My Favourite Teacher Ch. 2


She pulled away from me, quickly straightening herself out. I unlocked the door and in came the principal. “Why was the door locked.” I spoke fast telling him I locked it by mistake, “I was just talking to Alex about his good grades and advising him on what colleges he should aim for,” Mrs. Stern jumped in. “Alex, you should thank Mrs. Stern for giving up her free time for you.” I thanked her and left as quickly as I could.

I was both relieved and disappointed at the same time. Relieved that we were not caught and disappointed that I still didn’t get to fuck Mrs. Stern. But at least I now knew that she wanted me as much as I wanted her.

When I arrived home I went straight upstairs for my longest cold shower ever. It didn’t work though, I still remained very horny & extremely hard, yearning for that sweet piece of older pussy. I must have tossed off at least 3 times that night, thinking about taking Mrs. Stern from behind, bending her over the edge of her desk having her beg to be fucked by one of her students.

In class the next day I was sitting at the back of the room, trying with great difficulty to stop my growing erection before one of my class mates saw me. The fact that Mrs. Stern was wearing a very low cut top showing a lot of flesh didn’t help matters. At one point during the lesson, she began to walk around the class checking on every ones work. When she got to me, standing behind me, she leaned forward pressing those large tits against my shoulders, making my cock grow, reacting to her touch. As she walks away, she slides a note beneath my work, brushing her hands gentle against mine as she leaves. My eyes fix on her round ass moving from side to side as she strides back to her desk. When she sits in her chair, her breasts become more visible, she realises this and smirks in my direction. She was starting to enjoy teasing me, and I could tell she liked the fact that a young guy still found her sexually attractive.

When the bell rang I quickly opened the note, anticipating something good. I wasn’t disappointed by the contents, which simply said I want u to fuck me tonight at my home. Meet me at 5 outside at the tennis courts.

This was great, not only was I gonna get to fuck my teacher, but to do it at her home with all that privacy, and it wasn’t even my suggestion. She must really want my cock, and she is definitely gonna get it.

I quickly rushed Bahçeşehir Escort home and took a shower, making sure I was clean and smelling good for my darling teacher.

The time was going really slow, so I decided to set off a little earlier. By the time I arrived at the courts it was about 4:45 , quite dark out and there were no people around, probably due to the rain which had started as soon as I left the house. I then so her, walking towards her parked car. She signalled to me and I rushed over to her car and got in. Without saying a word she started up and drove away, obviously nervous about anyone saying the pair of us together.

After a few minutes of driving, I leaned over to her, placed my hand on her thigh and whispered in her ear, “u look so sexy Mrs. Stern.” She smiled and told me that we were not in school anymore and that I could call her Tamara. “I want to fuck you right here in this car Tamara.” She gave me a sexy smile, “be patient Alex, wait till we get back to my house and then I’m yours.”

5 minutes later we were pulling up into a driveway leading to a nice house, surrounded by a large garden. Before we got out of the car, I gave her a soft kiss on her mouth and gentle squeezed one of her breasts, which made her release a soft moan of pleasure.

Once we were inside and the door was shut, I grabbed and pulled her towards me, our mouths meeting with a force. We stayed embraced in this passion for a couple of minutes, until she broke free from my grip. “We should slow down, we have all night. let me fix you a drink first.” We both took our jackets off and she wandered off into the kitchen. “Make yourself at home.”

I had a look in the lounge and found that there was a nice black leather sofa which could be put to good use. Sitting back, I was awaiting the return of Tamara, “is red wine good for u.” “Anything you have is fine,” like I really cared about what beverage
she had on offer.

She walked nervously towards the sofa, placing the drinks on the table. “I’ve never done anything like this before Alex, in fact I’ve only ever slept with my husband and he was never that into sex, well not with me anyway.” This got me really excited, the thought of teaching my teacher how to fuck properly, she has now become my student.

