Do You Want to See Them?

Big Tits

***All characters are over 18 and are fictional. Any resemblance to any real-life persons is purely coincidental.

The pandemic was an incredibly weird time. When people weren’t panicking about getting sick or having enough supplies, there were some suddenly had a lot of time on their hands who used the time to do things they always wanted to do. Some people read more books, others learned new languages, some took up new hobbies, among other things. Nobody was going anywhere, so it was only logical for some people to try to fill their time in other ways.

Steve, who suddenly found himself working from home, found two things for himself to do; exercising more and binge-watching TV. Normally, the binge watching made people too lazy to actually exercise, but he found a good balance to do them both. The reason for the first thing, was that he never had time to go to the gym and he knew he needed to start getting more fit. Now that he had more time on his hands, he started exercising at home, and even ordering a treadmill to help him out. The second thing was because, again, he never had time to do it; there were plenty of TV shows he wanted to see but never had time to begin watching and finishing them. So, when he wasn’t working from home, he now had more time to do those things. He even found a way to combine the two, such as watching his TV shows while running on the treadmill. Within six months, Steve had lost a good amount of weight and got a little muscular. He wasn’t looking like body builder or anything, but he got a good muscle tone going for him that he hoped to show off at the beach next summer.

He had other friends doing the same thing; exercising, binge-watching, and other things to keep themselves busy. Others, he knew, weren’t doing anything at all and just decided to be lazy. He had no problem with that, he was doing it in the beginning before he began exercising, and he sometimes missed just doing nothing.

He regularly talked to his friends and family on video chats, trying to keep up with them. He did see a few of them in person, but only in outside settings, but not often. They tried their best not to talk about the pandemic and how it was affecting their lives, but it always ended up being talked about. But they tried to talk about other things, and it was still a good way to keep in touch despite everything that was going on.

His friends were impressed with how lean Steve was getting from his exercising. He wasn’t overweight before COVID-19, but he was very thin and not in good shape. He tried to be humble about it, but deep down he enjoyed the praise he was getting. Even a few of his female friends couldn’t help making jokes about wanting to hook up with him after the pandemic was over, but he knew they were joking, of course they were all just having fun.

One day, about six months into pandemic, he was having a very lively chat session. This time they managed to go a whole hour before they started complaining about the pandemic, but Steve was happy that they managed to keep that subject short before moving on to other topics. When the chat was finally over, one of his friends, Abby, asked him to stay on a little longer to talk to him about something.

“What’s up, Abby?” asked Steve. It was just the two of them now on the video chat.

“I was hoping that you can come by this weekend to help me out with putting together some furniture I’m getting soon,” she told him.

“Are you sure about that? You are sometimes more cautious about the pandemic and social distancing than most other people.”

“Yes, I know, but we’ve been good lately. I know I’m healthy, and from what I can tell so are you.”

“I’ve been careful and haven’t had any problems,” he told her.

“And I really need help with this stuff because I’m not very technical and I’m afraid I’ll mess it up. Also, to be honest, I could use the company.”

“So, can I,” he told her, understanding how she felt about having to be alone for long periods of time. “Ok, I’ll be there this Saturday.”

“Thank you so much, I really appreciate this” she said with a big smile. They said their goodbyes and ended the video chat.

Over the next few days, Steve was having second thoughts about actually going to visit Abby’s place. There was a big covid-19 wave in the area and it was causing a lot of concern. But he had been in his apartment the last several days with no human contact, and he was sure Abby was going through the same thing. She was also working from home since the pandemic, and from what he gathered from the video chats, she was also just as extra careful with social distancing and cleaning as much as he was. He decided to just go, he would just be careful even with her. Also, he missed some human contact and could finally use some. Most importantly, he missed having some female contact, that was the thing that was driving him even crazy during the pandemic. He was hoping the strip clubs would open back up soon so he could see some live naked women instead of cosmic love france izle looking them up on his laptop, but they weren’t expected to open up for at least another month. He wasn’t expecting to hook up with Abby, he didn’t think she was that kind of woman who hooks up with her male friends, but he just liked the idea of having some kind of female companionship, even if it was just a simple friendly get together.

