Mindy’s Massage Ch. 10: Different Kind of Ride

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Mindy was walking into a high rise apartment building to meet a new client. He had contacted her by email, and when she had checked his references, the girls he had seen previously, recommended him highly. She had directions to go to the penthouse floor and go to suite B. She took the elevator to the top public floor, got off and went to the upper floor elevator. She punched in the code, and the doors opened and took her to the very top floor. She stepped off the elevator onto plush carpet in very opulent surroundings. She walked to the door directly in front of her which was B. She knocked gently on the door.

After a short wait, the door opened and she was greeted by a tall distinguished gentleman in his late fifties or early sixties. He was dressed in silk shirt, tailored slacks and slip on deck shoes. His hair was a mixture of grey and black and was immaculately coiffed, and he was tall, thin, tan and appeared in very good shape. He took her hand and bent at the waist, and kissed the top of her hand gently. She smiled her thousand watt smile and he leaned forward to kiss her cheek. She moved against him and let his arms encircle her. She felt his hands move against her back, and his body push against her as he hugged her. They stood for a moment exchanging niceties, and he finally stepped back and guided her out onto the huge patio that had its own kitchen area and pool and hot tub. They sat on the patio while his maid came and took drink orders then silently disappeared, only to reappear in a couple of minutes with the drinks on a tray.

Mindy sipped her drink, a mint julep, a suggestion of the gentleman, and he worked on a Crown and water. His name was Roy and he smiled like a movie star when she spoke to him. They carried on small talk for an hour or so, her letting him lead as she usually did. She was dressed in a very short light green pull over dress that was very sheer, and under it she wore only a g string panty that was nude colored. Her shoes were sandals, brown with a gold pattern in them, which went with the stone jewel collar on the dress. She knew the dress was hot and she was hot in it. It barely covered her ass and when she bent or sat it didn’t cover it. She knew he was constantly taking sideways glances to take in the bare flesh that was revealed of her legs, thighs and even her cheeks which were slightly on display. The maid refreshed their drinks a few times, and Mindy realized that mint juleps were pretty strong concoctions that were making her feel really good.

Finally, Roy stood, and extended his hand, “Would you like to swim with me my dear?” Mindy took his hand, stood and stepped out of her sandals, slipped the dress off over her head, and then pushed her g string down off her hips and stood before him gloriously and brazenly naked. She felt his eyes run over her body as she knew that his hands soon would do. She watched as he stepped out of his deck shoes, unfastened and unzipped his tailored khakis, and then unbuttoned and slipped off his shirt, leaving him in only boxers. He smiled at her as he pushed them down and revealed a wiry haired crotch, also black and grey mixed, with two hanging balls of average size and a semi hard cock, also of average size. As Mindy watched, it slowly swelled to full erection, standing out straight from his body, and slowly bouncing a little as it throbbed, revealing its need for her. She felt that the evening was going to be very pleasant for her.

She stepped over to the water and eased into the pool, with Roy following her. They swam for an hour or so, moving leisurely through the pool’s warm water and watching the lights of the city around them and a few stars above. Finally he moved against her and Mindy let her sleek body settle back against him. She could feel his hard penis bumping into her little ass. She felt him press against her harder and she felt his penis slip between her legs right at her body and the head of it slide against her pussy lips. She felt her pussy get very moist and she was just beginning to lean forward to allow him to slip into her from behind, when he spoke and she stood up in the chest deep water to listen to him.

“Mindy, my dear, I have a very unusual request for you. One that if you will agree to it, you will be very well rewarded.” She nodded and he continued, “I have a very unusual desire, one that makes me more excited and more gratified than anything else.”

She slowly turned to him and pushed her full breasts against his chest and leaned forward to kiss him gently. She said softly, “Tell me what you want, baby.”

