Cream Ch. 08


Griffin and Kim woke up in that motel that night, after having slept about six and a half hours. Kim woke first, and, sitting up, fidgeted and squirmed in agitation on the bed, waking him up with a start. She was gasping loudly and sweating.

“Kim?” Griff asked, putting his hand on her shoulder. “You OK? What’s wrong?”

“Please, Griff,” she said, practically hyperventilating. “I need a minute.” She took his hand off her shoulder.

“OK,” he said, backing off. “Did I hurt you?”

“Many people did,” she said, shaking. She was seeing flashes of many men having sex with her, one after the other: some flashbacks were PTSD-style real memories, others memories of her hallucinations when on Cream.

She saw brief visions of former boyfriends on top of her. She saw Ron, Officer Cole, and the mayor gang-banging her, then those three and Manny spraying bukkake on her.

She saw Griffin having her, first in the Jack-In-the-Box VIP Room, then in Manny’s mansion, and finally there in the motel. Seeing this last lover made her smile a bit.

“Kim, if I hurt you, I’m sorry,” Griff said. He wrapped a bed-sheet around his waist, got off the bed, and went into the bathroom to get his clothes. “I thought you wanted-“

“Shut up, OK? I’m trying to think.” She was frantically looking around the room. “Is he here? Your brother? Where am I?”

Having put his pants and underwear on, Griff returned from the bathroom and knelt by her side of the bed, where she was still sitting up, completely naked, the bedsheets lying in the middle of the bed in a clump. Griff put his shirt on.

“Manny is far away from here, I assure you,” Griff said, his left hand on hers. “I got you out of his house and drove you here, to this motel.”

“What city are we in?” she asked, still shaking.


“Where’s his house?”

“In the Toronto area.”

“How do you know he isn’t coming here now?”

“I smeared Cream on his face, making him trip out the way you were. He could still be tripping on it, for all we know. If he isn’t, by the time he’d got it off his face and come back to normal, we were already long gone.”

“‘Cream’ is that shit he rubs on you, to make you horny and high, right?” she asked.

“Yeah,” Griff said. “It’s his invention, originally to slow down the aging process, but he altered it somehow to drug women into being men’s ‘willing’ sex partners.”


“Yeah, that’s my psychopath brother for you. Money over people. But there’s no way he’d know where we are.”

“I guess not.”

“What do you mean, you ‘guess not’? Of course not: he couldn’t know where we are.”

“Griff, there’s something in that ‘Cream’, something that isn’t…of this world.”

“What are you talking about? It’s just chemicals from Manny’s lab.”

“Some of it is his chemicals, and some of it’s other things. I can feel it.”

“What ‘other things’?” Griff asked.

“I’m not sure, but I think I can move things with my mind because of Cream,” she said, staring at a pen on the desk across from the foot of the bed.

“You can move things with your mind?” Griff sneered in disbelief.

“Look at that pen over there, Griff. Gimme a minute.”

“OK, I’m looking at it. You think you can move i-?”

Suddenly, the pen flew off the desk in a twirling motion and the nib hit Griff hard on the forehead, leaving a spot of blue ink there. The pen landed on his lap.

“Ow!” He rubbed his head.

“Oh, sorry,” she said. “I meant to make the pen come to me. I don’t know how to control this power yet, but I know I can do things like that. I can sense other people, in other places, places far away. If Manny has rubbed enough Cream on himself, he should have these sarıyer escort abilities, too. That’s why I think he might know where we are.”

“Maybe he hasn’t put it on himself as much as he’s put on you,” Griff said, still rubbing his head. “If so, he might not have those powers as well-developed as you do.”

“I guess not…I hope not. He put lots and lots on me, and on other girls. I can see them…feel them…in flashes. Even now.” She closed her eyes. “Yeah…Roxy. Svetlana. Some Asian girl. Other girls I don’t know, but they’re all beautiful and desirable. A guy or two, too. If I’m together with any of them, I think these powers of ours will be stronger. It sure seemed that way when I was with Svetlana one time.”

Griff got the remote control from the bedside table and turned on the TV. “There has been a lot of news coverage of a bunch of missing girls, all pretty ones, like you were talking about.” He switched the channel to CBC’s The National. Peter Mansbridge was talking about the missing girls, including Kim. “Here it is!”

Photos of all the missing people were shown, one by one.

“Roxy!” Kim said when her picture was shown. “That cop, Cole, has her. The one you were talking to earlier.”

“Wow,” Griff said. “You really are psychic.”