Around 10am on Saturday, Steve arrived at Abby’s apartment. She greeted him with a big smile and gave him an elbow-bump, the new preferred method of greeting for the pandemic era. They did some small talk first, the usual stuff between friends. He saw several boxes in her living room, some new furniture she had been wanting to get so she could throw out some old ones. He could tell that this might be an all-day type of job.

“I’m so glad you agreed come over,” she told him. “I think I could’ve done this myself, but it would’ve taken me much longer.”

“Also, I don’t think you could’ve taken the old furniture out to the sidewalk on your own,” said Steve.

“Totally, I’m glad I got some muscle now to help get these old things out of here.”

Steve couldn’t help that Abby looked somewhat different to him. She was about a few inches shorter than him, light-brown hair, slim figure. She was wearing jeans and a black tank-top. He knew she was working out a lot just like he was during the pandemic and thought he was just noticing some weight loss. He also thought that it could’ve been that he has only seen her on video chats the last several months which kind of throws off how you look in person, so he just kind of forgot how she looked over time. Whatever it was, he thought she looked great and couldn’t help checking her out. He always thought she was attractive before, but right now he was hot. Again, he considered that it could’ve been that he hasn’t seen her in person in months and hasn’t had much female contact during the pandemic, so it was more likely he was just horny mind willing to see something different about her.

Abby hot gotten a new tv cabinet, two side tables, a dresser, and a shoe stand/coat rack to put by the front door for guests. She also got a TV wall mount to hook up her TV to the wall above the new tv cabinet. They worked for a few hours on the tv cabinet and side tables for the living room first; the instructions were easy to read but there were a lot of small parts so it took some time. They were also having a lot of fun together, joking around and telling stories as they put things together. It was hard work, but still the best time they had in months.

During this time, Steve continued to sneak looks at Abby. He knew there was something different about her, and he knew it wasn’t just his dirty mind checking her out. She has changed in some way; he wanted to ask but was afraid how it might seem to her.

“We’re almost done this cabinet, finally,” said Abby. “We just have to screw on these doors.”

“Pass me that Philips screwdriver, I got them,” he told her.

Abby was standing above Steve who was sitting on the floor, by the door and by a series of tools that was spread around among discarded pieces of the cardboard box, Styrofoam blocks, and plastic wrappings that the cabinet came in. Abby bent down to find the screwdriver hiding among the mess that they have created, and in doing, Steve found himself looking down her tank-top and got a good look at her cleavage and was enjoyed the view a lot. And that’s when it finally hit him, why he thought there was something very different about Abby.

“Oh,” he said in his realization.

“Oh, what?” Abby asked as she looked up at him.

“Oh… nothing,” said Steve.

Abby looked down and realized how much cleavage she was showing off to him, the looked back up at Steve with a big smile on her face.

“I was wondering how long it was going to take you to notice,” she said laughing.

“You got implants?” he asked.

“I sure did,” she said.

She told him that she had been wanting to get them for years, and it wasn’t until the pandemic where people were constantly talking about the things they wanted to do while they had more free time on their hands, that the idea came across her that it might be a good time to do it. It could take up to six weeks for a woman to heal from the surgery, a time she never did have. Since she was going to be working from home more often, it gave her more time to just stay home and take care of herself during her recovery and to continue working. It took a while for her to find a doctor that was doing plastic surgeries during the pandemic, but she eventually found one; and fortunately for her, it took about four weeks to recover. She also thought it was a good idea to keep it a secret and see everyone’s surprised faces when they finally see her new look.

The problem was that like most people in the country, she expected the pandemic to go away by the end of the summer. dahmer monster the jeffrey dahmer story izle She was hoping to go to the beach and wear some new bikinis and go places where she could get some cute guys attention. But the pandemic lasted a lot longer than everyone hoped it would, so she was not able go out and have fun with them as much as she hoped she would. When she invited Steve over to help her with her furniture, she decided to have some fun and see how long it would take for him to notice her new breasts.