“If you don’t want to do this then I will get up, leave and never mention it again.” She didn’t say a word, so I Beylikdüzü Escort got to my feet and began to leave the room. “No, don’t go, I want u.” I turned to face her as she rose to her feet. She was breathing heavily, her breasts moving with every deep breathe. “Come to me.” she did as I said. When she was close enough to me I grabbed her and pushed her against the wall, holding her arms above her head while my tongue probed into her open mouth. She responded, sucking on my tongue, her breasts forced tightly against me. I release her hands and go straight for her exposed tits, rubbing her nipples over her top, feeling the hardness of them. Her hands have now wandered to my firm ass, squeezing me tightly as my mouth massages her neck, listening to her moans every time I pinch her nipples.

In one sudden movement I ripped her top away, taking her bra off in the process. She stood there in front of me, exposed, waiting for my next move. My mouth shot straight to her big tits, sucking and nibbling each one in turn, playfully biting her erect nipples. She grabbed the back of my head, and buried my face between them as she let out a deep moan. I was loving every moment of it, and by the sounds that were coming from Tamara, so was she.

My hands moved down behind her, into her skirt and under her panties, squeezing on each of her cheeks, pulling her towards my expanding bulge. She could feel it prodding her and she began to grind against me, slow at first, then increasing the speed. I couldn’t take it anymore, “un zip my jeans and take my cock out.” I stepped back as she licked her lips and started to pull my pants down, dropping to my ankles. She gasped when she saw it. “I didn’t know they could be that big, my husbands was only 5 inches.” As she stroked it, she just kept staring at it, almost amazed by it. “Did you ever suck your husbands cock.” “No, never. He always told me that it was dirty to do things like that.” What an idiot I thought to myself. Tamara, I want you to get on your knees and take my cock in your mouth. She looked at me in the eyes, then back at my cock as she lowered herself, now facing my cock, an inch from her mouth.

As she slowly opened her mouth, I grabbed her head and thrust my cock into her mouth, pumping into her virgin mouth. It shocked her at first, but then she started getting into it, bobbing her head up and down making a slurping noise in the process. My balls were tightening up and I knew I was gonna explode soon, so I started thrusting harder, giving her all I had until I started to shoot out, hitting the back of her throat, making her shudder. She kept her mouth on my cock as I continued to release shot after shot of cum, trying to swallow as much as she could, spilling some from the corners of her mouth. This was some site, watching Tamara on her knees, my cock down her throat and her face covered with my cum.

“Its your turn now,” I said, as I lifted her to her feet, pulling her skirt and panties down to her ankles. The sweet smell from her pussy hit me, it looked so inviting and lickable. When my lips touched hers, she jumped a little then placed both her hands on my head as I continued to kiss and tease her sensuous lips. She began to moan harder, feeling my tongue enter her for the first time. I was licking and sucking on her wildly causing her whole body to shake, her hands forcing me harder into her, almost suffocating from the pressure. Her juices were now flowing freely onto my face and down her shivering legs as she started to reach her orgasm. I lapped up all her sweet juices, then rose to my feet as our mouths met, allowing her to taste herself.

By now, my cock had grown to its full size again and was ready for some of Tamara’s older pussy. I grabbed my sexy teacher and headed for the sofa, sitting back with my cock pointed towards the ceiling, I positioned Tamara on my lap facing me as she grabbed my cock and placed herself onto it. She had to slowly lower herself to get used to the size of me filling up her tight pussy. Once she had all of me inside of her, she started to rock up and down, slowly at first then picking up the speed after she started to get in a rhythm with my thrusts. Her breasts were bouncing around freely in front of my face, my hands grabbing them and placing each one in turn in my mouth.

I was getting pretty close to Cumming again when I picked her up and rolled to the floor with her, turning her around so I could see that sexy arse as I stroked the head of my cock against her asshole. “No, I don’t like it from behind,” she softly protested. It was too late, my cock was already in her virgin asshole and her protests had turned to moans. I was fucking her ass hard and she was backing up to me just as hard, both of us moaning loudly as I came into her hot ass. Taking my now semi hard cock out of her, I crawled towards her face and demanded another blowjob which she willingly did, knowing that she had to make her young stud very happy.

to be continued…

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