Delhi Nights Ch. 04: Catharsis 02


Harinder blinked as he slowly awoke, running a hand over his face as daylight filtered through the bedroom door. Stretching his other hand, he felt the soft warmth of a naked hip. Still not completely awake, his hand drift up and over the cool pliant mound of an ass cheek.

He felt Preeti’s skin in a half dream. She had finally come back. A soft moan from the woman and his mind began to clear as his senses took more of the room and the woman next to him. She shifted her leg as his hand molded the flesh. Another moan. Then a whimper.

Harinder turned his head to look at the woman, as the fog of sleep dissipated from his mind. Not Preeti.


Another moan. Sonali slowly blinked and then opened her eyes. Smiling, she put her hand on his chest and gently ran her fingers through the mat of chest hair. The sheet had shifted down to the small of her back. The light from the other room washed over her skin, creating a chiaroscuro of every swell and dip of light brown skin. His mind locked on the delicate curve of her jawline. Such simple perfection.

Her hand drifted down to his abdomen, caressing the slope that led to his manhood, which was thickening. When a finger brushed against his cock, it twitched.

“You didn’t get enough last night?” She whispered. Her warm breath on his cheek reminded him of honey and cardamom.

Last night. Harinder remembered last night.


Preeti had gone to visit her family.

Days of awkward silences and fruitless attempts at idle chatter had become an oppressive weight. They had tried to sleep in the same bed for a couple of nights, but that had proven to be a mistake and he had eventually returned to sleeping on the floor in the sitting room. A simple walk in the park had been mentally exhausting. They had decided a break would help them both. Harinder had offered to go to a hotel, but she had decided to go to her parent’s house in Rohtak.

Her absence hadn’t lifted any of the weight. The flat, once seemingly too big for just the two of them, became claustrophobic – anger and guilt becoming physical presences in the space she had left behind. He stayed home from work, filling his time with pointless tasks during the day, and drinking to help him sleep at night.

It was on the fifth day of Preeti’s absence that Vikram and Sonali came to his house. It began with a phone call. Guilt and anger had made him avoid them, ignoring Vikram’s texts and letting his calls go to voicemail. Harinder couldn’t remember what had made him answer it this time.

“Hello, Babhi.”

“Harinder!” Sonali’s tone told him she was shocked he had answered. She stumbled on the other side of the line. “Uh … How are you? Where have you been? Are you okay?”

“Preeti has been cheating on me.” The words came out of him without preamble. It was the first time he had said them aloud. He hadn’t meant to say them, but now that they were out, the pressure on his chest eased.

There was silence on the other side of the line.

“I said – ”

“No. I … I heard you.” Sonali said. “Is that why you’ve been away? Why you never came back after … well, after …”

The sensations of that night came flooding back to Harinder. Sonali’s brown skin glistening. The smell of sweat and sex. Her slick warmth swallowing his cock. He felt his manhood stir. Even with everything going on with his wife, Sonali managed a response from him.

“Well … I … yes. I … I don’t know.”

“Where are you now? Where’s Preeti?”

“Home. Preeti … She went to Rohtak. She’s went to her parent’s house.”

“Did you kick her out?” For the first time, Harinder heard a shift in Sonali’s tone. Sympathy mixed with something else – anger.

‘No. No.” He answered quickly. “We … we needed some time.”

“When will she be back?”

“I don’t know.” There was a moment of silence on the other side.

“We’re coming over.”

“No, Babhi. You don’t need – ”

“Harinder. We’re coming over.” She interrupted with a tone that said she was not going to be dissuaded. “I’d ask you to come here, but I can tell you’ve been drinking.”

“Okay. Okay. I’ll see you soon.”

Vikram and Sonali arrived a couple of hours later, giving him time to clean the flat to some degree of respectability. They had even stopped to pick up some food and drinks. Vikram looked grim as he stepped in, giving his friend a long hug. Sonali stepped in after and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek. Both were dressed casually in lights linens against the oppressive heat. The thin fabric did little to hide Sonali’s pink bra beneath and Harinder’s eyes lingered on her as she continued into the flat. When his cock twitched at the sway of her ass, he cursed himself.

What was wrong with him? His wife had fled. His friends were here to sympathize and support him and he was getting aroused. Maybe Preeti had been right to leave him. The deep shame at his hypocrisy quickly doused his ardor.

