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The unmistakable staccato click of high heels punctuating the conversational din first caught his attention. He was a regular here, often interrupting his commute from office to apartment by ducking into his favorite watering hole for a quick drink or the diversion of pleasant conversation. His visits had become even more frequent after the failure of his air conditioner. In his opinion, it was impossible to survive the late day heat of a summer in L.A. without it. So he waited here, until cool darkness crept in on velvet wings and lowered the temperature of his living quarters from Hellish to merely annoying. He considered himself good looking and, judging by the attention frequented upon him by the women at the bar, he was right. Usually he ignored the advances thrown his way but he felt on edge tonight. The sound of the heels pushed him into full arousal. He needed sex tonight. He wanted it now.

He nursed his drink while his eyes scanned the dimness of the bar for the source of the clicking sounds. He located her standing by a corner table in conversation with two women seated there. With her back to him it was impossible to make out many details. She was taller than average, her height accentuated by the four-inch, glossy black stiletto heels she wore. Her legs reminded him of a gazelle, long and lean with the calves forming tight muscular balls under the heels’ influence.

His gaze tracked up the length of her legs to where her thighs disappeared under the hem of her little black dress. It lingered on the tight, black cloth molded over the muscular roundness of her ass. Her hair, brown with blonde highlights, cascaded downward, contrasting sharply with the silky scarf draped around her throat and the tan of her exposed back. He wanted her. He felt his balls tighten with anticipation.

She stiffened, feeling his eyes upon her. Pivoting smoothly she turned and faced him as she sought the source of the unseen, sexual energy. The inaudible click of her gaze meeting his stopped all noise except the hammering pulse of his heart. With a quick flick of his wrist, he downed his drink then jerked his head in the direction of the door leading out to the sultry Los Angeles evening. Her return nod was almost imperceptible. The front of his pants bulged noticeably as he opened the door into the dusky light.

Exiting the bar, he turned towards his office building one block away. Urged on by the fire in his loins, he walked hurriedly through the gathering darkness. Behind him he could hear the clack of impatient heels matching a private affair izle his pace. He reached the front door of the office building. He grabbed his wallet and removed the key pass that allowed him after-hours entry. The heels approached as he ran the card through the reader and opened the door.

He felt the door taken by another hand as he stepped into the lobby, dimly lit in a compromise between vision and economy. He strode towards an open elevator, the marble floor and concrete walls of the lobby echoing the sharp reports of her pursuit. As he entered the elevator, it was flooded with the sweet scent of her perfume. He pressed the button that closed the doors and sent the elevator up to his office floor. He turned. Smoldering green eyes mirrored his desire. He told her that he wanted her as he grasped her scarf and used it to pull her to him.

Their mouths met. Probing tongues met in a lust driven frenzy. Her fingernails raked the front of his bulging erection and sought the zipper imprisoning the object of her desire. The zipper opened and his cock sprang out. He pulled her willing head to his cock. Her scarf came off into his hands as she dropped to her knees and took his rock hard prick between her crimson lips. He dropped the scarf so he could grab her hair, and use it to hold her head as he fucked her mouth. Her tongue swirled and twisted under the shaft sliding in and out of her lips. His cock plunged deep into her throat. His hips bucked, urged on by her skilled tongue. She tasted his salty pre-cum and felt his shaft tighten as he neared orgasm. She stopped fluttering her tongue. Her hand grasped the base of his cock and squeezed to keep him from cumming. She wanted him to fuck her before he came. The elevator bell rang. He pulled his slick cock from her mouth and zipped up his pants. She stood. The elevator doors opened and they went to his office.

Once through the office door, he spun her around to face him and pressed her back against the reception desk. Sliding his hands under her dress, he grasped the sides of her thong and pulled. The fabric parted easily as he tore them from her body. He brought the moist fabric to his face and inhaled the heady scent of her femininity. He un-did the zipper on the back of her dress and pulled it down to her waist. Her thong dropped forgotten as she helped him pull her dress down the rest of the way. Wearing only her stiletto heels, she leaned back against the desk. His fevered gaze lingered on every part of her naked body accused izle then focused on her clean-shaven snatch. His cock jutted out, as he pulled down his pants and underwear in one swift motion then kicked his legs free of their confinement.

