Disciplined Daughter Pt. 05



Sorry it took so long to get this chapter posted, but real life got in the way. Once again, thank you so much to everyone for their support and feedback on my first three chapters! This is Chapter 5 of X of my story Daughter Discipline.

This story is entirely fictional and involves adults, blackmail, inc(mother/(adult)daughter), semi-nc, public, bdsm. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Chapter 5

Felicia told her daughter to get dressed and got back into the car. Susie put her g-string on, gingerly adjusting it over her cunt. Next she squeezed into her dress cringing as she placed the cups of the garment over her sore nipples.

Susie got into the front seat of the car and pulled her dress over her hips without being asked. Felicia leaned over and kissed her daughter on the fore head. Susie used the moment to try to pull her mother closer but was lightly pushed away.

Felicia put the car in gear and resumed driving. She jumped on the interstate and five exits later she used an off ramp where the only business was a single building with no windows and a huge sign on the roof that said, ‘Adult Emporium’.

Felicia drove behind the building and said as she pointed to a sign, “Hey look! You can tell this place is high class! ‘Covered Parking’!”

Susie smirked at her mother’s joke but on the inside felt a tinge of anxiety and excitement at the thought of what might be inside.

Felicia pulled into an empty space that was covered under a metal awning. She put the car in park and looked at her daughter, “I don’t want us to get swarmed by creeps so when we go in here act like we’re dating. You’re the subservient one and I am the slightly older dominant one. Does that make sense?”

Susie snickered at, ‘Slightly older’ then said, “Yes Mommy.”

“Call me by my first name.”

“Yes Felicia,” Susie said, the name sounding absolutely foreign as it came out of her mouth.

“Very good,” Susie’s mother said getting out of the car.

To their surprise the store was largely empty with only two male customers looking through a stack of DVDs and a middle aged woman behind a counter who was watching the store.

“Let’s see,” Felicia said as she looked around. She placed her hand on the small of Susie’s back. “Let’s go ask that that woman at the counter for what we need.”

“What do we need?” Susie asked.

Felicia light squeezed Susie ass cheek as she answered just above a whisper, “Oh, several things.”

Susie swallowed hard at her mother’s touch; it felt nice, even comforting, like she was protected. She wondered for a moment how she could feel these emotions, after all that her mother had done to her in the last day.

“She must work here, let’s start with her,” Felicia said looking at the woman behind the counter. She raised her hand to the middle of Susie’s upper back and walked toward woman. Her daughter’s skin was warm to the touch.

The woman behind the counter was a blonde in her mid-thirties. She had pale blue eyes and an easy smile. “Hello, how are you today?”

Felicia could tell this woman was great at her job, so disarming. Felicia smiled back, “We’re doing great. Thank you for asking.”

The woman waited as Felicia continued, “My lady here has decided that she’s a sub so I’ve been doing some research and we need to do a lot of shopping.” Felicia placed a credit card on the glass counter lightly.

“Oh! How fun!” the woman said with genuine joy in her voice. She took a quick at the rest of the store, “Give me just a sec I’ll be right back,” the store employee said as she walked out from behind the counter.

Felicia watched the employee approach one of the male patrons. The man seemed surprised and walked out quickly. “What’s a ‘sub’?” Susie asked her mother as she looked at the various items behind the counter.

“It’s short for ‘submissive’,” Felicia said as if the explanation was sufficient.

Susie wanted to follow up but was distracted when something caught her eye. “What the fuck?” she mumbled under her breath.

Felicia had been looking at the store employee talking to the other male patron. She followed her daughter’s gaze and saw a flesh colored phalis that was at least fourteen inches long and four inches wide. “Oh! Yeah, that’s a dildo,” she said.

“People actually use that for sex?” Susie asked.

“Yes they do. Hey, maybe you can test it out?” Felicia said.

Susie prayed her mom was joking and after a pause she felt her mother kiss her on the top of her head. “I’m just teasing sweetie. We’ll probably get you a dildo today, but not that big,” her mother said as her hand rubbed her daughter’s hip.

Susie giggled nervously as she continued to look at the giant dildo. Felicia watched the second man leave. He was followed by the store employee who locked the door and the pulled a light string that caused the door sign to blink, “Closed”.

The store employee walked back to the two women and said, “Okay, just us girls now.”

Felicia chuckled and said, “Oh my, you certainly ataşehir escort didn’t need to run everyone out on our account?”

