Michelle, My Belle Ch. 2


Things got a little crazy when the guys got back from fishing. As Michelle and I heard them coming up from the lake singing “what do you do with a drunken sailor…” I leapt from the couch and with my jeans around my ankles gunny-sack-raced my way to the bathroom. Michelle ran to the kitchen sink to wash me off her face. The guys burst into the cabin and Troy yelled, “well, what DO you do with a drunken sailor early in the morning?”

Eric replied just as loudly, “I have no fricken clue there, pal.” To which they both laughed hysterically.

“Thank god for beer, ” I thought otherwise they might notice an interesting aroma.

Meanwhile, in the bathroom, I was trying to clean up. I was sopping wet from just above my knees to my belly button and as I wiped myself with a warm wet cloth I couldn’t help but linger a little around my sweet spot as I remembered what had happened just a few minutes ago.

The guys were a little disappointed that their dinner wasn’t ready but decided to grab the bull by the horns and cook the hamburgers themselves outside on the barbecue. So they grabbed a few more beers and out they went just as I emerged from the bathroom.

“Oh, god. How do I look?” I asked Michelle.

“Beautiful,” she answered, “as if you just had many, many orgasms.”

“Crap, wrong answer. I’m not too sure Troy would approve of what happened. He’s kinda the jealous type,” I replied.

“I think not, mon ami,” said Michelle. “I think he would approve tremendously. Maybe we can make tonight as memorable for the guys as this afternoon was for you?”

“Oh, Michelle. Memorable isn’t a big enough word for what happened to me this afternoon. I feel bad that I couldn’t do anything for you because I really want to,” I said.

Michelle chuckled. “Oh cherie, we will be together. Not to worry.”

With that she gave me a quick peck on the lips and we went out to see what the guys were up to.

Later that night, as we sat around a fire escort kağıthane they guys made, the conversation wound down and the necking began. Troy is usually in a hurry to get me naked but tonight because of the alcohol and the mood he was trying to be romantic. Well, I just wanted to get laid. Finally, Eric said “so, what say we turn in for the night? You two get the bedroom and Michelle and I get the fold out couch, right?” As Troy began to agree, Michelle broke in and said, “why don’t we make this night special and all share the bed?” I almost screamed with delight for the chance to be close to Michelle again but bit my tongue. The guys were beside themselves – this was the answer to every fantasy they ever masturbated to and while attempting to be noble they fell all over themselves trying to be gentlemen about the whole thing.

We made our way into the cabin and once inside clothes began flying. I hadn’t had the chance to see Michelle naked, although she had seen me. Her small breasts were perfectly shaped with brown hard nipples. Her curly brown shoulder blade length hair swept across her smooth skin. She was a little taller than me at about 5’7 and beautifully slender.

Obviously, I had never seen Eric naked before and he looked pretty good to me. He and Troy were built the same; both were football players and weight lifters. Troy was a toe head and Eric’s hair was very dark. They were the same in the important equipment, too. Same length and girth and pointed straight skyward.

We never made it to the bedroom. As we got to the couch, Michelle fell to her knees and took Eric in her mouth. Now, I had never seen anybody else in action and neither had Troy except for some porno movies so we stood there mesmerized watching Michelle sucking Eric off. She looked very skilled to me taking all of Eric’s cock into her mouth and then sliding it out all the way to the tip. I was jerking slowly on Troy’s cock and he was fondling one of my nipples as we watched. escort nişantaşı Eric looked like he was in heaven. It only took about a minute for Michelle to get Eric off. He arched his back and yelled “god, god, oh god,” as he unloaded into Michelle’s eager mouth. Her moans, muffled by Eric’s cock and the jizz he was pumping into her, were driving Troy and me crazy. As I knelt down in front of Troy, still pumping him with my hand, he came in a torrent of hot, white spung. “Take me in your mouth, ” he yelled, but he’d already shot most of his load against my titties. I opened my mouth and gently licked the cum off his dick and then sucked him a little to get any left in his shaft.

Meanwhile, Eric and Michelle were kissing but you could tell Eric needed to sit down. A great orgasm on top of all that beer and he was wiped. Michelle let him plop down to the floor and Troy did the same. “Well, that was nice,” she said as she walked toward me, “but the party is just beginning!”

When she reached me she asked, “mon cheri, what is this all over your sweet breasts? I think I should clean you up.” With that she bent at the waist and began to lick Troy’s cum off my titties. The guys both yelled “whoa!” at the same time. They weren’t tired anymore and their dicks went right back up. Michelle licked up all the cum Troy had squirted on me and then with a little blob of his seed on her tongue she French kissed me and left the jizz on my tongue for me to swallow. We kissed and fondled each other’s nips as the guys scrambled to their feet. Michelle held up her hand like a traffic cop and they stopped. “Patience, men. Just watch for a bit.” They were obedient.

Michelle and I lay on the floor – she on her back and me on all fours above her but facing the other way. In this position, we were able to suck on each other’s titties. I loved sucking her sweet nipples but I really wanted to taste her pussy the way she tasted mine a few hours earlier. I kissed my way down to her osmanbey escort belly, flicking her navel ring with my tongue a few times before I got to her pubes. I buried my face in her soft pubic hair and breathed in her aroma. I then went a little further down and got my reward.

Michelle’s pussy glistened in the pale light of the weak light bulbs of the cabin. Her lips were perfectly shaped and with just a gentle little tug her clit was wide open for me. I attacked her little button with my tongue and as I did she began to eat me again. It felt so good. She inserted a finger in my pussy as before so I did the same but passed on the finger in the butt trick – for now at least. Even though I had never eaten a woman’s pussy before I must have been doing something right because within just a few minutes, Michelle was whimpering and speaking French. (I think I recognized a few swear words in there). I didn’t care what she said at this point. My only goal in life was to make this sweet thing cum on my face. And in just a few more seconds, I achieved that goal.

With a gasp, Michelle grabbed both of my legs and buried her face in my inner thigh. She lifted her hips off the floor and pumped them quickly. She started talking in French again, but all I understood was “ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ahhhhhhhhhhhh, unghnnnnnnnnnnn.” Or words to that effect. I was so proud of myself. My face was totally wet with Michelle’s puss juice.

Meanwhile, the guys were staring at us open-mouthed both stroking their cocks. Troy would never jerk off for me like the boyfriend I had before him would so I watched him while I gently licked at Michelle’s pussy lips. I have to admit, I looked at Eric, too, but Troy was my boyfriend after all. Michelle’s was hungrily tonguing my pussy now and had inserted a finger in both my puss and my butt. This sent me over the edge and as I came in huge waves, the guys both jerked themselves to orgasm. This made mine even more intense and for awhile I thought I might smother Michelle with my cunt. The guys jizz shot at least two feet into the air above them and they probably had 6 or so squirts each. I never saw so much sperm. Little did I know I’d be seeing much more before the night was over.

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