Sage , Kelsey


I had always watched you quietly, from a distance. Never really introducing myself, but just nodding a polite hello when we passed each other in the hallway of our apartment complex. You lived across the hall and two doors down. So close, yet so far at the same time. Your honey tinted brown hair, styled just above your shoulders, framed your face in a way that made my fingers tingle at the thought of running my hands through those delicate strands. Your smile, which I had been lucky enough only to catch and treasure a few times, sent the blood in my body racing. What I wouldn’t give to kiss those delectable lips, I thought many times. You were the focus of my daydreams, the center of my restless night’s sleep, and the object of my sexual fantasies. Only, I didn’t know if you were attracted to women, and wondered how I would ever be sure.

The opportunity to find out finally came one day, when I was returning from work and found you struggling to unlock your apartment door, your arms full of grocery bags. The hallway was deserted except for the two of us, so I rushed over to help, startling you a bit as I broke you from your concentration, “Here, let me help you with that…” I said, reaching out to pull a couple bags from your arms.

As you let go of them, our fingers brushed briefly, but long enough to send a shock up my arm. I must have unconsciously sucked my breath in sharply, because you looked up at me quickly, your expression quizzical. Your golden eyes were breathtaking, and I just couldn’t pull myself from your gaze. I held your intent stare until you finally broke contact to look down at your keys, deftly unlocking the door and pushing it open. “Thanks for your help. Could you just bring the bags to the table for me?”

Your voice was like honey, mesmerizing me for a moment. I had to force my suddenly frozen legs to start walking, following you into your apartment. I must confess, I was intently studying your luscious backside…the sway of your hips, the curve of your ass in your formfitting jeans, as you walked to your kitchen table. So distracted was I by my thoughts that I stopped just short of running directly into you as you reached the table. My body was a scant few inches from yours, but I would swear I felt a surge of heat come from you that brief moment I was so teasingly close. Not wanting to frighten you, I stepped back and around, putting the bags on the table…giving myself a chance to collect my bearings before having to look at you again.

“Thanks again for your help.”

‘It wasn’t a problem, ” I replied, my voice quavering ever so slightly.

“You live across the hall from me, right?”

My eyes locked with yours again as I nodded. What was that flicker I just saw?

“What’s your name?”

“Sage,” Ankara escort I answered, searching your eyes for remnants of that flash.

“Sage…” you said softly and slowly, letting my name roll over your tongue, as if you were tasting a wine for the first time. The hair on the back of my neck stood on end at the sound. “That’s an interesting name… I like it,” you continued as you stuck out your hand. “I’m Kelsey. It’s a pleasure to finally meet you.”

My hand grasped yours in a firm grip and a sensation not unlike fire seared up my arm and into my shoulder. I attempted to nonchalantly remove my hand from yours without you noticing, when that quizzical expression reappeared on that beautiful face, “Is something wrong?”

I stuck my hand behind my back, my arm still tingling. “Uh, no…nothing is wrong…I just…” I stammered.

You took a step closer to me. My heart had to be thudding loud enough for you to hear, but I couldn’t control it. What was I thinking? This woman has to think I am an unstable freak with no social skills. I need to get out of here before I embarrass myself further….

“…Sage…Sage…are you sure you’re all right?” You were waving your hand in front of my face, you had placed your other hand on my shoulder. I must have zoned out. As my vision refocused on you, I noticed the look of concern on your face…also mingled with an expression not as easily discernable.

You smelled so damned good. My head was spinning…swimming with thoughts. It had to be now or never. I would probably never be given this opportunity again, I thought.

As I regained some semblance of control, I gently grabbed the wrist of your hand resting on my shoulder. “Kelsey,” I whispered, turning your palm up towards my mouth, my lips lightly brushing it. “I have always wondered if you were attracted to women…” I murmured against your palm, my lips caressing the skin with every word.

You didn’t answer. At least not with words. Your breath caught in your throat as my tongue tip darted out to trace the lines of your palm. I watched your reaction…your eyes darkening to a deeper gold before you slowly closed them and your own tongue tip darting out to moisten your bottom lip. There was no doubt you enjoyed this. I took advantage of the moment. I advanced the one last step that brought our bodies almost together, your breasts brushing my own, and leaned in to capture that delectable mouth in a kiss. My hands rested at your hips, gently but forcefully pulling you into my body.

You stiffened almost immediately, and regret rushed to my head, pounding in my ears. I wouldn’t break the kiss, though. If you didn’t want this, you would have to pull away.

