Sheila – A Fantasy Fulfilled


Both people in this story are eighteen or over. I was the eighteen year old and am now thirty-five.


I could not believe it, even after the event, the reality, and the emotional sensations of amazement, delight and pleasure that had coursed through my very body. My dream, my desire, my fantasy had actually come to fruition…

It was not as if I was unaware of my lesbian sexuality, I had known from a very early age of my proclivity of need toward my own sex, it was an awareness that even my own Mother had recognised in me long before my first sexual experiences. I have a lot to thank her for really, we even had conversations about my feelings toward boys and girls. Bottom line, Mother understood, and although it was not until sometime later, even my Dad came to understand my feelings and both continued to recognise, and to accept them for what they are; that this was me and nothing was going to change it; I am a lesbian and that’s that! I am one of the lucky ones, it only remains to say that I have a lot to be thankful for in their support and love of me.

I was in my teens when I had my first, real sexual experience, Amelia was her name and she was about six months older than I. It was an experience that truly confirmed and ratified all that I had hitherto experienced. It confirmed that my innermost feelings were honest and true to my emotional growth and inner self. Amelia and I became fervent lovers for some time and the only thing that brought it to an end was our diversity of direction when it came to us going to different colleges.

Never-the-less, even though I was still in a relationship with Amelia at this time, the events of this particular night were as if I was experiencing my first sexual encounter all over again. Furthermore, this was one experience that I could never have spoken about with my Mum, because it involved a close friend of hers; a friendship going back some many years.

At this time I was eighteen, Sheila was thirty-four and had a daughter aged three. She and her husband had divorced and on this occasion, on this special night, I was in her home again, babysitting.

I should tell you, I had had a crush on Sheila for a long, long time. She was beautiful, she was refined, slim, shapely, had short brunette hair of which I was most envious, and a cleavage that I wanted to simply fall into and ravish with my hands and the longing of my lips, lips which oft times salivated with a need to suckle and kiss the loving nipples always hidden from my sight. I held an overwhelming need and lustful desire for this woman… It was a fantasy, it was my dream, a dream that I knew could never be fulfilled! I was wrong….

Sheila knew that on this particular night that she was going to be home late, whenever this was the case, I simply stayed for the night in the guest room; no big deal, it happens! However, on this evening, she returned home earlier than she had anticipated getting home about half past midnight. Automatically, she went in to check on her daughter; fast asleep…

As was her routine, Sheila now looked in on me, not surprised to find me sitting me up in bed reading. “Aimie, you and your books!” I laughed as she came over and putting her arm around my shoulders, sat beside me to see what I was reading; “nothing to interesting, just a book report for school…” If only she had looked under the pillows she would have found my “guilty secret”, the book that I was actually reading, the book which I had secluded when I heard her enter the house: “The Art of Dating Relationships and Sex for The Discerning Lesbian, by Kelli Jae Baeli.” A wonderful, wonderful read.

Well we chatted about how school was moving along, and her evening with friends at a dinner party, the prelude to some charity event… “Oh Aimie, talk about boring, nobody wanted to move along with the event, just a bunch of stick in the muds!” So saying I leant my head toward her in a knowing gesture sort of way, and she kissed me on the side of my head. I had been so enjoying the sensations of her arm around me, the quiet slow way in which she stroked my shoulder and the way she ran her fingers through my hair; I have to admit, my love of, and my desire for this beautiful woman was beginning to conjure within me a long dreamt of need… My breasts felt hot and I could feel my pussy tingling and getting more than a little wet!

My mind was in a whirl, ‘what can I do?’ What about if, if, if, oh damn, what would she say? What would she do? No… Can’t do that, she would be so shocked, maybe she would tell me I should leave!!! Oh Aimie, let it go, just keep your dream, keep your fantasy! I determined there was nothing else I could do; this love, this friendship was too great to jeopardize and lose.

Anyway, the decision, it appeared was being made for me! Sheila squeezed me tightly and said “Oh well, time for bed.” So saying she released her arm from around me and stood to go. I remember a feeling of sadness, a momentary frustration of not trying to do more; this emotion intermingled with bahçeşehir escort a slight sense of relief. The pressure would be off and after Sheila had gone I could lay back, close my eyes and fantasize, and in my fantasy, gain relief in masturbation!

