Daughter Home from College

After Sex

I’m obviously a very sexual, kind of perverted person, so you wouldn’t be surprised how I have raised my daughter to be sexually adventurous. I know she has inherited my sexual addiction, and it has gotten her in trouble in high school and her freshman year in college. These are two emails she sent me when she came home from college to visit me, but I was out of town at the time.


Daddy, I came home from college to surprise you, and you’re not even here. I can’t believe you’re not here, and took the car. I’m home alone and missing you. But I wanted to tell you what I did last night, so you feel bad for not being here. 😉 I was having one of my cravings last night, you know, the ones that get me in so much trouble. I couldn’t quench my horniness just by looking at porn or masturbating, so I decided to go on an adventure. I was already naked, and playing with myself, and when it got dark outside, I oiled my naked body, put on the 7inch heels you bought me, and went into the garage. You know that really big vibrator you bought me for my 18th birthday, the big black one with the spikes? I was using it to masturbate in the garage, and it had me so excited, it kept sliding deeper inside me. It was only halfway in when I had a really great orgasm, because I was already so excited and it was vibrating me just right. I finally got all 10 inches of it inside me; it took a lot of pumping it in and out of myself, more and more until it was totally buried inside me. When it was all the way inside, I got on my bicycle, opened the side door to the garage, and rode out of the garage, naked except oil and heels.

Sitting on the bike seat made that huge vibrator push so deep in my pussy, I was grinding on the seat the whole time, it felt so deep up inside me as I peddled. The overwhelming feeling of being totally naked in public, and the deepness of the vibrator, made me start having almost constant orgasms. Riding through the neighborhood naked with the giant spiky vibrator inside me drove me crazy. The thrill of riding naked in public, in those totally slutty heels, having orgasms had me so turned on it was hard to remember to balance and pedal. I didn’t want to get caught by the police, so I rode on the darkest back roads, which made it take a long time. When I had to stand up and pedal I had to squeeze my pussy because I was afraid the vibrator would slide out, even though it is spikey.

After an hour I finally got where I wanted to go, the big porn store, private booths, and theater you showed me. I hid my bike behind a dumpster, along with the vibrator. Ankara bayan escort It took a while for me to stop having orgasms. Then I walked right up to the back door into the porn booths, and went in. Luckily it’s a separate entrance from the porn store, from the back parking lot. I walked up to the guy taking money and told him I’d suck his cock if he let me in. He looked at me like I was insane, or it was a prank or something. But when I licked my lips and played with my naked body, I guess he decided I was just some crazy slut. There I was naked and oily on platform heels, and my pussy was soaking wet. I got between his legs behind the counter and gave him an awesome blowjob, while he took money from men coming in. He finally came all over my face, and let me in for free. I walked back into the booths.

Oh my God, there had to be 100 men there, lining all the hallways, walking around. I suddenly wondered if men from town who know me, or you, would be among all those horny men. I felt like they were all going to rape me right there when I walked in naked on stripper heels, with cum on my face. But they watched until I went in a booth in the middle, with big holes on both sides. I didn’t close the door, and some men came in and, daddy, they had me on my knees stroking and sucking them in seconds. I was totally naked and shiny, stroking off and sucking two guys, then another guy came in and got behind me and shoved his cock in my sopping wet pussy. I started thinking how happy the guys must have been, to have a teen college girl walk in like I did, and just start sucking and fucking them with everybody watching.

Those three guys came on my face, then three more guys came in, and they did the same thing. I sucked some guys through the holes too. Then after I sucked and fucked like 10 of them, they pulled me out of the booth into a big room with sleazy vinyl couches, and that’s where the others used me. I swear Daddy, it seemed like 100 guys. I kept begging for more, and begging them to cum on my face, even though lots of them insisted on cumming inside my pussy, or my ass, or my mouth. I was totally filled inside, and soaked from my head to my toes in ½ inch of gooey cum.

At like midnight, they made me follow them from the booths to the theater. I was coated in cum from my hair to my feet; it was squishing under my feet in my platform heels as I walked. When I walked into the theater, it was packed with just as many men, all stroking off and watching porn. When they saw me, all of them surrounded me, at least 50 or 60 of them. They treated me like a little Escort bayan Ankara fuck toy, probably since I walked in already naked and soaked in cum. They fucked all my holes at once, over and over all night long, while I would stroke other guys. By 3:00am the place was closing so I had to be rushed out the back door.