The store employee gave a dismissive gesture with her hand and said, “Please! Two guys who will never get the nerve to actually buy anything and might even be jerking off in the isles? No, this is better.”

The mother and daughter laughed. “Well, when you say it like that,” Felicia said.

The employee looked appraisingly at Susie, “So what are we looking at here?”

Susie was at a loss for what to say, her mother broke in to save her. Felicia reached down and pulled the bottom of her daughter’s dress up exposing her full creamy white ass with only a pink g-string disappearing between her ass crack.

Susie fought the urge to cover herself. With all she had been through today she was beginning to understand modesty was not really a thing for her anymore.

“As you can see…?” Felicia waited for the employee to provide her name.

The employee biting her lower lip stared fixated at the young woman’s ass broke her trance and looked up at Felicia and said, “Jeremy, like the boys name.”

“As you can see Jeremy, Susie has a beautiful ass and sensitive too,” Felicia said as she ran her finger nails over her daughter’s ass cheek. She continued, “So what we want is something that stings but doesn’t scar.”

Jeremy nodded her head slowly not looking at Felicia, “I can think of a couple things. Susie would probably like a mini paddle, maybe a riding crop, also a cat of nine tails-“

“Ooooh! A riding crop might be perfect, we want to be exact where I provide a sensation for Susie,” Felicia interrupted and nudged her daughter to turn around showing Jeremy her daughter’s crotch. “This is also really sensitive.”

Jeremy looked at the pink material not quite covering Susie’s mound. “Let me grab a couple of demos for Susie,” the woman said walking away.

“She seems nice,” Felicia said pleasantly. “… and couldn’t take her eyes off you.”

Susie smiled nervously as she pushed her dress back down. Jeremy approached her arms full, a queasiness built in Susie’s stomach at the thought of having her ass and pussy swatted.

Jeremy placed a riding crop, multiple paddles, and a small club with what looked tassels on the end, on the glass counter. “Here are some items we can start with and see what Susie reacts to best,” she said.

The employee grabbed a black riding crop from the pile and handed it to Felicia. Felicia held the crop in her hand.

“Oooh,” Felicia said feeling more weight then she expected.

Jeremy smiled, “Yeah, it’s waited on the end to give it a little more ‘pop’.”

Felicia nodded and walked around behind her daughter. She touched the leather flap at the end of crop to Susie’s ass, tracing lazy circles on the outside of the dress. Susie felt goosebumps cover her body.

“You know to get the full effect it should really be used on bare skin,” Jeremy said watching the two women.

“Great idea,” Felicia said waiting.

Without comment, Susie swallowed hard and pulled her dress off over her head. She stood naked except for g-string and heels and handed the dress to Jeremy who had her hand out.

Susie felt the edge of the crop across her ass cheeks. Without warning a sting to her left butt cheek. It hurt but wasn’t like the pain she had felt with the previous spankings. This felt more like a light sting that ran through her body. Five more swats hit her ass each one giving her body a shock. Susie hadn’t cried out, instead she breathed deep and waited for the next swat.

Felicia stopped swatting her daughters ass and walked around to face her. Susie looked at her mother intently, the message clear, ‘Why did you stop?’

“Spread your legs honey,” Felicia instructed.

Susie moved her legs apart without hesitating. It was going to hurt again she knew, but this time was different. “Put your hands over your breasts,” Felicia continued as she ran the crop up her inner thigh.

Her daughter complied, her nipples absolutely ached in anticipation. Felicia stopped the crop at the folds folds of Susie’s cunt that was fighting to stay inside confines of her g-string.

“I love the weight of this,” Felicia said as she snapped her wrist back then forward and swatting her daughter’s cunt.

Susie groaned as she felt tinge of pain but the sensation to her clit was absolutely exhilarating. Felicia let a smile escape as she saw her daughters reaction.

Felicia swatted her daughter’s cunt several more times. The pain and arousal to Susie’s body were rising equally to the point that tears began to run down her face as she moaned lightly.

As the pain became too great Susie started to close her legs involuntarily. Felicia stopped swatting her daughter’s clit abruptly causing Susie to groan in frustration.

“I think we’re going to need a spreader bar,” Felicia said as she looked at her daughter’s legs.

“Oh, well we have several types,” Jeremy avcılar escort said as she cleared her throat.

“It needs to be adjustable and have four restraints.” Felicia said conclusively.

“Hmm, someone has been doing their homework. Be right back,” the employee said as she walked off to find what Felicia asked for.