In a mindset of accepting her departure I was prepared to accept her “Goodnight caress”, accompanied by her usual butterfly kiss as she said goodnight… What actually happened, I had not even considered, it had never even crossed my mind, but, as she leant toward my lips to kiss me I somehow wrapped my arms around her neck and without a second thought; I held her there and kissed her… Kissed her deeply, passionately, wantonly, and to my utmost amazement, Sheila spontaneously responded in a kiss that developed and developed. Our arms entwined one about the other. Responsive lips molded together as our mouths opened mingling one to the other as our tongues met in the loving embrace of passion and mutual desire. With neither of us releasing from this loving kiss, Sheila slowly lowered herself against me! In an instant I had gathered her into my caress, drawing her nearer and nearer as she leaned against me, with increasing passion she then rolled across me to lay by my side still enveloped in this caress of love; never for a moment did either of us release the other from this glorious, lip locking, tongue devouring kiss of passion!

Slowly, hesitantly, deliriously entranced by the emotions of the moment our kiss became momentarily lighter and lighter to the touch, but as quickly as we had sensed the drawing back of that kiss, we just as speedily resumed its hitherto height of passion and need. Never had a kiss meant so much, never had a kiss entrusted itself to such a depth of desire and love, but as all things must, it slowly, lovingly, came to its momentary separation; we were quiet for along while, just looking at each other, but we both knew there was between us a need to express our thoughts, our emotions of the moment and the desire that these moments had propagated!

“Oh Sheila, Sheila, I cannot tell you how long I have dreamt of that kiss.” Moving herself to rest on one elbow, looking down to me she smiled, “Aimie, believe me I have shared that same dream, but darling, you are so young and you’re Mum and I…..” As I placed a finger to her lips, Sheila’s voice trailed into quietness, it was a gesture which I followed by kissing her once again, it was a kiss that engendered a response, a kiss given freely in return, and in the doing I reached to her breast, squeezing her into my hand, simultaneously feeling the momentary increase in her response to my kiss and my touch… Kissing her neck, then her ear, I whispered “Make love to me Sheila.” Drawing back, I looked seriously into her eyes and repeated my request, “Make love to me!”

Tentatively at first, Sheila’s palm softly stroked across my cheek and with a gentle kiss her hand moved down to caress my breast as once again our open mouths and tongue came together! Gently caressing and squeezing my breast, her kiss became more and more ardent, rising to my eager response. Slipping the shoulder of my nightgown away, my breast came into her view and the warm wetness of her mouth encircled my nipple… The sensation was electric, instinctively my hand went to the back of her head, my chest moved toward her and I pushed her down onto my tit, the suckling of her mouth on me filling me with a sigh of “Oh Sheila my love, more my darling more”, drawing back from me she had me take my nightgown off and as I did so she removed her clothes exposing that wondrous body. For the first time in my life; young naked body, met mature adult naked body and as the two melted one against the other the bodily sensations of heat, softness, and desire succumbed to the wantonness’ of love making!

My dreams of wanting to have this woman came to the fore; rolling her to her back my hands finally felt all that I had wanted them to feel in the caresses of her breasts, caresses soon to be followed by the satiation of my mouth. My lips taking their pleasure of her hardening nipples beneath their wet attentions, these wonderfully exposed desires, now totally devoured by my sexual kisses, first of one and then of the other. My fingers delighted in the fullness of their shape as I caressed and kneaded them with my hands, my fingers relishing their sensual softness. I was totally absorbed by the essence of this woman, my ardour further enhanced by my pleasure as my mouth and tongue absorbed the delights of kissing and suckling those oh so erect nipples, pleasures that were quite obviously being enjoyed by us both. I was in blissful heaven and loving delight and I knew there was more to come!

Our kisses interspersed all that was occurring between us, the taste of her saliva in my mouth was intoxicating as our excited tongues ventured one on the other, each vying for supremacy of one over the other. Lips, face, neck, eyes, ears, all were explored in the intensity of our kisses; hands searched out and avcılar escort enjoyed the corners and crevices, the softness and comfort of the others body! Fingers flitted from breast to breast then moved to stroke backs, arms, thighs as the kissing lips moved between mouths and breasts… The breasts of one molded to the others, breasts mutually excited by the touch of one to the other, and all this time the kissing never ceased!