Harinder hadn’t realized he was baddies west izle so hungry, but his stomach churned when Vikram began to set the food on the kitchen counter, the aroma of hot curries filling the room. The meal was accompanied with idle chatter and workplace gossip. The conversation turned to Sonali tutoring a neighbor’s son. The boy was had just turned 18 years old and was preparing for his higher secondary exams. Harinder imagined what if would be like to have been tutored by Sonali.

“He’s lucky. I wish I had tutors as pretty as you.” He smiled, between a bite of food. It was good to be with them. A break from his inner turmoil.

“Yeah. He seems to be liking it. Going over his maths twice a week.” Vikram replied, winking at Sonali.

Eventually, as the meal came to an end and they started clearing away the plates, Harinder knew he couldn’t avoid the inevitable. He offered to make some tea. Using the task to keep him focused, Harinder told them everything that had happened since he had last seen them.

“Did you tell her about that night?” Vikram asked as they all gathered in the sitting room with their cups. Sonali nestled into the corner of the settee with her husband. Harinder sat across from them, barely aware of the steaming tea in his hand.


“You know,” Sonali looked at Harinder over the lip of her cup, a mischievous twinkle in her eyes. “You cheated on her, too.”

Unable to say anything, Harinder just nodded, too distressed to accept her attempt at easing the tension. Sonali sighed before continuing, “That’s the problem. You see it it as cheating. A person can only be faithless if your love is conditional.”

“Wait. I -”

“Do you love her less because you fucked me?” Sonali put down the cup of tea and leaned forward, staring at him.

“No.” Harinder answered quickly. Perhaps too quickly and Sonali quirked an eyebrow at him.

“You think I love Vikram less because I fucked you?” Her eyes bore into him now. “Because I fucked his friends?”

Another shake of the head as he looked at Vikram. From the look on his friend’s face, it was clear he was enjoying his wife pressing him.

“But, if she fucks someone, she loves you less?”

Harinder shook his head, “Of course not!”

“She’s betrayed you?”

“I … I don’t -”

“I know Vikram loves me.” Sonali leaned back into her husband and rested her hand on his thigh. “Unconditionally. I love him unconditionally. That’s why what we did wasn’t cheating. We fulfill each other’s desires and fantasies. It makes our marriage stronger.”

Harinder looked from Sonali to Preeti. He remembered that night at their house. The looks Sonali and Vikram had shared. The need and desire in both their eyes.

“You know why you’re mad, yaar?” Vikram interjected with a grin before Harinder could reply. He blew on his tea and took a sip before continuing. “Because you liked watching Preeti with him.”

“Come on -”

“You’re not mad at Preeti. You’re mad at yourself. You liked watching her and you don’t know what to do about it.”

Harinder knew Vikram was right. He had known since he had first seen Preeti with the other man. Even now his cock twitched as the image flashed back to him – his wife writhing on the man’s cock, moaning with pleasure. He looked at Vikram and Sonali. Both shared the same knowing smile.

He finally took a sip of his tea, ignoring the tepid flavor. His mind played with memories and fantasies. In the humid Delhi summers, Preeti would dress in thin, clingy clothes and his cock always stirred at the thought of men looking at her. He remembered convincing her to go without a bra one day, enjoying how her hard nipples were on display for other men. Then, he had thought it was merely the pleasure of knowing that men wanted his wife. Now, he knew it was more. He remembered the image of his wife being ravished by a stranger behind some stall.

“Did you like it?” Sonali asked, breaking his reverie. In his mind, he saw Preeti rising and falling on her lover’s cock. He remembered the sound of her moans. He met Sonali’s eyes.

“I did.”

Saying the words gave them truth and weight. It counterbalanced his guilt and shame. Harinder stared at his friends. He repeated the words, “I did. I liked watching them.”

“Listen, yaar. What Preeti did is nothing. You did the same. Now, you have to decide. Either you see this as an opportunity or a problem. This is a chance to bring your marriage to life or to kill it! ”

Harinder nodded,.They had both wanted what happened that night. Vikram had enjoyed watching his wife with all his friends. She had enjoyed being watched. And, here they were, their love obvious. To Harinder, it seemed so easy for them. Was he supposed to tell Preeti he liked her fucking another man? That he had fucked Sonali?

“But, how do I make it okay with her.”

“You can’t control that. You can just make it okay with you.”

Harinder exhaled barbarians izle and for the first time in a long time, he felt a pressure ease on his chest.

