Down The Rabbit Hole Ch. 04


I sat at the table sipping coffee. Aaron was in the shower. He was running late for work and we barely spoke since getting out of bed. Probably for best. My throat is killing me. I Rubbed my neck with my hand. It was still raw from the night 3 days ago. I was able to get by at work, but today I would call in sick. That was the plan at least.

The last three days had been a blur. Work was busy, but for the most part the kids and programs ran themselves, I was just there. Going through the motions. I was able to keep a good face outward. But the truth was, I was still reeling from that last night in Jim’s car. All the images, sensations and emotions kept running through my head. Always in the back of mind, at any given moment was the feeling of needing to please-giving everything for that moment, when I knew he was gonna cum.

That massive dick slamming down my throat so far and so hard that I was only able to receive it, accompanied with how good I knew it was making him feel. I lost myself that night. Maybe I found myself. The feeling sat in the pit of my stomach. It was like I really missed someone, or I really needed something. It had been so hard to sleep that night. I kept wondering when Jim would text me again. I had $600 hidden in my drawer from that night. I didn’t care so much about the amounts and I didn’t feel like a hooker, but rather that those men had given that to me as a token of what I did for them. Maybe I was justifying it to myself. But it didn’t feel like it. There was something so intensely personal about pleasing-about letting myself go. Then, the text came: Call in sick tomorrow.

I almost dropped my phone with excitement. Which became problem as I needed to act like I was getting sick. But the truth was and I suppose still is, that nobody really noticed. Aaron didn’t notice and he was closer to me than anybody. It was a relief of course, but how long could this go on?

I push that thought out of my mind. It would go on until I was ready to stop. I just had to see what was in store for the day. Then I would decide.

“Hey sweetie, are you out there?” Aaron called to me from the bathroom.

“Yeah,” I called back weakly.

I turned to look at the bathroom as my husband popped his head out through the open door. He was stark naked, still wet from the shower. Probably getting the floor all wet as usual. Men.

“Still feeling bad?”

“Yeah, not great. I think I am going to lay down in a bit.”

He frowned then said, “Ok. I was hoping…nevermind.”

“What is it?” I asked.

“Nothing don’t worry about it,” he replied. Then he closed the door.

I knew what it was. Aaron always had morning wood and he was going to ask me to help him out. He had done this before, but he never actually asked me to do anything. It was kind of annoying. I knew he was in there now, on the toilet jerking off.

I got up and went into the living room and lay on the couch. I really had to play up the sick thing. My phone buzzed.

Be ready at 9:30.

I took a deep breath. It was hard to suppress my excitement. I sent him a quick “ok” as a reply and waited.

Aaron was out the door ten minutes later with a quick goodbye and a kiss on the forehead.

As soon as I was sure he was gone I was up and in the shower. I washed myself as best as I could then went to the bedroom to figure out what to wear. It had never been a priority for me to look sexy before. I mean, I didn’t really own anything that exciting. The problem is that I couldn’t, or Aaron would be suspicious. duran izle I mean we are conservative church workers after all.

I put on the best bra I had and a black thong, then some tighter jeans and a lower cut top. I looked like a college student. Which made sense as I worked with college students.

Jim was on time as always at 9:30 sharp. I locked up the house then went out to meet him. As I walked out to get in the backseat he gestured for me to get in the front next to him. I opened the door, climbed in and immediately noticed his pants were down slightly and his rock hard, gorgeous cock was exposed.

My heart pounded as I looked at it.

“Suck my cock while I drive,” he said simply.

I immediately leaned over and took it in my mouth. Nothing had ever tasted so good in my life. I took it down as far as I could and held it there. My mouth was full of him. I felt his hand in my hair and I started to bob up and down on it in a quick even pace. I focused on sucking as I bobbed on it, trying to take it in farther each time. I could feel him getting bigger in my mouth, that perfect tip seemed huge. I stopped on the tip and sucked on it. I rolled my tongue over it, loving on the soft skin underneath the thick, hard skin of the tip. It was so good.