The texture of her body, the odour and excitement of her presence moved me forward… As my tongue again encircled the raised, dark edges of her areolar, I moved my lips to gently kiss the tip of its hardened, erect nipple; sucking gently down I moved her nipple into my mouth and between my teeth to gently nibble onto the engorged and sensitive edges… Sheila’s response was instant, her body rose toward me as I heard her sigh and then exclaim “Oh baby love”. As I continued to the other breast her fingers were brushing through my hair, the pressure of her touch guiding me…

Sheila’s body writhed beneath me as her tit slipped into my mouth and it was now that the fingers of my free hand slipped across her torso, combed through the light hair of her mound to finally slide down and over the already engorged, swollen and wet lips of her pussy. In silent request her thighs automatically spread apart, my middle finger slipped between her lips and, as I sucked down onto her tit, that finger slipped easily into the wetness of her cunt.

Recoiling from this initial entry of her lovely body, Sheila’s pelvis arched forward in the passion of her response… As I looked toward her face, her eyes opened and with a look of wonder on her face her mouth open and dry, Sheila licked her lips and looking deeply into my eyes whispered, “Kiss me my love!” I knew what she meant but the rising tide of passion within caused me to hold her stare, and to move in the opposite direction, to kiss yes, but the lips I wanted to kiss were down, down and between her thighs… With our eyes still held in full vision of one to the other, my mouth enveloped her pussy lips and my tongue slipped into her slit! The moment was amazing in its response; her body lay back to the bed, my hands moved beneath her thighs and as her pelvis rose to the attentions of my mouth between those ‘oh so wet’ lips, I moved my hands beneath her cheeks, squeezing and drawing her nearer toward the wanting attentions of my mouth.

I was ravenous for this pussy, my tongue slithered and flicked from here to there, from cunt to clit; a clit already swollen and wanting of attention. It was attention I was eager to give and as I sensed her rising passions I licked sensually up and down her slit, finally settling over that engorged bud of emotion. Licking in circles and then up and down, momentarily sucking and then licking again as I alternated my speed in response to the reactions of her body and the expressions of her mouth, until, almost without warning, I sensed the realization of her rising climax… With increasing pace my tongue slipped over and around her gorgeous clit and as I felt her body move I sucked down onto that bed of love!

It was wonderful, Sheila writhed beneath and against me, her pussy pushed toward me and I slipped my tongue as deeply as I could in and out of that wonderful void of love and then back to concentrate on her clit. Pussy juice seemed to flow across me from every direction and I stayed in my lovers pussy as long as it took for her to reach the heights of her blissful orgasm. As the tide of her orgasm ebbed away, I gently succored on her lips, kissing, and nibbling her lips and inner thighs before moving to her side and kissing her, softly, but deeply in a magical kiss of love!

Once again we slipped into moments of languid, loving and wonderful kisses. Quite casually my left thigh moved between her thighs and I could feel the hot wetness of her against me, I smiled as I pushed my thigh against her pussy. “Aimie, you are one wonderful lover”, so saying her lips once again molded to my own; within the kiss Sheila rolled me toward her and onto my face, once there she rolled onto my back and lay full length on top of me, her legs moved within my own and I could feel the fullness of her tits pressed against my back. The combined sensations of her engorged nipples in company with the hot wetness of her Mons within my cleft was arousing me to even further heights of lust as she began to slowly move against my buttocks, it was a sensation in which I was I was totally absorbed… Sensations of heat and pressure, sensations which were stimulating me to rise and fall back beneath her in the gliding rhythm akin to intercourse, and it felt beautiful.

In company with her slow attentions to my back Sheila took hold of my hands, extending my arms above me, simultaneously kissing the back of my neck and running her tongue along the curves of my ears… From my position of total submission, I murmured in awe of the amazing feelings I was experiencing! “Oh fuck that feels awesome.” I was open esenyurt escort to anything Sheila wished of me, all I knew was that I loved all that I was experiencing and at this moment, I wanted everything!