He spoke again, “Mindy, meet Gunter and Tyrone,” as she caught movement on the other side of the pool out of the corner of her eye. She turned and her mouth dropped open as she found two Adonises standing naked on the side of the pool. One was white, blond and blue eyed, huge rippling muscles and probably six feet Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan six inches tall with huge shoulders a tiny waist and long heavily muscled legs. Between his legs were two huge balls and an even more huge cock, shaven and bare and partially erect as she looked. The other guy, Tyrone, was very black, shiny and ebony in the dim light, even taller and even more developed with a hard six pack stomach and muscles everywhere. Mindy gasped when she made out in the dim light even larger low hanging balls and an even larger cock which was fully erect, standing up and out and throbbing as he watcher her naked body.

Roy spoke again softly, “Mindy, what I like, baby, what I want you to do is let these two have sex with you, both of them are not only well equipped but also produce copious amount of semen. They will fill you more full of cum than you have ever been. Once that happens, I will clean you up and lick you out. Then and only then, will you allow me to enter you and I can also have release, and then you will make me clean you up again. Can you do this for me?”

Mindy’s eyes were wide with amazement and fear. She knew the two men would hurt her with those two big penises. Both were as large as Mindy had seen or larger. She knew it was going to hurt but somehow, she wanted to try it. She wanted to see just how far she could get them to go, how depraved and how nasty she could be and still be her. It was a side of her personality she didn’t quite understand. She thought that she almost took pleasure in pain at times, and while she might be subjected to perversity and degradations, she could never be subdued. Every time she took a step that was on the edge or past depravity, she felt stronger after. It made her feel more free and independent. All this ran through her head, as she nodded her assent to Roy and asked, “Where are we going to do this, Roy?”

He motioned her over to a wide chaise lounge on the side of the pool close to the men. She slowly climbed out of the pool and walked naked in front of the three men to the chaise where she sat on the edge. “How do we do this, Roy? What do you want to see?”

He answered her, “Just do whatever you want, Mindy, but make sure they cum inside you. You can do or not do whatever, and the only other thing I want is no lube. I want it to all be natural, inside and outside you.” His voice was shaking and almost weak he was so excited. He spoke in a low voice as he told the two hired guns, “She’s yours boys. Have your fun.” The two approached Mindy, and she reached for the blond first. She slid her hand up his thigh to gently fondle under his hanging balls as he sucked in his breath from her touch and his penis rose to its full length and girth. She had no idea how that it was going to fit into her tiny pussy. She stroked his rod, her hand barely reaching around it.

She leaned forward to touch her lips to the head of the throbbing cock. He stepped forward closer to her to allow her to use her open mouth up and down the shaft her lips sliding over the sides of it as if it were an ear of corn. She nibbled and used her tongue to get him excited as he could stand. She knew she had to get them both ready and that they both had to fuck her one right after the other and hopefully not take too long to cum. She concentrated on getting herself excited too, as she turned to Tyrone and began to lick and use her lips on him. She let the head of his cock slip into her open mouth but not much more would fit. His cock was even larger than Gunter’s but not by much. She stroked them both and alternated between licking and sucking the two huge penises until finally she lay back on the chaise and let Gunter settle onto his knees between her open thighs.

She saw and felt the tip of the huge cock press against her tiny pussy lips. She tried to open herself farther as he began to slowly and gently push into her. She felt him start to slide into her and she realized just how excited she was by the sheer craziness of what she was doing. She realized that there was a side to her that she had not fully understood. It was what allowed her to be the girl she was and to be an escort. She really loved the sex, the strange and different men, and the outlandish and nasty situations that she got herself into. She liked being a slut. She smiled to herself and reached up to pull Gunter down onto her body full length, and urged him to push it into her and then whispered to him, “Fuck me, fuck me harder and deeper.” Gunter did. He began to slide deeper into her, pushing against the resistance and burrowing his way deep into her hot little cunny.

Roy was nearby in a chair, watching intently and shaking and gasping in excitement. This was a dream he had been wanting to fulfill for a long time. He had never been able to because all the other girls he encountered had always demanded Bahçeşehir Escort Bayan using a condom. The “cream pies” just didn’t happen with escorts. Then he had finally heard about Mindy and that she didn’t use condoms. His good friend Frank had clued him in that she not only didn’t use condoms, but would probably be up for the gang bang and his strange desires to eat her out and clean them out of her.

