Enter Meg Ch. 03


Her chest and whatever inch of skin that came into contact with the wooden boards that she was prone on was sore. She lifted her torso off the floor a bit and saw that it was somewhat red and had the impression the rough surface faintly engraved on her skin. Her nipples too felt a bit bruised. But it was all worth it. She reached back and fingered her folds, feeling Dave’s load trickle onto her finger tips. Her own groin ached, but it was the ache of abuse. She couldn’t believe he put so much of that thing inside her, or that her body could take something so huge. Her legs were weak and her insides felt like they had been battered ruthlessly. But it was all good.

Then she felt a hand on her hips.

“I’m back,” Dave said as he massaged her ass.

“Where did you go?” she asked.

“I had to go get something,” he replied.

“What is that something?”

“Something we’ll need for our upcoming session,” he smiled.

“And that is?”

He spread her ass apart and smeared a gob of cold, slimy grease on her asshole.

Meg gasped at his actions. He’s going to fuck my ass, she realized. He worked his middle finger into her asshole and stroked it in and out, aligning her forbidden walls with the lubricant. She moaned, twisting her hips. He shoved his finger until it was knuckle deep, tickling her anus all the way. Her asshole was ready for his cock. It felt so good. She hunched her ass up toward his hand and shivered, shaking her tits.

“Are you lubing yourself up?” she asked.

“Nope, I have enough of our juices for that job,” he confirmed it by rubbing his stiff shaft in between her ass cheeks.

She could feel the stickiness of his dick and sighed.

With the freshly wetted rod he shuffled behind her and grabbed a hold of one hemisphere of her ass with his finger still in her. He kneaded the firm flesh between his fingers for a moment, and then put his head against her.

He pulled his finger out. She felt one of his hands spread her ass apart, then she felt the head of his hard cock pressing against her delicate hole. He pushed his hips. Despite herself, Meg cried out in surprise. Her initial response was to try to squeeze her asshole close, but that only increased her excitement. She tried to pull away, moaning as he pushed in deeper. He pulled her back, not letting her get away. She let out a long, low groan of pain mixed with intense pleasure. She felt his cock’s head stretch her out like she had never been stretched before.

“Look at this,” he said interior design masters izle while tapping the stretched ring of her sphincter. “It’s gone almost completely white. I’ve stretched all the blood out of your asshole.”

“I’m not surprised…” she found it difficult to speak with his dick forcing its way into her ass.

Dave pressed the head of his dick against the tight, puckered pink opening of her asshole again. Meg’s eyes squeezed shut. She groaned through her clenched teeth. Her hole did not want to let him in. He pushed harder.

“Ow… ow… ow,” she said. Her face was buried in her arms and her voice was muffled. “Ooo, that feels better. Now give me some more of that thing baby.”

“How much do you want?” he said.

“Give me all you got, baby. We’ll see how much room I got back there.”

He drew his hips back slowly and rammed them forward rudely. Meg shrieked, her head shooting up and her eyes wide open. She was so tight, and her hole was so tender. It hurt so much, but it felt so good at the same time. This was a strange sensation she thought she might be able to get used to. Meg ground her teeth together, grunting hard, and tightened her asshole again. He was going to make her cum.

Dave pushed forward to what she found to be an endless journey. He could not believe how tight she was. He could hardly move now in and out of her as he had already buried his entire cock in her ass, the base of his penis stretching her sphincter open. His balls were rubbing against her pussy too. He tried to fuck her but all he did was move her back and forth with his movements. She was not going anywhere right now.

“You know what this brings me back to?” he mused. “It’s a funny story.”

“What…” her voice was so very strained.

“The first time me and Sophie had anal sex,” he laughed. “We were fucking in her aunt’s room, in the closet.”

“Why the closet?” she squeezed her eyes shut.

“That’s where the lube was,” he pushed forward. “And I couldn’t wait. I fucked her ass and I got stuck in her.”


“I couldn’t get myself out of her asshole,” he laughed again.

“And you find that funny?”

“No,” he shoved himself forward and she yelped. “What I found funny was that Shannon nearly found us!”


“She had come home unexpectedly, looking for something in her room,” he wiped his forehead. “She spent a good deal of time there looking for whatever it iyi adamin 10 günü izle was. But I found it so fucking hot that I began fucking Sophie until we both came. She was sobbing all the way so I had to clamp down on her mouth to keep Shannon from finding us.”

