My Day


“Oh no, Kenny has a huge cock” Nan said with a laugh. “He’s huge, like a horse. I never actually measured it but he tells me it’s well north of 9 inches and I do believe that to be true considering how uncomfortable it can be when he forces that damned thing in me.”

That comment stopped me in my tracks, I laughed it off, we both giggled like school girls but I found the thought of it amazing.

I’ve known Nan and Kenny for years, I went to school with Nan, I knew her family and our children go to the same schools and play together after

I’m not so knowing of Ken, they met in college and he was born and raised out in Montana, far from our Ohio home. I just never thought about that possibility. He just doesn’t come across as someone that is gifted in that way.

He’s quiet and well mannered, intelligent and thoughtful. I just have never thought of him in the category of stud.

My own husband is quite the opposite, he fancies himself as a “player”, he’s always flirting and hinting at his size when in reality he is very lacking in that area.

He claims he’s bigger than average but if average is truly six inches, old Mr. Cool guy has an inch or two to grow yet. Not that I’m complaining mind you, I’m just saying……

“So how come you never mentioned this before?” I asked when the giggling finally subsided.

“Really, Joyce, I didn’t of it as something that would interest you.”

Nan answered with a lift of her eyebrows.

“So that’s why you walk around with that Cheshire cat grin on your face all day.” I teased.

“Oh my, if that were only true!” Nan replied.

“The truth is that he really doesn’t know what to do with it. When he needs to, he just mounts me, pumps for a few minutes, ejaculates and rolls over and goes to sleep. The man has little or no interest in sex,at least not with me.” She sighed.

Suddenly the front door opened and the living room exploded with the sound of children home from school. All thoughts about sex vanished into the chaos of snacks,shouting children and school papers.

After the children were finally bedded down for the night, I made my weary way upstairs.

Bob was watching Monday Night Football and I don’t think he even noticed when I made myself ready for bed. I slid into the bed and kissed him on his head. He smiled his charming smile and asked about the children.

I began explaining what had transpired over the course of the evening until I realized it was a rhetorical question and he really had no interest in what I was telling him. He was focused on the men in the green uniforms that were crashing into the men in the white uniforms.

I turned on my reading light and picked up the novel I was in the process of reading.

It was a bit of a romance novel, I’ll admit that but really, most novels are more or less romance novels. Aren’t they?

This one had some great sex scenes, the writer made sex sound oh so much more appealing than the Esenyurt Escort reality I experienced.

Bob farted, and reached for his drink. I wanted to be somewhere far, far away.

I turned off my light and rolled over hoping sleep would come quickly. I felt Bob’s hand on my ass. I knew what he wanted.

“No Bob, not tonight please, I’m exhausted.”

He snorted a derisive comment about my always being tired.I ignored it and prayed sleep would come to me swiftly.

From the first ding of the the alarm clock to the click of the door closing after the kids were out the door is a blur of sound and motion. A race against the school bus driver.

How many times have I prayed he would be stuck in morning traffic somewhere and I would be granted the extra ten minutes I always seemed to need to get everyone feed and clothed.

Bob left before the kids got up, his job required it. He had a hour drive to get to work and often these days, longer than that.

The breakfast, lunches, homework assignments and pet care fell to me. Sometimes I wished to God I had a regular job that started and ended like Bob’s did.

I’d take the daily commute and tedious long days just to escape the craziness of getting three boys dressed, fed and out the door on time every morning. I was exhausted before 8 AM every school day morning.

As I turned off the TV and headed for the kitchen to clean and wash the breakfast dishes I remembered the conversation I had with Nan about Ken’s penis size.

I wondered what that would look and feel like. Nan didn’t ever talk about sex and I had never encountered a cock bigger than the six inch average.

Not that I had all that much experience with cocks. I had lost my virginity in high school to a boy that wasn’t much bigger than my husband.

The build up to that night was oh so exciting but the actual act wasn’t. He barely got his cock into me and he came off. He tried again a little later but he didn’t last much longer the second time.

I went home a very frustrated young girl. I masturbated furiously that night. I must have had a dozen orgasms. My clitoris was sore to the touch the next morning.

I dated several other men after high school. I did let everyone of them fuck me.

I finally found a guy that was great in bed.His name was Charlie.

Charlie gave me my first orgasm. He was a wonderful lover. He took the time needed to get me thoroughly aroused.

He performed orally masterfully. He licked and suckled my clitoris bringing me up to the brink of orgasm time after time,stopping just before I could cum.

Then he would let me climb on top and slide my wet cunt and open cunt down on his cock.

It didn’t take me long to cum and usually I was able to cum off several more times before he released his nice,copious,hot cum into me.

Charlie was my first serious love in my young life. I adored him but Charlie was a druggie. He hung out with a bunch of Avcılar Escort losers that had zero interest in getting ahead in life.

I knew I couldn’t have the life I thought I wanted if I staid with Charlie.