Mindy was moving underneath Gunter in excitement as he had begun fucking her hard, all the way into her and all the way out until only the head of his cock remained. Then he began slamming harder into her, coming all the way out and thrusting all at once into her, burying his cock into her in a jack hammer motion. Her sleek thighs were wrapped around him squeezing him against her. Tyrone stood at the foot of the chaise, just waiting to bury his black dick into that little white girl that he lusted after. He was watching Gunter brute fuck her, thinking that once he got hold of her little hole, she would understand what being pounded was. The two were rolling from side to side, and Gunter was beginning to grunt and strain against the chaise, the muscles in his body tightening and quivering. He cried out, a guttural and primal sound, signaling his release of his seed into Mindy’s open and waiting pussy.

She could even feel the wetness and volume he dropped into her as his cock throbbed and spurted inside the clenching walls of her aching pussy. Her own orgasm began to wash over her, as she added her own juices to the mix inside her, suddenly much wetter herself and wet all over the outside too, as he thrust into her, in the last throes of his ecstasy. She felt herself beginning to come down, for a moment she had even forgotten Roy’s excited gaze on her, or the dangerous stare that Tyrone was giving her. She knew somehow, that he was going to be an even more demanding and difficult time than Gunter had been. For his size and for his strength, Gunter had done little to hurt her. Her pussy was a little sore, and her crotch had been pounded pretty hard, but she felt like she was ok. Gunter eased himself out of her, leaving her little cunny full to the brim with cum. It was bubbling out of her and running down the sides of her pussy and onto her taut butt cheeks and into the crack, as well as all over her upper, inner thighs.

She took a deep breath and looked up to see Tyrone moving into position straddling her chest. He reached down with each hand and twisted her nipples hard, She cried out in pain. He stuck his dick into her mouth and said, “Suck this, white bitch.” She found her mouth full of hot black cock, the head pushing into her, filling her whole mouth. She groaned as he pushed hard into her oral cavity, and again reached down to pinch her nipples hard. She twisted away from his rough touch and put her hands over her nipples to protect them. She was trying to spit his dick out, as he pushed into her and laughed at her struggles.

After a minute he backed out, pulling his dickhead out of her mouth, and sliding his lower body down her, as he lowered his weight onto her body. He pushed his mouth against hers, and pushed his tongue into her mouth.

Mindy could feel his huge thick tongue jamming into her mouth, filling it completely and thrashing around against hers. She felt the heavy weight of his muscular body on top of her, his weight fully on her, as he pressed her into the cushion of the chaise. His hips were between her open legs, and she could feel the hardness of his erection between his belly and hers. Her eyes widened as she realized that his hips were in just about the right position for him to be inside her and the head of his penis was above her navel. She was thinking his dick was going to tear her apart inside when he fucked her. She didn’t have long to wait to find out, as he suddenly raised up, onto his knees and positioned the head of his long, hard throbbing cock at the gate to her sweet, sleek, wet and cum flooded little pussy. He looked down into Mindy’s eyes and said, “Bitch, I’m going to fuck you like you never been fucked, and it’s going to make you suffer.”

Suddenly, Mindy wanted it. She wanted him to make her suffer, whether in pain, or in straining for orgasm and ecstasy. She wanted to feel everything he could make her feel. If it ripped her apart inside it was ok, she thought, she just wanted to feel it all. She reached down to take his huge hardness into her grasp and she pushed it into her pussy.