As they finished their tea, the conversation shifted to more mundane talk until it was time for his friends to leave. As he stood,Vikram suggested Sonali keep Harinder company. Harinder tried to protest, but it was to no avail. When Vikram left, his wife stayed.

“Well …” Harinder said, looking at the woman standing in front of him after they had said their goodbyes to her husband. Unbidden memories of that night came to him. Her body writhing against him. The feel of her sweat slick flesh. The smell of her sex. His cock began to stiffen in his pants as his eyes lingered on the swell of her breasts.

“Do you think you could find me something comfortable to wear?” She asked, drawing his attention back to her eyes. She had a mischievous smile on her face. “Can’t really sleep in these.”

With a nod, he went into the bedroom. Sonali was taller and with far more curves than his petite wife. He rummaged through Preeti’s clothes, discarding nearly everything. His hands fell on a revealing camisole he had bought for her as an anniversary present. Harinder held it in his hand, his mind flitting between the memory of Preeti wearing it and imagining Sonali in it. He cleared his head and tossed it aside. Eventually, he found a set of pajamas that belonged to his sister-in-law buried in the corner. Preeti’s older sister sometimes came to visit and had probably left it there on her last trip.

“This should fit. It’s preeti’s sister’s stuff.” Harinder handed the folded clothes to Sonali before continuing. “I’m going to change, too.”

A few minutes later, the two had collapsed onto the settee and turned on the television. An old black and white Bollywood movie was playing. Neither said anything as Sonali cradled herself into his arms, resting her head on his shoulder. He wrapped an arm around her. A breast, warm and soft, pressed against him. He breathed in the scent of her hair – argan oil and something fruity. His cock stirred, its enlarging girth becoming visible against the light cloth of his pajamas.

Sonali, still looking at the television, shifted her hand to lay it on his erection. She caressed gently and a moan escaped his lips. Sonali leaned up to him and gave him a quick kiss on his cheek. They continued to watch the movie, her hand resting on his cock. She petted it absently, as if caressing the cock of her husband’s friend was nothing extraordinary.

A moan escaped his lips and she gave his cock a squeeze. She turned her head and kissed him on the neck. Still holding his manhood in her hand, she shifted to look at him with smokey brown eyes before kissing his lips. She lingered on his mouth.

“She’ll come back.” Sonali breathed into his mouth between her soft, light kisses. “Until then, I’m here.”

Sonali rose to straddle him, the movie forgotten. She cradled his face in her hands, fingering running through his heavy beard. She continued to kiss him. On his lips. His cheeks. His eyes. Then, she pulled back to look at him and the two stared at each other. For a moment, Harinder lost himself in those deep, dark eyes. He traced the lines of her face. Deliberated on every fine crease of her parted lips. He remained still, devouring her with his eyes, as she reached up and removed his turban. He didn’t move when she loosened his hair and let it fall around him. She entwined her fingers in his thick mane, massaging his scalp. His hands went to her waist.

Harinder’s cock throbbed in his pajamas, straining for release.

Sonali quickly unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it open to reveal his hairy torso. Harinder sighed and closed his eyes as Sonali put her lips to his shoulder and trailed kisses down to his chest. He inhaled when she flicked a nipple with her tongue. The throbbing became an ache as blood pumped through his veins to engorge his massive cock.

“Sonali.” He moaned. He wanted to adjust himself, but she had pushed him back and was leaning on him. He knew she could feel his throbbing mass through the layer of clothes.

She moved to the other nipple as she peeled off his shirt. Her fingers made a path down his abdomen that was followed by her lips. Drawing deep breaths, Harinder caressed her.

Sonali’s hands were now on his pajamas. As she continued to kiss his torso, she quickly tugged open the draw string and her hand slipped into the waistband. Harinder lifted his hips to help her and she pulled down his pajamas and underwear in a quick tug. His cock, engorged with need, sprang free. The bulbous, purple-hued head glistened with precum. Harinder moaned in relief.

His friend’s wife didn’t hesitate. As Harinder looked down at the woman now kneeling between his legs, she ran her tongue along the length of his dark cock. She traced the veins pumping blood into the glistening head. First on one side and then the other. The sensation was exquisite and bay patrol izle Harinder growled with pleasure. One hand went to cup his testicles, eliciting another moan as she gently caressed them. With the other hand, she wrapped her fingers around his cock and peeled back the foreskin. Her tongue darted forward to flick at the frenulum.

