Diary of a College Cumslut


First Entry.

Dear Diary,

Today’s finally come. I’ve just unpacked my things and settled into my dorm room. It’s smaller than I’d thought it would be, but it’s just too cosy. I’m house-sharing with three other people at the university and luckily we all have our separate rooms, even if they’re only big enough to fit a bed and a desk -Still, it’s nice to be away from home. To have my own space. I haven’t met them yet though, but I’m sure it’ll be fine, it just has to be.

I saw one of my professors today. He looks lush, I imagine a lot of my female classmates will think so too. I wonder if he’s single -No, I probably shouldn’t wonder that. My scholarship doesn’t cover student-professor relationships after all. I believe I’ll keep the fantasies to fantasy and alone with my hand and my thoughts. Not sure why I’d write that, but I’ve been told diaries like this are good to de-stress from the day, so here I am, starting now.

I haven’t got my class schedule yet, so I’ll be picking that up tomorrow. I imagine there’ll be a settling-in period, perhaps for a couple of days so that everyone can move on to campus and well, get settled. I’m excited to meet who I’ll be living with and hope we can at least somewhat get along – I really dislike conflict.

Hmm, what else to write – Oh, I’ll need to get a part-time job here too, after my father moved away with his new wife, my mother has been working extra, I couldn’t dare ask her for financial help after hoisting myself away to college, but for now, I believe I’ll sleep.

Second Entry.

Dear Diary,

I’ve met the other three people I’m house-sharing with, I got woken up at five AM with someone drunkenly falling asleep on my door, later I found out that was Melissa; one of the girls that lives in the house. She’s got platinum blonde hair with gorgeous curls, I’m almost jealous. The two other roomies are… Definitely different. Samantha is pretty small and slim, redhead with a face-full of freckles and Dan, he’s quiet, tall and thin with dark hair that he keeps in a pony. I believe he said he’s a TA for the science department, so maybe I’ll see him more in class than in house, who knows.

Oh, I also saw that cute professor I mentioned in my last entry. Professor Arnold Duke. He’s as dreamy as I remember the first time. We introduced each other, he definitely seems much more muscular up close – Something I’m definitely not complaining about. I couldn’t help myself, but I asked him to go get drinks so we could discuss the university – It was a stupid excuse and I’m sure he saw straight through it, but he accepted regardless -Which is a win for me, hooray! I’ll shower after I finish writing this, find my little black dress and hit the town. Apparently we’ll be going to a local that’s kept its design from when the university first opened, wooden interior and an old-looking bar -At least that’s what he said, but it definitely beats loud, obnoxious nightclubs.

I made a point to invest in some nice heels before I arrived here – I doubt my savings are going to hold up, so I’ve circled some job’s from the local paper and I’ll be checking them out tomorrow. I need, need, need to remind myself to call my mother – A text just doesn’t do it these days.

Third Entry.

Dear Diary,

Last night was amazing! I met so many cool people and Professor Duke was such a gentleman, he even took me back to his place, which, is much bigger and definitely a lot nicer than the student dorms. Wooden flooring and – Oh, who cares. We kissed. I’d definitely had one-too-many drinks and rounds of karaoke, but we Börü 2039 izle enjoyed ourselves – A part of me really wished I could have enjoyed him a little more than just company and a kiss good night, but then again, it’s probably wishful thinking. He is single though, but for now, I really have to focus on jobs. So far, there’s a house-cleaning job, an administrative assistant position and a PA. A shame there’s no bar work, I could really work on my social skills and meet some new people, but no, bad Emily, I’m not going to be picky!

Professor Duke just texted me now to say he’s coming over! I’m so excited! Despite fantasy, I think I’ll wear my good underwear, maybe even the lace I’ve kept for an occasion that hasn’t happened yet. Once more, wishful thinking but who knows. Could I have forgotten something at his place? Maybe that’s why he’s dropping by, but either way, I’m not turning his company away.

Wait! Drinks, I’ll go pre-prepare drinks.

Fourth Entry.