I met Bob, actually through Charlie in a weird way. Bob was Charlie’s boss at the time. Bob was immediately attracted to me, at least it seemed that way to me.

Since then I’ve come to realize that Bob is attracted to anything that has breasts.

I was flattered that a professional college graduate that went to work every day in a suit was coming on to me and Bob is charming. He has a sweet boyishness to his smile and manner that brings out the mother in all of us.

Charlie and I slowly drifted apart as the alcohol and drugs became increasingly important to him and our relationship less so. Mean while Bob had never stopped hitting on me and finally I consented and the rest is history.

Our sex life started out okay. It wasn’t nearly as good as the one with I had with Charlie but it wasn’t bad. As I said, Bob is rather puny in the penis department and after bearing three children, I’m not exactly a tight little virgin anymore.

To be frank about it, I often don’t know if Bob’s cock is actually in me or not at times. Luckily I can get clitoral orgasm by grinding my clit into his pubic mound. I suppose that is what lesbians do to get each other off.

Anyway, it works for me when I need to get some sexual release and to be fair, Bob is very accommodating, letting me grind my way to an orgasm before he releases his cum.

But right at this moment, Nan’s casual comment has got me thinking about big cock. I found myself pressing into the counter as I hurried through the dishes. I knew I had no plans for the day except the usual household chores. I realized I could take a few minutes to please myself and I let my mind wander into fantasy.

I began to visualize a big, thickly veined, mushroom headed cock. I could feel my wetness grow as I imagined how it would taste as I worked to get the big head of it into my mouth. I thought about how I would be forced to breath through my nose as the cock would block the air from my throat. I felt myself getting weak knee-ed as I let my imagination run wild.

Would he choke me, could I relax my throat and let the big head slide deep into it? How would it feel if a well hung man came off with his fat cock deep in my throat. I squeezed my nipple through the thin cotton night shirt I wore. It hurt so nicely, I felt my cunt release more of it’s honey. I knew my pussy was open and ready to feel a cock slide in. I felt at that moment I could let a horse fuck me.

I dried my hands and quickly made my way up to my bedroom. Hurriedly, I searched through my dresser for the vibrator Bob had bought me to enhance our sex life several years ago.

I had used it with him a couple of times but he lost interest in doing that and it had been lying in draw unused for quite some time. I looked at it and decided it needed to be washed. I ran it under the warm water. It felt good in my hands as I soaped it up. It certainly was big enough, at least 8 inches and though the head was small, it widened out at the base to a nice fatness. There were two little arm like appendages at the base that mimicked rabbit ears. They were supposed to stimulate the clitoris on a woman but I wasn’t interested in having my clit stimulated, I wanted a big fat cock to fill me.

I pulled off my panties and lay on the unmade bed. I reached down and inserted a couple of fingers into my cunt. As I suspected it was gushy wet and open. I rubbed my wetness over my labia and clitoris. I heard myself groan with pleasure as my little clit responded to my wet fingers. I pulled up my knees and lay there on the bed, open and willing to be fucked.

I let myself imagine Nan’s husband Ken walking into the room and seeing me laying there with my with my cunt wide, willing and wanting to be fucked. I could almost feel the weight of his body as he positioned himself over me. I could hear my breathing getting short and shallow as I let myself drift deeper into my fantasy.

I was ready, I reached for the artificial cock and rubbed it’s head around the widening mouth of my wet cunt. Then with a fierce thrust I sent the entire length of it into my openness. I heard myself make a satisfied grunt as the head of it slammed into my cervix. I pulled it back, almost out and rammed the fullness of it in to me again.

I felt so slutty, so deliciously slutty, lying there on unmade bed, legs splayed fucking myself with a huge pink dildo.

Once again I thought of Ken sliding his big fat headed cock into little Nan’s unwilling cunt. How I wished it could be me beneath him, feeling the full weight of his body on me as he worked his man-ness deep into me.

I was now wetter then I have ever been, I could feel the hot liquid leaking out of my open cunt and down my ass cheeks onto the sheets. The once tight dildo now felt loose and sloppy as my wide open cunt opened even wider. I was gasping now and I closed my eyes as the first of my orgasms washed over me. I pressed and held the faux cock tight and as deep into my gaping cunt as I could as my body shook and trembled. I spasm-ed again and again my ragged breath coming through my clenched teeth

.”Yes, yes.” I cried as relief surged through me.

I had scarcely caught my breath and I began to resume the thrusting, now pushing the dildo side to side to regain the feel of it in my gapingly open slutty cunt. I quickly regained the plateau of my orgasm with repeated results.Again and then again.

I was lost in the pleasure of wanton sex, free from any restraint, I let the orgasms rack through my body until I could cum no more.

I lay there, in my bed, wet with the leakage from my now used cunt. My mind slowly came into focus as to what had just happened. I felt at first shameful and then guilty for using the image of my best friends husband as means for masturbation. As my heart rate once again returned to normal, I rose from the bed, pulled off the soaked sheets and headed for the wash.

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