His hands slid under her thighs lifting her ass onto the desk while he spread he legs open to completely reveal her pussy. Her gash lay open, inviting, and wet with her lust. She grasped his prick and pulled him into her. The insistent press of her hands on his ass told him that she wanted to be fucked and fucked now. He held her knees and rested her calves on his forearms as he plunged into her. Moans ripped from her throat with each of his strokes. She leaned back on her arms, and pushed her hips forward to meet him and drive him further inside of her.

She threw her head back, lost in the building heat. Waves of pleasure washed over her obliterating everything but her coming explosion. Hot juice from her pussy coated the fucktool slamming into her. Every thrust pushed him to climax. He groaned as the tightness from deep inside his balls pushed through his cock as spurting jets of hot cum filled her snatch. Heat pulsed from her pussy as she pulled his ass in and held it as she shuddered and came with him. Sweat poured off of her heated body. Her legs shook with the force of her release. Panting from his exertions, he stepped back as his spunk dribbled from her fuck hole. Her smoldering eyes stared up at him. He wanted to eat her messy cunt.

He dropped to his knees and slid her ass down the desk so it and her freshly fucked pussy were in front of his face. He placed two of his fingers into her pussy and coated them with their mingled juices. His fingers slid from the inside of her cunt to the tight pucker of her asshole. He pressed them against her anus and began a gentle circular motion. Her hips responded, pressing hard against his fingertips. He worked both digits into her ass using a gentle pressing-stretching motion. He felt the muscles inside her grab his fingers as she slid her hips forward to engulf them up to the knuckle. He felt her asshole tighten as he worked his fingers carefully back and forth

He began to kiss and lick the inside of her thighs. Each motion of his mouth brought his tongue closer to her freshly fucked pussy. His tongue caressed the soft flesh of her shaven mound. In ever tightening circles it flicked closer and closer to her fleshy slit. He paused then quickly flicked the tip of his tongue against her hard clit. She trembled with alef izle pleasure. His tongue left her clit and circled her labia, sucking on the clean-shaved lips, biting them softly and wrenching a moan from deep in her throat before moving back to her clit. As his lips gently kissed the hard button his tongue flicked out, sending fresh shivers through her body. He slid his hungry mouth to her gash and stuck his tongue into her cream filled slit. He tasted their mingled fuck-juice. Mindlessly she grabbed his hair, pulling his face tighter against her aching, wet snatch. She ground her pussy against his face, his tongue buried deep inside of her lapping at her soft, deep, inner flesh. He drew his flattened tongue against her slit back to her clit. Wrapping his lips around the hard little nub, he sucked it into his mouth and abraded the surface lightly with his teeth. Her body shook again as she began to cum hard and fast. He slammed his fingers deep into her ass and stretching her open, driving her even further into a screaming, bucking, cumfest. She coated his face with hot, thick cunt honey. He pulled his fingers from her clenched ass and he stood. She gave a soft whimper as he pulled away.

His cock was hard again. He wanted to fuck her ass so he gently turned her over and pressed his cock against her tight brown hole. When she felt the silken head of his cock against her ass, she reached back to spread her cheeks. He entered her ass and slowly and smoothly began to rock his hips back and forth. Gently, but with increasing urgency he slid his cock in and out. Her eyes closed, she matched his rhythm. He felt his climax approaching. He pulled his cock out of her ass and sprayed thick ropes of cum over her white ass cheeks. His fingers massaged the hot stickiness into her quivering muscles.

Exhausted, she needed help to sit up. She leaned against him as he gently rubbed her trembling body. Eventually, they dressed. She primped her hair and freshened her make-up. Together they left the office and entered the elevator. She looked for her scarf, dropped in the heat of their earlier passion, but could not find it. They left the elevator, walked through the lobby, and into the darkness outside. She gave him her business card with her name and telephone number and returned to the bar where her friends waited.

The security guard entered the office on his final check. He carried the scarf he had found in the elevator. The scent of musk assailed him. Somebody had been here recently. Very recently he mused as he picked up the still wet thong and put it in his pocket. He probably would have interrupted them if he had not started his rounds from the other end of the building. He glanced at the dim red light of the security camera covering the reception desk of the office as he closed the door and headed down to watch the tape.

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