Conversation Piece


“Hey babe, how are you?” I ask.

“I’m good now that I’m talking to you,” you reply.

“I was looking at your pic, it’s nice,” I said.

“The one where I’m at the beach? I look fat.” you groan.

“You do not look fat in that pic! far from, in fact I would say you look…” I trailed off.

“Hmm… what. how do I look?” you question.

“Good enough to eat…” I reply.

“Ha ha… trust you to come up with some cheesy line,” you cry.

“You’re laughing at me, but you know you would like it.”

“Maybe…” you whisper.

“See I figured right… but the real question is would you reciprocate?” I wonder aloud.


“But you know what, I’m not going to bother my head about that, I might end up in a bad state if you know what I mean…”

You start to giggle in that sexy way of yours…

“Not funny. anyhow change of subject, my mind is starting to wonder.”

“I know, I was too.” you tell me.

“You wouldn’t be naughty enough to tell me what you were thinking huh?” I enquire.

You say no.

“You suck!” I cry, “getting me all worked up.”

“Oh whatever, you suck” you start to giggle.

“I wish I could, and more…” I trail off.

“What would you do?” you implore.

“Hmm where would I start?” I think I would start with your lips. you know one of those deep kisses that last for days, the type you have to come up for air.”

You groan. “what else?”

“Then I would move around a little and kiss your neck, a nibble here and there.”

“Ooooo, I can feel it…”

“I’d suck on your earlobes, nibble them a little bit. go back to your lips, definitely suck on your tongue, lightly suck on your lips and nibble them.”

“Go on… or küçükçekmece escort is that it?”

“No, of course there is more. patience babe… well I would start to nibble on your neck again and go down ever so slowly biting where I go…”

“Yea… you’re teasing me…”

“I’d bite right down your body, I’d leave your breasts out for now…”


“You’ll see. I would go straight down to your navel and I’d kiss it just as if I was kissing you on the lips.”


“I’d nibble all around it, I’d kiss and nibble all over your stomach, and then I’d go up the middle again.”

I pause replaying the scene in my head.

“Hmm… why are you taking so long to continue…?” you complain.

“Good things cum to people who wait…”

You laugh.

“Hmm, now where was I? … right… I would kiss and nibble myself back up. when I reach your breasts I bite and kiss around one, teasing around the nipple, just the tip of my tongue is touching you ever so lightly. Turning to the other one I do the same thing but this time I gently suck in the nipple, swirling my tongue around the tip I suck your nipple in my mouth and bite gently on it. I turn to the other one and repeat the process while I pinch and palm your other breast with my hand.”

“Are you just saying this off the top of your head or are you reading it in a book or something?” you ask.

“I was blessed with a vivid imagination…lol” I reply.

“I know! I like it.”

I ask you if you are horny. You tell me yes. You tell me that you are touching yourself. You wish I was there. I continue my verbal conquest of your body.

“As I circle your nipple with my lips I nibble küçükyalı escort it ever so gently…”

You’re moaning softly into the phone…

“I nibble my way to your navel again and using both my hands I pinch your breasts and nipples. Do you want me to continue?”

“Yessssss…” you moan…

“Hmm… what colour underwear are you wearing?”

You tell me that you’re wearing black boxer panties and that you’re in a towel. You were going to have a shower before I called.

“I shove everything on your bed to the floor and lay you down on it in the centre. I start to kiss you again and you unbutton my shirt and stroke my back. I lift myself off of you and pull aside your towel, oh so slowly…”

“Oh so slowly…” you murmur.

“Kissing down from your throat again I nibble and suck on your breasts until you start to moan my name…”

“Hmm… Baby…”

“As my mouth leaves your breast the air cools the wetness left there by my mouth you gasp as it sends tremors down your spine.”

You sigh.

“As I run my tongue down your stomach it leaves trails that is cooled as I go, by now you are writhing on the bed as I reach the top of your panties. Kissing over the top I spread your legs and lick and nibble the inside of your thighs. You smell so good…”

“Babe, you have me so horny…” you groan.

“Hooking my thumb in the waistband of your underwear I slide it down kissing as your smooth skin is revealed to me. As the fabric leaves your pussy I inhale your scent.”

I just love the way you smell. It’s this beautiful musky scent that I just can’t get enough of.

“I kiss you ever so gently on your pussy; you are wet, very wet. I nibble maltepe escort the insides of your thighs again. You are urging me to kiss you in your hot centre again but I refuse.”

“WHY???” you complain…

“I run my tongue up your soft folds as you moan your approval. Finding your clit I tease it with my tongue as I massage your breasts with my hands. Guiding my tongue into your hot hole I gently ‘fuck’ you with it. Your pussy is so tight, grasping on my tongue as if it were a dick.”

“Carry on… please…” you beg me.

“Patience babe…”

“Stop making me wait…”

“No. think about what I’ve told you so far.”

“I am, trust me, I am.”

I can hear the urgency in your voice. I wish I could see you right now.

“Hmm, you circle my head with your thighs as I stroke you with my tongue. You’re grinding my face and your wetness is all over me. I can taste you. replacing my tongue with my finger I ease into you gently. I ease in a slow rhythm feeling you clutch at my finger, trying to coax me into going harder. my mouth rests on your clit and I suck it just like how I teased your nipples. Sliding another finger into you I feel your wetness soak my fingers as I continue to tease your clit. You’re humping against my hands and mouth. You’re trembling; I can feel you in my hands and on my mouth. you are so soft…”

“Continue babe… I’m close…” you moan. I can hear the need, the passion in your voice.

“I can feel you beginning to cum, it starts from your hot centre. You arch your back inviting me into your centre and I love it. Nibbling your clit still, you cum, shaking uncontrollably in my arms. The tremors course through you. I look at you in your beautiful display of orgasmic pleasure and I am happy. You flop onto the bed, completely satisfied, your pleasure satisfied, for now. You sigh contentedly and drift off to sleep, your beautiful smile evident on your face.”

“You’re beautiful…” I say to your sleeping form. I lie in the bed next to you, holding your warm body in my arms. I drift off to sleep too, a smile also on my face.

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