Driving home


The evening sunshine filters through the windscreen and warms my shins where my feet are propped up on the dashboard. I lean back in my seat, my hair blowing softly in the summer scented breeze of the open window, watching the love of my life. His sweet brown eyes fixed on the back-county road ahead, shoulders relaxed, head bobbing softly along to the music. One hand comes off the steering wheel to give my bare thigh a squeeze. Its affectionate but a warning to put my feet down. Which is exactly why I had put them up in the first place. I obey, giving him a cheeky smile. I am rewarded by a soft laugh, another squeeze, and the gentle stroke of his hand up and down my thigh, his callouses causing the smooth skin to ripple with goose bumps.

I lean over to press my lips to his cheek, his stubble rough on my bottom lip, the skin smooth under my top one. He smiles and I kiss him again just above where his lips tug upwards. I wiggle sideways in my seat, tucking my bottom leg underneath me and leaning my arm on the back of the seat so I can watch his face as I run my fingers through his hair, idly twisting the short ends and occasionally scratching my nails lightly over his scalp. His eyes flutter and he huffs out a soft exhalation. I feel a fluttering at the bottom of my throat at his sigh and lean forward again, balancing myself with a hand on his thigh, to nibble his earlobe, soothing it with tender sucks and kisses. His mouth drops into a silent ‘oh’, eyes blinking rapidly.

He turns his head, giving me a quick kiss before turning his attention back to the empty road in front of us. His thumb traces circles on my inner thigh, I shiver, and he smirks.

“Cold?” he asks, wide eyed and innocent.

Oh, two can play that game darling.

“A little.” I’m not but I reach into the back seat and snag his flannel shirt, making a bit of show of pulling it on, flipping my hair out of the back, tugging the collar up and inhaling the faded scent of his deodorant and cologne and him without a hint of subtlety. I give a contented sigh as I snuggle into the soft, wash- worn, warmth of the fabric. His nostrils flare and he grips the steering wheel tighter, I know exactly what I’m up to. I know he likes to see me in his shirts, that it awakens something territorial in him. I lean game of thrones izle over and press another kiss to the bolt of his jaw.

“Thank you sweetheart,” I look up through my eyelashes, the picture of innocence, and not so innocent. I slide my hand a little further up his leg and palm him through his shorts, nipping his ear between my teeth once again.

He twitches under my hand, thudding his head back against the headrest with a sigh that turns into a moan as I apply a touch more pressure, stroking along his length, trailing my lips down to leave open mouthed kisses down his neck. The car drifts just slightly towards the centre before he corrects. He links his fingers with mine and moves my hand away from his lap, squeezing it and bringing it to his lips for a kiss.

He chuckles, “You want to crash? That’s how you get a crash.” He isn’t cross; his eyebrows quirk but his eyes are soft, and I want him so badly I ache.

“Nope, I want you to pull over,” I grin and flutter my eyelashes at him.

He shakes his head with a laugh and squeezes my hand again, “We’ve only got an hour to go,” he pulls me into him to kiss the top of my head. “Then we’ll be home, and I’ll take you to bed and make you glad you were patient.”

Patience is not one of my virtues. And he knows it.

I settle back into my seat, snuggling deeper into his shirt, pulling a pleased chuckle from him. I close my eyes, enjoying the warmth of the low sun on my face, the rasp of the soft flannel against my sun-sensitised skin, letting the music and the scent of surrounding wheat fields, the car engine, sunscreen and cologne wash over me.

I let my legs fall apart, sliding a hand down my stomach and between my thighs. This pulls a completely different sound from him. I trace my fingertips along the hem of my skirt, dipping under the fabric before coming back into view, inching the hem up, inching my fingers ever closer to my centre. I let out a soft moan as I get there.

My other hand squeezes my breast and I sigh, letting my head loll back against the headrest so I can watch his eyes flicking back and forth between the hand teasing myself, and him, under the denim and the road. His Adams apple bobs as he swallows repeatedly, gibi izle and I catch his tongue dart out across his bottom lip.