“Hey,” she said when a picture of the next familiar face showed. “There’s the Asian girl I keep seeing in my visions-Xiao Wei. And there’s a man I see sometimes…”

“And another man,” Griff said. “They’re as good-looking as the girls are. Manny must be selling Cream to gay men, too.”

“Or to ugly, desperate women. There’s Svetlana, the one I was with at one point. I think we moved things together, but I don’t have a clear memory. Must have been how stoned I was.”

Griff turned off the TV, still rubbing his head. He was pouting with guilt.

“Wow, I really hurt you with that pen,” Kim said. “I’m sorry.”

“I deserved it,” he said. “I’ve hurt you, too.”

“No, you didn’t. What are you talking about?”

“Look at yourself, Kim. You’re naked. I was naked ten minutes ago, on this bed with you. What do you think happened when I brought you here, when you were too stoned to think for yourself?”

“We fucked, of course.”

“I took advantage of you while you were high on Cream. I’m such an asshole.”

“I was coming off the Cream after the shower, Griff. I wanted the sex.”

“But…I fucked you in Manny’s house, too, while you were peaking on Cream. You weren’t able to consent to the sex meaningfully. I took advantage of you. I…raped you.” He was choking back a sob.

“No, you didn’t. I’ve enjoyed every fuck you’ve given me, including your fingering of me in the VIP Room in Jack-In-the-Box. Normally I never let a guy stick his fingers inside my pussy or asshole, but I let you do it, because you were getting me hot. You actually made me come. You’re the only guy who’s ever made me come. You’re the only guy I’ve ever been with who actually wanted to please me in bed. Every other guy just had me for himself. You’re different. I love having sex with you, Cream or no Cream.” She leaned over to him and stroked his hair.

“Oh, come on, Kim!” Griff barked, moving away. “You must still be high on Cream. You shouldn’t internalize rape culture.”

“‘Rape culture’? What femi-nazi bullshit is that you’re talking about?”

“It’s about women’s liberation, Kim. We learn about it in university.”

“University-bullshit! All books and no real life experience. I’ve really been raped, Griff, not just drunk with a guy, then regretting the sex the morning after, like a lot of women who cry ‘rape’. My father used to rape me when I was a teen; he even sodomized me. Your brother sefaköy escort and his customers raped and sodomized me, but there’s no ‘culture’ accepting what they did to me.”

“Yes, there is,” Griff said.

“No, there isn’t. What we just saw on the news, they rightly suspect those missing people are being sexually abused, and they’re not condoning it. What happened to me, and what’s happening to Roxy and the others, is something that happens only to a minority of unlucky girls, boys, men. We’re unlucky. Most other people don’t experience what we have, and I’m glad they never have.”

“Are you sure you’re not high on Cream anymore?”

“Not one bit. And even if I were still, my enjoyment of sex with you would still be real, ’cause while I was on Cream, when I saw you in Manny’s house, coming into that room to rescue me, I knew you were the only guy I genuinely liked fucking. When I say I like your touch, I mean it.”


“Really. I’ve never been so hot for a guy as I am for you.”

“No woman’s ever liked being with me. I’m lucky if I can even get a kiss on a date.”

She looked in his eyes for a moment. “When you had me in Manny’s house, that was your first time, wasn’t it?”

He avoided her eyes and frowned. “Well,…yeah.”

She cupped his cheeks in her hands, beaming at him almost maternally.

“Oh, my little baby!” She kissed him. “I deflowered you?”


“My little sweetie!” She went over to him, rubbing her breasts against his face.

“You really…want me?”

“Yes,” she sighed, then kissed him on the lips. “Let’s make love again.”

“No woman as beautiful as you are has ever wanted a geek like me.”

“No guy has ever been as good as you are, to deserve a body like this.” She put a tit in her mouth and sucked on it. “Did you have fun putting your dick in me?” she purred.

“Of course, though it felt like a guilty pleasure.”

“You’re not guilty of anything, baby. You think you used me, I used you, too. All that money I sucked out of you in the VIP Room. And I didn’t even give you a fuck then. You’ve more than earned it. You saved me from rapists. You deserve to have this body. Get out of those clothes.”

“OK.” Smiling, he pulled off his shirt, pants and underwear, and got on the bed with her. He lay on his back, and she got on top of him in the cowgirl position.

His cock was already hard. She came down, slowly feeding it inside her.

“Oh! Oh! OH!” she sighed as his meat massaged her wet vaginal walls. He was half-way in now.