“I can’t believe it took you three hours to notice,” said Abby. “I know you’re a boob fan, you should’ve noticed right away.”

“Trust me, I’m ashamed of myself for not noticing sooner,” Steve replied.

“So how do they look to you?” she asked.

“Not bad,” he said. “They’re not too big and definitely fit your body type, so no one would guess they were fake at first glance.”

“Thank you,” she said happily. “I was going for a good size, but not overdo it like a porn star.”

They took a break for lunch, Abby made them sandwiches for them in the kitchen. They ate and discussed more about what they were up to lately, shows they’ve been binge-watching, that sort of thing. Of course, Steve was constantly trying to get glances at Abby’s new boobs, he couldn’t help himself. Ever since he found out about them, he couldn’t look away. He kept having to remind himself to stop looking or else Abby was going to notice. He was sure she liked the idea of guys checking her out, but he didn’t want to appear too much like a creep by constantly staring at them.

They finished up the remaining furniture and installed the tv wall mount and attached the TV onto it. They then took out all the old furniture to the sidewalk; she didn’t feel like selling them online, she was just happy to get rid of them. Then they spent a long time, cleaning up the boxes and all the packing material that came inside of them that caused a big mess around her apartment. They were done by the evening and Abby insisted that he stay for dinner and order a pizza for the both of them and Steve couldn’t say no to that offer.

They sat in the living room, eating the pizza that was on the coffee table and drinking beer. The continued to find new topics to discuss; of course, they kept bringing up the pandemic, it was hard not to, but they tried their best. Steve continued to check out Abby’s new tits whenever he could. There were times she moved around or bent over slightly and he could see some cleavage. He knew he was being ridiculous; he has seen plenty of naked women before and bigger boobs than Abby’s. He supposed it was the fact that it was because it was one of his friends that got bigger breasts now that was doing this to him. It wasn’t like any random woman with big breasts, it was a now a friend of his that got him so he was now seeing her in a new light.

“Hey, my eyes are up,” Abby said, pointing at her eyes with two fingers.

“Oh, damn, I’m sorry,” he said now very embarrassed. “I tried not to look too much, but couldn’t resist.”

“It’s ok,” she said and laughed a little. “I do have to learn to get used to men wanting to look at them. Plus, you allowed me to finally use the phrase ‘my eyes are up here.’ I’ve been wanting to use that line ever since I got these.”

They both had a good laugh at that.

“But still, I’m sorry for looking too much,” he told her.

“It’s ok. But, now that we’re on the subject, there’s something I want to ask you.”

“What is it?”

“Do you want to see them?” asked Abby.

“Wait… are you serious?”

She told him how she has been wanting to get someone else’s opinion of them for some time now. She hasn’t been able to show them to anybody at all because of the pandemic. Of course, dating was extra hard during this time, so she couldn’t get a boyfriend to fool around with. And she wasn’t able to see any of her female friends during this time to show them off to. She really wanted to show them off somebody and since Steve couldn’t help himself staring at her tits, he could be the first one to finally get a good look at them.

“Are you sure it’s ok?” he asked. “This sort of stuff usually crosses a line between male and female friends.”

“Yes, I know, but I trust you,” she assured him.

Without further discussion, she immediately took off her tank top and was now in her bra. She didn’t even give Steve time to prepare himself, she decided to just go for it. He was surprised at how bold she was being with him right now. She was very excited on the idea of someone finally seeing her new breasts, she didn’t want to waste any time talking about it. Abby reached behind her back, unclasped the bra and threw it on the floor. Steve was astounded by how great her breasts looked. He always thought she had a good body before, and her breasts were ok for their size, but these were much better than he was imagining them to damned saint izle be. She went from a mid-size C-cup to a full D-cup. They were perfectly round and he saw no imperfections, he looked around them and could barely see the scars where the implants went in, she must’ve had a very good doctor.

“Wow,” he said. “They’re amazing.”

“Really?” she asked excitingly.

“Really, they look perfect. I know they’re fake, but they still look so real to me.”