I don’t take my eyes off him as I slide my skirt further up and curl my fingers into the damp satin of my panties with a slow sigh. I don’t miss the hitch in his breath. I circle my clit lightly, aching for the sensation of his callouses which would make this so much better. I slowly press my middle finger inside, my eyes fluttering closed.

They snap open as his hand closes tight around my wrist. He pulls my hand away with an obscene wet noise as my finger slides free and my pussy tries to clench around it. His eyes are dark and a faint flush colours his cheeks. Without looking away from the road, he brings my hand to his mouth and sucks my finger between his lips.

He lets out a low groan, “Oh fuck.”

That’s all the warning I get as he jerks the steering wheel, the momentum making me sway in my seat with a giggle as he pulls into the layby. It seems all one movement when he slams the handbrake on and pushes his seat back. I barely have my seat belt undone as he’s dragging me into his lap, breathing fast as he crashes his lips to mine, kissing me deep and filthy, squeezing my ass hard as I grip his hair and grind down on him. He smells of the sunscreen, salt water and beach warmed skin and I breathe him in deep.

I tug at his waistband; he cants his hips so I can get it down just below his balls. It’s enough. He tears my panties to the side and buries himself fully inside me in one smooth, hard thrust, making me cry out and grip his biceps at the pleasurable intensity of the sudden stretch.

He kisses my neck, whispering, “You’re ok”

His hands stroke gentle paths up and down my back. I loosen my grip, bringing my hands up to cup his jaw and kiss him slower but with no less passion as I roll my hips in a slow circle. I grab at his T-shirt, desperate for the warmth of his bare chest against me. Our mouths part only long enough to drag his T shirt over his head.

He yanks my top and bra up, exposing my breasts to his mouth, sucking as much as he can into the wet warmth, working my nipple with his tongue and teeth. His hands grip my hips, moving them up and down his length. His panted gökyüzunün üzerinde 3 metre izle demand to, “Ride me,” has me clenching around him with a shiver.

He lets my breast fall from his mouth with a pop, flicking his beautiful eyes up to meet mine. There’s adoration and heat and pure fucking want in them. He cups the back of my head, fingers tangled in my hair and pulling me down lean out foreheads together.

We’re panting into each other’s space; harsh breaths punctuate the slick sounds of our desperate fucking. He’s thrusting up hard into me now, his hips bucking up to meet mine, his other hand releases its bruising grip on my hip and slides down so he can thumb harshly at my clit. All I can do is hang on to his shoulders for dear life, moaning and gasping, beyond words.

The pressure of his thumb tips me over. I bury my face into his neck to muffle the harsh cry as I come, squeezing and clenching around him, my short nails digging into his biceps. My legs shake, thighs tightening against his. I feel his rhythm falter through the waves of my orgasm, and he bites my shoulder with a grunt as he spills deep inside me.

I lay my head on his shoulder, just leaning into his chest, his hand is gentle on my back, holding me close to his chest, both of us sweat soaked and pliant. It’s quiet, other than the birds chirping in the trees and our breathing. I can feel his heartbeat under my cheek, slowly returning to normal.

He brushes a strand of hair out of my face. I lean back so I can see his. His cheeks are flushed, his lips are kiss swollen and his hair… his hair looks fucked six ways to Sunday. He is perfect. He kisses me gently and strokes my cheek with his thumb, his eyes soft and sparkling.


“Hi,” I whisper back.

He smiles. I smile. We both start to giggle.

He shakes his head fondly, “You are such a tease.”

I press a peck to his lips, “Good job you love me.”

He laughs, wrapping his arms around me, “It is, isn’t it?” We share another kiss, sweet and tender before he whispers against my lips, “We’d better move before someone comes along.”

I shift and his softened cock slides out of me, he’s quick and pulls my panties back into place to catch his leaking come.

I squirm and pout in mock annoyance, “You’re going to make me sit in wet, come filled panties all the way home?”

He laughs again, kissing my forehead and steadying me as I slide back into my own seat, “Consider it the penalty for being a tease.”

I huff but I can’t suppress the smile as he pulls my seatbelt across and fastens it.

“Worth it.”

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