“What’s a spreader bar?” Susie asked her anxiety beginning to rise.

“You’ll see in a second. Go ahead and take your panties off,” Felicia answered.

Susie complied and pulled her g-string down and stepped out of it. She held it in her hand for a moment and looked around not knowing what to do with it.

Felicia held her hand out waiting. Susie cringed on the inside as she placed the panties in her mother’s outstretched hand.

Felicia rubbed the soaking wet crotch of her daughter’s g-string between her fingers. She raised an eyebrow as she looked at Susie and sighed, “Wonderful…”

Susie’s face grew red with embarrassment at her mother’s reaction. She was fighting against her bodies physical reactions but was losing, she had been losing all day.

“Here we go,” Jeremy said walking quickly back to the two women holding a four foot bar and what appeared to be leather wrist bands. She walked up to Susie and knelt down, placing the bar and all but one of the black bands at her feet.

Jeremy paused for a moment to notice Susie’s cunt was dripping wet, she fought the urge to lick it clean. Stopping herself, she buckled a band around Susie’s ankle and then attached the bar to it. A second band was attached to her other ankle. “Move your leg out a little honey,” Jeremy instructed moving Susie’s foot.

Susie felt her feet being split apart further than was natural as it was attached to the other end of the bar. “There we go,” Jeremy said standing up and admiring her work.

Susie wobbled for a moment, unable to keep standing. Jeremy scooped the falling Susie up under her arms then straightened her up, there faces only inches apart.

“Thank you,” Susie said catching her breath, a nervous look in her eyes.

Jeremy smelled the younger woman’s scent a musky mixture of sweat and sex. She wanted so badly to kiss the scared little girl.

“Ooooh, I love how that fits,” Felicia said looking at her daughter from behind.

Susie felt a fresh wave of humiliation hit her as she realized what she must look like; unable to stand on her own, legs spread far apart and her pussy on full display. The humiliation was quickly replaced by fear as she thought about her defenseless cunt being swatted with a riding crop by her mother.

“Can you keep holding her up? I’d like to test this riding crop out some more on her twat,” Felicia asked Jeremy.

“Absolutely!” Jeremy answered with way too much joy in her voice smiling warmly at Susie.

Jeremy placed a single hand on Susie’s hip and took a small step back as she almost whispered to Susie, “Okay, just need you to bend over a little bit.”

“You’re perfect right there, I just need a couple swats,” Felicia said.

Jeremy turned her attention back to Susie and looked deep into her eyes, the sub’s eyes looked absolutely electric as a mix of fear and desire.

Susie looked awkwardly at the woman who was holding her up. The woman had a rock hard body and dark tanned skin, a hikers body. For an instant, Susie wondered a million things about the woman; Did she have tan lines? Was her pussy shaved? What sounds did she make when she climaxed?

Whap! Whap! Whap! Susie felt her cunt sting. “Ohhh!” Susie squealed trying to move her legs involuntarily but getting denied.

Jeremy had a devilish smirk on her face, days like this she couldn’t believe how lucky she was to work here. “Did that hurt honey?” Jeremy asked.

‘Belittling and humiliating,” Susie thought, wanting to kiss her. She didn’t answer.

Felicia ran the crop along the inside of Susie’s leg up to her cunt. With her lips spread apart Felicia could see her hole glistening. She ran the crop over Susie’s clit and slowly slid it between her partially spread ass cheeks stopping at her asshole.

“Oh my god!” Susie blurted.

Jeremy smiled at the girl in front of her. ‘She must be going through hell right now,’ she thought. Jeremy felt her pulse quicken and forced herself to look at Felicia.

“I definitely want to buy this,” Felicia said holding up the riding crop.

“Great,” Jeremy said almost giddy. She lifted Susie up a little and tilted Susie’s body toward the glass case causing her foot to swing around. “Here, lean right here,” Jeremy said placing Susie’s hands on the edge of the case.

Susie wanted to shrivel up and disappear when she thought of what she must look like to her mother and the store employee.

Jeremy walked over to Felicia and took the riding crop. She snuck a peek at Susie’s ass,… beautiful. “I’ll write this up for you.”

“Great,” Felicia said. “You know, I have a couple other things I need.”

Felicia grabbed her purse avrupa yakası escort and pulled out her notebook and flipped through a couple pages. She ripped out the page and handed it to Jeremy.

Jeremy looked at the paper. “Let’s see. Yes, yes, yes. I think we have all of these! Would you like me to round these up for you?”