Dear Diary,

Arnold recently left. I didn’t want to wait and forget what happened. His hands are so strong, his body so firm. I didn’t quite get to show off my not-so-innocent panties, but I wish I’d have taken the leap to do so. My legs are so tightly pressed together now and I’m incredibly turned on – Surely he couldn’t have realised that and if he did, is he possibly toying with me?

I’d left the door unlocked, but regardless, he still knocked. After inviting him in, I offered him a drink. Dark rum, ginger and a thin sliver of lime. We sat on the couch with the TV as background noise and he told me he was interested in the course I was doing and if I’d found a job that had taken my fancy yet. I told him of the options and he nodded slowly, sipping from his glass, but never looking away. In a way, it was like his eyes were fixated upon my own, it made my heart all a flutter.

After the third drink, the flirting continued – And I do say, from both sides. We kissed again and he pulled me onto his lap, lifting me up as if it were no bother whatsoever. His breath was hot between the kisses, our tongues dancing and flickering across each other; I could feel a bulge begin to press upwards against me and moaned out. That’s when he stopped grabbing my breasts and looked up at me, both of us still panting. I wanted more and I was so, so sure he did too, but nothing came of it. He didn’t make a move and despite the skirt of my dress almost pulled up past my thighs, I’m ashamed to say I didn’t either.

We did kiss a little more, however, before he nudged me off his legs suddenly, checked his phone and then bowed out for the evening. I’m tense and I want a nice, lustful first time, damn it. Is it too much to ask for? I’ll probably head to sleep soon anyways, I believe orientation is tomorrow, so at least I’ll have my class schedule to look forward to and maybe some interviews along the way.

Fifth Entry.

Dear Diary,

I called my mom this morning and assured her everything was okay. I even got my class schedule, but I’m waiting on being called back for any interviews. The sexy thoughts of last night with Professor Arnold still have me riled up, even toying with my clit all night hasn’t eased me of my frustration. I never believed I could lust after a man so much in my life – Maybe I should be more bold next time, wear something a little more provocative? I’ll give him a call after I write this entry.

Cleaning duty is done, the house is spotless and smells fresh. I even did two rounds of laundry and I’m so glad the laundry room has more than one boys in blue izle drying machine. I haven’t much to say other than I want my Arnold’s dick like a fish needs water and that I foresee my class schedule being hectic – Time to manage sleep to smaller hours, eating in snack form and praying to any god in existence that I get a call back for a part time job.

Sixth Entry.

Dear Diary,

I finally got a call back from the job position as PA. Turns out it’s for someone in the science department, which I call a win as I’m taking biology as a major to go into the medical field. I have my interview this evening – Not quite sure why the evening, but I’m not questioning it. I REALLY need this job!

I popped out earlier to grab some groceries, just the basic things, some toiletries and food. When I got back, Samantha told me that some guy was looking for me whilst I was out and told them to call me in about two hours. I’m still waiting on that call, whoever it is. Naturally, I really hope it’s Arnold, regardless, I just sent him a text to say I have an interview tonight and hopefully we can meet up after. Really hopefully. I’m writing like a child excited for Christmas to come, waking up at five in the morning before my parents and practically bouncing around with excitement – I am excited, just more of the lustful variety. Wish me luck!

Seventh Entry.

Dear Diary,

I suppose I know why Professor Arnold was so quick to leave the other night, it turns out the position of PA was for his office and his superior. Maybe he saw my name on the application list and got spooked last thing. I hope not, but, it would definitely complicate things more than they are now. It’s not going to turn me off, however.

I believe I aced the interview, of course, I’ll have to wait and see in the coming days, however. Professor Duke met me outside of the department’s building and walked me back to my dorm, talking about his superior fondly and almost speaking to me, for the first time since we’d been meeting up, like an actual student. I still made a point of inviting him in though and he did accept, I suppose this is where my innocence decided it was a good idea to rush into things, do other people behave this way too?

My housemates were in the living room so I opened up my small, box-like bedroom and offered him a seat on the bed. The door creaked to a close and there’s only a dim light in the room, it was… Sort of romantic, at least in my mind. I placed my hand on his thigh and smiled up at him adoringly, giving his leg a playful squeeze before moving in for a kiss – Not unlike the last time, a couple of night’s ago.

