So Much In Common Ch. 01


From time to time I will place an ad online looking for a female to “play” with. One day I checked my email and found one that I found very interesting. It read “hi there, saw your ad and thought I would say hi. I am 5’6, petite blonde, blue eyes and large chest. I am married and just looking for fun on the side. I am told to be very attractive and I work as an aerobics instructor and can be seen wearing everything from mini skirts to jogging pants. Hope to hear from you soon.”

While reading this email I couldn’t help but think how much the description sounded like my best friend, Robyn. Then I looked at the email address it was sent from. Oh my god, it was her. At first I was shocked, and I chuckled to myself about the fact that we had been friends for so long but never approached the subject of same sex relationships.

I emailed back, telling her it was me. That night she called.

“Oh my god Jessica, I can’t believe it. I read the email over and over again, wanting to make sure I wasn’t misreading it”

She asked what I was up too tomorrow Esenyurt Escort and as usual there wasn’t much going on so I invited her up. My husband was at work that day and the kids would all be in school.

I could hardly sleep that night, I kept thinking about all the possibilities and then rethinking that maybe she wasn’t interested and we would just remain friends.

Well she showed up looking as amazing as always. Jeans, white shirt, revealing her large breasts, and her hair up in a pony tail. She came in and we discussed all the usual, kids, marriage, shopping, and how lately her whole body ached from work. So I offered her a massage, which is something I have done for her in the past. But somehow I knew that this massage would be different.

At that point I just turned around and headed for my bedroom. She followed, of course. We got to my room and I asked her to lie down and I would give her a massage. Robyn asked if clothes were mandatory and I told her it would be better if they were off. Now normally she would have never asked that, Avcılar Escort and kept her clothing on, so I took that as a sign that she wanted to “play”

She undressed in front of me and I couldn’t take my eyes off of her body. She was gorgeous. She lay down and I began rubbing her back and shoulders slowly with a bit of oil. I worked my way down to her ass, where I massaged it gently and crept my hand slowly towards her pussy. I could feel her wetness, it was so erotic and making my own pussy wet.

She started to spread her legs, allowing me better access. That was the true sign that she wanted to “play”. My left hand kept rubbing her ass, while my right slowly teased her pussy. I went up one side, and down the other and each time I would go from side to side, my hand would gently brush over her clit. I would feel her legs twitch.

That went on for ten minutes, her pussy kept getting wetter and wetter and her moaning was driving me crazy. We were both silent, not saying a word when Robyn then rolled over onto her back. My right hand never left her pussy, and I worked my way up so that I could tongue and caress her breasts. She was a 36DDD, all natural. I took one nipple into my mouth, and sucked on it softly as I started fucking her pussy with two of my fingers. I could hear her breathing get heavier, and with that my pussy got wetter.

As I rubbed her clit with my thumb and inserted two fingers into her pussy she began to quiver. With her one hand she pulled my mouth into her breasts so hard that I could hardly breathe. I just kept sucking on her pink hard nipple and rolling it with my teeth gently.

“Oh jess, my pussy is going crazy, oh god”

With that being said, I went crazy, I took my hand away and laid down between her legs and starting licking and sucking on her beautiful pussy. She tasted so good. Her clit was hard and I swear I could feel her pussy throbbing against my tongue. I teased her tight hole with my tongue, and then would suck and tongue flick her clit.

She clenched my long brown hair with her hands and screamed as she came all over my face. I kept licking, making sure to get all her sweet juice, and then looked up at her face which had a look of total gratification.

Then she said “your turn”

To be continued…

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