thinks I do and I agree.” She took some bills from her purse and handed them to me. “This should cover today’s delivery.”

“This is too much,” I objected.

“Keep it. It’s a tip for today and last week. Just put it in your pocket and forget about it for now. Now that that’s handled, can I get you something to drink?”

“I’m okay.”

“I’m going to have something and I hate to drink alone. I’ve got wine or beer. Even some cola if you’re so inclined.”

“Really. I’m fine.”

“Well, I’m not,” she said as she got up and went to her Kelvinator and returned with two cans of Ballantine IPA and a can opener. She opened one and put it in front of me. She opened the second can, sat down in her chair and took a deep swallow.

Not wanting to seem ungrateful, I picked up my can and took a small sip.

We sat opposite each other, sipping our beers for several minutes. Finally, she said, “Now that we’re friends, Lucas, do you have a girlfriend?”

“Mrs. Robinson,” I opened.

“Please call me Anne.”

“Okay, Anne, as much as I’d like to hang around and talk with you, I have more deliveries to make and I have to go.”

“If you must but you have to promise me I’ll be your last delivery of the day next week and you won’t rush to leave.”

Hesitantly, I agreed. I also began to have serious fantasies as to what she might have in mind, besides just getting her groceries delivered.

“Outstanding,” she said. “When you come by, pull your car around the back and bring the groceries through the back door directly into the kitchen. I’ll be easier that way.”

“Okay,” I said, took a final sip of beer, stood up and started for the front door.

Anne followed my to the door, open it for me and patted me on my ass as I exited.

Two thoughts dominated my drive back to the store. First, I imagined a dozen scenarios with Mrs. Robinson, Anne, all starting with that final pat on the ass she gave me as I left. I desperately wanted to return the favor. Second, I was concerned that I’d be stopped by an officer of the law and he would smell the beer on my breath.

The rest of the day went quickly but it was the longest week of my life. When Mrs. Robinson, I really wanted to call her Anne, didn’t phone in her Thursday grocery order I was despondent, confident that I had somehow blown the best opportunity of my life.

When she called in on Friday, my day brightened considerably. I selected the best items I could find to fill her order, added it up, bagged it and put it in the car. When Johan asked about it, I told him I had two other orders to fill and I’d deliver them all on the way home. He looked at me odd, but agreed.

I got to Anne’s about six thirty that Friday evening. I pulled around to the back of the house, near the separate garage, Escort bayan Ankara and knocked on the kitchen door.

“Its open,” she called from inside. I opened the door and brought the four grocery sacks in and placed them on the kitchen counter.

Anne walked into the kitchen as I was closing door. She was wearing a white terry robe that came to just above her knees. It was tied closed with a matching belt and it was suggestively open at her neck to just above her breasts.

I looked at her, disappointed at her more modest wardrobe and simultaneously excited by the thought she might be wearing nothing under it.

She looked at me. “Are you finished with deliveries for the day?”

I nodded.

“No place else you have to be?”

“No place else I rather be,” I responded.

“You have time to sit and share a beer with me?”

“More than one if you’d like,” I answered.

“Have a seat,” she said as she went to the refrigerator. The weight of her breasts pushed the fabric of her robe down as she leaned over to get the beers. When she stood up, her robe was slightly more open than before she bent over.

We sat, sipping our beers at the kitchen table. “Lucas, she asked, “do you have a girlfriend?”

“Not at the present,” I said while thinking, “Not ever.”

“That’s good,” she said enigmatically.

She looked at me silently for several moments. Her tongue moved back and forth over her lips while she thought. I speculated she was coming to a decision and I fantasized that it was my tongue and her lips.

Decision made, she put two fingers in her mouth and then let them drift down under her robe and between her breasts while leaning forward. My view of her breasts improved markedly as her hand separated her robe further as it continued down. I leaned forward too to improve my view even further.

Anne smiled in response.

“Mrs. Robinson you’re trying to seduce me. Aren’t you?”*

“Would you like me to seduce you?”*


“Is that what you’re trying to ask me?”* she said as she leaned back and closed her robe more tightly over her breasts.

“Every hormone in my body is screaming at me to keep quiet but my practical side can’t help asking. I’ve been unable to think about anything else except you over the last week and I need to know. Don’t you think it would be inappropriate?”

“Inappropriate? How so?”

“You’re almost twice my age.”

“I’m thirty-eight and you’re …?”


“Close enough but you’re a guy and I’m a gal and I think we’re both on the same wavelength.”

“True, but you’re also married.”

“I see. Let me share something with you. My husband is an auditor for a national bank. He travels extensively all over the country. It’s too far to drive, so he takes the train. The result is he’s gone for several weeks at a time. We’re both on the same page as to the practicality of our situation, especially when it comes to sex. I know he finds relief while on the road and he allows me the same freedom at home. We’ve agreed not to discuss it when we’re together. I’ve thought about it a lot but you’re the first guy I’ve actually wanted.”

“So how you were dressed the first time I delivered to you, was planned?”

“No. No. I frequently go around the house in just underwear or less. Honestly, I forgot you were coming and I just answered the door without thinking.”

“And the second time?”

“I confess that was more intentional. I saw the way you looked at me in my husband’s underwear and I wanted to see your response when I was in something sexier. I really planned to see if you were willing to spend quality time with me but you left abruptly.”

“And today?”