“I am so relieved to hear you say that,” she said. “So, do you want to touch them?”

“What?” he asked with surprise. It was one thing to be asked to see her breasts, but now she was asking to touch them.

“Do you want to touch them?” she asked again. “It’s one thing that they look good, but I could really use someone’s opinion on how they feel.”

“Are you sure about it?”

“Yes, I am,” she said laughing at how he was nervous he was being. “Now grab them before I change my mind and put my top back on.”

Steve decided he wasn’t going to waste the opportunity like this. Friends or not, he wanted to feel them, so he immediately up with both hands and grabbed them. He began to squeeze them slightly and was amazed at how great they felt. He was expecting them to feel a little hard or lumpy, like other fake breasts he has felt over the years. But these were the exact opposite, they felt like every other real breast he has ever felt.

“I guess that smile on your face means you like them,” she said.

“I do, these feel amazing,” he told her. “I seriously can’t believe they’re fake. You must’ve had a great doctor.”

“And a very expensive one,” she replied. “But I thought it would be worth the money to make them extra perfect.”

Steve continued to feel her tits, he assumed it was ok to feel them for as long as he wanted. He was like teenager feeling up a girl for the first time. He began to rub the nipples a little between his fingers and she seemed to like the way it felt when he did that.

“Are your nipples sensitive now?” he asked. “I hear that happens sometimes with implants.”

“Only a little more sensitive,” she said. “You can keep rubbing them, I don’t mind.”

He felt the nipples a little more, he thought about pinching them but realized she wasn’t his girlfriend, it may be going too far; so instead he continued to feel up her breasts and only slightly touching the nipples. Steve’s dick was getting very hard and it was definitely noticeable to Abby. She was happy to see that bulge in his pants, she liked the idea that her new tits could get that kind of reaction. She downplayed how sensitive her nipples actually were, they were extra sensitive now and she was getting aroused with how Steve was playing with her tits.

Finally, she thought she should just go for it and reached up with one hand put it on Steve’s leg. She moved up that hand up to his groin and held it there. Steve stopped feeling Abby’s tits and looked her in the eyes, she had a big smile on her face and she had that look in her eyes that meant one thing. Neither Steve or Abby had sex with someone they were friends with, always thinking it was a bad idea because it could cause a problem for the friendship. But it has been months since either of them had sex and they didn’t seem to care anymore about the old rules. They both simultaneously leaned into each other and pressed their lips together.

They held each other tightly as they began to make out on the couch. They only broke the kiss once so that Abby could rip Steve’s shirt off and then went back to it. Her new tits were pressed hard against his naked chest, she liked how it felt being against him like that. After a while they let go of each other to take off their pants.

“Before we do this, I have to tell you this wasn’t something that I planned,” she told him. “I really wanted to just have some company.”

“I didn’t plan for this either,” he told her as he was kissing her neck.

“I just need you to know that I’m not some kind of slut that does this,” she continued to say. “Even though I’m acting kind of slutty right now.”

“It’s ok, I don’t think you’re a slut,” he assured her. He did kind of thought she was being a little slutty, but he wasn’t going to say that to her.

They got their pants and underwear off. Steve got excited to see her naked fully naked, it was good to finally see a naked woman after these last several months that wasn’t on his computer monitor. Abby was amazed at how big Steve’s dick was; not the biggest she has ever seen, but it was definitely more than above average. She couldn’t help thinking that if she had known about his dick she would’ve gone after him a long time ago.

Steve kissed her hard again, and continued to do so as he made her get on her back on the couch. He made her open her legs for him and put himself into position above her. In an instant he drove his erection right into her pussy; the size of his dick hurt her, but it still felt so good. Steve began pumping himself in and out of her, it has been too long for him to feel a tight warm pussy around his dick. There was a period during the pandemic he considered biting the bullet and buying one of those fleshlights he saw on ads in pornsites, just so he could get a feel of some kind of pussy, but he never felt pathetic enough to actually get one. This was the first pussy he got to have and it was worth the wait.

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