Once more he pulled me onto his lap and we kissed with passion and lust hidden beneath our breaths. His thumbs pressed against my nipples from the outside of my blouse, it was heavenly; I rested myself above his crotch and softly pressed downwards, which he reciprocated with light hip movements up to me. There was no way I was backing down at this point, with a gentle nudge, I pushed him back on to the bed and began unbuttoning my blouse. He didn’t stop me, so I removed it and made quick work of my bra.

There was little time between the gentle petting and the removing of my shirt before his lips were placed around the hardened nibs of my nipples, sucking on them, twirling his tongue around the tips. I leaned into him, slowly grinding my hips against his own. His hands unfastened the three little buttons of my skirt and threw it to the floor, reaching towards my mound and gentle stroking the slit from break point izle the outside of my panties. I couldn’t help it, I moaned and no doubt my housemates heard it, but I didn’t care.

In my lustful ways I unzipped his pants and tugged his hardened cock free, nudging the band of his boxers down as well, then began stroking him. I could see from his expression that he was enjoying himself, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t, but I was a little nervous, still, I was glad he was older and hopefully more experienced at this sort of thing. With a quick movement, he had me flipped over, my ass in the air. He thumbed my panties to the side and slipped a finger into my very moist vagina, resting there for a moment before rubbing it inside me. Another moan slipped out and he pushed my head into my pillow, which I appreciated at the time.

I suddenly felt something unfamiliar pressing between by butt cheeks, turning my head back to look at him, he merely grinned and rubbed the tip of his cock downwards against my slit. There wasn’t much warning before he pushed it into me, agonisingly slowly. I felt myself open up to someone physically for the first time, I believe he felt my body do that too and it didn’t stop him at all. He kept holding my face down against the pillow and pushing into me deeper and deeper. Suddenly, he pulled out a little, then thrust back into me a little more roughly, his thrusting continued, faster and faster – A little rougher and rougher each time. I winced, but it felt good at the same time. The twinges of pain as my stretched pussy opened up for him and the ripples of pleasure as this man I’ve lusted for days fucked me like some common slut.

There were definitely some sounds that my housemates heard, but nobody knocked on the door and in the moment of having my pussy fucked by Arnold, I wasn’t going to apologise. He pulled out once more and flipped me onto my back, bringing the pillow as he did so to stuff it on my face again. I bit down as he slapped his cock against me and pushed it back in, lifting my legs onto his shoulders now and going deeper than before. I could hear him panting and moaning quietly, his breath picking up as his thrusts did too, seeming to not care so much for my wellbeing – Almost as if he was trying to imitate porn, he started hammering away inside of me, his cock throbbing and swelling; I once more felt the slightest stretch as my vagina accommodated him and that’s when I felt it. A long groan as he shot his hot load inside me, I winced feeling him twitch and empty himself into me, whimpering and looking up at him.

I could barely keep my eyes open, the feeling of Arnold’s thick cock twitching and spurting his seed inside of me caused my mind to go blank, my body to tense up and me to experience the most mind-numbing orgasm I’ve ever had. I moaned out loudly, my pussy tightening around him and squirting out the mixture of his cum and my juice over the both of us.

“Very good, I’ll put a nice word in for you.”

That’s all he said as he grinned down at me, tugging away the pillow from my face. His right arm slipped under my back and lifted my torso upwards. I glanced down, seeing him still buried within me, silvery trails of glistening cum trickling down from his slick cock. He made me watch him pull out and then got to work quickly on scooping up any liquids that left me, so he could push them all back inside. Simply licking his lips, he pulled back, as if admiring his work.

Safe to say, I’m going to sleep quite long tonight – I never thought I’d be able to write something like that down. We chatted a little more, cleaned ourselves up and then he kissed me good night. I’m hoping this is going to be more than a one-time thing, it felt amazing, I’ve never had an orgasm that mind blowing before, I’m already craving my next one. I look forward to writing my next entry tomorrow, good night Diary.

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