Girlie Girl and the Truck Stop


I promised to meet Kenneth at a truck stop in Cohutta, Georgia. He was one of my very favorite bus riders – always right up front and ready to whoop and holler when I came on board at the start of a trip. I loved his ardent appreciation of my many talents, as well as the way he kissed and sucked all the fine toys on my lovely body. He had a wonderfully hard cock that slid so easily into my wet and waiting … Oh. Sorry. Got carried away with the memory.

Anyway, this truck stop was his special request. He had won the right in a drawing on one of our bus trips. The match to his ticket stub — the one that was drawn from the fishbowl – read, “A Fantasy with Girlie Girl.” Kenneth’s fantasy was to have me dress in some special outfit and let him pick me up at a truck stop, with eyes for only him, and let him have his way with me right there. That was easy enough…although, I was not certain how the truck stop proprietors would feel about Girlie Girl being fucked in front of their customers. If fucking me was what Kenneth had in mind, I mean.

I wore my signature black lace crotchless panties, and a matching black lace open-tittie bra. Over this, I wore a sheer white button-down, short-sleeved blouse…but the buttons started just at the middle of my bra line, setting my luscious titties on display – including the nipples – for all to see and enjoy. Along with this blouse, I wore a little mini skirt that ended just at the top of my crotch. I mean, why cover up such pretty, pretty black lace panties? Black four-inch heels completed the ensemble.

The parking lot of the truck stop was stacked with semis, so there were plenty of drivers seated inside at the lunch counter and booths. I purposely parked close to the road, allowing me plenty of time to strut my fine ass across the parking lot, advertising my intent for any who cared to watch. I sashayed around trucks, listening to the whistles and cat calls from all those testosterone-laden, cock-carrying, dying-to-fuck-me men!

Kenneth had created a fabulous fantasy, and I was enjoying every minute of it!

I watched from outside the window as at least five men almost fell off their stools in a rush to open the door for me. I smiled my very big smile, and offered my thanks to all of them as I slowly passed by in search for Kenneth. I touched one cheek softly, “Thank you so very much!” Patted another’s shoulder, “You are so kind!” Glanced at the lips of a fella well over six feet tall, and puckered my own lips in his direction. Glided my fingertips against the crotches of the last two, and they were both already hard.

Yes, Kenneth! A fabulous fantasy.

The only waitress in the place, a short little shit with “Sheila” on her name tag, was running back and forth in front of the counter and to the booths, trying her best to service all these hungry men. My entrance merely gave her a break from their growing frustration. Obviously, she was the only waitress who showed up for the night shift. Tsk tsk tsk. Sheila needed some help, and right away. These truck drivers were not shoveling out the tips she deserved, and I doubt she’d make enough for the cab fare home.

Sheila took one quick glance at me, shrugged her shoulders, and passed out plates of food like she was shuffling cards.

Kenneth was at a front booth, pretending like he hadn’t seen me when every other man in the diner was giving me full attention. I smoothed my little skirt over my ass, adjusted the collar of my blouse, dabbed more lipstick on my lips, and swayed my hips in time with the music on the juke box. It took star trek strange new worlds izle me ten very long strides to reach him. I bent over to drop my titties right in his face.

“Hi, Sweetie,” I purred. “You got time for Girlie Girl?” I kissed him full on the mouth, and he slid his hands under my skirt and into my panties.

Damn! I loved how he did that so slick and easily! Yummy!

Everyone except the cook and Sheila had a front row seat, and no one missed a trick. I heard a “woooooohoooo!” run through the crowd, and “Gimme some of that, little lady!” Someone else said, “Well, hell! We ain’t eatin’. Might as well fuck!” Another collective “woooooohoooo!” rose from the crowd. Sheila came running out of the kitchen to see what the commotion was all about. I looked over my shoulder just as she caught a glance of Kenneth’s hands in my panties and his lips on my titties.

“All right, Sister,” Sheila said to me. “This ain’t gonna happen tonight – not while I’m working, anyway. This is a family restaurant!”

“You see any kids in here, Sheila? Or any wives?” It was a trucker sitting on the corner stool at the counter. “You hear anyone else complaining … except you, I mean? Look around you. All you got in here tonight is us men…and you two women.” A lot of heads were nodding in agreement.

Someone in the crowd said, “Mind your own business, Sheila!”