To my utter joy, you did not. Your body relaxed into mine and your mouth Ankara escort bayan opened slightly. I slipped my tongue over your lower lip and it crashed into yours, the contact filling my body with electricity. Deepening the kiss, I unconsciously yanked your hips even closer to me and snaked a hand up your backside to your hair, burying my fingers at the nape of your neck.

Your own fingers buried themselves in my short hair as I pushed you against the table, causing you to half-sit on the edge. As my tongue danced with yours, my hands traveled in between our bodies to cup your breasts. Your nipples hardened instantly through your shirt and jutted into my palms. I used my thumbs to graze over the hardened nubs, the need to suckle them suddenly overpowering.

I broke our kiss and trailed my mouth over your jawline, my breath hot against your ear. Your hands found their way up my shirt, and I moaned deep in my throat as you ran them up and down my back, your fingernails lightly scratching my skin. I nipped at that spot just beneath your earlobe, evoking a soft gasp from you, and nearly melting at the sound. My fingers found the hem of your shirt, and I snuck my hands past it. As if my hands had only one goal in mind, I trailed them over your belly and ribs, straight to your breasts…my forearms pulling your shirt up higher with the movement. Damn…you weren’t wearing a bra. I lightly rolled your nipples between my fingers, your back arching closer to my hands in response.

I couldn’t wait any longer. The blood in my body was pulsing to one central location, the ache increasing with every breath my constricted lungs took. I deftly drew your shirt up over your head and tossed it to the floor, my breath rushing out of me as my eyes absorbed the beautiful sight before them. “God, you are breathtaking,” I whispered, smiling as your face reddened.

If possible, your nipples hardened even more so as I hungrily swooped down on them. My warm mouth enclosed around a nub, and your hands immediately pulled my head closer, pushing your breast further into my mouth. You cried my name softly. The sound is music to my ears, cascading over my body.

As my tongue flickered back and forth over your nipple, my hands drifted to the button of your jeans, unbuttoning them without conscious knowledge. My fingers slowly lowered your zipper and danced at the edge of your panties. My hand slipped past the band and down slowly, my fingertips gently caressing the soft hair. My middle finger finds the beginning of your slit, venturing further down until I find your clitty, already swollen. I softly flick my fingertip over it, sending a small spasm through your body. You buried your face in my neck as my hand continued downwards.

You were unbelievably wet. My breath Escort Ankara rasped near your ear. My fingers becoming soaked with your essence, I trail two fingers up to your clitty, spreading the juice over the swollen nub. Your body twitches against mine, another gasp escaping from your throat and you bite at my shoulder. I could’ve come from that alone, but I steeled myself and focused on you. I increased my movements against your clit, my middle finger rotating in circles, faster and faster. Your moans came more frequently, your breath quickening. I knew I could have sent you over the edge with a few more strokes, but I wasn’t ready for that just yet.

“I have to taste you…” I groaned near your ear. You shivered in response, but allowed me to gently push your body over the table, laying you down over the cool wood. I pushed aside a bag of groceries to make room for your head. I spread your legs apart, nestling myself between your hips. My gaze locked with yours, and the unbridled passion I saw in your eyes was the affirmation I needed. I trailed kisses and nibbles from your neck, over your shoulder and breasts, down your belly and to the waistband of your jeans. Your fingers buried in my hair once more as my own fingers hooked and pulled your jeans and panties down over your waist, my mouth just inches from your heat.

I pulled your jeans and panties off your legs and immediately removed my own shirt. I swirled my tongue around your belly button and continued lower, my chin being lightly tickled by your pubic hair. I kissed a trail over the curls and to your inner thighs, while breathing in deeply. I could smell the juices streaming from your hot core and couldn’t resist tasting you any longer. My tongue slowly parted your pussy lips, sinking deep into you, your essence streaming over my tongue. The salty sweetness made my head spin. I thrust my tongue as deep as I could, my hands grasping your hips and pulling you even closer. Your moans made the blood race through my veins, and my sole intention became making you scream my name as you tumbled over the edge.

My tongue traveled back up to your clitty, my teeth capturing the nub and pulling it into my mouth. As my head slowly moved from side to side, I slipped two fingers slowly into your pussy hole. The heat shot up my arm as I began to thrust in and out of you, rocking you back and forth on the table. Your head was thrown back and your hands were in my hair, gripping hard and pulling. I absolutely loved it.

You began to mumble, “oh god” and thrust your hips up into my mouth and fingers. I knew you were close. The walls of your pussy tightened a bit around my fingers, so I plunged deeper still as my tongue flicked reverently at your clit. Then it happened. Your hips rose from the table and thrust hard against my fingers, pulling them even deeper inside you. My name came tumbling from your mouth in a cry as you pulled my mouth closer to your throbbing clit. Oh god, I thought, this is paradise.

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