I felt him buck his hips and I then focused on sucking him again. Jerking him off with my mouth. Soon he grunted and I started swallowing his hot seed as it spurted out in thick gushes.

My body tingled all over and I knew in that instant, that this is what I wanted. No, I needed. I wanted cum. I wanted to drink it, suck it, swallow it, lay in it, be covered by it. I loved it.

Soon he was done and I sat up as soon as I felt him getting gooey and soft in my mouth. I licked my lips and looked over at him.

“Been thinking about that haven’t you?” He asked.

“Yes,” I said back in more breath than voice. That was an understatement.

“Good,” he replied. “You are starting to understand what your true nature is.”

“What is that?” I said back with a smile.

“You need to be sucking cock,” he replied simply, still looking at the road. “But that is only the beginning. We are almost there.”

I looked ahead and saw we were pulling into the parking lot of a strip mall. I wasn’t totally sure where we were. I guess I was down there longer that I thought. We parked toward the back of the lot’s next to a dollar store. This wasn’t a great part of town. The mall consisted of the dollar store, a “We buy gold” store, some kind of pawn shop, a massage parlor and a drug store.

“Get out, say nothing and just follow me,” Jim ordered.

I nodded and followed as he led me toward the massage parlor. I had always wondered about these places. It was called Lotus Spa and advertised $30 hour massages. Other than the blacked out windows the place seemed legitimate enough. There christmas lights on the door and pictures of various people getting massages.

I followed Jim inside. It was dark, smelling of incense. There was a very pretty Asian woman in her 40’s standing behind the counter. She wore a red patterned, tight fitting Asian dress (I don’t know what they are called) and smiled at us as soon as we approached the counter.

“Hello Jim,” She said in perfect English.

He nodded. “Is it all set up?”

“Yes,” She replied. “We will open it up in a few minutes when you are ready.”

“Good,” he said. “Same place?”

“Yes,” she replied. She looked at me and smiled but said nothing.

I eli roth presents my possessed pet izle smiled back awkwardly then followed Jim down the hall. We passed several doors on either side, some open, others closed and as I glanced in I noticed massage tables. I hope he isn’t expecting me to massage.

We got to the end of the hall and went through another door. It led into another hallway that winded back the way we had come, but behind the massage rooms. We arrived at a black door, Jim opened it up and led me inside.

The room was small, square and painted all black with a stool in the middle. There were small door-like panels on each wall. One in the middle of three sides with the door we entered on the fourth.

“We have 3 hours,” Jim said looking at me.

“What is this?” I asked glancing around curiously.

“Gloryholes,” he replied simply.

“Gloryholes?” I had heard the term but I didn’t know what that was exactly.

“You are going to sit on the stool and wait. One of those panels will open when a guy arrives. He will push his dick through and you are going to suck it until he cums,” Jim said gesturing toward one of the small panels.

I looked at the panel then the stool. This room felt so trashy. What was I doing here?

“Where will you be?” I asked Jim, suddenly afraid of being here alone.

“I will be around to make sure things go smooth,” he said. He walked to the door. “Now get comfortable, we are gonna open soon.”

I looked at him with a sinking feeling. What am I doing here? “Wait…”

Jim opened the door then paused, “What is it?”

“I…I don’t know…this seems so…”

“Stop,” He snapped. “Your purpose here is to suck whatever cock is put in front of you. You didn’t hesitate twenty minutes ago when I told you to suck me in the car.”

I frowned at him and sat on the stool.

“See you in awhile,” he said, then he left.

I sat still and stared at the wall. The room was so dark, I wasn’t sure how I was supposed to know if someone was there. I was filling with regret. How did I get here? How did I end up doing this? This was so trashy. Slutty. Disgusting. I looked at the door. I could just leave. I could just open the door and walk out. I mean hadn’t I agreed to myself that when this went too far that I would just stop?

“I can’t do this,” I muttered.

I stood up, took a deep breath and reached for the door.

Then I heard a knock on one of the walls. I stopped and looked at the wall. Was someone there? Shit. I NEED to leave.