“I didn’t want you to get away again so I was prepared to entice you by dropping the robe suddenly if I had to.”

“No need to rush. One more thing. You said this was the first time you’ve actually considered having sex with someone other than your husband.”


“This is the first time for me as well.”

“The first time with a married woman?”

“No. The first time first time. Remember your question about girlfriends? I don’t have a current girlfriend. I’ve never had a girlfriend.”

“You’re a virgin?”

“As painful as it is to admit it, I am.”

“That changes everything and nothing. I think you’re a perfect choice for me and I’d love to introduce you to the pleasures of sex if you’ll allow me. Have you ever seen a naked woman?”

“Not really. A friend of mine had some nudist magazines and I’ve seen grainy pictures of topless women with other parts blurred out.”

“Would you like to see me naked?”

“I would like nothing more but is this the time and place?”

“None better.”

“Truthfully, I’m nervous as hell and unsure about how I’ll respond. I could do something stupid and spoil everything.”

“I can’t believe that but we can go slow. Since we’re being truthful, the possibilities are exciting to me too. Come with Bayan escort Ankara me into the living room.”

She stood up and started for the living room while motioning for me to follow. In the living room, I sat on the sofa and Anne went to a radio on a stand in the corner, turned it on and moved the dials until she found a music station. She adjusted the volume and walked back to in front of me.

She began to move seductively in front of me to the sound of big band music, running her hands up the outside of the robe and over her breasts. When she moved to untie the belt of the robe, I held up a hand to stop her.

“Too much, too soon?” she asked.

“No. Perfect, but can I do it?”

She moved closer and stood between my legs with her arms relaxed against her sides.

I reached out and touched her thighs outside the robe. I ran my hands up onto her hips and then back down. When I looked up, Anne had her head back and her eyes closed. I slid my hands down below the hem of the robe and then back up, this time under the robe. As I moved up her thighs, the robe began to part and I stopped before I could see her lady parts. I knew I would eventually, but I didn’t want to rush things, not necessarily because I was a gentleman but because I was scared shitless, shaking inside and I needed time to get myself under control.

I had no idea how to proceed. Almost without thinking, I stood up in front of her, put both hands alongside her face and kissed her gently. I had kissed a couple of girls and it seemed like something I could do without much anxiety. Anne’s eyes opened suddenly, possibly in surprise, took my face in her hands and kissed me back. The desire in her response as she kissed me surprised me. This was nothing like the kisses I had experienced with girls. It was a kiss from a woman. Within seconds, we were in a passionate embrace, open mouthed and exchanging tongues. She grabbed my ass with both hands and pulled me tight against her. I followed suit, grabbing her ass. As the kiss lingered, she began to squeeze my ass and wiggle against me. I followed her lead and took a chance. I bunched the robe up in both hands, moved them below the hem of her robe and then moved up to squeeze her naked ass. She moaned into my mouth and pushed herself against me fiercely.

When the kiss broke, we stood face to face, inches apart. I was hardly breathing and she was panting furiously. We were both still holding each other’s asses. I smiled and she laughed out loud. “I thought you were inexperienced,” she said.

I inhaled deeply, drawing in her womanly aroma, before answering. “I am. That was a first for me. I just responded to you. Actually, I was shaking like a leaf inside and scared I was out of bounds.”

“You’re a natural. It was perfect. Maybe the best I’ve ever experienced. Kiss me again.”

I did. A repeat of the last kiss. Anne pulled my shirt from the waist of my trousers and ran her hands up my back under my shirt. I followed her lead and ran my hand under her robe onto her back and pulled her toward me. She moved in, tight against me and wiggled her hips tightly against the obvious erection in my pants. I knew she was rubbing her naked snuggy against me and I tried to not think about it and focused on the kiss.

When we separated again, Anne breathlessly said, “Wow. That was incredible. I can’t wait but I don’t want to rush you. I want you to be natural and comfortable and at the same time I want to move on.”

“I think I’ll be fine. I’ve survived so far and I I’m looking forward with some confidence. Lead and I’ll follow. What’s next?”

“I think you were about to remove my robe.”

“I’d love that. You don’t mind?”

“I can’t wait.”

“But you’d be naked and I won’t be.”

“That’s not a problem for me. It would please me very much to be an object of your desire. I want you to look at me and touch me wherever and as much as you want. I want to watch your face while you do. We’ll get to the rest eventually. I’m in no hurry to get you naked but I’m going to insist that you eventually are. Does that make you uncomfortable?”

“I don’t know how I’ll feel but I’m comfortable thinking about it. I can only imagine how it would feel to have you touch me but I want to find out.”

Anne stepped back to give me some room and asked, “Well, what are you waiting for?”

I reached out to untie her robe. I knew I would see a live naked woman for the first time and the knowledge both impelled me forward and simultaneously discouraged me. I forced myself to take the ends of the belt and pull the knot loose. I worked the remaining knot until it was undone. The belt fell aside and the robe opened. I could see the large triangle of dark, unkempt, pubic hair at the bottom of her torso pointing where I desperately wanted to go. It wasn’t a perfect triangle. The top edge had a small peak in the center pointing toward her navel. I looked up past her navel to the area between her breasts which were still covered by the robe hanging from her shoulders. I looked up into her eyes. She was smiling and licking her lips again.

Without breaking eye contact, I reached up and took hold of her robe at the shoulders and pushed it back off them. The robe fell to the floor behind her.

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