She looked deep in his eyes, hers telling him what was going on in her mind as he dug in deeper. Her mouth was wide open, as if to shout ‘damn, you’re big,’ but without the words.

He slipped all the way in, making her squeal up high. As she bounced up and down on him, those squeals kept coming out of her mouth, in high, staccato notes.

He had his hands on her hips, but his fingers soon crawled like spiders’ legs towards her ass, searching for her butt-crack.

“Let me…help you,” she moaned, opening her crack for his hands, so his fingers could find her asshole. “Oh!”

He smiled as he watched her breasts bouncing. His fingers were caressing her wrinkly anus-lips. Then he gently slipped a finger inside a half-inch.

His other hand reached up to touch her left breast. His hard cock was bathed in her vaginal juices. Both of them were ready to come.

He gave that breast a gentle squeeze, then he reached for the other one. He pinched the nipple.

“Oh!” she screamed. “I’m almost…there. Ah!”

“Me, too,” he grunted. “Oh!”

“Ah!” She drenched his cock in her come.

“I don’t…wanna…get şerifali escort you…pregnant,” he panted. “Maybe I…should…pull out. Ah!”

“OK,” she sighed, pulling up and feeling his thick cock tickling her vaginal walls. “Oh, that feels…so good.”

She wrapped her tits around his cock and squeezed it. Then, after rubbing her tits up and down on it twice, she let him blow his load on her face. He sprayed on her chin, her lips, her left cheek, and her right eye. The remaining come pouring out of his dick-hole she gently rubbed against her tits.

“Oh, that…was…amazing,” he panted.

She sat up and let his come drip down her face and tits. “You like the way this looks?” she asked with a lewd smirk.

“Yeah,” he sighed. “You don’t mind?”

“For you? Not at all.”

He reached for some Kleenex on the bedside table and gave it to her. She wiped herself clean.

For about ten minutes, they lay cuddling in bed together and smiling.

“We have to take the Cream I stole from Manny and show it to the cops as evidence,” Griff said.

“Assuming we find cops not on Manny’s payroll,” Kim said. “We’ve gotta find Roxy and the others, and rescue them.”

“I want to do that, but we don’t know where any of them are,” Griff said. “And if we sic the cops on Officer Cole and the other sellers, they may kill the girls and bury the evidence. Can you use your ESP and feel where they are?”

“I’ll try,” Kim said. “But first, we’ve gotta go to my house in St. Catharines. I’ve got cats there to feed. They’ve only been eating mice outside. Then we’ve gotta return to Jack-In-the-Box to get my purse and car.”

“What if Manny’s there, waiting for you to show up?”

“Oh, I’ll be in and out of there fast. I’m quitting, and working in the Showcase, a strip joint in St. Catharines, where I should be safe from Manny.”

“How can you have been living there, but go all the way to Toronto to work?”

“I crash at a friend’s apartment in Toronto for a week when I’m stripping, then take the next week off and stay in St. Catharines. A neighbour often helps me feed the cats, though I don’t know if she’s been able to do it while I’ve been gone for so long.”


She then got up, turned around, bent over and flashed her asshole at Griff. “When we’re done in Toronto, we’ll get some anal lube, and I’ll let you fuck my ass.”

“Really?” Griff said with a smile.

“Yes,” she said, making her brown butt-hole wink for him. “You’ve wanted this hole for so long, haven’t you?”


“Remember when I said that only a man who’s good enough can have this hole?”


“Well, you’re good enough.”

He grinned from ear to ear. His dick was getting hard again, too. She looked back at it and smiled.

She held it and jerked him off briefly before kissing and licking the tip. He sat up and buried his face in her ass, sliding his tongue inside her winking asshole.

She moaned, then took his cock half-way in her mouth. He slid a finger inside her pussy and rubbed it against her G-spot.

He let his tongue slide all over the wrinkles of her asshole, while tickling her clitoris with his fingers. She moaned loudly and at a high pitch, while sliding her wet lips up and down his shaft.

He licked her with long licks, from her vaginal opening, to her perineum, then to her asshole. His fingers were still massaging that clit.

She held his balls in her hands and gently shook them. Her mouth was going all the way up and down the length of his cock.

They were going to come soon. His corpus spongiosum was protruding, and her upper lip was wrapped around it while her tongue tickled the knob. He brought his head down and licked and sucked on her hard clit. He slid a finger in her asshole, all the way inside the rectum.

Finally, they orgasmed at the same time, showering each other’s faces with their come. She turned around to face him. They looked at each other’s come-soaked faces as if they were looking in a mirror. They just grinned and giggled.

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