As my emotions rose, my breath was becoming deeper and faster. Sheila was pushing harder against me, her mound formed in the crack of my butt. I had never before known such sensations from this position, a position often previously enjoyed but somehow, this was more intense, more provocative, and creating absolute sensations of wonder… “Roll over baby” and as I did so, she straddled across me and her hands took hold of my tits, soon to be followed by her mouth and the hot sensations of sucking, biting kisses causing me to squeal and writhe in sensitive pleasure.

Moving between my legs she commenced to kiss and lick a trail of moisture down to the mound of my crotch, hot breath caused my body to twitch with the anticipation of what was to come. Sheila, kissed her way to the small patch of hair atop my pussy, shaved into the form of a small heart and all below shaved clean. “Mmmm, you smell good” as she ran her tongue around the edges of my heart of hair.

Kneeling between my thighs she lowered her head and commenced to stroke the inner portions of my thighs, slowly working up, now close to the lips of my pussy, but then moved away and lifting her head, allowed her hair to fall forward to stroke over me. My skin tingled and I felt Goosebumps all over with this teasing experience; it felt good but it was not what I needed of her, I wanted her now!

Bending my knees up and out, I reaching down, took hold of her head and moved her mouth to my pussy lips. “Mmmm, I was not disappointed, gentle kisses stimulated the folds of my pussy, and momentarily a tongue flicked onto me and then away….Damn this was driving me crazy…Grasping her hair I pulled her into my crotch, my lips were so wet in the anticipation of this very moment and finally I felt the exciting tingle of her tongue sliding up and down within the crevices and folds of my slit, stunning sensations swept through my body; damn, I was alive!

Lying now full length between my legs, Sheila’s hands massaged the lips of my pussy, spreading my Labia Majora wide. Tongue slithered into me and “Oh God!” that same tongue began to fuck in and out of my cunt. “Oh darling lover, don’t stop.” I took hold of my legs behind my knees and pulled them up and as high and wide as I could to give her every access possible as my cunt thrived in the sensation of being entered again and again and I loved every caressing fucking lick of tongue fucking me! Drawing back, Sheila moved toward me, kissed my mouth and I licked her lips, enjoying the taste of my pussy on her face.

“Wait just a minute my lovely Aimie” and with that she got up from the bed and left…

As she returned I simply thought she must have gone to check the baby, as, on her return she simply kissed me and then returned to kissing my pussy. I was in heaven and I was getting wetter and wetter with every move of her tongue… Sheila started to lick between my cunt and my clit, but then I began to feel, and hear, the slight buzzing of a small vibrator against the top of my slit…Looking down, she smiled and showed me a small narrow tube, the source of this vibration, “It’s a Pocket Rocket Honey, lay back and enjoy”.

I was enthralled; fuck I was excited! To this point I had never used a vibrator and this little Giant being gently applied to my clit, in company with the wonders of her lips and tongue, was creating within me a sensation that was out of this world! My body came to a state of extreme excitement; I was lifting my pelvis up and down, grinding against the face and the mouth of this amazing and exciting lover…

My cunt took on a life of its own, I was just a mass of emotional sensations and Sheila was with me, keeping in pace of my erratic, one could also say ‘erotic’, accumulation of feelings within my entire body. Then it happened, every sensation, every movement collapsed into the middle of body, I rose and fell, writhed and tossed in the climatic event that was coming to an apical point within my clit and my cunt. Sheila discarded the Pocket Rocket, her hands slid firmly beneath my thighs, her fingers grasping onto my ass cheeks, her nails scratching into me as her tongue exploded in a frenzy of activity, concentrating on my bud of a red swollen clit and as I screamed in ultimate relief as she sucked hard onto me, devouring me, satiating me with her love and focusing on giving me the experience of a lifetime!

Pussy juice rushed forth from me, my body was charged with the electricity of orgasm such as I had never experienced, and I have to say, had never experienced to this level of intensity until this moment.

There is much to learn within the act of ‘Making Love” and I have to say I am an eager student. I love sex, I love my life as a lesbian, femme is my life. I love to give and I love to take, and yes, I am an admitted “Dominant and Voyuer,” but I also know; sometimes it is just nice to lay back and submit to all that a lover has to offer! Perhaps one day, I’ll write about others times in Sheila’s bed, times eagerly and erotically anticipated by both. A silent love, a secret love of devotion and caring, a love from which I owe a glorious education!

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