Felicia thought for a moment before, “Yes that would be great, but could you possibly get the Baton-Fun eight inch toy first? And is it possible to give it a little test drive?”

Susie silently begged the employee to say, ‘No.’. She was in so much pain right now from the swatting and the arosal of being edged all day.

It was completely against the rules but Jeremy replied exuberantly, “Absolutely!”

Jeremy disappeared again. “Felicia?” Susie asked her mother’s name still sounding weird.

“Yes sweetie?” Felicia answered.

Susie tried to straighten up and look at her mother. “This is really starting to hurt,” she said a pleading tone in her voice.

“I know but I’m not even spanking you right now,” Felicia answered innocently.

“You don’t understand…,” Susie said not wanting to continue. After a moment she tried to say as quietly as possible, “I need to have an orgasm, it’s hurting so much.”

“I know,” Felicia answered syrupy sweet, “but it’s not time yet.”

Jeremy cape back with a pink box that was a little longer than a box of toothpaste. “Here we are,” Jeremy said.

She opened the box and pulled out a contoured hot pink dildo that was eight inches long and a one inch diameter at the base. She twisted a dial on the bottom and the device began to buzz. “It has several settings, nice and low for edging and full blast when need something done quick,” Jeremy said handing the device to Felicia.

Felicia looked at the toy and turned it down to its lowest setting. “Ooh it pulses too!” She said excitedly.

“Oh yeah it’s a good model,” Jeremy answered.

Susie looked at the dildo and imagined it being inserted into her cunt. It was a nice size, she had had a bigger dick but it was still a good size.

“Let’s see how it fits,” Felicia said pushing Susie’s shoulders over the glass case.

“Do you need any lube?” Jeremy offered, loving the show she had seen so far.

“No, I think we have that covered,” Felicia said with a sight grin.

Susie felt a fresh wave of humiliation hit her with her mother’s comment. She felt the dildo pressed between her pussy lips and gasped hard.

The dildo rubbed against her clit, the vibration taking her body over for a moment. “Oh god,” Susie moaned her resistance falling apart.

Felicia pulled the dildo back and lined it up with Susie’s hole and paused for a second before she inserted it. The toy went in easily. She stood back to admire her handy work.

“Oh mommy,” Susie said forgetting her instructions.

Jeremy smiled fiendishly at what she thought was a pet name. “That’s one vote ‘yes’?” She said fighting the urge to call Felicia ‘Mommy’.

Felicia gave a tight smile and said, “Yes, I think we’ll take that too.”

“Wonderf-” Jeremy leaned down to pull the toy out of Susie’s pussy but was stopped.

“Actually,” Felicia said, “Can we let her, test that for a while? There a couple more items I’d like to grab.”

“Sure,” Jeremy said letting her hand run across Susie’s ass lightly. She stepped back and waited for Felicia to lead the way.

Susie felt a surge go through her body at the woman’s touch. She could feel herself losing even more control of her body.

Felicia leaned over so her lips were inches away from her daughter’s ear and whispered, “Listen slut, don’t you dare cum right now,… and don’t let your new toy fall out of your twat. Do you understand?”

Susie could only grunt in response. Keeping her cunt wrapped around the dildo and not cumming would almost be impossible.

“So our plugs are over here…” Jeremy said to Felicia, her voice getting quieter as they walked away leaving Susie alone.

Susie could feel her pussy getting even wetter as the dildo did it’s job. As she clenched her pussy lips together she tried to think of anything other than what her body was going through.

She looked at the wall in front of her. Uncontrollably her arousal took in the variety of toys and graphics in front of her and played a myriad fantasies in her head. Fantasies she had never had until that moment. Lesbians, Asians, dildos, spankings, everything flooded her mind.

Susie grunted as she felt pussy juice began to run down her thigh. She closed her eyes and tried to clear her mind forcing herself to breath slowly.

It only took a moment for the first thought to enter her head; getting spanked in the awful park bathroom. This time though it was the butchy lesbian swatting her and not her mother.

Just as quickly that vision was replaced by the illusion of her getting fucked from behind by the guitar player from the coffee shop while she ate out his girlfriend. All of it in her mind right on the stage. Susie grunted and shook her head as she tried to get the thought out of her mind.

She fought her body again, she was getting close to climaxing. She knew she didn’t want to incur her mother’s wrath but at the same time there was something different going on. Susie wanted to please her mother, her Master, she wanted to make her happy.

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