“Go ahead you big black stud fucker, show me what you can do,” she groaned as he shoved his dick into her. It stretched and pulled against her and slowly entered her, reaching farther into her than she had ever felt. It filled her completely and as it slid in the slickness of Gunter’s cum, it bottomed out against her cervix and began pushing farther into her, taking the back wall of her vagina up into her. Cum sloshed and oozed out of her around his blackness, dripping down onto her tanned skin below her pussy. His full weight was on her again, pressing the breath out of her as he thrust his penis into her pussy and his tongue back into her mouth, He reached up with both hands and twisted and squeezed her full breasts until Mindy wanted to scream from all the pain in her totally used little body. She was determined to not give him the satisfaction of showing her pain to him. She opened her legs wider then wrapped them around his ebony skinned ass, locking her ankles over him, and lifting her hips to urge him into her harder. He answered by starting to stroke, lifting his butt and then pounding down into her.

She could feel the head of his cock, moving her insides around as he fucked into her harder and harder. She was moaning and gasping for air as she absorbed the shock of his thrusts. She used her hands and her thighs to slide up and down his body, urging him on to his climax. She was ready for him to cum, and she hoped to cum as well. Her body was tight as a string and aching for sexual release. She wanted to feel that glorious rush wash over all the pain in her body. Her breath was hot and rushing, her heart pounding, her temples throbbing as was her hot little pussy and all her loins. She felt the slow rise of her orgasm, and she felt his cock throbbing inside her, as he got ready to explode inside her.

She began to quiver all over, and the rush hit her, a tingling deep in her loins that rose and spread over her, sending shock waves of pleasure through her. A deep throated moan came from her as the black buck pounding into her began to shake and bury himself into her even harder, the thick white fluid of his cum erupting from the bulbous head of his swollen penis and into her tight little cunny. Time and time again, he strained and thrust against the back of her open pussy, as great gushes of cum flew out the opening of his cock and into her. She could feel it overflowing and fresh warm juices dripping from her and down her ass cheeks. She moved under him, encouraging him, knowing that the next day she would be sore and in pain from all this rough sex but for now, in exquisite spasms of ecstasy all through her body.

As he began to subside, he also began to shrink inside her, and she could feel the fullness being not quite so full, and he finally collapsed on top of her, his sweaty body against hers, his hands still on her, and his tongue once again roaming through her mouth. She accepted it all, letting him finish his climax as he wanted. Suddenly he rose, and moved away from her, and Mindy looked down to see her whole lower body coated with juices from the last hour of sex with two men.

Just as suddenly Roy appeared between her thighs on his knees, and smiled at her. “Now my dear, my time is here.” He leaned forward and began to use his tongue to swipe at her wet skin, licking cum and her juices from her thighs, her tummy, her crotch and down on the cheeks of her ass below her sweet pussy. At last, he buried his face into her crotch, using his tongue to reach deep inside her, licking out all he could reach. As he did, she could tell his excitement was growing, as he became more enthusiastic, and more animated, his mouth using lips tongue and even teeth against her body.

Then, he rose, to get on his knees between her thighs, and he thrust his average cock into her. She barely felt the intrusion after the reaming she had endured, but after a few rapid thrusts, she could tell he was emptying his balls into her body, his whole body shaking and his teeth clenched as he came.

Once finished, he once again dropped to clean her body of his secretions. At last he was done, and she was allowed to get up and retire into the fabulous marble and tile bathroom to clean herself up. She lingered in a warm bath for a while, thinking about what had just happened and trying to keep from laughing at just how twisted some men are in their lust. She could only shake her head and wonder what was wrong with just normal sex. It seemed completely fulfilling to her, and she could only wonder at a man whose longings were to eat the cum of other men.

She got up, got dressed, fixed her make up, and hair, and then walked out to find the other two gone, and Roy waiting for her, a drink in one hand and an envelope in the other. Roy asked her if she would consider returning for another time with him, and she could only say, “We’ll see. Thank you.”

She left and walked to her car. Once inside, she drove away quickly and was very glad to get to the calm and safety of her own home. Once there, she opened the envelope to find two thousand dollars in it. It was a lot of money, but not more than some others had given her for much less aggravation and degradation. She felt like she needed another bath.

An hour later, fresh out of the bath again, she crawled into her own soft bed, and stretched out, wondering still, about what the night had held, and what she had done. Sometimes her own capacity for sexual perversion amazed her.

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