“Oh, damn!” her voice was high. He wasn’t sure what she was cursing about but he didn’t care.

“I guess she never told you about that one?”

“She never tells me anything anymore… But I’m surprised that she even took you in her ass. I never knew she was into that kind of thing.”

“Not after that,” he began working himself harder and faster. “But I hope that we do this again. Because I fucking love your ass.”

“Me too…”

He managed to gain some sort of momentum and was now pulling it out and shoving it back in savagely. He was a machine now, rhythmically moving in and out without any sort of hesitation. The feeling was again something so incredible and tight that it defied all possible description. He wanted it to last forever but knew that both of them had to come at any moment. She felt that orgasm building inside her, like a bag of popcorn being heated on the stove, just waiting to reach critical limit. The wait for it to arrive was excruciating, especially since she knew how good it was going to be. The pain she was feeling as he jammed her with his cock must have masked the intensity of it, because her climax snuck up on her and exploded.

She screamed, her eyes opened.

Her ass clenched onto his shaft all of a sudden, triggering his own climax. He gasped when it happened. He shoved deep and held himself there because he was about to shoot a massive amount of cum into Meg’s ass.

And he did. The orgasm was so intense that he couldn’t even continue bucking into her if he wanted to, he had to just hold her steady by the hips as his dick shot wad after wad inside of her bowels, lining her insides with his sticky cum. His load poured into her ass, surprising himself at the amount that he was able to produce. He gushed and he gushed and she accepted it all. She could feel it all.

They both collapsed. His whole body covered hers, his sweat dribbling down onto her own sweaty body. His hips were still moving, or at least were trying to get his dick to move in and out of her hole. His was still wedge tightly in her ass but that did not stop him from trying as she was still milking him for his cum.

As his last drops of cum were taken in jungle izle by her ass, his hips came to a halt. They were both breathing hard and clearly exhausted.

“That was great…” he said.

“You think?” she sighed.

He raised himself up with his hands while she propped herself up on her arms and looked back at her ass, where his cock was stuck in her hole.

She smiled.

“And you’re still fucking me,” she said. “I don’t know whether that you want some more because I can’t take anymore.”

“I thought Sophie said that you were tough…”

“I am,” she giggled. “But I never met a fucking-machine like you,” she straightened up and kissed him over her shoulder, hooking her hand around his neck. He kissed back, letting his tongue find a home in her mouth, right next to hers.

“You’re wonderful,” he said when he pulled his mouth away from hers.

“I know…” she giggled and wiped some sweat from her head. “But so are you.”

“Yeah,” he slowly pulled his cock out of her ass. Unlike the other times he fucked her pussy, none of his cum leaked out of her ass. His cock was wedged so snuggly in her ass that none was able to escape.

She watched and groaned as he withdrew his penis. She saw that it was finally softening. She was amazed at how hard he had been the whole time, after coming god knows how many times. Now his amazing specimen was spent, lifeless like a long rubber hose. When the head finally popped out of her hole, she frowned and shuddered at the sudden emptiness she now felt. And she felt all of his cream oozed out of her ass. She clenched her ass as before and got a little more of his cum out.

“Looks like I got a lot out of you, Dave…” she laid on her side, running her fingers through her hair. She then scooped up some of his cum with two fingers and sniffed it. She touched it with her tongue then wiped it on the floor. She wasn’t about to eat the cum that had come out of that hole. But she certainly was eager to have a bit more of his cum. The load he had given her the first time was still warm in her stomach.

“Yeah… I’ve got nothing left for tonight,” he held his long, limp penis in his hand. Wet, shiny, sticky and very much in need of a wash after where it had been. “Just wait for tomorrow and you’ll get a little more of what I’ve got.”

“I can’t wait,” she smiled. “Need any help washing that?”

“If you want to,” he shrugged.

“I’d love to…” she struggled to get up so Dave offered her a freehand to help her up.

“Damn, I can hardly stand…” she leaned on his hard body for support.

“Yeah, I get that a lot.”

She laughed, “I’m sure you do.”

They both entered the house, Meg leaning against Dave with an arm wrapped around him.

“I think I’m really looking forward to more of your servicing,” she said.

“It’s a beginning of a new friendship,” he laughed.

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