I’m so bruised and used Daddy, my whole body, my holes all hurt, my eyes are so red from cum and being throat raped. I had to ride my bike home soaked in cum from over 100 men. I didn’t want to lose the vibrator, and I didn’t have any way to carry it while I rode, so I put it back inside my pussy and rode like that. I was so on edge, and with the vibe deep inside me again I had orgasms all the way home. I was naked and soaked in cum, and riding across town again, and kept burping up mouthfuls of cum the whole time. My bicycle is soaked in cum, because so much dripped off me. You should see me, daddy.


Daddy, since you’re out of town when I’m visiting again, I wanted to tell you what happened to me last night and today. I got all excited again, you know how I get. I decided to do what I did that other weekend when you were gone, and go to the porn emporium again. It was such an amazing, over-the-top experience last time. It was Saturday night, and I knew it would be full of hundreds of men to play with me again. So this time I tried to make the bike ride there even more exciting. I went into the garage wearing only oil and platform heels again, but this time I wanted to be more daring.

After I finally slowly fucked the spiked vibrator up inside my teen pussy again, I got out this thing I found in the back of your closet. You know what I’m talking about, Daddy. Have you ever used that on someone? It was a totally metal dildo, with a big bulb at the end. It was really hard to get inside my asshole, and it took hard pushing, but I finally got it in and it locked inside my ass. There were three wires with really sharp strong clips at the end, and after a while I figured out what they were for. It was hard for me to move, since I had the huge 10inch spiked vibrator in my pussy and the giant metal plug deep in my ass, but I attached the two clips with the long wire to my nipples. Oh my God Daddy, it hurt so bad! It made my nipples drip blood all over my titties. I clipped the third one to my clit, and it made me scream and cry for a while. It took like 20 or 30 minutes to get all these things attached, and where I wasn’t screaming or crying anymore, but I finally did. Then I turned on the dildo, and flipped the switch on the Bayan escort Ankara butt plug. The vibration in my pussy felt really good, but the other thing gave me an electrical shock, and it was totally electrocuting inside my asshole, and hurting my nipples and clit so bad. I wanted to scream and cry and give up, but I didn’t. Instead I just hopped on my bike and rode away.

It was so much harder to ride this time, with the electrocution, but I pedaled and pedaled. After more than an hour of pumping and orgasming, I made it to the porn place again. I’m not even going to go into details about what happened there; I’ll tell you in person. But it was almost exactly what happened last time. Over 100 men used all my holes until I was drowned in cum. I kept encouraging them to fill all my holes, triple penetrating me, and begging them to cum on my face. I got completely soaked in cum again, maybe even more. I felt like there wasn’t an inch of my naked skin that didn’t have cum on it, and my face was thick and dripping. But it was on the ride home where things went bad.

I stumbled out of the place again, naked and soaked in cum, with cum pretty much pouring out all my holes. I must have looked so slutty, I wish I had pictures. It was really hard to get all those things hooked back up to my tiny body, but I did it and was being electrocuted on the way home too. I know, I didn’t have to turn on the vibe and electrocution dildo and clips, but I wanted to. But even though I was in pain and orgasming at the same time riding home naked, I was having such a wonderful night. But halfway home this group of black guys jumped out in front of me and stopped me. They dragged me off my bike and threw it into some yard. Then they took me to a huge gang party. It seemed like it was all guys, all gang members. Daddy, they gang-raped me all night long. I know I can’t claim rape, because of how I looked and what I had been doing when they caught me. But they were really rough, Daddy.

But they went further. They said if I wanted electricity, they’d show me how it was really done, and used a cattle prod on me. Oh my God, it was 100 times worse than your toy. They even shoved it all the way up my ass and turned it on. After the sun came up, and they had finally gotten tired of fucking me and torturing me, they brought me into a back room of the gang house and tied me down. Then they tattooed me, Daddy. On my lower back is says Black Cock Rape Toy. They pierced my nipples too. When it got dark again, after at least 50 of them had raped me multiple times, and I was tattooed and pierced, they shoved me outside where they had brought my bike, and made me ride home naked again. I’m so sore, Daddy, every single part of me. Maybe next time I’ll bring you with me to the porn emporium, so nothing bad happens to me. Will you go with me there, Daddy?

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