I whispered in Kenneth’s ear. “Give me a few minutes, Sweetie, and I’ll be right back.”

I walked over to Sheila and put my arm around her. “Hi, um, Sheila. They call me Girlie Girl. Why don’t you and I take a walk into the ladies’ room – just for a bit. I want to share something with you.”

Exasperated and about ready to drop, Sheila said, with her hands on her hips, “Are you nuts? These men are hungry! I have to get their food out to them, and right now.”

I spoke in my softest voice. “Sheila, I know men. And right now they aren’t thinking about food. Come with me. Please.” I stopped at the corner stool and asked the trucker his name.

“Name’s Sam, ma’am.”

“Well, hi, Sam. They call me Girlie Girl. Would you mind locking the front door, putting up the CLOSED sign, and drawing the blinds? We’re gonna have us a little party in about ten minutes.”

“Happy to help you, Girlie Girl. Very happy,” Sam said, as I brushed my hands against his crotch. He walked right over to lock the front door.

I took Sheila into the ladies’ room and very quickly explained to her that she was going to make more money tonight than she had in the last month. “And I bet you have a couple of kids at home to feed. Am I right?”

She nodded, wiping her brow. “But I can’t close this place! I’ll lose my job!”

“Well, let’s see how it goes for the next hour or so – and how much traffic gets turned away. I bet before we’re done, you won’t be worrying about your job anymore.

“Now, why don’t you brush your hair and fix your makeup. Take your panties off, too. And hike up your uniform, way above your knees. Meet me out front in fifteen minutes. Can you pull yourself together by then?

“I…I think so. I’m going to run through the shower, too. And change out of this uniform. I might as well quit my job right now. Once the boss gets wind of this…” and she shook her head. “I’m going to be history, anyway”

“Really, Sheila. I know what I’m doing. And you’re going to have a blast tonight. I promise!”

From the look on her face, I could tell she was not convinced, star wars andor izle but I left her so she could get ready, and I could conquer the crowd.

I walked back into the diner, twirling my exposed nipples with my fingertips, and kissing as many men as I could on the way back to Kenneth’s table. Hands stroked, touched, patted and petted me all over while I made my way. Someone had turned off or unplugged the juke box, and I took that opportunity to raise my voice just loud enough to get their attention.

“Good evening, Gentlemen. They call me Girlie Girl! And I’m here to show you a good time!”

They shouted and clapped for several minutes, slapping each other on the back and waving their ball caps. It was wonderful to be in a room with so many happy men!

One of them yelled out, “I seen your spread in Hustler, Girlie Girl! Love them titties!”

“Thank you, Sweetie! Thank you very much.

“Right now I would like into introduce all of you to my good friend, Kenneth.” I walked over to his table. “Kenneth’s ticket stub won the grand prize on the Girlie Girl Fuck Bus. I am here with him tonight to fulfill his fantasy!”

More applause and catcalls from the crowd.

“You mean there’s more?” Kenneth grinned when he asked me. “You’re going to let me have more than you already gave me? I just wanted the opportunity to suck your titties and play in your panties in a public place…and Girlie Girl…wow! I’ve done that, already. And now I get more? You are the hottest fucking cunt!”

“Go, Kenneth!” someone in the crowd yelled.

“Pull her panties down and fuck her, Man!”

“If you don’t do it, I’ll be happy to fill in for you!”

“Hey! I’ve read her stories. Fuck her Girlie Girl style – from behind!”

That’s when Sheila walked out of the bathroom. A very little blonde, with the tiniest, pert titties, Sheila was wearing a black bibbed satin apron trimmed with white lace, and little white canvas sneakers with white lace socks…and nothing else. Her makeup was perfect, and she’d pulled her hair high into a ponytail.

Because of where he was sitting, Kenneth saw her first. He touched my nose with his finger and said, “Look who’s coming out. And I do mean coming out!”

When I turned to look, so did every man in the room. Sheila blushed from head to ….well, she turned red everywhere. Then she smiled so brightly, and the men whooped like it was New Year’s Eve! She was a hit! And I was so tickled for her.

Several men took turns picking her up and passing her through the crowd to where I stood with Kenneth. Sheila loved the attention, and kissed every man who passed her over to me.

The noise was deafening! I raised my hands in the air to quiet them down.