Suddenly the small panel opened and a perfect, smallish cock slid through the hole. I had my hand on the doorknob, but I couldn’t move. I just looked at the dick. Another rush of emotion hit me. The same feeling from this morning. The same feeling that had been with me for the last few days. I needed to please. It was wrong to walk out on this one waiting to be pleased. It felt so wrong.

“Ok, just this one,” I said as I let go of the door handle and settled onto the stool.

I gripped the dick with my hand. There was something about the warmth and the hardness that was almost comforting to me. I opened my mouth and took it in. I liked the size as I could take it all into my mouth and hold it there. I ran my tongue over it at the same time as I held it deep in my mouth.

Then I started sucking it, just using my mouth I pulled it almost out then sucked it all the way back in. elite izle I found a rhythm and took my time when it was all in, letting it push into my throat slightly. Again and again I took it deep. Then, I heard a knock, a grunt and he was cumming in my mouth. I kept sucking, as it filled my mouth and I swallowed it down. I held it in my mouth as it gave me its final spurts.

Suddenly, as quickly as it appeared, it was yanked from my mouth and gone.

“Well, that was nice,” I whispered. It was really nice if I was honest. The truth was, I had my other hand down my jeans now as I had subconsciously started to touch myself. I was tingling all over.

I looked up at the door. I knew I needed to leave. This wasn’t me. This wasn’t what I wanted to be…

There was another knock and a large semi-hard dick poked through. I looked over at it and back at the door. “Ok, one more…”

I gripped it with my free hand (Continuing to rub myself with the other) and started jerking it to life. It didn’t take long to get really hard and my mouth was on it almost immediately. I loved the taste and the feel. Each time it was like tasting something delicious for the very first time. I worked on it faster than the first. Trying to suck it as fast and as hard as I could. It didn’t take long and the knock came, along with a lot of cum. More cum that I was expecting and it shot into my mouth then started running down my chin. I sucked, slurped and swallowed as best as I could as it seemed like the gush was never ending. The, finally, it stopped.

I let go of it, and it recoiled back through the hole.

I realized that cum was all over me. Thankfully, it had mostly dripped onto the floor and not on my shirt or jeans. Just to be safe I took my shirt and jeans off…

I was on the sixth cock when the door opened. Jim, peaked his head in and then slipped into the room. I had a small, straight dick in my mouth at the time. I looked up at him then focused again on the dick. I had been sucking it for a while and I knew he was close to cumming. When it started shooting, I let it out of my mouth, jerked him fast and milked it all out onto my chin and chest. Not much came out and I stroked it still a little disappointed. I wanted more. I had told myself I needed one big cum all over me, then I would be done.

I turned to look at JIm and saw he had his pants down. His perfect dick was semi hard. I looked up at him, then leaned forward to suck it. He grabbed my hair and turned my head away. Then he pulled me by the hair to make me stand up. He yanked down my thong, bent me over the stool and rammed into my wet pussy.

I grunted as he thrust into me. It took 4 or 5 hard pumps and I knew I was going to cum. The next thing I knew, another cock slid through one of the gloryholes. I grabbed it and started jerking as fast as I could. Jim thrust into me, then forced my head down close to the cock so I could suck it.

As soon as it was in my mouth, Jim thrust me forward so hard my face hit the wall and the cock went down my throat. I gagged and grunted on it as Jim pounded me from behind. All I could do was take it and try to swallow on the dick in my throat. I started cumming immediately. Warmth shot down from my belly, through my legs and pussy and I was shaking. The cock in my mouth started shooting cum almost immediately. I choked and coughed and Jim yanked my head back, so the dick would spurt its remainder on my face.

Jim kept my head back and pumped harder and harder. I gasped for air and hung onto the stool as best as I could. I felt another orgasm coming. It hit me like a wave and juice poured down my legs. He let my head go forward, grabbed my hips and pumped harder and harder. Then I heard him grunt, he pulled out of me and came all over my back and ass. He wiped his dick on my ass, then pulled his pants back up.

“Get ready for the next one,” he whispered into my ear.

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