Sonali’s breath was warm on his glans. Harinder bucked when she wrapped her lips around the bulbous head and used her tongue to lick at the slit.

His legs tensed and he moaned as her mouth suckled on his cock, her tongue swirling around the cockhead. Her eyes, dark and hungry, looked up at him. The sight made him convulse. Then, when he thought he couldn’t handle much more, she began to swallow his length. Slowly. Centimeter by centimeter she slid her mouth down his throbbing erection. He felt the veins pulsating in the wet warmth of her mouth. Wanting to hold on to the sensation, he dared not move.

Then, just as slowly, her mouth slid up and off his cock. He watched as the head popped out of her mouth, a lingering thread of spit connecting him to her. She wiped it away before again taking it in her mouth. Another slow slide down and back up along the length of his shaft.

Harinder growled in pleasure as her head began to slowly bob up and down. He entwined his fingers in her hair. Up and down. Up and down. He felt the pressure building deep inside him and he let out a long, low moan. Then, she released his cock. Her eyes had the same heavy-lidded need that had overcome her that night. His cock, now ramrod straight in the air, twitched at the sight.

“Sonali.” The word came out like a mantra. “Hai Rabba, Sonali.”

“Undress me,” Sonali said, drawing his hands to her top. Harinder gingerly worked his way down her shirt, button by button, slowly revealing the soft brown skin. He peeled the shirt off her shoulders. He had seen her naked before, but his breath caught as he looked at her. Her bra, a rose pink, was so low cut that it revealed an alluring expanse of flesh. Her thick nipples, already hard, pushed against the thin fabric. From there, a flat, toned belly.

Sonali reached behind her and unclasp the bra, letting it slide down her arms before dropping it on the floor.

He had her to himself tonight and he drank her in. He lingered on the shape of her widely spaced breasts – full, firm, and high with rounded undersides, the slope of her breasts ended in dark aerolas and taut nipples. Harinder cupped a soft breast in each hand, thumbs coming to rest on her nipples.

A soft purr escaped her lips as he rubbed the nipples with his thumbs. They became unimaginably hard under his touch. She closed her hands over his and encouraged him to squeeze harder. He obliged, kneading the pliant flesh. Her purr turned to a deep moan.

Harinder moved to the edge of the settee and pulled Sonali to him to take a breast in his mouth. He tasted saltiness of her skin. His tongue flicked the rock hard nipple. Sonali moaned. Her hands were now in his hair, pulling him into her.

He bit her nipple. She squealed in pleasure.

His tongue lapped at her breast.

Another flick.



She was moaning louder now and he moved his hand down her abdomen.

He tugged open the drawstring of her pajama. Instead of pulling it down, he slid his hand under the waist band, surprised to find there was no panty between his hand and her wet pussy. Sonali moaned as he caressed her wet folds. He lathered his fingers with her juices, massaged the yielding flesh, found the nub of her sex.

Her body shuddered.

He turned his attention to the other breast. Suckling. Biting. Flicking.

He slid two fingers into the wet warmth of her pussy and she arched in response. Her hands on his head forced his mouth to swallow her breast. His breathing became ragged as he teased the engorged nipple.

“Hai, Ram!” She quivered, her legs tensing as his fingers slid in and out.





Her fingers raked his back when his thumb pressed her clit. Another shudder. Her nails dug into his flesh. She grunted and moaned, her body arched. His fingers pistoned her cunt, while his thumb rubbed against her clit. He drew back from her heaving chest to look at her. Her eyes were closed. Her mouth was open as she drew in quick breaths. She had a scent all her own – a mingling of sex and sweat, of argan oil and sweet fruit. He breathed her in.

His fingers kept up their rhythmic stroking.

Harinder felt her legs stiffen. She clenched at his shoulders, her back arching. She grunted his name as the orgasm began to wrack her. It began as a knot of need that unraveled throughout her body, traveling along her nerves in waves of spasming muscles.

When her legs gave way, Harinder pulled her close to him, steadying her. Her body, slick with sweat, collapsed against him. She nuzzled his neck as he hooked his thumbs into the waist of her pajama, sliding them down with one tug. She shifted, letting him undress her completely.

She found his mouth again, kissing him hard, her breath ragged as tongues darted against each other. He kneaded her buttocks. Squeezing. Pulling apart. Finding the dark space between. A finger teasing her nether hole.

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