Kenneth said, “Here’s the rest of my fantasy, Girlie Girl.” He turned to Sheila. “Sheila, do you want to be a part of this? I got a wad of money in my pocket.”

Sheila didn’t hesitate. “You damned right, Kenneth. I ain’t dressed like this to sling hash!”

The men were raising the roof of the place, and their excitement was off the charts! Some of them were pounding on the counter. I saw one fella across the room doing his happy dance, with his cock out.

Kenneth raised his hand to quiet the men again.

“Okay. Sheila, please drop the bib part of your apron. These men want to see those pretty titties of yours, and so do I.

“Now, men. Pony up. You’re going to see a live show tonight, the likes of which I doubt you’ll ever see again. Some star wars visions izle of you have heard of Girlie Girl, but to taste her…to fuck her…to watch her fuck and be fucked…whew! I tell you, there ain’t nothing like it! Don’t care how much you put in the kitty, these little gals are earning every cent they make tonight.”

That’s when I spoke up. “Just a minute, Guys. I’m only here to fulfill Kenneth’s fantasy. Any money you put out tonight is all going to Sheila. This little gal needs a new car to get back and forth to work. Not a wreck. Not a clunker. Something solid and dependable. Whatever you put on the counter, I will match it.”

They pretty much emptied their billfolds and their pockets. One fella pulled an extra hundred out of his hat band. If I’d had a credit card machine handy….But Sheila came out way over the top, and she was blubbering and wiping her eyes on her little satin apron, exposing her lovely little patch of blonde pussy hair.

Kenneth quieted down the men again with a wave of his hand.

“Hey, Cook!” he hollered.

Cook was looking out of the kitchen and said, “Yo. What can I do for you?”

“Is there a big chair in the back office?”

“Yep. I’ll go get it for you.”

Three men volunteered to help. Turned out to be a leather recliner. They set it up in the middle of the diner.

“Girlie Girl,” Kenneth said, “you sit there and spread your legs after I pull off those lovely panties.”

I followed his orders.

“Sheila, any chance you like the taste of cunt?”

“Tonight, Kenneth? Tonight I love the taste of cunt!”

Oh, my God. The men were wild! Screaming. Clapping. Shouting.

“Now, who’s the fella who said he saw Girlie Girl’s spread in Hustler? You? You come over here and fuck Sheila, Girlie Girl style, while Sheila eats Girlie Girl’s cunt. Me, I’m going to suck Girlie Girl’s luscious titties. And when I’m done, Girlie Girl is going to suck my cock while Sam fucks her!. You up for this, Sam?”

“Oh, boy! You know it!

“Girlie Girl is the best cock sucker, anywhere, ever, Sam – and her cunt is the best fuck hole you’ll ever, ever have.

“And that’s my fantasy, Girlie Girl. I don’t know that I could ask for more than that!”

Well, Sheila sucked my clit and tongue-fucked my cunt like she knew what she was doing. I came in very short order, and Sheila and her fucker came at the same time, just after I started writhing and moaning in the recliner.

Sheila came up to the front of the recliner, kissed me on the mouth, and whispered, “God, Girlie Girl! Thank you so very much!” Her fucker was being slapped on the back by the other men, and congratulated for being hand-picked to play.

Almost before I could catch my breath, Kenneth helped me out of the recliner and sat down, unzipping his pants and pulling out his very hard, very ready cock. I bent over to suck, and Sam slipped his hard cock in my wet and swollen cunt. Kenneth came very quickly, cumming in my mouth. I swallowed and smiled at the crowd of men “Yummy!” Sam shot cum into my cunt just after that. It was a wonderful celebration!

Sam pulled me to my feet and asked if he could have my black lace crotchless panties as a souvenir. Kenneth pulled them out of his pocket and handed them to Sam. “You done a great job, Sam. Great job!”

Sheila was perched on the counter, letting guys suck her titties and finger her pussy. Several men had their cameras out, and Sheila posed with all of them. She laid down on the counter and spread her pussy lips, giving several men the opportunity to taste what they’d only dreamed about before tonight.

When the evening was over, Sheila had about $7,500 from the men, and a check from me for $7,500, too. She also had a shitload of new-found friends who would be more than willing to help her out, anytime.

I kissed Kenneth on his sweet lips and said “Goodnight,” and got into my little Z-4 BMW ragtop and drove home.

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